GH Update Friday 12/4/15

General Hospital Update Friday 12/4/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the police station, Jordan notices Paul. She asks the DA why he's there. He tells her he's looking for her friend, Anna Devane and asks if Jordan might know where to find Anna. She reminds him she does not keep tabs on people who do not work for her. He asks her if the police commissioner does not have common goals as the DA, regarding fighting and ending crime. She tells him that is her intent but she clearly reveals she does not trust Paul and knows that he's committing crimes.

Anna appears in the hallway of an apartment house. She knocks on the door of an apartment. When she gets no answer, she attempts to pick the lock on the door. However, before she can get inside or know what is happening, “somebody” sneaks up behind her and prevents her from doing what she intends to do. She sees it's Mac Scorpio. She reminds him he almost gave her a heart attack. She could have stabbed him with her pick. He asks whose apartment she is trying to break into. She does not want to answer but he tells her that he and Felicia have been worried about her., She hasn't answered any of their messages and he needs to know what is going on with her. She then replies that she has first been convinced that she killed someone. Yet now she believes that perhaps she did not. Hearing that, he tells her that is a “plus”. However, he needs to know whose apartment she is attempting to get inside. She replies Kyle Sloane. He knows her secret and she suspects Sloane might know something she does not., She finds it odd that she has not seen or heard from Sloane in a long time (Since Paul shot him dead). He notices that Anna might need some help from another former commissioner on this matters. He reminds her that he knows all too well, how to effectively pick a lock and that she is “a little rusty”. She reveals to Mac that she had every reason to believe she killed Carlos on the docks. Yet it appears that Paul knows otherwise and some other “mysterious person” died and not switched with Carlos who is not really dead. Right then, he helps her break into Sloane's empty apartment and they get on the laptop to examine some things. He tells her he knows that Sloane, as well as Carlos Rivera both put her through the ringer. Mac does not like that, he tells her. And so, he tells her, he's going to help her get to the bottom of this. They suspect that Sloane is either dead or nowhere to be found so maybe instead of trying to find him, they should be going after Carlos. He tells her he can make some calls and get to the bottom of this for her. He leaves her alone in the apartment. Right then, she goes through Sloane's desk and paperwork and discovers a hand-written number on a business card with no name.

On the docks, Carlos meets with Sabrina telling her that he overheard her confirm that her baby is his. Yet she tells him regardless of that, she is done with him. She's going to have her baby with Michael and she believes the best thing for Carlos to do is leave town. Yet Carlos tells her he's not going anywhere. He reminds her that she is carrying his kid and asks her why she thinks he'd abandon his child. She tells him he has to but he tells her he's not about to. Although they both know she is not “inlove” with Michael, she reminds him she's not interested in him anymore. She's not 16 any more, not intrigued by him or his danger anymore. She asks him if he thinks she's going to “save him from himself”. She tells him that they are through. She has grown up but can see that he has not. He tells her that he is not living a fantasy. This is their life; the two of them and their baby. She tells him he's not a part of hers' or her baby's life. He does not want to let her go although she tells him he better. Not far away, they are seen. She asks him if he intends to kidnap her. He then apologizes and protests he did not mean to hurt her although she tells him he did. He tells her she can't just walk away from him and ignore. Yet she tells him she can. She cannot live the life he has. She wants him out of her life and to never see him again. All this while, Paul is watching and overhearing them unseen. Carlos lets Sabrina walk away but tells her this is not over. As soon as Sabrina is gone and Carlos is alone, Paul greets him and firmly tells him he expected him to leave the country and not make himself “known” in Port Charles. Carlos argues that he has some “personal matters”, to which Paul warns him he needs to get out of town and stay away from Anna. Carlos leaves Paul alone in the docks. At the same time, Anna notices the number on the back of the business card looks familiar. She dials and Paul answers.

Sabrina goes to the station to find Jordan and tells her she needs to talk to her about Carlos Rivera. Jordan is “all ears” and wants to find out what Sabrina intends to tell her. Yet right then, Sabrina feels hers' and Carlos' baby kick and decides not to tell the police commissioner that the man who murdered Duke Lavery is alive and at large.

At Elizabeth's home, Jason suspects nothing and wants to move forward with her even though she’s declared that maybe she needs to let him go, break off the engagement and give him a chance to figure things out about his life. After spending the night together, he makes it clear he wants to be with her. They talk about “concerns” regarding little Jake. At first Elizabeth has no suspicions until Jason “reveals” to her that little Jake had a conversation with his grandma regarding a conversation she had with Nikolas and a conversation Sam had with the little guy. Right then, immediately, Elizabeth rushes to her phone and sees a message from Nikolas urging her to call him right away. She gets ready to get to work. He still seems committed to her and she declares she loves him so much.

