GH Update Monday 11/30/15

General Hospital Update Monday 11/30/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Jason finds Elizabeth and wants to have lunch. He informs her that he wanted to talk to Diane Miller regarding the fact that he's now found out, for the first time, that he has considerable financial assets. He also needs to know what is to be done regarding Sam and Danny. Elizabeth encourages him to talk to Diane about getting a divorce from Sam.

Meanwhile, Patrick and Sam are together reliving the holiday they spent together Right then, she remembers overhearing little Jake telling Danny that he knows something about his mom keeping a secret about their mutual dad. She does not share that with Patrick but is clearly remembering and is lost in thought about that. When he gets ready to go to work, Sam tells him that given they've both been pre-occupied with other things, maybe now they should make the focus more about each other. He tells her that he would “consider” that but rushes off to work. She closes the door and observes her son, wondering what to do at this point. Right then, she calls Jason, again to invite him to visit his son. While at the hospital and with Elizabeth, Jason informs her that Sam is bringing Danny to visit his dad. He will have a play date with his two sons. Then, he assures Elizabeth, he will bring Danny home and spend the evening with her (with Elizabeth).

At the hospital, Sonny and Carly reflect about their family and he mentions how he wishes he could spend more time with his baby daughter. Right then, Ava unexpectedly appears and “warns” Sonny that if he is “not careful”, he will never see her at all, as she gleefully holds baby Avery while walking through the hospital. Ava tells them she's there to see Morgan, to which Sonny and Carly tell her they do not buy that she cares about Morgan. They blame her and what she did to Kiki to prompt Morgan to do what he did to get hospitalized. She reminds them that Sonny can only have “supervised visitation rights” to baby Avery. She introduces them to her new “agent” who will supervise visits. The woman is clearly working for Ava and wanting to make Sonny's visitation difficult. With “assistance and supervision”, Sonny holds the baby in the presence of all others watching over him. Carly attempts to talk to the woman alone who coldly tells her that “permission” for Sonny to have any or all potential contact with the baby will be at “her discretion”. Carly arranges for Sonny to be alone with the baby in his hospital room, reminding her that it's unlikely he could escape or do anything while in a wheelchair in a private room holding his child.

Right then, Dante and Valerie awaken in bed together.

Laura goes to Wyndemere and talks to Lulu on the phone, hearing that her daughter is considering getting back with her husband. Little do they know. Right then, Nikolas comes in the door. Laura expresses the concerns she knows he must have about going with Elizabeth, Sam and Jason to talk to Helena after the “revelation” has been made (and knowing that Helena knows that both he and Elizabeth kept the secret from the others about Jason). He tells his mom that they need not worry anymore about Helena because his grandmother has now died. Hearing that, Laura sincerely tells her son she is very sorry for his loss. He asks if she really feels that way given all that Helena has done to ruin so many lives. Laura replies to her son she knows that Helena is nonetheless his grandmother and he has the right to grieve for her. Nikolas admits how emotionally charged the whole situation is to now know that Helena will be out of their lives. He admits it is a relief to know that she will no longer be a threat to anyone whom he loves. Hearing that, Laura reminds her son that both he and Elizabeth need no longer live in fear of anyone finding out that they knew yet kept the secret about Jason. They no longer have to live with that, laura tells him. Little do they know. She assures Nikolas that the only person he now has to worry about, who could reveal that secret is Hayden


Right then, while hayden is sitting alone at The Metro Court, she meets with a guy whom Shawn referred her to. He tells her that Shawn informed him that Hayden is a “woman in need”. So, he asks her what he can do for her. He tells her he knows she needs him to find something out. She tells him she needs hard evidence, real proof that someone other than Shawn got her shot. She needs him to investigate that.

Lulu returns to the apartment, suspecting nothing and assuming Dante will be there alone. Right then, Valerie appears wearing only a towel, unaware that she will run into Lulu. In response to that, Dante finds himself speechless but does not hesitate to attempt to justify his behavior while he reminds her she intended to divorce him and he had to spend Thanksgiving alone. She furiously asks him how he can defend his actions, as she reveals the reason she was there was to tell him she came there with the sole intent and purpose of stopping the separation and potential divorce proceedings.

Patrick goes to the hospital and talks to Elizabeth. She informs him that (hopefully) Jason will go and get a divorce from Sam. Hearing that, Patrick tells her he's not really surprised that Jason intends to divorce Sam. He informs her that he and Sam came to the same conclusion when they were together and she has now come to the realization that Jason is her friend whereas Patrick is her fiance.

Right then, Jake goes to the house and talks alone to Sam after she's called to invite him to spend time alone with Danny. He informs her that he is going to talk to Diane Miller in order to “tie up some loose ends” regarding marrying Elizabeth which would require first divorcing Sam. With that said, realizing she might still have feelings about him (remembering their history when he does not), he tells her he does not mean to sound callous. She tells him that she came to the same conclusion (They need to go their separate ways), when she confirmed to Patrick that he is in her future whereas Jason is in her past. She also clearly has a scheme to invite him over to be alone with Danny and bring little Jake, offer to watch his and Elizabeth's son while he has alone time with Danny, so that she can attempt to get the “secret” out of little Jake. While she “entertains” Jason and Elizabeth's son, he accidentally spills a drink on the coffee table and appears “spooked”. Yet she tells him it's no big deal and shares with him her own experiences of spilling things as a child. She works to “gain trust” and get him to share a secret with her.

