GH Update Wednesday 12/2/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/2/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital,, Sonny Carly and Michael wait for Morgan while he talks to Dr. Maddox. Inside the room, Morgan and his doc talk about lithium. He talks about Morgan's alcohol consumption to which Morgan admits he bar tends and can legally drink yet they agree he has to use caution when combining alcohol and his meds. He rejoins his family and tells his dad that he's found out he's definitely bi polar. He is going to take drugs. The bad news is he will have to pee too much. The good news is he will no longer be having dangerous episodes. Sonny then calmly and contentedly tells his son he's glad that there are “easy answers” and encourages Morgan to come home with him. However at that point, Morgan flies into a rage and tells his dad there is no way he's going to go home and live with Sonny at his house.

At Crimson, Nina tells Maxie they need to think outside of the box. In fact, they have to break the box. Hearing that, Maxie tells her she's more concerned about breaking Nina's bank account. Yet Nina has ideas. Right then, Dillon enters, tells Maxie he's there to meet his mom for dinner but wanted to say good bye first. He's moving back to LA. Hearing that, Maxie tells Dillon he can't run away. He has to stay there and repair his reputation. He tells her if he stays, whenever he runs into Lulu, she will just see him as the jerk who had a hand in ruining her marriage. Maxie admits she's his friend and will miss him and he admits it's mutual. Yet she realizes he has to do what he has to do.

At The Metro Court, Tracy informs Hayden she is “dissolving” their partnership. She no longer needs Hayden because she believes she can take down Nikolas all by herself without any help. Hayden reminds her they have a deal. Tracy clarifies they “had a deal”. She intended to compensate Hayden for seducing Nikolas into disclosing the secrets that Tracy needs to know in order to take back her company from him.. Yet Hayden has failed to do that. Things have changed. Tracy tells her a major change is Jason. Now that he's alive and a major share holder, Tracy explains, he can rightfully overthrow Nikolas. Hayden tells Tracy although that sounds like a very “interesting” plan, it's doomed to fail. She tells Tracy it's been a long time since everyone found out who Jason was and not a lot has been done in that time. She reminds Tracy that it will take her too long in court to take action against Nikolas and it won't happen as easily as Tracy hopes. She tells Tracy she has a better plan in the works and she thinks it will work better.

Laura rushes to find her son at Wyndemere and warns him that Sam is very close to finding out the truth, adding that it looks like this “web of lies” is coming undone. She warns her son that once it comes out, he could be bars. If anyone knows that he knew the secret about Jason, and stole ELQ from its rightful owner, he's in serious trouble. He asks his mom just what Sam asked and suspected. Laura replies that she knows that Sam overheard little Jake revealing that he has overheard and knows the truth about Jason (and more accurately the fact that Elizabeth, Laura and Nikolas have known the truth and have been knowingly committing fraud.) Hearing that, he tells his mom that he doubts that anybody will put any credibility in the word of a child. Yet she tells him that Sam is very certain she knows what she heard. She informs Nikolas that told Sam, in the conversation, that she thought Sam was mistaken and that little Jake had a wild imagination. However, she asks her son, what will happen the next time and the next time? Nikolas however, reminds his mom that Elizabeth is committed to having a future with Jason. Yet she reminds him that the longer Elizabeth keeps this secret, the more it's going to hurt her and everyone involved. So, she tells Nikolas, she believes the best plan is to come clean and admit the truth.

Sam and Patrick discuss her “hesitation” to divorce Jason. She is angry with her fiance for the fact that he just cannot understand how complicated it is that all along, Jason has been alive, living in this town and everything has now changed. She tells Patrick she cannot make any decisions about what to do with their relationship until she finds out whether Elizabeth, Nikolas and Laura knew the truth about Jason all along.

Elizabeth surprises Jason after hearing his reservations about getting married to her before finding out how to proceed with his life, regarding his past and his future. She gives him back the ring he gave her and tells him she's letting him go. She's putting no more pressure on him to marry her. When she tells him that she knows that putting pressure on him is going to hold him back, he concludes she must have been talking to Carly. She tells him she thinks the best thing for him to do is be able to make a decision somewhere where there is no pressure and no distractions. Hearing that, Jason seems very surprised that Elizabeth would suddenly make this decision and he suspects, right away, that “something” has happened which she is not revealing.

Sam talks to Patrick about how she believes she has to consider that maybe little Jake knew what he was talking about when he indicated that Elizabeth and Laura, as well as Nikolas, may have known the truth about Jason. He asks her why Elizabeth would have incentive to do that. Sam tells him it's very obvious why Elizabeth would want to hide from Jason whom he is and why she'd hope that he'd always believe he's “just Jake”, (even if she knew full well he was Jason) so that she could marry him. Patrick asks why Elizabeth would want to scam Jason. Sam reminds him that maybe he is not aware of what Elizabeth is capable of doing but she knows all too well the “drastic action” Elizabeth has taken in order to hold onto Jason. He tells her that he knows that they have some major limitation. She protests that she loves him. He tells her it makes it difficult for him knowing that she does. He tells her he's now concluded that she does not love him the way he needs her to.

