GH Update Monday 11/23/15

General Hospital Update Monday 11/23/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

While in her session with Dr. Maddox, Anna tells him that although she arranged this appointment, she's afraid it's a waste of both of their time and she has nothing to say. In response to that, her new doc tells her sure she has. She is just refusing to say it. Although she assumes, or wants to believe he has no idea what her “problems” are, he reveals to her he bets it has something to do with the man who killed Duke Lavery. He knows she's keeping a big secret and he continues to tell her that doing so is not “working”. So, he asks Anna what she can do to find some peace. Hearing that, she admits to Maddox that she does not think that peace is an option for her at this point. Right then, we see the flashback of her shooting Carlos on the docks after finding out he murdered her fiancÚ. When he asks her what she is thinking, she replies all she can think of is Duke, (although that is not so.) He tells her he knows she loved Duke and it was a devastating by the tragic loss, to which she replies that so many people have mistaken ideas about what is and what is not love. However, it can end and then it's sad when they move on. Yet it was not like that for her and Duke. They loved each other, through everything, she tells Maddox, as she cries and tells him about the 20 years of all they went through together. Yet, through all that, they still loved each other in spite of their differences. They tried to go away together and then he was murdered, gunned down in a parking garage. Then, she tried and failed to save his life and let Duke die in her arms yet she sent him to the hospital. She blames Julian for his death. Carlos was merely the trigger man whom Julian ordered to kill Duke. Carlos taunted her gloating that he'd get away with it and would not have to pay. Yet she made him pay by pulling the trigger and killed him. She finally admits to Maddox that she went after Carlos, when he was unarmed and shot him 4 times and that is the reason for her inability to sleep. She asks Maddox if he intends to bring her in for murder and he replies that his job is to treat her and not to bring her to justice. So, he tells her, he chooses to keep her confidence although he tells her she cannot make progress without being honest and listening to honesty. He asks her what is more important. She admits that “someone else” besides herself and himself knows that she killed Carlos and they are holding it over her head.

Michael is packing boxes in Sabrina's apartment and ready to move them both into the Quartermaine house. She offers to “carry something” although he comments to her that when she's carrying their baby, that is enough. She looks very pregnant yet she continues to evade the issue and is not telling him why she canceled the sonogram. She takes him aside to explain to him that after what happened to her the last time, (hanging on, for a month, in hopes her pre-mature son would live, get healthy and be ok, then finally getting indication that he was....and then suddenly, he dies, shattering hers' and Patrick's belief that they'd have a healthy son together). She tells him that having a sonogram would get her “invested” in another baby which she doesn't want to do until she knows it's real. Hearing that, Michael asks if “he's” the reason she is hesitating. She graciously assures him no as he (somewhat awkwardly) assures her that he loves her and is committed to her and to their baby. He talks all about the commitment he will make throughout their child's life, growth and development, Yet there is obvious hesitation with both of them.

Carly goes to find Sonny at the boxing gym and tells him her concerns about Morgan He's gone off with Kiki to a cabin in an attempt to “protect” her . He doesn't want to assume the worst but she tells him things are getting way out of control for their son and it's due to his bi polar condition.

At the cabin, Morgan rushes to the door with his shotgun believing he sees cops at the door or someone or something that will harm Kiki. She does not see anything and is more concerned and afraid of him and his behavior. She urges him to put down the shotgun and screams in fear about what he's about to do next. A shot is fired. Neither of them can tell if he shot a human being or a branch. He tells her she need not worry. He needs to keep her “safe”.

When Michael is alone and talking to Sabrina, he gets a call from Kiki. She tells him Morgan has been having many “symptoms” that give her cause for alarm. She informs him when Morgan last heard a sound, he thought it was the cops, got a gun, went outside and fired it. Michael asks her if anyone was hit. She tells them she does not think so but she indicates she is concerned. Michael asks where she is and she tips him off to find them. He promises Kiki he will take action to intervene. She urges him not to mess with Morgan if he comes by because she does not know what Morgan might do. Michael hangs up and gets ready to go after them, telling Sabrina he has to do this. He assures her that he is there for both her and their baby and promises he will be back soon. As soon as Michael is gone, Sabrina is alone and Felix comes out to talk privately to her, he reminds her she almost “screwed it” by revealing to Michael that this baby might belong to Carlos.

Carly talks to Sonny about blaming herself for “failing to see the signs with Morgan, although he reminds her that their son is a grown man whom she cannot just capture and lock inside his bedroom, preventing him from living inside the world. He further explains to Carly that the way “bi polar” sneaks up on someone when they, and everyone around them, least expects it. Right then, Michael enters to informs his parents he's heard, from Kiki about a problem with Morgan.

