GH Update Tuesday 12/1/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/1/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Julian goes to confront Nina for how she's failing to do her job. He tells her she has not made any money for Crimson in fact she's lost them money. She wants to assure him things are going to get better but it looks like he's about to fire her. However, right then, Maxie enters and confidently tells Julian he'd be making a big mistake if he did that, informing him that many much bigger and more successful magazines have tapped into Nina's skills and would want her to work for them. Julian then announces he's not firing Nina “yet”. However, he warns both women, if the numbers continue to go down instead of up, Crimson will not be worth saving and he will shut down this entire sorry operation. When he leaves Nina alone with Maxie, she asks her if there really are head hunters after her. Maxie admits she was “spinning” and she assures Nina that Julian cannot fire her. She informs her the previous person with Nina's job is to blame for the failure yet she won't let Nina get discouraged. She tells Nina she knows what she needs and decides to give her a “nuclear makeover”. Outside the office, Franco finds Julian and asks him why he's hired Nina given she has no experience in the field. Julian asks Franco why he'd have a problem with his offering Nina an opportunity. Franco tells him he suspects there's some ulterior motive for Julian to hire a woman with no experience. He suspects Julian might want to trick or take advantage of Nina or humiliate her. He warns Julian if he does that, he will pay, reminding him that Ric Lansing tried to scam and pull the wool over Nina's eyes to take her money. Her mother tried to frame her for murder. Franco tells Julian he knows that Nina has an innocence about her that too many people exploit and tells him when his magazine is a success, he better give Nina the credit she deserves. Yet Julian is not confident of Crimson succeeding with or without Nina.. Inside, Nina asks Maxie how she thinks a makeover is going to change what they are faced with. Maxie tells her that this business is all about style. A confident editor inspires a popular magazine. She tells Nina she wants her to walk into a room and be admired by all who see her. She tells Nina that she has called in many professional stylists to transform Nina into the perfect editor to save Crimson and make herself a success. She assures her if she changes her clothes, she can change her life. Maxie wastes no time bringing in her makeup artist and fashion designer. She gives Nina a makeover which she is not confident of until she looks in the mirror and sees it. At that point, Nina cries and is in awe. Alone with Maxie, she admits that she is overwhelmed. She reflects how years ago, her only goal was to have a baby and get revenge upon her mom. That was all she had. Yet she confidently tells Maxie that “that woman” whom she sees in the mirror is unlike all of the big messes she's made in her life which she lists. She knows that the woman whom Maxie and her assistant made her into is better than what she has known and whom she has been all her life up until now. She emotionally thanks Maxie and promises that she is going to show people that she can be a success and together they can prove Julian wrong. Right then, a doubting Julian comes to the door and is stunned to see Nina looking the way she does. She informs him that she and Maxie have come up with an idea to get Crimson up and running. However they have a budget and need his money. He declines yet that does not intimidate Nina. Maxie gleefully congratulates her on how she stood up to Julian.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas tells Alexis how he, Sam, Elizabeth and Jake were all there, gathered around Helena's death bed when she passed. She's no longer a part of either of their lives, he assures his aunt who hopes he's not “teasing” her and giving her false hopes. As soon as it's confirmed, Alexis rejoices and tells him she never thought this day would come. Yet she can see that her nephew does not appear to be ok however. He tells her it happened very suddenly right after Helena taunted Jason with her last breath. Alexis asks him if even on her death bed, Helena still had no remorse. When he does not reply to that with “empathy”, Alexis remarks to her nephew that he might be picking up his grandmother's ruthlessness. They talk about what this all means to Sam. Nikolas tells Alexis he's sure his cousin knows his mom, sisters and son all love her very much. They both know that Sam went there to seek some closure about Jason although Nikolas informs Alexis that Helena did not want to offer Sam that as everybody knows Helena has no compassion for anyone. Alexis then reflects to her nephew she bets Helena enjoyed having Sam knowing that Jason was alive and falling in love with Elizabeth. Nikolas assures Alexis that her daughter is happy with Patrick. Alexis admits she believes that Patrick is good for Sam and not a threat to her safety like Jason was. Yet she is not entirely certain that Sam will choose Patrick over Jason regardless of what others may believe or want.

At the hospital, after Carly has been unsuccessful in persuading Jason to “take back his life” and realize he was not meant to marry Elizabeth, she goes to find Elizabeth. She urges her to let Jake go, to which Elizabeth indignantly tells her that will not happen. Carly concedes to Elizabeth that she owes her for donating Jake's kidney (or so they thought) to save Josslyn's life. Yet, Carly tells her she needs to realize that she and Jason were not meant to be. She reminds Elizabeth that Jason has a past, a family and people who love him. He's not just some blank slate whom Elizabeth gets to draw her obedient perfect man on. Hearing that, Elizabeth tells Carly she thinks Carly is just jealous because he's not the Jason who used to make her a priority. This Jason, Elizabeth reminds her, has chosen to settle down with her (Elizabeth). In response to that, carly tells her it's because he's loyal and feels a sense of obligation. Elizabeth reminds Carly that Jason is now free of the mob, no longer wants to work for Sonny and kill people on his orders. She remarks to Carly “thank God” that Jason is gone, to which Carly asks if she was paying attention, not long ago, when Jason (then known to all as Jake) took out three men with a gun at the warehouse. She reminds Elizabeth that a faulty memory does not change who Jason is on the inside. It does not change his instincts. She further reminds Elizabeth that Jason chose to work for Sonny. He seeks danger and is unafraid and needs to live the life Jason always lived. Hearing that, Elizabeth tells Carly she knows that Carly just wants Jason for herself and her own beliefs. She tells Carly she needs to realize that that is now over. Carly reminds Elizabeth that she (Elizabeth) has her own insecurity and delusions to hang onto Jason. She remembers not long ago, Elizabeth lying to Jason and to Sam about Danny not being Jason's son for that reason and Jason was shot not knowing that Danny was his, because of her. So it proves that Elizabeth has only looked out for herself and has not cared about jason's best interest. Carly tells Elizabeth she knows Elizabeth is clearly manipulating Jason the same as she did in the past. Yet Elizabeth affirms to Carlly that Jason is choosing of his own free will to be with her and there is nothing Carly can do about it. Carly tells her some day, Jason is going to wake up and know that he is living a lie being with her. Elizabeth tells Carly that from now on, she and Sonny will have to find a new enforcer to kill their enemies and fill the empty voids in their lives.