At Wyndemere, Hayden is secretly on a phone call to Curtis in her investigation to find out who had her shot. He tells her she needs to meet him in person outside of Kelly's in the alley way, informing her that he's just come up with some good information about the shooter. Nikolas finds her and she does not reveal anything about her conversation, telling him she got a call about a business meeting she has to get to with ELQ. Laura goes to find her son and asks if he's talked to Elizabeth. Nikolas replies not yet. He confirms that if Elizabeth has not contacted him, it probably means good news. If she has spoken to Sam, Nikolas would have heard from her by now so he assumes there's no cause for worry regarding his and Elizabeth's secret. Laura, however, urges him to know it's not ok and there is cause for worry. Nikolas tells his mom she needs to realize that neither of them know what Sam may know, or what she may suspect or may be ready to do. Laura reminds her son that Sam might be “onto” him. He reminds her that Sam has no answers about anything yet Laura reminds him that Sam will probably not rest until she gets answers and she warns him that he needs to prepare for this whole thing to blow up. Although he tells her Sam has no way to prove her theory, she reminds him if he really believes that Sam will never be able to prove it. Right then, Elizabeth rushes over after getting Nikolas' urgent message, warning her that Sam “might” be onto her. Laura tells her she needs to face facts although she assures her she did not tell Sam anything. Nikolas assures Elizabeth that Sam will never be able to prove the theory so Elizabeth need not worry about anything stopping her from living happily ever after with Jason. She asks how Sam could have found out. Laura explains that little Jake must have overheard the two of them (herself and Elizabeth) talking. Sam overheard him telling Danny he knows his mom and grandma have a secret about their mutual dad that they're keeping from everyone. When Sam asked her about that, she told her that little Jake has an active imagination, heard wrong and that Jason is in love with Elizabeth and ready to marry her. Yet she admits Sam did not just “accept” that. Elizabeth admits that she does not want Sam to “contest” her divorce to Jason. She wants Sam to just leave her alone and marry Patrick. Laura asks Elizabeth if she does not want what might be best for Jason.

Sam meets with her mom at Kelly's. Alexis tells her daughter she can clearly tells she is flip-flopping on divorcing Jason and marrying Patrick. So, she asks Sam, what is up with that? Sam replies that she just got some information that could end Elizabeth's and Jason's relationship and she decided not to reveal it to him although she knows she could have chosen to do so. Alexis asks her what specific information that would be. Sam replies that she is now, almost certain, although she cannot prove it at this point, that Elizabeth has known before the “secret” got revealed that Jake was really Jason yet hid and kept it a secret. She remembers all too well that this would not be the first time Elizabeth pulls off a scam in order to hang onto Jason. She also detects that Laura is in on that secret. That's why she's been stalling, realizing that maybe Jason has good reason to end his relationship with Elizabeth. Yet, she concludes that she has now decided to start the divorce and get on with her life with Patrick as she has now decided that regardless of that “suspicion” why should she put her life on hold? Yet Alexis can tell, and she does not deny, that she might not be entirely over Jason. Even if she intends to move on with Patrick and doesn't intend to reveal the secret to Jason. Yet she asks Sam if she is certain that when Jason learns the secret and breaks it off with Elizabeth, will things be the same between her and Patrick? Sam cannot answer that. She realizes that Sam might have a difficult decision on her hands. If she makes Patrick wait, she might end up alone without anyone. She agrees with Sam that it's not right for Elizabeth to get away with this but reminds her that Elizabeth is not her daughter. Sam is. So she asks Sam if she wants Elizabeth punished if Jason is in love with Elizabeth and not Sam. They both realize Sam does not have a simple answer for that question. Alexis tells her daughter whatever she does is her call and she needs to do what is right for her.

Outside of Kelly's, Hayden rushes to meet up with Curtis who insists that they talk privately outside even if it's cold. He reminds her that Sam Morgan and Alexis Davis are both inside the restaurant now and will see them. He informs her, in case she is not aware, that they are both Cassadines, like the dude Hayden lives with. He tells her he knows with certainty that the bullet that hit her was not from Shawn and not intended for Jason. He knows that somebody else intended to have her shot although he presently has no clue who it was.

Inside Sam admits to her mom that she does have a concern about Elizabeth getting away with taking advantage of what Jason does not know and keeping him from his family and everyone he loves. He has no idea of what Elizabeth is doing to him, she reminds Alexis, whereas she does. Alexis then asks her daughter to tell her the truth about what she knows before telling it to Jason.

Diane goes to the house and “introduces herself” to the man who's only known himself as Jake Doe, whom she's never met as “Jake” although she remembers and had a long lawyer/client relationship with Jason Morgan. Realizing he has no memory of her or of being Jason, she tells him she knows all about how his memory is compromised as she heard all about it from Carly and from Spinelli. She assures Jason she absolutely did not discuss his personal business with either of them. They both talked and she listened. She tells him she's on his retainer so his private affairs are completely confidential. Right then, he invites her in and she goes over all of Jason's assets and living wills, remarking that he has more than enough money . He does not seem as interested in that as in talking to her about his divorce. Yet she wants to impress upon him that he is Jason Morgan. He has money as well as a wife and child and she wants to wait until he's had a chance to “take it all in” before advising him to make any decisions. . He tells her, regarding monetary obligations, he wants to make sure that Sam and Danny are well taken care of. Also, he concludes to Diane, he wants to be a good husband to Elizabeth.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas assures Elizabeth that the only people who know the truth besides herself are himself and his mom, as he confirms that neither of them are talking. So, he encourages Elizabeth to go home and be with the man she loves and wants. With that, she leaves Nikolas and Laura alone to contend with their difference of opinion as to what Elizabeth should do.

Outside of Kelly's, Jordan is stunned to see Curtis, reveals she knows him and does not want to be seen by him.

Inside after Sam leaves, Jason enters and runs into Alexis. She confirms she's representing Sam and Diane is representing him and the process should be pretty easy since neither side is contesting.

Elizabeth returns home looking for Jason. He's not there. At first she panics but notices a note where he tells her he can't wait to start their future together and that he loves her. At that point, she happily declares that things will be alright. Right then, she hears a knock on the door however. She runs to get it and sees Sam at her door.

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