GH Update Monday 11/16/15

General Hospital Update Monday 11/16/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Ava is getting ready to go out the door with baby Avery when she gets a surprise visit from Paul holding a large teddy bear. Her guard has physically grabbed Paul and is attempting to prevent him from entering her apartment but she tells him it's alright and invites Paul inside. The guard closes the door behind him but listens at the door as Paul admits that he's installed a nanny cam inside the teddy bear. She asks if that's so she can spy on the nanny or so he can spy upon her. He replies he trusts her implicitly. In response to that, she tells him she wishes she could say the same for him. He tells her he wanted to congratulate her on her win in court and she acknowledges that he had a hand in helping her win.

After Sonny returns home with Carly, she has already hired contractors to modify the house with ramps and wheelchair accessible accommodations for Sonny knowing that Sonny won't be able to walk. He does not like any of the “ideas and options” the carpenters have for how to “alter” his house. Carly wants to reach an agreement with her husband but he demands that everything stays right where it's at. And he adds to her, if she has a problem with that, she can move out. She protests she just wants to make things more comfortable and Morgan urges his dad to know his mom is just trying to help but Sonny tells her he refuses to live like this. He tells her he won't be controlled by a contractor or by her. She gets up to leave and tells Morgan and Max that Sonny is “all theirs'”. When she gets to the door, Lucas comes by and can instantly see his sister is very stressed about something. Carly notices that her brother can see that transitioning Sonny to living in the house in a wheelchair is not going great and reminds his sister that whatever the outcome, Sonny will still be Sonny. He knows how Sonny can be unreasonable and a bully and asks her if she's going to let Sonny bully her,. He concludes that they need to find a way to reduce the mutual stress that could potentially ruin their marriage. So, Lucas suggests, maybe Carly could get a physical therapist who would be better trained to deal with Sonny's issues than she is. He tells her it will be great for Sonny and save Carly a lot of grief.

In the other room, Sonny asks Morgan if he could go and order his mom some roses with a card saying that Sonny is sorry. Morgan overhears his dad informing Max that he and his guys need to make certain Ava is “followed and watched”. In response to that, Morgan tells his dad that he (himself) is the guy for the job. Yet Sonny does not want to risk what could happen if Morgan has future “involvement” with Ava and tells Max he wants him and his guys to handle that instead.

Patrick returns home to see that Sam is clearly per-occupied with something other than him on her mind. He tells her he can see she is holding the ring she gave to Jason in her hand. She admits that Jason was just there to see Danny. She admits that while she was talking to her long lost husband about their past, they kissed. Patrick asks her who initiated the kiss and she hesitates but replies it was “mutual” and awkwardly tries to explain to Patrick how they were just talking about their past and about Danny. Yet he needs to know what Sam expected or wanted in their most recent exchange. He needs to know if she wants Jason's memory to come back and if it did, would she want to go back to him. Sam struggles, not certain how to answer that.

At Wyndemere, after Hayden has gone out to secretly meet with Tracy, Jason goes to see and confront Nikolas. It just so happens that Elizabeth is already there “talking” to Nikolas and she urges Jason to back off of Nikolas and realize neither of them can assume or accuse Nikolas of anything. Yet Jason adamantly tells her he knows that Nikolas ran an unauthorized DNA test on Jason and compared it to the PCPD data base. He knows that Nikolas lied in telling “Jake” that he did not get a match. Yet now Jason knows that's not true since Jason Morgan was in that data base. He remembers that was 9 months ago. So that confirms Nikolas has known all that while who he really is and hid it. Nikolas affirms to Jason that he did not find a match at that time so Helena must have tampered with the results, to which Elizabeth reminds Jason this would not be the first time for that. She also is clearly “not ok” to hear that he went to see Danny and Sam today. He tells her he cannot pretend his “wife and child” don't exist or ignore them. At that point, Nikolas tells Elizabeth maybe she should go, as both guys assure her “they got this”. She reluctantly gets up to leave. Alone with Nikolas, Jason firmly tells him he wants what Nikolas stole from him. He wants his life back.

Tracy clearly expresses that she does not trust Hayden to do what she needs her to do. Hayden tells her that she needs to back off since she relies on Hayden to accomplish what she wants. Tracy reminds her that her “inbred Euro-trash prince” has stolen Tracy's family's company from her as she reminds Hayden she works for Tracy and takes instructions from Tracy. Hayden informs Tracy that “seduction” takes time and she needs to go slowly in getting Nikolas to trust her. IN response to that, Tracy tells her if she's not confident in her ability to get ELQ, she can try another method. She further tells Hayden if she is not “motivated”, she can let Nikolas know that the woman he's falling for is about to stab him in the back.

Not far away, a woman comes out of nowhere as soon as Emma is alone and unattended in the park. Also, it's the perfect time for the “guard” who's holding Robin prisoner to show her exactly what is, will or possibly could happen to her daughter, if Robin “crosses” her captors again. From the tablet video the guard shows Robin, the woman approaches and engages Emma about her little dog that just run away as she frantically tells Emma that she needs help finding her dog and is worried. Robin watches the strange woman asking if Emma could help her find her little Bella and hands Emma the leash. Robin urges her daughter not to do it although she knows Emma cannot see or hear her. The woman shows Emma the picture of her little puppy and tells her that her own young daughter, named Lark, who looks a lot like Emma, will be so upset if mommy does not find Bella. Emma wants to help her but realizes she cannot go off with strangers. Yet the woman tells her she's not a stranger. She's Bella and Lark's mommy. Emma then tells the woman that her mom also had a bird's name, Robin. As Robin watches the live video, she demands the guy gets “whomever” to back off of her daughter.

