GH Update Friday 11/20/15

General Hospital Update Friday 11/20/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Carly goes to find Patrick at the hospital and wants to be kept informed about the status of Jason and if he's going to regain his memory. Patrick clearly does not want to engage in the conversation and indicates he might prefer to wash his hands of the interest everyone seems to have in Jason as he reminds her that Sam and Elizabeth have both gone after him. Jason has so little regard for others that he's made this choice. He admits it appears that nobody takes into consideration what this means for him, his life, his relationship and his needs. Carly tells him just because Sam has made the choice to go on this mission, it does not mean she loves him or Emma any less. Patrick tells her that may be true but expresses that he cannot accept that Jason has no regard for Danny, leaving him with Monica, nor for Sam regarding this. He expresses to Carly that he's really tired of seeing that Sam seems to make Jason more of a priority than him. He gets in the elevator and Carly gets a call from Nathan asking if she's seen Morgan. He tells her that it's not Morgan who's “in trouble”. He informs her they've now found out that it's not Franco who's responsible for her car accident. She obviously wonders, in that case, who it was.

Morgan and Kiki arrive at a private cabin where he encourages her to get “acclimated” although she doesn't want to make this place her home. He tells her that they are starting fresh by going there, putting everything behind them without Ava or any of the things from their respective pasts. Yet she reminds him this cabin is owned by his parents and its unrealistic to assume nobody will find them there. She reminds him that he has many people in his family and in his life that he's not going to want to abandon and not be there for them. Yet he tells her his family has no use for him. He does not feel valued or respected by them. He tells her if she wants to leave and go back to Port Charles, that's her right. But, he tells her he needs this and invites her to at least stay and play cards.

Back at Port Charles, Epiphany takes Sonny to the boxing gym and they argue about his failure to listen to her and how to channel his anger about what he's now dealing with. She firmly coaches him and tells him she's going to take his focus away from the things he cannot do to the things he can. He tells her he “knows” there is no such thing as wheelchair boxing. Yet she boldly tells him she can show him otherwise if he just trusts her. Right then, with assistance, Sonny manages to “spar” with his boxing gloves taking his anger out on a punching bag. Epiphany is impressed but is right then surprised to notice Patrick ready to use the “facilities” in the boxing arena. Alone with Patrick, Sonny is kind of “curious” why he's there. However he tells Patrick he knows he's “looked out” for him so he will look out for Patrick now. He can see Patrick has aggression he needs to take out at the gym and wants to help him with what he's knows is now going on in Patrick's life. Patrick tells Sonny although he knows Jason is Sonny's friend, Jason has become a major thorn in his side and as soon as Jason gets his life back, Patrick tells Sonny, he's afraid Jason will take Patrick's future away from him and do many other things that Patrick does not want. Sonny knows how to instruct Patrick on how to box and defend himself at all times. Right then, Patrick gets motivated to box as Sonny “spots” him. At the end of the session, Epiphany tells Sonny he did good work. She does not just mean about boxing. She means about what he said to Patrick, reminding him that recovering from his injury is only 10% physical and 90% mental. She tells him he has to learn to get out of his head and put his focus on his friends and his family.

On Cassadine Island, while Helena is on her death bed, surrounded by her grandson, Sam, Jason and Elizabeth, Jason demands she tells him what he wants to know. She responds by telling him she will do that “in her own good time”. Hearing that, Sam tells her she's stalling. Helena coyly tells her no. She is “savoring”. She talks about lying in this bed and getting sick but, she reflects, she is quite “rejuvenated” by her new guests. Elizabeth immediately goes into “nurse mode” with Sam, telling her that Helena, regardless of the human being she is, has medical needs and deserves “compassion”. Helena sees Jake acting “protective and chivalrous” of Elizabeth and goes on about what might be happening to his mind and what it will mean if he gets his memory back or not. Sam wants to cut through the chase. Helena seems “intrigued” that even Nikolas wants to urge his grandmother to “let up” She tells them that the “game she is playing” is obvious. She saved Jason's life. She tells Sam if she has concerns about the “change” in Jason since the last time she saw him, she may blame Faison. Helena tells the convoluted story about how she and/or Faison and/or her brother in law all had a hand in what happened to Jason. Sam asks if saving Jason's life involved sending him to Robin so that she could “revive” him. Helena concludes that she “used” Jason for a while and now he's alive because of her. Jason reminds her he has a family and she took that from him. Sam tells Helena she knows Helena has spent her life inflicting misery on all people she knows because she does not have a family, herself, nor anyone who loved her and she is clearly jealous of those that have that. Sam tells her that is why Mikkos went away with Sam's grandmother because he couldn't wait to get away from Helena. Sam tells her she has the mistaken idea there's going to be a happy reunion in her afterlife. However, she tells Helena she's wrong. Helena is going to burn in hell, Sam tells her, and she will happily dance on Helena's grave. Helena tells her that she curses her. She tells Sam she and hers' will not know happiness in this life or in any other. All four of them get frustrated and provoked by Helena. Jason still demands the answers yet Elizabeth urges him to know Helena will tell him nothing and they need to go. Helena tells Elizabeth there is no reason to leave. The best part of the story is about to be told, Helena tells her. And, it will drastically affect Jason's life. Right then, Nikolas asks the guests to leave because his grandmother is overtired. Yet she reminds them that she knows Jason is curious about how he lost his memory. Sam expresses she wants to know all about that.,