Nina amazes and surprises Maxie by moving money to invest capital. Maxie is worried about monetary constraints and deadlines. Yet Nina sees no limitations and wants to spare no expense or extravagance in their mutual goal to “smash the box”.

Dillon goes to meet with Tracy and tells his mom he thinks things will work out when he moves back to LA. He tells her he bets she and his dad are happy together. She is not amused and tells Dillon that the family expects him to stay for the Christmas Toys For Tots event. She wants him to help them establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with and to do good. Hearing that, Dillon admits that he's never been a big backer of ELQ. Yet Tracy tells him it's not just the company. It's what the family is all about and she cannot do this without him. Right then, Maxie interrupts them and tells Dillon she needs him to come with her and this cannot wait. Tracy tells him it's ok and he goes with Maxie. After talking to Nina and getting a “pep talk” about “smashing the box”, Maxie is motivated and concludes she knows the “perfect person for the job”.

Laura tells Nikolas that maybe if he confesses, he could get the best team of lawyers that money can buy to save him from legal consequences. He tells her even if he were to successfully do that, he cannot betray Elizabeth. He can't let her ruin her chances with Jason. Laura reminds her son that the only chance Elizabeth has for a future with Jason is if she comes clean. If he finds out before she tells him, it will be a lot worse than if the truth comes out. Nikolas tells her that he can't make that decision for Elizabeth. She has to make that decision on her own. Laura tells him that maybe if he comes clean, then he will have no more need to “watch over” Hayden and she won't be able to hold anything over Nikolas' head anymore. Nikolas does not respond to that comment. Right then, Hayden returns and Laura makes it clear to her that she does not trust her and wants Hayden out of her (Laura's) son's property and out of his life. Hayden tells Laura she realizes that maybe Nikolas' mom, as well as many other people, have reasons not to like her. She wormed her way into the house, she admits (although she does not reveal any more than that). She realizes that people have reservations about her. Yet nobody need worry at this point, she tells Laura. She tells her that she and Nikolas are moving forward in their relationship. She is developing a relationship with Spencer and she and Nikolas are falling in love.

While Patrick clearly detects that Sam has reservations about him and it may be inevitable that he will lose her to Jason no matter what anybody says or does, Elizabeth admits to Jason that she is afraid of losing him. Hearing that, he is a bit confused to hear her say that when she's deciding to break off the engagement. Why would she do that in response to not wanting to lose him? Right then, she declares to him that she “never had him to begin with. He does not ask her exactly what she meant by that but asks her what it is that she wants without worrying about what is “right for” him or about hurting his feelings. He asks what she wants for herself. She admits she wants him. He concludes to her that is good because he wants the same thing she wants which is for them to get married.

At the hospital, Dr. Maddox tells Sonny, Carly and Michael that he appreciates their concerns and need to have Morgan live with his family. But they need to support and respect his decisions. Morgan tells his family that he appreciates their concern but can't have them continually watching over him, monitoring whether he takes his meds, worrying about him and feeling an obligation to take care of him. Sonny demands that Morgan helps him understand what he means. Morgan tells his dad that he's sitting there and talking to him but nothing has changed and Sonny he needs to know that his son he is “not the same”. He is now the weak one. His parents want to act like nothing is wrong. Yet something is wrong. He's not just their son. He would also be their patient if he lives in their home.

While alone with Elizabeth, Jason wants to “move forward” with her and he makes it clear he suspects nothing. Yet she “admits” to him that she only wanted him for her own selfish reasons.

Maxie takes Dillon to the Crimson office where Nina questions and shows skepticism of what this guy can do for their magazine. Maxie informs her that Dillon is a genius with a camera, reminding Nina that they don't have a lot of time. Nina asks Maxie if she will vouch for Dillon, to which Maxie tells her absolutely. Nina concludes, in that case, he is hired. She leaves them alone to talk. Dillon asks Maxie if she asked him if he wants to do this. He seems less than convinced, at this point, that this is the right move for him.

Patrick and Sam both conclude that maybe neither of them have any answers for what they need and maybe now the best thing to do is say good bye.

Nina gives her credit card to Maxie and Dillon. Dillon comes back to join his mom and tells her he might very well stay in town.

Alone with Nikolas at Wyndemere, Hayden confirms she meant what she said to Laura. She assures him she is falling in love with him. She further tells him if he has a concern about something that Sam might know, she promises to help him get through that. As soon as she is alone, however, she sends Tracy a text asking what she knows and what should be done regarding suspicions from Nikolas' mother. Right then, Laura enters and tells Hayden she bets Hayden is enjoying the money, the amenities and all the trappings of being a Cassadine. Hayden responds by telling her she realizes she is merely a guest and is not a Cassadine. In response to that, Laura reminds her she never will be and she should be prepared to get thrown out with the trash as soon as Laura's son sees her for whom she really is.

Alone in the living room, Nikolas gets on his phone to call Elizabeth right while she is going up to the bedroom with Jake. He leaves a message that she is unaware of, telling her how important this is.

While with Patrick, Sam leaves a message for her mom, affirming she wants to go ahead with the divorce and get legal representation.

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