GH Update Tuesday 11/24/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/24/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

In the morning, Sabrina notices Carlos in her apartment with breakfast food and drinks for her pregnancy. She tells him that she is very surprised to see a dead man show up at her door and is a bit concerned. She tells him she's glad he's alive but asks if he cares to explain how. She wonders if there was some “mistake” involving Julian Jerome and/or Ava. Yet he tells her it does not matter. He asks her if she is pregnant with his baby. She tells him. She's with Michael. Yet it appears one or both of them would prefer that it's Carlos' baby. He asks her if she wants to go away with him, to which she tells him she does not. Right then, she hears a knock on the door. It's Michael asking her if she's ready to go with him. He asks her if she's ready for her first Quartermaine Thanksgiving. Inside with Carlos, she knows she cannot answer the door and affirms to Carlos that her baby is Michael's and she suggests, if he does not want some serious consequences with the Corinthos organization, that that he will go out the window where he came in and hides. She then opens the door to talk to Michael and knows she needs to “stall him” so she asks him to bring the car around so they can meet in the parking lot. He leaves. She goes and talks to Carlos alone, shocked that he's there.

Paul gets up after spending the night with Ava and sees he's gotten a text. He finds out that her daughter has been arrested. Ava is shocked and protests she know that Kiki would never drive drunk and leave the scene of an accident. He tells her it may have happened if Kiki was drunk, blacked out and did not remember what happened. She asks if, being the DA, he could use his power to reduce the sentence or “overlook” Kiki's offense. He tells her that if he did that, it would bring up too many red flags and tells Ava she is on her own with this.

Nathan takes Kiki into the police interrogation room. He's courteous and she is courteous to him. When he goes outside, Jordan tells him that he cannot be assigned to this case. There's a conflict of interests. His sister lives in the same apartment as Kiki. So, she tells Nathan, from here on out, she will be handling this case and he will not. Right then, Ava appears and tells Jordan and the cops she'd like to talk alone to her daughter and be there for her. She wants to help Kiki and makes sure she has a lawyer. However, Kiki firmly refuses to have anything to do with Ava or accept any help or speak to her.

Maxie and Lulu return home to Lulu's apartment, They have just met with Alexis to draw up Lulu's separation and divorce papers.

At the hospital, Bobbie finds Michael and Dante in the hallway. Morgan is in a hospital bed with Sonny and Carly by his side. Carly tells her son the doctors had to bring him in for observation after what happened the previous night. Sonny tells him they will get him evaluated and find out what is going on. Dr. Maddox appears at the door. He asks Morgan's parents if he can have a moment alone with his patient. They go outside the room and Maddox introduces himself and asks Morgan about his eating and sleeping habits and if he can talk about what's been going on with his life and if anything has happened that has caused him stress. Morgan replies his dad lost custody of his baby to Kiki's mom. His brother is having marital problems and may divorce. He's worried about what may be happen to Kiki. His dad has been shot and coping with living in a wheelchair. Right then, outside Morgan's room, Sonny smiles when he notices a surprise visitor. It's his daughter, Kristina. She is there for her family and took time away form school to visit them for Thanksgiving.

Inside, Maddox tells Morgan that he needs to address what is going on with him and confirms with Morgan that he is “on board”. Maddox goes out to talk alone with Sonny and Carly. Sonny asks if he thinks Morgan is bi polar. Maddox admits it's too early to make a diagnosis or know for certain. He admits that Morgan is exhibiting behaviors that point to that. Sonny informs Maddox he, himself is bi polar. Maddox tells him he will work with Morgan and hopefully get some answers and a treatment plan. Sonny and Carly return inside Morgan's room and he's ok with their involvement in this. Yet he asks his mom if maybe she could drop the charges against Kiki given that she is ok and it was an accident and Carly does not want Kiki's future to be ruined. Although Sonny reminds his son that Kiki could have injured his mom, Carly tells her son that she will do what she can to help Kiki in this matter.

Patrick is in his house in his phone to Emma promising to have a great Thanksgiving although she asks if Sam or Danny will be there and her daddy has to tell her he is not certain they will be. Right then, Sam returns. Patrick asks her how her trip went and if she found what she wanted. She replies that actually, she did. She informs him that Helena died before she could tell them anything about the mystery of what happened to Jason. She believes that it really did happen. It wasn't a “convenient scam” that Helena is gone. She has passed. Regarding Jason, they know that it was the car accident that caused him to lose his memory. She also informs Patrick that she believes that even if he got his memory back, it would not change anything. She tells him that when she was with Jason on this trip, she saw he was not the man she married. The Jason she knew died on the pier years ago. Hearing that, Patrick asks her so what does that mean. She explains to Patrick that while traveling, she concluded that she and Jason are in the past. She concludes that Patrick is not her second choice. And being faced with all this insanity made her realize how much she loves him. That has not changed, she tells him. And she asks him if he will still marry her. She tells him she loves him and their kids, the house and everything they have together. He tells her yes. He still wants to marry her.