As Hayden and Tracy continue to discuss and “negotiate” how they work together in order to trick Nikolas so that Tracy gets her company back, they are immediately distracted by a loud struggle where Emma knows she has to “fight” and not trust the strange woman. Emma yells “stranger danger” and for someone to help her. Tracy immediately finds her and Emma identifies Ms. Quartermaine, telling her a stranger tried to kidnap her and is now gone. Right then, Robin watches the “live presentation” and confidently tells the guard her daughter has spunk, to which he agrees. Robin declares that Emma is a Scorpio and is now free yet he reminds her that is true “for now”.

Patrick asks Sam if it matters to her that the two of them are engaged, to which she replies yes. She still loves Patrick, she tells him. That hasn't changed but everything else has. She admits if there's a chance that Jason could regain his memory, she wants that for her son and for herself. If he can remember what they shared, she admits she wants that even if they don't get back together. Realizing that Sam cannot answer whether or not she wants a future with Jason, Patrick concludes he cannot just wait around to see what happens. While she figures out and he has no clue whether she will want what she had with the man she was married to, he has to protect himself and protect Emma. Right the, Patrick's phone rings. It's Tracy who informs him she found Emma alone in the park. He immediately gets up to go and find his daughter, not telling Sam anything or asking her to come with him. She urges him not to shut her out but he clearly does not want her in his business with his daughter.

Paul evades Ava's questions about what type of “work” he wants her to be doing for him with their new business relationship. Right then, they start messing around when they are interrupted by the very loud protest of Morgan fighting with her guard and telling her he won't leave until she lets him inside her apartment. Ava asks the guard to let go of Morgan and she lets him inside. Morgan tells her he merely wanted to drop off some of Avery's things. Paul hides in the other room and overhears their conversation. She admits she clearly does not believe Morgan if he tells her she can trust him with secrets like knowing whether or not she intends to take over Julian's organization. He tells her he knows she intends to take over the illegal business. It's his business because he's looking out for Avery's safety, as he tells Ava she cannot be both a mob boss and a mom. She tells him she knows he's there to attempt to manipulate her to give him information to give to Sonny. She tells him he needs to get out and if he wants to see Avery, he may do so on Sonny's visitation days. As soon as he's out, Paul comes out and observes that she was too smart to be fooled by Morgan

Patrick rushes to the park to find Emma with Tracy and a uniform cop. Emma rushes to her daddy and assures him she is ok although neither she nor Tracy could find the woman before she got away. Emma reminds her dad how he and Sam have trained her to do whatever it takes to get away by screaming, fighting and not being afraid in matters like this. Tracy and the officer leave Patrick alone with his daughter. She cries and asks her dad, when they get home, will Sam and Danny be there. Hearing that, Patrick asks her why she'd ask that. Emma informs her dad that Spencer informed her that Sam has just found out that Danny's daddy is alive and she might be getting back with him. She knows that previously Danny's daddy and Cameron's mom were going to get married until they discovered who Danny's daddy really was. She knows her daddy was sad this morning and Sam did not have breakfast with them. So she asks if this means that Sam is going away like her mommy did, as she cries. He admits he does not know. What happened to Sam and Danny is pretty big and they will have to figure it out, he tells her. Emma cries while her daddy promises to always be there for her no matter what happens.

Alone in the house, waiting for Patrick and Emma to return, Sam looks at the Halloween picture of Patrick, herself and their two respective kids, when they were ready to be a family. She hears a knock on the door and answers it to see Elizabeth who tells Sam she is there to talk to her about Jason. She knows Sam came to Elizabeth's house last night and asks her why she had to bring back Jason's motorcycle so late at night and why it couldn't have waited. Sam replies she thinks Jason has already waited long enough. Elizabeth urges Sam not to “push” Jason yet Sam stands her ground about how Jason is her son's father and her husband. Elizabeth asks Sam what her plans are with Patrick, to which Sam tells Elizabeth that is none of her business. She reminds Elizabeth that her (Sam's) husband is living in Elizabeth's home because Elizabeth invited a man named Jake Doe to live with her, while nobody knew his past. Jason Morgan, she reminds her, has a past, a wife, a kid and a home. With that, Sam can sense that Elizabeth has a “desperate and urgent need” to hang onto Jason, before, during and after finding out who he really is.

At the clinic, Robin develops a sudden bout of confidence that the guards might not be able to hold her and threaten her much longer. Knowing that Jason is alive, he knows she'd never willingly leave her family. Sooner or later, the people who know and love her will find her and when they find him, he will die.

Hayden returns to see Jason in the Wyndemere living room confronting Nikolas, warning him if he does not tell him what he needs to know, Jason will leave Nikolas bankrupt by exercising his rights as a Quartermaine. Nikolas smirks, asking if he thinks it's that easy. Jason explains he will sign his proxy over to Michael as he confidently tells Nikolas when he starts, he won't stop until he's taken everything Nikolas has, just like Nikolas did to him. So, he asks, as Hayden attentively overhears, is Nikolas ready to talk now.? When Nikolas continues to deny what he knows, Jason tells him he will take action in order to accomplish what he needs. With that, Jason leaves on his motorcycle going away from Port Charles.

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