Laura asks Nikolas if he is not a bit suspicious and untrusted of Hayden, and expresses concerns about her son getting taken for a ride by another woman, yet again.

Paul goes to meet with Ava at the gallery and she talks to him alone about needing to know what he expects her to transport. He replies “something very lucrative”. She reminds him that he has never given her any answers whenever she's asked him that question before. However, he asks her if she is not on board with him on their common goal which is to eliminate Sonny before baby Avery can walk. Hearing that, Ava realizes that this “end” justifies the means and no longer demands Paul provide any answers about what is going on involved in that.

While Sonny is in his room with baby Avery and Carly is outside the door, Jason appears. Carly happily welcomes him and wants to hear about his “revelation” with Helena. He tells her that even if he never remembers anything nor finds anything out, he has a family with Elizabeth and the boys. Hearing that, and now knowing this is Jason and not Jake, Carly adamantly urges him to realize he needs to consider Sam and Danny and the past he had. Yet he reminds her he clearly has no memory of anything before he lost his memory. Inside the room, Sonny holds the little one, sings to her, smiles and she clearly bonds with him, trusts him and loves him.

Meanwhile, Sam engages little Jake in a conversation about games they can play in getting him to reveal his “secret”. He tells her that he overheard his mom and grandma talking about something that only they know and are hiding from everyone else. He knows he overheard their “concerns” that Sam would be very angry at his mom if she ever found out this secret.

Laura leaves Wyndemere while Shawn's investigator, Curtis is talking alone to Hayden at The Metro Court. He tells her that even if there is proof that Shawn did not shoot her, there's no proof of who did or why. He reminds her the whole purpose of hiring a hit man is to make it undetectable. Yet she wants to find out what he knows and what they can find out.

After Lulu angrily confront her husband and her cousin, Valerie reminds Lulu that she did not exactly indicate that she wants Dante back. She left him alone and served him with divorce papers. She confidently tells Lulu that she ruined her own marriage and cannot blame anyone except herself. Hearing that, Lulu angrily asks if she is implying that it's Lulu's fault that her marriage is over and that Valerie has obsessed over Dante and completely disregarded his marriage vows. Valerie tells her that all she has done is blame Dante for everything, make herself a victim, punish him and give him no choice except to give up on them. She concludes to Lulu that she (herself) did not destroy Lulu's marriage. Lulu did that all on her own.

Alone at The Haunted Star, Laura sits at the table, orders and drink and silently talks to Helena about how she will not let her win anymore. She toasts to Helena's death and reflects it was a “long time coming”.

Nikolas returns home to Wyndemere as Hayden has returned from her meeting. He kisses her and confirms that he might want to have a relationship with her, regardless of everything.

Right then, Ava's “advocate” comes into Sonny's room and tells him the visit with the baby is over. She coldly tells him if he does not comply, he will be in contempt of court. However right then, Paul appears behind her, admonishing her that it's a “bit harsh” to not allow Mr. Corinthos some more time with his adorable child. He reminds her that he is the DA and has the authority to authorize that, realizing and respecting Sonny's rights. Sonny obviously does not suspect Paul at this point. After he's done with Avery, Paul goes in and expresses his “support” of Sonny having rights to his child, as he tells him he knows all too well what that was like during Dillon's infancy and childhood when Tracy prevented him from seeing his son. He further “plays” Sonny by encouraging him to know that he wants to protect Port Charles from whomever shot and tried to kill Sonny. Sonny expresses he does not trust many of the DA of this town, to which Paul tells him he thinks he'll find that Paul is “not like the rest”.

Carly is very concerned about Jason having the idea that Elizabeth is right for him. She tells him that Elizabeth wants him to hide. His wanting to be with Elizabeth is a clear indication that he is hiding from his life, she tells him. She tells him he needs to know that Jason Morgan is who he is. He is not a stranger. Jason Morgan did not hesitate to call her on her crap so she's not going to hesitate to lay down the law to him as well, she tells the guy she remembers all too well as Jason but whom only remembers Carly knowing her as Jake. In response to that, Jason affirms that his life is his life and he's sorry if she disapproves but it is what it is. At that point, she goes to find Elizabeth and firmly tells her she wants her to let Jason go. Not far away, Patrick approaches Jason and tells him he thinks it's about time Jason divorces Sam and gets on with his life.

When Sam finds herself unsuccessful in obtaining the information from little Jake, she gets on her phone to call Laura and tells her she needs her to come to the house so they can talk about something. She detects she knows that both Laura and Elizabeth are keeping a secret.

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