GH Update Wednesday 11/18/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/18/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Anna gets on her phone and leaves a message on Patrick's voice mail wanting to find out everything that happened regarding Emma almost getting kidnapped in the park and knowing the cops have not been able to find the woman. Not wanting to wait for a call back, she decides to go to the hospital to talk to him. Right then, she drops a bottle of her over-the-counter herbal supplements and she is seen by Dr. Andre Maddox, the “new shrink”. He is clearly “interested” in the drug she tells him she's taking for her sleep disorders, St. John's Wort, vs. Melatonin and suspects she is keeping a secret and lying about something. Anna again, evades his questions and reminds him the drugs she takes and choices she makes are none of his business. Yet he persists that she needs to get to the root of what is going on with her and be honest of she wants to get past it.

Maxie is busily talking on her blue-tooth phone while at the Metro Court, discussing business to prospective and previous partners/clients of Crimson. She alludes about how they must remember Kate Howard and how she was the best, adding “may she rest in peace”, yet she wants to promote their new CEO Nina Reeves. Right then, she sees Lulu and realizes she has yet to return her friend's message, from having to work non-stop without a break. Lulu immediately informs her if she had heard Lulu's message, she'd know Lulu's “concerns and discovery” about Dante being with Valerie the previous night. At that point, as soon as Maxie hears that, she is no longer engrossed in her work and puts it aside to hear what Lulu has to say. Having seen Valerie huddled close to Dante in the car with her head on his shoulder, and unaware of her “assignment” to work with Dante, Lulu does not know about their business relationship.

Back at the station, Valerie impresses Dante with her quick moves. She is confident and he expresses to her how impressed and proud he is of her. Once again, they are very comfortable and compatible together as they discuss business and her up-and-coming success in the police academy. They laugh about how at the end of the stake-out, while tired, she fell asleep on his shoulder and how that's a common thing with cops.

At the Metro Court, Maxie reminds Lulu that she has access to Dante's private emails and should not hesitate to see what contact there might be between him and Valerie. Sure enough, Lulu looks at her husband's email list and sees Valerie writing in the subject heading: “thanks for last night”. They read Valerie telling Dante how she “enjoyed being with him”, how it was “so natural, enjoyable, comfortable and invigorating” and how she “looks forward to doing it again”. Obviously she assumes it's very clear that they have something going on besides a working relationship. They are both shocked, mortified and convinced that they know all too well what is going on.

At the Quartermaine house, Michael wants Sabrina to talk to him about “their” baby although she evades the question. Right then, Elizabeth tells them she is looking for Jake/Jason. He did not come home last night and she wonders of anyone has seen him. Elizabeth reminds them it's “not like Jason” to just take off without telling her where he's gone. Michael reminds her that Jason has a lot to process and maybe she needs to give him some time. Michael gets up to leave and promises Sabrina he will get to “their” OB-GYN appointment, although she reminds him that he is “not obligated” to do so. Alone with Elizabeth, Sabrina graciously admits to her that she understands all too well the fear of losing someone you thought was yours' by a sudden surprise (losing Patrick when Robin suddenly came back from the dead). Yet Elizabeth tells her that their respective situations are totally different in that Jason has no memory whatsoever of Sam or Danny or his past life. He's spent the last year building a life with her, she reminds Sabrina. Hearing that, Sabrina concludes, in that case, Elizabeth has nothing to worry about. Yet she indicates that she has an urgent need to take drastic action regarding seeing him again before anyone else “gets to” Jason.

Jason goes to visit Spinelli all the way in Portland, OR. Spinelli happily greets him and assesses the fact that Jason is alive and well, happily reflecting how he's missed him and what a great friend Jason was to him although it is still a complete blank to Jason. Spinelli reflects how it was “fate” that brought his friend back to Port Charles although Jason reminds him he has no memory of any such thing he hears about his life and clarifies that it was Helena who brought him back to Port Charles. She stole his life and he needs to reclaim it.

Sam returns to Patrick after taking the kids to school. She remarks to him that Danny is “like his dad”, to which Patrick is aware that she has Jason on her mind. She knows that Jason is ready to go after the Cassadines and needs backup which Patrick instantly knows she intends to help and accompany him in doing and he asks her when she will leave. He tells her that she can't assume that she can predict the every move of the guy known now as Jake nor know how he thinks. He tells her this man is not Jason. He has no memory of her or anything else in Jason's life. She protests she knows that he “needs” her yet Patrick tells her he knows that is not the case. Sam “wants” him to need her. He keeps telling her that she does not have to make Jason a priority and make so many sacrifices for him. He asks her if what they have together does not mean more to her than this “belief” she has about Jason. She replies to him that when she first came to town, she was a sneaky, greedy con artist with no direction in her life, respect for herself nor respect from others. Yet, Jason helped her turn that around and loved her for who she was. Being with Jason gave her life meaning and motivated her to be a person she never thought she could be. It's because of Jason she found her way to Patrick. She reiterates to Patrick that Jason is in trouble. He needs answers and he needs her. In response to that, he tells Sam if she goes on this mission, he does not know what this will mean for the two of them (Patrick and Sam). He gets up to go to work.

