GH Update Thursday 11/19/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 11/19/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Nina rushes to the police station when she finds out that Franco has been arrested and immediately demands Nathan tells her why he's doing this. They are starting a new life together and have both started new jobs. She needs to know why her brother is pinning this on Franco yet he tells her he's not pinning this on anyone. Every shred of evidence they have points to Franco being the one who ran Carly off the road. He did not stop nor call for help. Carly could have been dead for all he knew and who does that? He further informs them that the cops have a report of a driver of a car just like Franco's who hit a guardrail and ran off the road Halloween night. The very same car hit Carly Corinthos and was seen leaving the Haunted Star that night. Hearing that, Franco confirms it was not himself driving because he did not visit the Haunted Star Halloween night. Nathan tells him they positive ID'd the license plate and know, on the very next day, that Franco took the car to an auto body shop to get the scratch removed. Franco admits he did, in fact do that. Nathan further concludes that, given Franco's history with Carly Corinthos, it's reasonable to question whether running her off the road was really an accident. Franco protests that his car was at his home all night Halloween and when he went out the next morning, he saw that some bozo side-swiped him. . Nina confirms that they both stayed in Halloween, watching movies, giving out candy to children, and they watched a “blow out” from Kiki and her despicable mother. Franco then tells Nina, (lying to her) that although she was unaware, he did drive out of the apartment the night in question. He did saw a raccoon that ran into the road,, swerved to avoid hitting it and hit a guard rail. Nina knows he's lying although he tells Nathan he drove. Yet, it was an accident, he will pay for Carly's damages. Nathan has him sign a statement although Nina objects.

Morgan finds Kiki at the Metro Court right after Carly has hired her to start waitressing. She tells him she has called Franco and hopes he will visit. Yet Morgan informs her he doubts Franco will show up because he's been arrested. He assures her he won't tell anyone. Yet knowing Franco is being falsely accused, Kiki is not going to keep quiet and let that happen to him. She tells Morgan she needs to go and see him. Yet he reminds he she does not have a car so he will take her.

They arrive at the station and Kiki goes to find Franco. . She goes into the interrogation with Morgan and informs Franco she took his car and caused the accident for which he is being falsely accused. Outside, Nathan asks Nina if she's covering for Franco telling him she did not see him go out to his car the night in question. Franco tells Kiki he knows she took his car but he's not going to let her take the rap. Morgan engages in the conversation by telling Franco he's glad he's doing the “noble thing” although Kiki does not want him taking the rap for her., She reminds him she stole his car and drove it while drunk, to which he tells her all the more reason not to admit she was behind the wheel. Both Franco and Morgan urge Kiki not to throw away her future with a criminal record especially when she's just trying to figure out her future. Yet she protests she cannot let Franco do time for her. Hearing that, Franco tells her he's hurt a lot of people in his life. So she needs to let him make it up to her by doing this. Franco promises Kiki everything will be ok. Morgan then leads Kiki out the door with him and they run into Nina. She indicates to them she knows Franco did not drive the car that hit Carly. Yet Morgan tells her Kiki is getting her life straightened around, has gotten a new job and needs to get to work. Nina encourages them and continues to wait while they go off together. Immediately, Nina goes into the room and tells Franco she knows what he is doing. He's doing it for her. Yet why, she asks, would he take the rap for a crime he did not commit so that Kiki can go free? She knows he's covering for Kiki in spite of what he says. She tells him he's enabling Kiki and he needs to motivate his “surrogate daughter” to take responsibility for her actions. Franco asks her if she was a parent to someone she loves who got into trouble, would she let them flush their lives down the tubes. Yet she asks what bout his life and what about their life? She reminds him they are both getting their lives together and doing something instead of being two crazy loons. How are either of them going to succeed together if he goes to prison, she asks him?

Kiki tells Morgan she cannot let Franco go down for her. She reminds him she ran his mom off the road and could have killed her. He assures her his mom is ok. He tells her he realizes that anybody would be “messed up” if they had to go through what Kiki went through in the last year and he realizes that much of that was his fault. He wants to make that up to her. She tells him she appreciates that but admits she blames her mom more than she blames him. She asks him how she's supposed to make herself a better person when she cannot take responsibility for her actions. She tells him if Franco goes down for this crime, it will not benefit her. He tells her she needs a fresh start. She needs to get away from everything and everyone that makes her unhappy. She needs to leave Port Charles with him. She hesitates but Morgan reminds her this is the one unselfish thing Franco has done in his life and she has to make that mean something. He tells her she needs to start over, not by working at his mom's place, but by putting Port Charles in her rear-view mirror. He tells her they both need to free themselves from everything and everyone that brings them down as he reminds her he has nothing there. He wants to be with just her and they should go somewhere where nobody knows them. They can both start new lives without either of them worried about their respective pasts. Right then, he's able to encourage her to get in the car and go.

Nina reminds Franco that Nathan thinks he hit Carly, left her to die and he could get charged with many aggravated and pre-meditated crimes. She is afraid he will go to prison and she will be alone when she knows she cannot have that. They will be apart, and asks, after all they have been through together, is that what he wants? He tells her she need not worry about him and needs to know that Kiki has a future ahead of her. Yet she does not accept that and goes out to find Nathan and set the record straight telling him Franco was not behind the wheel the night in question. Kiki was.

