GH Update Wednesday 11/25/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/25/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the Quartermaine house, Monica expresses that she misses Lila, Edward and Alan but is happy and grateful that her son is back. Tracy is also happy to have her son and her family at her home. Right then, Paul enters with Dillon and they are volunteering to prepare the turkey.

Ava is alone at The Metro Court with Avery. She tells her “silent and unresponsive” infant daughter how glad they can spend this day together. Right then, a waitress comes by and asks if she can take Ava's order.

At Alexis' house, Kristina and Molly assist in preparing the meal although they argue about whose father is more worthy, welcome, or responsible for more crimes. Right then, Julian enters accompanied by Olivia, baby Leo and some food to pass.

Michael and Sabrina enter the Quartermaine house. Monica welcomes them. Michael asks if Jason is likely to attend, to which she replies probably not. He tells her he wants to announce to Jason that he's going to be a father.

At Patrick’s house, Sam , Emma and Anna prepare the food and set the table. Right then, Dr. Maddox enters unexpectedly. Assuming that nobody else has ever met his “new colleague” who's just moved into town and started practice at GH. and Patrick introduces his new colleague, Andre (whom he has no clue is his mother in law's new shrink. And possibly Maddox had no clue Anna is Patrick's mother in law?) to his family. Sam and Emma greet and welcome him and Anna “pretends” she has never met him, as he does with her. Patrick explains that he wanted to offer his new professional colleague a better choice than having to have a cold turkey sandwich alone in his new house. Dr. Andre Maddox is new in town, he explains to the others. He's a new mental health provider whom Patrick has gotten to know and wants to welcome into town. As soon as the others go into the room and leave Anna alone to talk to Dr. Maddox, he graciously tells her he had no idea he'd be dining with one of his patients. They have a private conversation about “guests”.

Dante is alone listening to the football game all alone and not happy. He attempt to write reports and do his job while on Thanksgiving Day, certain he will have to spend the day alone. However, right then, Valerie enters at his door. She informs him she was able to find some food for them to share. She has found out that he is not on duty so she wanted to offer him a nice Thanksgiving meal. Right then, she notices the football game and wants to engage but hesitates to sit down “comfortably” with Dante. He admits to her that he's been served with divorce papers and cannot believe that Lulu could go that far and want to end their marriage. She asks him if he thinks he and Lulu can reconcile, Dante admits that he realizes how his wife feels justifiably betrayed. He wishes she could take back the mistakes he made. However, he cannot spend his life justifying every phone call and email he has and having to win back her trust. He does not know how to fix what is broken or make her trust or forgive him or reverse her decision to end their marriage. All he can do now, he tells Valerie is “grieve” the loss of his marriage.

At Alexis' home, they notice an “unwanted” and unexpected visitor (Ava). Julian expresses that he extended and invitation to his sister and niece to join them. Ava is all alone with baby Avery and they are his family, he tells the others. However, as soon as Olivia notices Ava at the door, she slams it in her face and tells Ava she will not have her anywhere nearby on Thanksgiving. Yet Julian welcomes his sister and niece inside. Olivia tells him this woman is a murderer and not welcome. Alexis agrees that Ava is trespassing on her property. Both daughters have equally unwelcoming behaviors toward Ava. Kristina remarks that this woman is committing “emotional blackmail” by holding a baby in her arms and so she would like her to stay in order so that she (Kristina) can get to know her baby sister. Julian tells her that he and Olivia have a similar situation as her dad and Ava. She holds baby Leo while Molly holds Avery, as Julian tells them about his custody agreement with Olivia and how he wants to make peace with his extended family.

In the other room, the three “matriarchs”; Alexis, Olivia and Ava, tend to the preparation of Thanksgiving dinner.

Dillon and Paul have an obvious plan involving frying the turkey on their own grill. Paul goes in the other room and Dillon talks to his mom about the “ambiguity” of her relationship with is father being less confusing than his own “dilemma” with Lulu. She tells him how happy she is to have him there. Dillon then announces she must enjoy it while she can because he is moving back to Los Angeles.

Lulu goes to the Metro Court with Rocco and talks to her mom about all of the Thanksgivings in the past that she and Dante have spent together. Laura tells her daughter she is “so sorry” about her marriage being in trouble. Yet she indicates she knows that Lulu might very well not be entirely “over” Dante. Lulu admits that although she served her husband with the papers, a part of her wanted to end it and get back with him. What Dante did is “awful” she says. However she does not want to lose everything they had. Laura then advises her daughter to consider reaching out to her husband and telling him how she feels.

Dante and Valerie know that continuing to talk about his marriage will not inspire holiday joy. So they engage in a happy and cozy conversation and interaction watching the game together.