At the police station as they wait, Nina wants to talk to Franco but he gives her the silent treatment She asks why he is angry with her for preventing him from having a pointless stay in jail. He reminds her that he has done that for her in the past and wishes she'd realize he can also do that for Kiki because he loves them both. Right then, Nathan releases Franco and admits that Nina was correct that Franco did not drive the car that hit Carly on Halloween night even though he tells them both he did. He has proof it was Kiki, he informs them. He advises Franco if he cares about Kiki, he will tell the cops where to find her. Franco refuses and demands Nina not tell her brother that he can find Kiki going off with Morgan. Yet Nathan does not listen. Right then, Carly rushes in and hastily demands to know why Franco is getting away with running her off the road. Nathan explains that Franco did not do it. Kiki was driving his car. She does not believe that, telling Nathan she knows Kiki would never leave the scene of an accident. Nathan tells Carly very possibly Kiki was not even aware of what she did. He tells her right now he needs her help in finding Morgan who is probably with Kiki or knows where she is. Right then, Franco goes off and attempts to call Kiki while she's off in the cabin playing poker with Morgan. Franco finally reaches her, when he believes he's out of earshot, warns her the cops are after her and advises her to run and not stop. However, right then, Nathan grabs his phone and attempts to talk to Kiki but he discovers the connection has gone dead. At that point, in the cabin, Morgan can see something is not right with Kiki and knows the cops are onto her. At the station, Nathan urges Franco to tell him if he knows whether Kiki is and to realize he is not helping her if he discourages her from turning herself in. Nina agrees however Franco tells her that he will not let Kiki go down and is ready to sacrifice his life at any cost so that that won't happen. Right then, she wonders if he believes he might be better off if he broke up with her. In response to that, Franco assures Nina he does not intend to break up with her but is committed to Kiki. He assures her he is not Silas and he is not going anywhere. She then declares to Franco she loves him and encourages him to be there for Kiki. She reminds him that Kiki will have to deal with her drinking. Maybe she will and maybe it will turn out good. She asks Franco if he could possibly consider taking comfort in the fact that Kiki is with Morgan. He tells her, sarcastically yea. Nothing ever bad happens when there's a Corinthos around.

At the cabin, Kiki informs Morgan the police are after her and know she caused his mom's crash. He tells her that is the reason they have to run yet she tells him she has to go back and own up to what she did. He tells her he will call his mom and persuade her not to press charges. Yet she knows the cops won't care and will find them. Running will not work. Yet he wants to flee to Canada and reminds her that there are ways they can hide and escape the law. Right then, he looks outside and believes someone is outside there although she goes outside and does not see anyone outside. Morgan may have imagined it. He tells her that he sees (although she does not, probably because it is not happening), that the cops are there to arrest her. He instructs her to hide in a corner and goes to find a shotgun. He tells her he will protect her.

Carly goes to find Sonny at the boxing gym, asking if he's seen Morgan and informs him the police are looking for their son. She informs him she's now found out it was not Franco who caused her accident. It was Kiki and she's afraid Morgan might do something crazy to protect Kiki, Carly tells him.

At the hospital, Patrick calls and leaves a message for Sam, telling her he wants to check in and make sure she is safe,

At Cassadine Island, Jason asks Helena what she did to him and Sam asks her if she can undo it.

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