GH Update Thursday 12/3/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 12/3/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Monica meets with Tracy at The Metro Court to plan the Toys For Tots event. They select themes, venue and songs for the event. They brainstorm and argue about how the festivities should be done regarding whether they have snowflakes, crystals, Santa's elves or nutcracker gala. Right then, they decide to have a competition at the event and announce may the best woman win.

At the hospital, Sabrina rushes to find Felix before her Ob-Gyn appointment and confesses to him that Michael is not the father of her baby. Carlos is. She can't let him find out. That is why she can't have a sonogram that will prove that. She urges Felix to please do a favor for her, while in a desperate situation. He asks why she can't simply tell Michael the truth. He tells her he can't falsify lab results like Brad Cooper does. If he did, he'd be in serious trouble and Obrecht would find out. She asks if, when Michael gets there, Felix could just stall him for a while and they can avoid any questions about her due-date all together. He agrees to do what he can and Sabrina goes off on a mission. Right then, she goes into an OB-GYN room and Carlos is waiting for her, dressed in medical gear with his face covered by a mask. He tells her he had no choice. She's been avoiding him and not returning his calls. She tells him he has to leave right now before Michael sees him. He tells her he's not going anywhere until she talks to him. She then concludes she will text him in an hour and arrange to meet later. Now will he leave? He reminds her that he expects to see her in another hour. Then he covers his face and leaves. Right then, the doctor comes in and asks Sabrina if she's ready to see her baby.

Felix waits and when Michael appears, he engages and distracts him in order to give Sabrina time to hide.

Anna goes to the docks where she keeps reliving when she shot and (supposedly) killed Carlos. Right then, Dr. Maddox finds her. She asks why he's there. He tells her he's jogging and assures her he does not follow his patients. Even the ones that discontinue therapy. Yet he wants to know when she plans to reschedule their next session. She tells him she won't have any more sessions. However, regarding evidence about the death of Carlos, she is not really worried that it will come back to her. Right then, she gets a phone call from the DNA lab. They've confirmed that the evidence tested positive for Carlos so it appears like there's no way she could have killed him. Hearing that, Maddox confirms that's great and asks Anna when she's coming back to therapy. He tells her that regardless of anything involved in murder investigation, he knows she has to work through her guilt. She tells him her guilt is her business and she will deal with it as she sees fit. They both know that Carlos has “risen from the dead” and Maddox asks her what if Carlos tells the police she shot him while he was unarmed. Anna replies she will take her chances with that. She tells him she appreciates his help but has no more need for his services. In response to that, Maddox tells her she may do as she chooses. However, if she ends their professional relationship, he will be forced to go to the police with what he knows. Hearing that, she demands to know if he's blackmailing her. He tells her that he is trying to get her to realize the seriousness of all of this, reminding her that even if she's off the hook, the shooting is still tearing her up inside. She reminds him that since the man she hot is not dead, it's kind of a moot point and she reminds him that there's “one person” in the police station who is untrustworthy. He asks whom she would suspect when she used to be the police commissioner. He reminds her that he is bound by confidentiality and she admits she suspects the new DA, Paul Hornsby. She has seen that he has falsified the autopsy of Carlos. He has another dead body at the morgue in place of Carlos. So she knows Paul is covering something up and involved in foul play. Yet they know she has no evidence against Paul except that she knows she shot Carlos. So, if she goes after him with knowing that, Paul will bury her. He tells her if Paul is as dangerous as she says, she needs to be careful. She reminds him if she exposes the truth about Carlos' death, she won't be the only one affected.

At the art gallery, while Paul wants to have sex with Ava, he tells her she seems distracted, to which she asks what gives him that idea. She has now found out he wants her to help him ship guns and she tells him her next question is where they are shipping them to. When he evades her question, she reminds him that the DA of Port Charles cannot afford to have anyone find out he has association with the Jeromes. Also, she reminds him, he is using her gallery for a “cover” for his smuggling activities. He wants to distract her but she reminds him that she works with him solely because he's blackmailing her. Yet she's more than an employee. She is his partner while he tries to take charge of Port Charles. He wants to mess around and right in the middle of it, Paul's phone rings. It's Tracy. She asks if “now” is a good time. She asks what he's doing and if he can get away from “the office” where she assumes he is. She tells him she has something important to discuss with him at the Metro Court. Paul then tells Ava he has to leave yet she asks if he intends to leave her crates with guns on the floor for everyone to see. Monica tells Ava the Quartermaines have no interest in “partnering” with her in the charity event. She just wants some art. She tells Ava she's sure Ava does not want to disappoint the children. Would she?

Maxie is at Kelly's on the phone, engrossed in business for Crimson when Lulu rushes in to talk to her. Lulu informs her best friend that she's done fighting for Dante. It's now clear to her that her husband is happier with Valerie. She explains how over Thanksgiving, she decided she wanted to give her marriage another chance and fight for them and their family. And what did she find when she walked in the door? Her slutty cousin spent the night in Dante's bed.

