GH Update Monday 12/7/15

General Hospital Update Monday 12/7/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Ava is at the art gallery when Julian comes to visit his sister. He seems to be happy to see her and they are getting along. She tells her brother she really appreciated his including her in his Thanksgiving celebration even if others in the party did not welcome her Yet, Julian needs to know whom she was calling while at Alexis' home on Thanksgiving, when she went in the other room and out of earshot, which he still remembers. She obviously does not intend to give her brother an honest answer and tells him it's “nothing”. Just some man she has been seeing, she tells him. He attempts to clarify if she is “dating” or having casual sex with this guy and asks her where she met him. She is clearly very evasive and Julian knows she is hiding something.

At the hospital, Sonny meets with Patrick and wants there to be “progress” on being able to walk. Yet Patrick cannot give or promise his patient what he wants. Sonny angrily tells Patrick he needs the medical services he is paying for and that means he needs to walk right away. Patrick tells Sonny that recovery takes time and it may not be as easy and quick as Sonny wants. Sonny then angrily tells him maybe he should find another doctor. Patrick tells Sonny maybe he should. Epiphany enters and Patrick tells her Sonny is “all hers'”. Sonny leaves Patrick and Epiphany alone to talk. She can tell that Patrick has enough going on in his life. She asks if he and Sam are moving forward or if she might be considering getting back with Jason. Jason has not gotten his memory back and intends to marry Elizabeth. Sam says she's committed to him. Yet it may not be as simple as that. Epiphany tells him if he loves Sam and if he wants her, he needs to show her and the sooner, the better.

At the art gallery, Ava tells Julian she was really happy to be with him on Thanksgiving and hopes Christmas will be even better. Before they can continue their conversation, however, Sonny and Morgan show up unexpectedly. Sonny informs Julian that his sister has been “meeting with people”. He knows about a guy named Raj (who works for Paul Hornsby). He knows that if she is involved with Raj, she has pushed herself too far. Now, he informs her, she will be going down hard. Sonny tells Ava and Julian he knows that Raj sells and transports military weapons. When one messes around with this, they either end up dead or locked up in prison. Ava yells to him that that is insane. He tells her he knows all about this and it's putting his daughter's life at risk. Ava protests she would never put Avery at risk. Sonny tells her he will not allow his daughter to be exposed to this. She tells Sonny he can think whatever he wants but she is not losing Avery because of his insane accusations. She protests she does not know any Raj. She further tells him whatever he says or does from that wheelchair no longer scares or intimidates her. She tells Sonny she used to be intimidated by him but not any more. She now knows he's weak. He's not a man anymore. Hearing that (and knowing all too well what happened the last time he let Ava's “taunting” get the better of him), Sonny knows not to “go there” and tells her that he's not like her. He doesn't make the same mistake over and over again. He knows she's digging herself into a hole from which she does not know how to get out. She protests to Sonny that “nobody” is bringing her down. Yet he knows otherwise, as more than likely Julian also does. As soon as Sonny and Morgan are gone, Ava clearly evades her brother's need to have the conversation from what he's just heard from Sonny. Yet he tells her he is concerned about what she might be getting herself into and the secrets she is not revealing to him. She continues to evade his questions. He assesses to his sister that he's out of the business. He won't ask her any more questions about “Raj” or guns. Yet, he tells her, he is still her brother and has the right to his concerns. He also warns her not to underestimate Sonny. He states to her although Sonny may be down, he is not out. With that, Julian leaves.

While Anna searches around Sloane's empty apartment, she finds his phone and uses it to call the number she sees written on the back of the business card. To her surprise and shock, Paul Hornsby answers identifying himself. At that point, she says nothing, appears stunned does not want to have Paul knowing she is calling. While on the docks, after receiving a call with nobody speaking, from Sloane's number, Paul knows he needs to know who would be using Sloane's phone. He knows he needs to find out what is going on. Anna and Mac leave the apartment together and go to the docks. He tells her he's found out that Sloane has not made any calls to anyone since the last day she spoke to him. She does not want him to get involved yet he tells her he is there for Duke, for Robin, for a million reasons. She tells Mac she does not think Sloane got any of her messages because she believes Sloane is dead. She also informs Mac that she noticed a “familiar” number on the back of a business card and called the number. She found out the number belongs to someone whom she believes could be responsible for Sloane's death. Mac asks whom that would be. She replies Paul Hornsby.

Paul goes to Sloane's apartment. The landlord catches him picking the lock and demands to know what he's doing there. He informs the landlord that he is the DA and needs to know who broke into this apartment. The landlord tells him he did not see anyone except for Paul breaking into Sloane's empty and abandoned apartment. Paul tells the landlord he will pay for any damages caused by the picking of the lock. However, he has a criminal investigation to do. The landlord leaves Paul alone to do what he needs to do.

On the docks, Anna informs Mac that Paul has “falsified” the death of Carlos Rivera. She bets, although she cannot prove, that Paul murdered and passed off Sloane's dead body as Carlos. They both know that Carlos would be the perfect source of that information but also both realize that if Carlos is alive, he's probably on the run and nowhere to be found. He reminds her that dealing directly with Paul Hornsby could be dangerous.