Nikolas and Hayden are in bed and highly “involved”. She mentions that she wonders if this now means that he can trust her. They admit they love each other and she tells him she never wants to get out of bed again. At that point, she sees him over top of her and ready to strangle her. Right then, she awakens to find out she was having a nightmare.

Jason finds his way to Cassadine Island, enters the estate, climbs down the ceiling from a rope. Right away, Nikolas' servant catches him but Jason overpowers him. At that point, Jason knocks the guard out, takes his phone and security device and attempts to take action. Yet, when he installs the magic card, he cannot yet crack the code to unlock the private room. After plugging it in and trying again, he gains access to the locked room. Nikolas sees him but Jason pulls his gun on him.

Sam and Elizabeth are flying together and expressing discontentment traveling together. Sam asks her why she's there. Elizabeth reminds Sam that Jason is her fiancÚ. Sam concludes that Elizabeth just wants to prevent Sam's husband from getting his memory back. Elizabeth coyly tells Sam she believes Sam is more paranoid than she wants to admit. Sam confirms that it's very obvious Elizabeth has wanted Jason to stay Jake Doe forever because Elizabeth cannot “handle” Jason Morgan. Elizabeth tells Sam she's always loved Jason and tells Sam that her own relationship with Patrick will be over when he finds out that Sam only used him as a “temporary horsey ride” until she can get back on the saddle with Jason. In response to that, Sam throw her drink in Elizabeth's face. At that point, the flight attendant comes by and instructs them both not to be throwing things. Elizabeth persists by asking Sam what she's going to do if Jason gets his memory back but still wants to be with Elizabeth. Will Sam marry Patrick while pining away for Jason? Sam responds to that by telling Elizabeth that Jason would never choose Elizabeth. She (Elizabeth) is nothing more to him than a damsel in distress, a princess in a tower. Not Jason's equal, Sam tells her. Not even close. If anything, Sam tells Elizabeth, she was his cross to bear. At that point, Elizabeth throw her drink at Sam. Again the flight attendant instructs both women to behave and adds, overhearing their conversation, that whomever this “Jason guy” is, he's got enough to “deal with” as it is. Hearing that, they both laugh and reflect that they are in their for a common goal which is Jason. They agree that Jason needs them both. Yet Sam wonders why Elizabeth would not suspect Nikolas and take his word for it that he has not been keeping a secret about Jason, unless, of course, Nikolas has his reasons. Right away, Sam knows that Elizabeth is implying that it would be ok to lie to Jason about his own life. Sam tells her it's not hard to believe because she knows it would work in Elizabeth's favor for Jason not to remember his past.

Jason is holding his own when he runs into Nikolas and fearlessly holds a gun on him. Nikolas informs Jason him his reason for being at Cassadine Island has nothing to do with Jason. He informs him his grandmother (Helena) is fatally ill and has taken a turn for the worse and her grandson is there to say good bye. Nikolas tells Jason she is not dead. His grandmother is very much alive. Nikolas asks Jason why he pursues a life of misery when he has another one with Elizabeth and her sons waiting for him. So, Nikolas tells him, he needs to go home. Yet Jason is able to get Nikolas to open the door so that he can face Helena. They get inside and she greets Jason. She's in her bed with a “nose tube” telling him she'd like to get up but is unable to leave her bed. Jason asks if she's really sick or if she's faking it. He tells her if she tells him what he needs to know, he will go away and leave her alone. He wants to know why she lied to him about his son's life. She tells both guys she is ready to “meet her maker” and admit to her actions. She tells him he needs to know she has “righted” her wrongs by returning Jason's son, Jake. Before she can continue what she was saying, both Sam and Elizabeth burst in through the door, restrained by security guards who tell her one claims to be Jason Morgan's wife and the other claims to be his fiancÚ. So, they ask Helena, what do they do with both of them? She faces them all and announces, on her death bed, that she can tell Jason everything he needs to know.

Hayden goes to visit Shawn Butler while he's still in prison talking on the phone through a partition. He remembers she's the woman he “accidentally” shot. He clarifies he did not intend to shoot her and confirms she knows he was aiming for Jake Doe. He tells her he's glad she's recovered. She tells him there is something very important he needs to know about Jake Doe, the man he shot and whom he believed was his enemy. He's really Jason Morgan. Hearing that, Shawn is shocked and in awe. She tells him he need not feel guilty for getting her shot. She is 99.9% certain the gunshot came from someone else who wanted her dead. She is certain while he was in the garage, aiming for Jake, someone else was aiming for her. She tells him, although he asks if she is sure of that, that his bullet did not hit Jake yet the other guy's bullet hit her. She assures him she is positive. Yet, she tells him, she cannot take her “suspicion” about the other guy to the cops. If the other shooter finds out, he will come after her and make sure she dies. It sounds like he wants to help her seek justice and go after the person who wanted her killed. Yet, she informs him, she cannot go to the crime scene or investigate it. Hearing that, Shawn then tells her it takes a heavy load off of him to now know that someone other than himself shot an innocent woman. He tells her she needs to make whomever did this to her pay.

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