At the police station, Valerie is in her official cadet uniform. Dante is with her and although they do not consciously intend to be “unprofessional”, he is engrossed in how good she looks. First Nathan observes them and is aware of what is going on. Jordan asks to talk privately to Valerie about starting training at the police academy and encourages her to believe she will be a great cop. However, she expresses her concerns to Valerie about how it might be a bit awkward to be working with Dante. After they are done, Valerie wastes no time rushing to Dante. They are both very eager to have lunch together although they know about the no fraternization policy and they could lose their jobs if they are not discreet. She tells him if he wants to stop now, she will completely understand. Yet he is on board and they decide to “discreetly” meet for a date. When Dante goes off, Nathan asks if he heard correctly about the date. He takes his partner aside and tells him it's very obvious for others all around to see that he and Valerie are up to something and he asks Dante what is going on. Dante replies that Lulu has made it clear she wants out of their marriage. He can't sit around waiting for a reconciliation that is not going to happen. So, he concludes, there is no reason

Michael joins Sabrina when the doctor runs the sonogram. Neither he nor the doctor suspect anything. When the female OB-GYN leaves and goes to run the sonogram to Dr. Lee, she runs into Felix who is aware that she has the evidence Sabrina needs to hide about the baby's paternity. He tells her he realizes she is busy and wants to help so he suggests what if he goes to take the sonogram to Dr. Lee. The woman agrees, suspects nothing and tells Felix she owes him for his help. Right then, Felix goes in the room to talk to Michael and Sabrina and knows the perfect way to assure Michael that the pregnancy is on the “up and up”. Michael suspects nothing but remembers he has to meet with Tracy at The Metro Court.

Paul meets with Tracy who tells him she needs him to get involved. It will help their family and give him some positive publicity as the new DA. He sounds encouraged and has his own idea.

Monica goes to see Ava at her art gallery. She reminds Ava that she is the reason Monica's son is dead. She admits to Ava she's there to inform her that the Quartermaines are hosting a holiday gala and she further tells Ava that her art gallery is going to make a very generous donation. Ava asks her if she is asking for a free piece of art to use for a silent auction. Monica gets ready to find an item but notices the large crate that Paul left and asks Ava what is in there.

Valerie goes to find Dante and asks if Nathan is onto them. He tells her yes but assures her his partner will not say anything. Right then, as soon as Nathan goes into the front lobby, Lulu enters. He asks if there's anything he can help her with. She replies actually there is. She tells him that he can back up her complaint about the known fraternization between her cousin and her husband. Hearing that, Nathan tells Lulu those are serious charges. He knows she's upset and knows what has happened. Yet if she reports these accusations, it will ruin Dante's and Valerie's careers. Not far behind, Maxie appears and tells Lulu she understands all too well what Lulu wants to do. She tells her best friend she is there to save her from herself. She tells Lulu if she is seeking revenge, this is not the way to do it. She tells Lulu if she files a complaint against the two of them, then the department will lose two good cops and that is not fair to the department. Maxie further tells Lulu at the end of the day, it will only hurt her. She asks if she wants that type of personal information on a public file. She suggests Lulu comes to Kelly's with her and they can figure out some better ways to ease Lulu's pain. Lulu then agrees and they go off together. Right then, Dante enters and asks Nathan what that was about. Valerie follows closely behind him, after Lulu and Maxie are gone. She sees Nathan and tells him she has to get to class. She leaves. Alone with Dante, Nathan tells him he has no idea how lucky he is. He informs Dante that Lulu was just there and was ready to tell Jordan about Dante and Valerie's involvement, in order to get Dante fired, until Maxie talked her out of it.

At The Metro Court, Lulu asks Maxie why she is suddenly the voice of reason and what would be wrong with bringing down her cheating husband and her slutty cousin. Maxie tells her that since Valerie is not yet a cop, she has no police badge to lose. Only Dante would lose his badge and that would hurt Rocco if his daddy is out of a job. Maxie concludes to Lulu that if she really wants to make Valerie pay for destroying Lulu's family, she has to come up with something “big”.

Michael goes to the Metro Court to meet with Tracy and Paul and suspects nothing about Sabrina's sonogram. He delivers the happy news about “baby Quartermaine”.

Back at the hospital, Sabrina meets with Felix and thanks him for covering for her. Yet he warns her that knowing the size of the baby and how far along she is, that makes it obvious for anyone to detect that she is carrying Carlos' baby. She later goes to meet with Carlos as she's agreed, on the docks. He happily confirms to her that he overheard her conversation with Felix and knows she is definitely carrying his baby. He jumps for joy although she is clearly not ok with this whole situation. She affirms to him there is nothing he can do about it. She's moved on with her life. She loves and is committed to Michael and Michael is going to be the father of her baby. He wants her to hear him out but she refuses and concludes that neither she nor the baby will be safe if they are with him. So, she urges him to leave Port Charles and do the right thing for the first time in his life. Yet he tells her he won't do that. This is his baby and he is going to be with her.

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