GH Update Tuesday 11/17/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/17/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Nina gets ready to start her first day of working for Crimson.. Franco is also ready to get a psyche evaluation so that he can get his job back as Art Therapist at the hospital. Kiki is overhearing them and wanting to discourage Nina as Nina comments on how Kiki is not making any positive changes nor earning her keep. When Franco is alone with Kiki, he tells her they have to talk. She asks if he intends to lecture her and reminds him she has not touched any alcohol in a while. Franco acknowledges to Kiki that she did in fact handle a very “stressful” day in court yet did not drink. She deserves praise for that but she has no right to be tearing down Nina. She needs to realize that Nina is trying very hard to rebuild her life and he knows that Kiki is taking it out on her because of her own lack of purpose in her life. Kiki realizes that she is still in a bad state of mind and suggests that maybe she could work for her uncle Julian. Franco tells her if she wants to do that, she may pursue that opportunity. He tells her he cares for her and wants to be there for her and won't leave her as he goes out the door.

Dante and Nathan are in a car during a “stake out” when Valerie appears and has food and drinks for Dante. Her new assignment as a police academy cadet is to assist officers. He explains to her that he is there to spy upon a drug dealer who is alone in his apartment with his girlfriend cheating on his wife. He shares with Valerie that he and Lulu have gone to a fertility doctor attempting to have another baby. However, due to their most recent “issue”, they have to put those plans on hold. He then realizes he should not be talking to her about personal things when they should be focusing on work

Alexis and Julian are having breakfast at The Metro Court when Lulu comes by stating she'd like Alexis to represent her while she files for divorce from Dante. Alexis tells Lulu that she is sorry that Lulu is having marital problems and they can discuss it at another time. Olivia comes by and wants to tell them about baby Leo learning to talk and say momma. Julian realizes he has to get to work. Alexis gets to work and Olivia talks privately to Lulu about realizing that she has reason to be angry and want to end her marriage at the present time. However, she wants to talk to her daughter in law. Lulu admits to her mother in law that a part of her feels guilty being angry and hurting Dante. But when she finds herself feeling that way, it makes her angrier not only at him but at herself. Olivia tells her that it sounds to her like this is a conversation she should be having with Dante. If she's not ready for that, maybe they should see a counselor together. Lulu then calls Dante while he's in the car with Valerie.

Ava talks to Paul who indicates to her that she has to find out Sonny's deep dark secrets. He suggests that she sleeps with Morgan in order to do that, to which she angrily tells him she refuses to be a hired whore. She tells him there have to be many other ways to get the goods on Sonny without involving that. Paul then assesses that even if she denies it and does not want to “reconnect” with Morgan, he heard it in her voice when Morgan came to visit not long ago. She sounded like she was desperate attention and he remarks to Ava that it's very possible, if he had not been there, that she would have “taken it farther” with Morgan. Hearing that, she angrily slaps Paul. He reminds her that he has power over her and she might not want to cross him.

Sonny angrily tells Carly that he does not want interference regarding his present paralysis. He tells her if she does not do what he asks of her, they can divorce. In response to that, she angrily asks him just what he plans to do without the accommodations she knows he needs which he is denying. What would he do if she did, in fact, file for divorce and he was all alone without her? She agrees that they did, in fact, get married in order to get custody of Avery. But she agreed to marry him because she wanted to be his wife. She did not, however agree be treated this way. She knows he is pushing her away and she tells him it won't work. He tells her that he knows he lost his little girl in court because he showed weakness to Ava. He knows that one cannot survive if they let their enemy see any sign of weakness. She tells him he need not worry about Ava nor distrust his own wife. She asks if he sees her as the enemy and if he believes, in all honesty, that their marriage is based upon a lie. He admits that he is dealing with this and does need her help. She then assesses that he is the same man she first married many years ago whom she knows all too well. So this “set back” ha not changed anything. She also assesses that what he's just found out is that flying off the handle has consequences that he does not want, like what he saw happened in the court hearing. That is not weakness nor due to his recent paralysis. It's stupidity. So, she assesses to Sonny, he has the means and the choice to not do that anymore. Nathan enters and informs them that he just found out some “new information” about Carly's car accident. He goes to follow up on the lead although he does not discuss the details. As he leaves, Epiphany enters and wants to talk to them. Sonny asks the nature of her visit, to which she surprises him by announcing she is his new physical therapist. Sonny is overwhelmed by that and Carly wants to “be there”. Yet Epiphany knows how to boldly take over to motivate Sonny. She remarks that with all the time and energy he spent in the hospital complaining and refusing to listen to anyone, it could have been channeled to motivate him differently. She reminds them that Carly hired her to do what she is doing her way. She dismisses Carly telling her she needs to do this alone with Sonny.