Carly goes to find Jason at Kelly. He tells her that he and Sam are going ahead with their divorces. Alexis is representing her and Diane is representing him. Carly makes it clear that she does not want him marrying Elizabeth, giving up on regaining his memory or giving up on his past life. Yet he adamantly tells her he intends to marry Elizabeth and she needs to accept that. His mind has been made up. She tells him she has her suspicions and concerns about Elizabeth having this need to “hold onto” Jason at any cost. In response to that, Jason informs her she does not know everything. Elizabeth did, in fact, give him her ring back and told him he was free to go, just like Carly wanted her to, he tells her. However, he tells her, that is not going to happen. He is in love with Elizabeth and they are getting married and Carly is not going to change his mind. He tells her that he cannot wait around until when or if he regains his memory. He has to get on with his life and she has to accept that he is who he is. Yet she urges him not to give up. He tells her that he has no real “memories”. All he has are flashes and fragments that mean nothing. Yet she protests that he had the perfect instincts to save Sonny's life not long ago. He tells her he realizes that she remembers and sees him as Jason Morgan. But he has no memories or feelings about that. He tells her that although she does not approve of his moving forward with Elizabeth, that is what he is going to do. And with that, he firmly instructs Carly to never again go to intimidate or bully Elizabeth. He won't let her do that to his wife. Carly still wants to know what Jason thinks, feels, desires regarding Elizabeth, Sam and the endeavors in his life. She knows that he loves the risk, the adrenaline, the rush. Elizabeth cannot be a part of that life and if he's with her, Elizabeth will hold him down. Hearing that, he asks Carly if she realizes that she is identifying the “real Jason” as a criminal. He tells her if he turns into a “different” kind of guy who does not break the law or murder people, what's wrong with that?. She tells him there's nothing wrong with that and although she believes that he's making a mistake to marry Elizabeth, she will accept his choice. However, she tells him, she remembers all too well, all the times when Jason would fearlessly get her to stop lying, denying and holding herself back with her life's endeavors. So she needs to do the same for him right then and there.

Right when Elizabeth is happily in her house, assured that Jason is committed to her and ready to marry her, and it's clear to her that he does not suspect her of anything, she hears a knock on the door. She opens it and sees Sam, who is clearly not there to have a “friendly” visit. She firmly tells Elizabeth she's waited too long and they are going to have this conversation whether Elizabeth wants to or not. Sam tells her she knows, even if she cannot prove right now, that Elizabeth has known for a long time who Jason really was and hid it from him. Elizabeth asks where she'd get this “wild idea”, to which Sam replies she overheard little Jake revealing to Danny that his mom and grandma are keeping a secret about their mutual dad. Hearing that, Elizabeth asks Sam if she is harassing Elizabeth's child. Hearing that, Sam angrily tells her she's not going to listen to her self-righteousness. Sam firmly assigns responsibility to Elizabeth for scamming and lying not only to Jason but to their mutual son and many other people. She tells Elizabeth she does not merely “suspect”. She knows that she has been scamming Jake. Laura has kept the secret for her and, Sam tells her, Laura all but confirmed it. She tells Elizabeth she knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that it's true. It's written all over Elizabeth's face. She could see how desperate and uneasy Elizabeth has been throughout this whole process. She has been stealing Jason's life from him, from little Jake, from Danny and all the people in Jason's life. She tells Elizabeth what she's done is worse than Helena. At least Helena has the courage to admit what she does and who she is whereas Elizabeth manipulates with her innocent facade. Sam admits to Elizabeth she could not imagine her being so cruel to so many people in order to get her own needs met. She further tells Elizabeth she must know she's with Jason based upon a lie and asks her how she can be so pathetic and insecure that she needs to scam a man into marrying her. Knowing she cannot “defend” herself to Sam, Elizabeth turns it around by commenting on how Sam is “using” Patrick to fill an empty void. She tells Sam she has her own insecurity and incompletion about wanting and needing a Jason Morgan who no longer exists.

Sonny returns to the hospital. Epiphany and Carly urge him not to miss any PT sessions again. He tells them he had some “business” to attend to regarding his family. Carly tells him she just got back from talking to Jason and has grave concerns about their best friend making the biggest mistake of his life. She admits that Jason does not want to remember his past and has the mistaken idea that he should marry Elizabeth. She could not get through to him and tells Sonny he might want to reach out to Jason. Hearing that, Sonny asks Carly what she wants him to do. Lock Jason up to prevent him from marrying Elizabeth? She tells him no but he needs to realize that Elizabeth is “locking Jason up”. He asks her why she can't believe that maybe Jason wants to marry Elizabeth and it's his own choice. He assesses to Carly that he “gets” that she wants the old Jason back as he knows he's never wanted his best friend there for him as much as he does now.

Anna does not want to get Mac involved but tells him they need to know what Paul has been doing before he returned to Port Charles.

While Paul is alone in Sloane's apartment, put puts his phone into a plastic bag and states: “I will find you, whoever you are", revealing he has no clue that Anna is onto him at this point.

At Elizabeth's home, she tells Sam she thinks they are done there and holds the door open for her to leave. Sam tells her she knows what she has done. Although she cannot prove it now, when she does, she warns her, Elizabeth will pay for her actions. Right before Sam gets ready to leave Elizabeth's house, Jason walks in and asks the two women what is going on. Sam then asks Elizabeth if she wants to tell Jason the truth or would she prefer Sam tells him?

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