At the hospital, Dante informs Michael that Lulu falsely accused him of cheating on her. Their marriage may be over and beyond repair, he tells his brother. Michael encourages him to go home and talk to his wife. Dante leaves the hospital to return to his apartment.

Maxie has the same conversation with Lulu as she hears her best friend tell her she is moving on and getting Dante out of her life. Yet she wants to see if there is any sign of Valerie in the apartment alone with her husband. Lulu reveals to Maxie that she is devastated knowing she can never trust Dante again. Right then, Dante walks in the door and asks what Maxie is doing there talking to Lulu alone in his apartment. He is not ok knowing that she's gone as far as drawing up divorce papers. She reminds him that in their last conversation, he concluded that maybe they are through. Maxie asks Lulu what she'd like from her. Lulu tells Maxie she needs to talk to Dante alone. She tells Dante that she cannot continue to live in the very place where he slept with Valerie behind her back. It makes her skin crawl, she tells him. He tells her in that case, they need to move to a larger apartment or buy a house. Yet she knows that that will not solve their serious trust issues. He asks her what he has to do for her to forgive him for the tragic mistake which he regrets and wishes he could undo.

When Ava is trying, unsuccessfully to convince Jordan to reduce the sentence against Kiki, Carly arrives at the station and tells Jordan she would like to talk about the Kiki Jerome case. She tells the cops that she is not comfortable testifying against Kiki. For one thing, she does not even fully remember what happened the night in question. Also she knows that Kiki Jerome is not a threat to society, did not mean to endanger her and she does not want Kiki's future ruined because of this. Paul appears and Jordan concludes that it's the DA's call. He then concludes that since Mrs. Corinthos does not remember what happened and does not want to prosecute and this is Thanksgiving, the DA's office is willing to drop the charges. Right then, Kiki happily thanks and hugs Carly. Carly invites her to go to the hospital to see Morgan and spend Thanksgiving with the family.. Ava attempts to engage her daughter but she makes is clear that she could care less about her mom. Carly and Kiki go off together leaving Ava alone and disregarded.

Alone with Sonny, Morgan tells his dad when he got shot, he felt strong and sure of what he was doing. He thought he was valued and appreciated. He did not think he could hurt anyone, especially not Kiki. He knows he should not have done the things he's recently done. He admits to his dad that he keeps screwing up and he's scared. Sonny promises to be there for his son.

Maxie comes to the station and talks to Nathan about their Thanksgiving plans to spend it with Georgie. She assesses although she has a lot of work to do, she's ready to put it aside to celebrate Thanksgiving with the people she loves.

Sabrina goes out the door of the apartment, leaving Carlos alone and tells him he better be gone when she returns.

Lulu tells Dante that they are broken into piece beyond repair. Believing otherwise is a lie.

When Ava and Paul return home, she praises him for letting Kiki go. Yet he tells her he did not do it for her. He did it so that he “looks good” to Carly so that she will not suspect him for going after Sonny. She tells him that his greed, ambition and lust for power worked in her favor this time. Yet he tells her if she truly wants their partnership to work, then she will keep her eye on the prize which is bringing down Sonny Corinthos. Hearing that, Ava tells him there is nothing she'd like more. Yet Paul informs her it may not be that simple.

When Sonny is talking to Morgan, Carly comes in with Kiki who wants to visit him. He tells her he's sorry for everything. She tells him it's ok. Both Sonny and Carly tell Kiki they appreciate her help in the custody hearing and all she's done for Morgan and they invite her to have Thanksgiving with them. Bobbie joins them, along with Kristina and they all have their Thanksgiving celebration in Sonny's hospital room.

Sam and Patrick are happily together and she's ready to have Thanksgiving with their extended family

Carlos is alone in Sabrina's apartment and smug that he's “not going anywhere”.

Sonny tells his kids that Avery, unfortunately, cannot be with them. Michael and Sabrina are having Thanksgiving with the Quartermaines. Dante is having a lot of marital problems with Lulu. Yet they are all in their hearts.

Lulu leaves Dante alone in the apartment with the divorce papers.

Paul tells Ava he has to make an “appearance” at the Quartermaine family shin dig. She asks why he can't spend Thanksgiving with her since Kiki cannot. He thanks her but tells her that he thinks it's best if he goes where he goes and she can be alone with baby Avery. She concludes maybe she can visit her brother.

Sonny thanks all the people in his life for all they've done for him and all that he is proud of them for. They all raise their glasses and toast to a happy Thanksgiving.

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