Maxie and Lulu are present and ready to work at Crimson before Nina rives. Maxie is on the phone taking care of business. Lulu wonders how Crimson is going to be salvaged when Nina has no connections or experience. Maxie, however, is very confident that she, herself, has what it takes to make the company a success. Nina appears and can hear their “doubts and nay-saying” about her lack of experience and competence in the field. She introduces herself as Nina Reeves, Editor In Chief and asks Lulu to introduce herself. Maxie informs Nina that Lulu is her best friend. Nina dismisses Lulu telling her she is welcome to “visit” any time. Alone with Maxie, Nina notices that the office looks well organized thanks to Maxie. Maxie has a big binder full of all of the sales, revenue figures and information about the circulation of the magazine. She talks a lot about when Kate Howard was in charge of Crimson and how after she left, the company suffered. Maxie tells her the company needs a complete overhaul. Nina assesses that is great and asks her where they get started. Julian enters. Nina happily greets him and announces he's just the man they wanted to see. He looks coldly at her remembering that she kidnapped his sister's child and is a rival of Ava's

When Kiki is alone in the apartment staring at bottles of alcohol, she hears a knock on the door. It's Morgan coming to visit and see if she is ok. She tells him that Nina is ready to work for Crimson and Franco intends to get his Art Therapist position at the hospital back and is willing to do the required thorough psyche evaluation in order to have that opportunity. She admits to Morgan that she, too would like a job.

When Franco gets to the hospital and meets with Obrecht, she introduces him to the “new shrink”. He remarks to Franco that he's read so much about him, he does not know where to begin, as he leads Franco into his office. He tells Franco it appears he has “quite a fascination” with death. Franco openly admits that he's destroyed lives and taken lives. Yet the people in the medical field diagnosed that he had a tumor that caused it. They all agreed that he was not responsible for his actions when the tumor was causing it. The tumor has since been removed, Franco tells him. Yet the new shrink tells him he has questions about what Franco has done since the tumor has been removed.

At the Crimson office, Julian tells Nina and Maxie they need to realize they do not have the money needed for the investments Maxie wants to make. So maybe they need to advertise on social media or other “low risk” forums. Yet Maxie has a plan she is very confident of and probably beyond the scope he is aware of. Nina expresses her lack of experience and lack of confidence in running Crimson. Maxie, however, tells her she knows that Nina is smart and has the potential. Maxie tells her that she (herself) knows how to do all that is needed with her expertise in the fashion magazine industry.

While Ava is talking to Paul in her apartment, Carly knocks on the door demanding that Ava answer even though the guard wants to prevent Carly from entering. Paul hides while Ava lets Carly in. Carly angrily tells Ava she has not forgotten how Ava pulled her little stunt to hurt Sonny and take Avery from him. However, Carly warns her, this battle is not over. Ava tells Carly she will take what she said into consideration but Carly needs to leave because Ava is busy. Carly notices the blanket of baby Avery's that “somebody” brought over from hers' and Sonny's house. She assesses that Morgan must have been there, to which Ava confirms he was there of his own volition. She did not ask him to visit her. Carly firmly tells Ava she knows Ava does not care about her own daughter, Kiki but if she goes near Carly's son again, she will regret it. After Carly leaves, Ava angrily determines to Paul that she is not going to be intimidated by Carly or anyone else who gets in her way. She tells him she is going to take down Sonny Corinthos and the entire Port Charles. Hearing that, Paul is encouraged and passionately kisses her.

When Kiki expresses to Morgan that she needs a job, he suggests applying at The Metro Court as he knows his mom is looking for help. Nathan comes to the apartment and Kiki asks if he's there to see Nina. He tells her no. He's there to see Franco, knowing it was his car that hit Carly's (not knowing it was Kiki who was driving it). Morgan overhears Kiki telling Nathan he can find Franco at the hospital applying for a job . Nathan concludes he will get there right away. Alone with Morgan, she asks if he thinks his mom would want to hire her if she knew that Kiki ran her off the road. Morgan tells her he will make certain his mom does not find that out.

While Franco talks to the shrink about wanting to get his life back on track, the doctor asks him if he is motivated to live his life in a way that is “normal”. Before Franco can answer that, Obrecht immediately barges in, smiles and asks if Franco “passed”. The shrink replies he did not exactly “fail” but they need more time. She declares that the agreement does not state that a doctor can take any more time than he has nor schedule more appointments before making this decision. She graciously welcomes Franco back to his job and dismisses the shrink.

At The Metro Court, Alexis finds Olivia and tells her she would like to invite both her and baby Leo to have Thanksgiving dinner with her and Julian and their extended family.

Epiphany has Sonny lying flat on his back and demands he follows her instructions although he gets a call and tells her he has to answer because it's “business”. Hearing that, she firmly reminds him that she is the boss and if he ever wants to get up off the floor, he has to follow her orders. She gets ready to leave and lays down the law to Sonny about how she does things. As soon as she is gone, he gets motivated to lift some hand weights.

While Dante and Valerie are together on the stake-out, Lulu goes to find her husband.

Kiki goes to the Metro Court. Olivia sees her, greets her and asks if she needs a table. Kiki clarifies no. She needs a job.

Carly goes to find Morgan at the hospital and tells him he needs to see a psychiatrist whether he agrees or not. Not far away, they both see Nathan going to find Franco (right after he's done with his successful assessment to get his old job back. Nathan immediately places Franco under arrest for the hit-and-run accident that could have killed Carly Corinthos. Morgan watches knowing that Franco is being falsely arrested for a crime Morgan knows he did not commit.

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