In the private cabin, Kiki goes out the door but cannot find Morgan. She immediately get on her phone but right then, Morgan unexpectedly enters, seeing her on the phone and asks whom she is calling. He comes in and gets “overly intense” about wanting to commit to her, be with her and protect her from outside forces.

On Cassadine Island, as Helena continues to talk in circles and evade questions, Jason angrily demands she tells him who, beside himself, knew that he was Jason. Yet, right when she appears to be attempting to answer that question, it seems “something” stops her from doing so and she goes into cardiac arrest. Immediately, Nikolas wants to protect his grandmother and Elizabeth goes into “nurse mode”. Right then, a doctor rushes in to “examine” Helena and asks all the others to stand back. After he's examined Helena, he informs Nikolas that his grandmother is dead. Nikolas then informs the others he'd like a moment and they all step aside so that he can be alone with his grandmother. Behind the closed door, he tells her he assumed she thought it would not end this way, as neither did he, as he goes out the door. Elizabeth wants to console him. He tells both Sam and Jake that since they no longer have “business” there, they may now leave. Yet Jake asks Nikolas why he seems “so upset” since Nikolas is the one who killed her. He tells Nikolas he knows he killed his grandmother in order to shut her up, to which Nikolas tells him he needs to stop wallowing in self pity and be the Jason everyone knew, as he remarks he can see Jason's “face” is not the only thing that changed. The doctors confirms with Nikolas that his grandmother, has in fact, died, to which we see no “contradictions” nor Nikolas paying him off to lie, even when they are behind closed doors. Elizabeth goes home with a reluctant Jason. Sam also gets ready to leave.

Anna privately admits to Maddox that she knows she cannot risk this “person who knows she killed Carlos” ruining her life at any moment. Maddox asks what is her alternative, to which she replies she can comply with their demands until she can find a place where she can turn the tables. She admits although she lives with knowing she could be turned in for murder, there are other people she has to take into consideration. She acknowledges that it was a “positive step”.

When Morgan believes he's alone and “safe” in the cabin with Kiki, unexpectedly, Carly Michael and Max enter. He is startled and alarmed to see them and “refuses” to calm down when they see the gun he's keeping in the cabin. They clarify to him that they are afraid he may be a danger to himself or to others.

Back in the apartment, Sabrina tells Felix she loves Michael and needs to honor that love by telling him the truth, loving him and trusting what may come next. Felix wants to be there for her and cancel his plans with is boyfriend but she insists he not do that and have confidence that she can find her way with Michael and make it work.

After Carly goes off to find Morgan, leaving Sonny alone (and crippled) in the gym, Epiphany can see that he is “not ok” with being unable to assist and take action with his youngest son. She tells him she's been where he's been, knowing it's a special kind of hell to see a child that one loves struggle, in pain or in danger. He tells her he knows she grieves the son she lost. He realizes he cannot imagine how she grieved the loss of her son. In response to that, Epiphany tells him she doubts he has to worry about that, seeing that Carly is a very capable woman, one hell of a mother and knows how to make certain Morgan is ok.

Morgan does not listen to his mom, brother or Max when they tell him they are all concerned with( about, “for”) him. Kiki joins in as Carly tells him she knows that with this disorder, one is trapped and stuck on a roller coaster. She wants her son to see a psychiatrist but he refuses, telling her she needs to have that conversation with his dad and not with him. He urges Kiki to go with him but she refuses to go. At that point, he furiously demands they all to let go of him and leave him alone although Carly tells him they all “love him and are trying to help him”.

Anna arrives on the docks, stressed and alone and again reliving the night when she killed Carlos.

When Sabrina is alone in her apartment waiting for Michael to return, she hears a knock on her door. She rushes to let Michael inside but is surprised and startled to see Carlos. She collapses in shock and he catches her before she falls.

When Sonny talks to Epiphany at the gym, they compare the love of a mother vs. the love of a father and he asks if he is responsible and to blame for what Morgan got from him with the bi polar disorder. He talks to her about the history he's had knowing there's no secret that he's bi polar since the first time, long ago, when he was diagnosed. He tells her he's knows he's hidden it from his family, not wanting to show weakness and he guesses he's passed that attitude along to his son. They acknowledge that although it's a terrible sacrifice, Sonny takes the meds and know he has to, just like he also knows that Morgan has to.

At that point, at the cabin in the woods, Morgan struggles, fighting and demanding the others let go of him, Carly, Michael, Max and the cops drag him away against his will while a stressed and worried Kiki watches not knowing what to say or do.

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