Monica reflects to Michael and to Sabrina about how Jason did have a history throughout most of his life, of avoiding Thanksgiving like the plague. However, in later years, he did attend and she remembers one very memorable holiday she had with her son. Right then, the doorbell rings. Monica answers the door and sees a silent Jason with Elizabeth and little Jake. She hugs and welcomes her son. She realizes that Jason does not remember anything in his life including being a Quartermaine but hopes he wants to stay. He tells her he will. She goes back in the kitchen to prepare the turkey and Michael informs Jason he's going to be a father although he realizes this is not the “real Jason” he knew and loved with whom he shares this joyous news. Jason congratulates Michael, only remembering him as an acquaintance he's known for the last year of being Jake.

Dillon talks alone to his dad in the kitchen about how he has given up on Lulu realizing she's married and committed to her husband. Yet Paul asks his son why Lulu would want, and why Dillon would accept her getting back with her lying, cheating dishonest husband. They come out to join the others, both determined to impress and delight them with their “grilled turkey burgers”. Michael notices Sabrina on her phone in the other room, lost in thought and secretive. He asks her if she is ok.

Jason and Elizabeth know that maybe little Jake is unsettled. Everybody is distracted at the Quartermaine house. Jason hears the doorbell ring and goes to answer it. He sees Sam at the door. Patrick and Danny follow her. Jason welcomes them. Danny runs to see him and he picks up his son. Sam takes her son into the other room, leaving the two men to talk. Jason tells Patrick he takes it that Patrick is not a fan of the “Jason Morgan fan club”. Patrick admits he's “far from it”. Inside, Monica observes Jason’s two sons with their two respective moms, Sam and Elizabeth.

At Alexis' house, while Molly and Kristina engage with the babies and talk about school. Olivia tells Alexis that she was hoping that Dante, Lulu and Rocco could attend but they have not returned her texts nor been in contact. Alexis informs Olivia she knows that Lulu is taking action to serve Dante with divorce papers and she asked Alexis to represent her in her divorce. Hearing that, Olivia is shocked that Alexis would know that before she would.

Patrick tells Jason that given all he knows, having been his neurosurgeon all this while, (even though he thought his patient was Jake Doe and not Jason Morgan), it seems highly unlikely if Jason has not gotten his memory back by now, that he should assume he ever will. He tells him he believes there is not much point in getting his life back. In the other room, Elizabeth tries to “engage” with Sam, telling her she realizes the dilemma and shock Sam must be feeling to find out Jason has been alive all this while (although she does not reveal that she knew and hid the secret that Jason was alive and was ready to marry him under false pretenses that he was Jake). Sam is not comfortable or trusting of Elizabeth. Right then, she overhears the two respective sons' private conversation. Little Jake is ready to inform Danny that he's heard something very “interesting” about their respective dad which nobody else knows. Sam listens attentively to their conversation. Right then, before anything can be continued, they lose power. The house is completely dark and there is no electricity or means to continue preparing the turkey in the fryer or the oven. Right then, we notice Paul alone in the kitchen on his phone. He may have a scheme or trick up his sleeve. He calls Ava.

At Patrick's, Anna talks privately to Maddox about how “somebody” has either planted something to mess with her head or else Carlos is really alive. She tells him if Carlos is alive, that gives her a lot of leverage with whomever is playing this game with her. Hearing that, Maddox tells her that is a “dangerous game” for her to play yet he wants to continue talking and assures her he respects her confidentiality in this matter.

While at Alexis', Ava talks to Paul, having “all the time in the world to talk” since nobody welcomes or wants to her there. She hopes to be able to spend the evening with Paul yet he tells her he probably can't make it and has shipments coming in and “work” for her to do. Right then, Julian finds his sister and asks what is going on. He knows she is keeping a secret. Right then, they all sit down at the table. Ava announces she is very grateful that they all allowed her and her baby to stay.. They all say grace. Olivia thanks God for home, family and friends. She asks Him to please help those who are hungry, alone and suffering and open their hearts to His love.

At the Quartermaine house, as it remains dark without electrical power, all the guests make due by ordering pizza. Monica asks Jason if he remembers the annual tradition involving emergency pizza. He coldly replies no but thought pizza would simply be fast and convenient. Michael then proposes a toast, thanking Sabrina for making him a father and for Jason coming back. He tells Jason whether he remembers or not, he will always be surrounded by family and friends and he announces they all love Jason. Tracy then wants to observe her mother's tradition of singing before eating. They all gather around and sing the traditional song.

At The Metro Court, Laura tells Lulu maybe she should wait until morning to see Dante and get those papers back.

Yet again, alone together in the apartment, Dante and Valerie cannot control the “chemistry” and urges they are feeling. They end up kissing, taking their clothes off and obviously are going to have sex again.

At the Quartermaine house, Sam remembers what she just heard little Jake say he knows and she is ready to approach him to ask him to tell her the “secret” he knows.

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