Jason is having Spinelli searching to find out where Helena might be hiding and what Nikolas is not telling him. Noticing how diligent and committed Spinelli is to helping him, yet not remembering anything about their friendship, Jason tells him he's sorry to be “dumping” all this on him. Spinelli smiles remembering that Jason saved his life more times than he can count although Jason has no memory or feeling about that. Spinelli reflects that Jason befriended him when he was isolated and anti-social. Before Jason, Spinelli tells him, he had nothing except a computer. Knowing Jason has made his life fuller and richer beyond what he could imagine, he does not know how to re-pay him for that. Jason tells Spinelli he has heard from so many people what he meant to them. He'd like so much to be “that guy” but does not know how. Hearing that, Spinelli tells him all he needs to do is be himself

Maxie is still at The Metro Court on her phone, telling her contact she wants to help Nina become a success in the fashion business. Right then, she overhears Valerie telling the waitress all about the “fun and exciting night” she had the night before. Maxie then goes over and angrily confronts Valerie telling her she knows Valerie banging her best friend's husband. Valerie learns for the first time that Lulu saw her “cuddled” with Dante in a car and both she and Maxie saw the email she wrote about how she enjoyed sex with him. After Maxie goes on about how desperate and shameless Valerie is and how she clearly wants to ruin Lulu's marriage, Valerie states that Lulu does not need any “help” in ruining her marriage because she's doing that all on her own. She explains to Maxie the truth and tells her if she really wants to “help” Lulu, she needs to get her to stop this insane jealousy before she loses a great guy.

When Dante is at the station, Michael comes by to tell him that he hopes to take action against the Cassadines. He informs his brother that Jason just offered to let him have access to his shares from ELQ so that he can hopefully take the company back from Nikolas and be able to prosecute him. Michael remarks that having Jason back has really “turned things around”. He tells Dante he wants to file charges against Nikolas for corporate espionage, extortion and blackmail. He realizes, however, that Dante has his own issues in his marriage. Right then, Lulu comes by. She tells Dante she knows what he's doing with that "skank cousin” of hers'. She now concludes that everything he tells her is a lie when he swore to her that he and Valerie were only together once and he's committed to her and to saving their marriage. Dante honestly tells her he means that yet she tells him she “now knows” that he's been sleeping with Valerie all along and that skank is so thrilled, she's sending him emails at work telling him “thank you”. Right then, for the first time, Lulu learns that Valerie is in the police academy and is assigned to work with him and they have only a professional relationship. He reminds his wife that she is really going too far with her “suspicions”. He tells her he loves her and always will but they clearly have some serious trust issues. He concludes if she can't trust him, there's no point and maybe she's right that they are done.

Anna finds Patrick and they talk about Emma. He assures his ex mother in law that he will make certain his daughter is never left alone again. He also tells her normally he'd have Sam helping him with Emma but Sam won't be around for a while. Hearing that, Anna tells Patrick that she is “in favor” of Sam going after Jason now that he's taken off. Hearing that, she tells him he has to let Sam decide whether she wants to be with him or not and know that if she comes back, it's her own choice and not merely obligation. Yet he admits he's concerned about Sam putting herself at risk and disregarding the people who love her for Jason.

Alone in the house, Sam is lost in thought re-living when Patrick proposed to her and they were happily together. Then she relives running into “Jake” right when she conveniently found him after her car broke down, when she was on her way to Patrick's to move in with him. Right then, Elizabeth comes by and, once again, expresses her “concerns” about Jason leaving and the possibility that Sam will follow him. Sam clarifies to Elizabeth that that is exactly what she intends to do. Hearing that, Elizabeth insists that she goes with Sam to find Jason.

Right then, Jason tells Spinelli that ever since day one, he's been hearing everybody talk about Jason Morgan. He wishes he could remember what he had with Sam. She deserves to be happy. But, he's not that guy anymore, he concludes. He is committed to Elizabeth and he loves her. Yet how can he ignore the vows he made with Sam? So, no matter what he does, there's going to be a good woman who loves him getting hurt. Spinelli tells him one thing that has always remained true is his instincts. Although he does not remember being Jason Morgan, Spinelli reminds him, he was drawn to all the people important in Jason's life. So, Spinelli tells him, his instincts seem to be intact and the only thing needed now is to trust them. Right then, he hears notification on the computer of clues about Cassadine Island.

Sabrina goes to the hospital and suddenly has to cancel her sonogram. Right then notices Anna waiting for the elevator. She goes over to ask if she might have found out anything about Carlos' death, reminding her again that although Carlos did some bad things and she is not “family”, she is committed to seeking the justice that he deserves. Hearing that and knowing she has to lie, Anna is once again spooked. Michael comes by and finds out that Sabrina canceled her sonogram yet she did not tell him. Patrick comes by, greets Sabrina and tells her he regrets all he put her through when they were together a while back. He remembers he made her wait while he was making a choice and now he's waiting for Sam while she makes a choice.

Spinelli is “briefing” Jason on all the extensive work and expertise he's implementing to get him where he needs to go. Having no memory of his past, Jason asks who's paying for this. Spinelli tells him he (Jason) is reminding him he comes from a rich family. Right then, as soon as Spinelli is alone, he calls Sam to inform her that Jason does not know he called but knows he needs her help. She's ready to leave with Elizabeth but somehow knows that might not work out.

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