Not far away, Patrick and Jason discuss the same thing. Jason intends to marry Elizabeth and Patrick hopes he will not “re-consider” and get back with Sam. Yet Jason is not ok with hearing that for some reason and can detect that Patrick seems like he might be “worried” and not as confident in his relationship as he wants to believe he is. Jason tells Patrick he's not going to “stay away” from Sam because Patrick expects it. He further reminds Patrick that he intends to marry Elizabeth and if Patrick can't hold onto Sam, it is not because of Jason. He leaves. After her “discussion” with Carly, Elizabeth goes to find Patrick. He can see she is stressed and she wonders where Jason has gone after promising they'd have lunch together. Patrick replies he may have driven Jason away telling him to stay away from Sam. They both obviously have a common goal and wish things would go back to “how they used to be”.

When Sam is unsuccessful in getting little Jake to reveal the secret he's overheard his mommy and grandma keeping, she calls Laura to the house and gets straight to the point with her. She tells her she knows that she and Elizabeth have been keeping a secret. And, Sam tells her, she'd like to get to the bottom of it and know what that would be. Hearing that, Laura tells her she bets her grandson got a “misunderstanding”. However Sam seems to know she did not hear incorrectly and somehow knows that Laura and Elizabeth both know a secret about jason. Laura “graciously” tells Sam she does not know what to tell her. She knows that Jake has a very “active” imagination and she promises to “keep that in mind” and discuss that with his parents. Yet Sam persists with Laura that she knows that there is a secret that Laura is not telling her and asks what she and/or Elizabeth might know about the secret regarding Jason. Hearing that, Laura tells Sam she knows how painful it is for her to be “losing” Jason but Sam needs to know that he is now falling in love with and marrying Elizabeth. Right then, Jason returns to pick up his son and asks the two women what was going on there, to which they hesitate to answer. Laura takes him aside and tells him she realizes how overwhelming it obviously is to have lost his memory and then discover who he really is but she hopes that he and Sam and others can find some closure and some peace. Right then, little Jake comes down the stairs and leaves with his dad. Little Jake announces that he “did not reveal Sam's secret”, to which both Jason and Sam are baffled about what he is talking about. Jason returns to Elizabeth's house and talks alone to little Jake and asks if there's anything on his mind he might want to talk about. However, before they can continue their conversation, Elizabeth greets them and knows she has to prevent that from going any futher. Alone with Elizabeth, Jake admits to her that he is not “ok” with not knowing what to do with his life and wonders when or if he will have a normal life. Hearing that, Elizabeth tells him she thinks she can “help him”.

At the hospital, Franco finds Carly and asks her if she'd consider enrolling Morgan in art therapy, reminding her of his experience and success working with mental patients. She does not take well to that comment and he asks her if she's “ashamed” to have a mentally ill son. She angrily replies not at all and expresses disdain toward Franco. However, he tells her, with grave seriousness, that he knows Morgan really lost it. He had a gun, put Kiki in danger and could have killed her. In response to that, Carly tells Franco only a sociopath like himself would do something like that and Kiki is fine, she tells him, as she gets ready to ride the elevator out of the hospital. She tells him she cares about Kiki. She knows that Morgan cares for her. Yet she clarifies to Franco that she would never, ever do anything for him. She makes it very clear she wishes him ill. She further tells him when Jason remembers who he is and all the terrible things Franco does, Jason will kill him

Patrick calls Alexis to the house without forewarning Sam. Alexis tells her daughter, regarding her reason revelation, trip to Cassadine Island and sudden death of Helena, maybe everyone needs to put the past behind them, to which Sam asks her mom if that's what the “divorce” is supposed to do. Patrick confirms he wants Sam to divorce Jason so Jason can marry Elizabeth and so he and Sam can get married. However, Sam expresses to Patrick that she is not ok with his going to talk to her mother about that behind her back. She tells him when she's ready to divorce Jason, she will do that herself without any manipulation from him. He tells her that he was hoping Alexis could represent her in her divorce and asks Sam why she'd want to wait. He knows she's stalling about divorcing Jason and asks her why.

Alexis goes to meet with Julian at The Metro Court and notices he has a folder with Crimson's numbers. He remarks that he assumed that Nina would fail as new editor in chief. He believes that Crimson will soon be out of business and be a big tax write-off for him just like he wants.

Meanwhile, Nina and Maxie both brainstorm about their ideas about how to make Crimson thrive however, Maxie realizes they don't have the money to invest. Nina tells her they need not rely on Julian. She can supply the money to make sure that Crimson rises from the dead.

Laura rushes to find Nikolas and warns him that Sam is “this close” to finding out their little secret.

Elizabeth admits to Jason that she is holding onto him so tight that neither of them can find a way out. At that point, she gives him back her ring and tells him she is letting him go.

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