GH Update Friday 11/13/15

General Hospital Update Friday 11/13/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Jason goes to Sam and Patrick’s home to see Danny. When he gets up ready to leave, Sam is ready to accept that and say good bye. However, she finds herself very emotional admitting that she doesn’t want him to leave and tells him she never thought she'd see or be around the man she loved so much ever again. This is too much for her to take. She sobs uncontrollably. He tells her again, that as much as he wishes he could tell her otherwise, he has no memory of her or that they had together.

At the hospital, Patrick calls his ex-wife, Robin on the phone and informs her that, although she may not believe this and it sounds insane, Jason is alive and has returned to Port Charles. Little does he know it's not a surprise to her. She's known for a long time that Jason never died. She admits to her ex husband, hearing that, that there are so many things he (and just about everybody else in the town) does not know. Right when she's been on the phone too long, “someone” at the clinic where she is working (and imprisoned) knows she's about to reveal what she knows regarding Jason Morgan being alive. He tells her he's not going to let her reveal the big secret. Patrick then assumes that the phone reception dos not work and tries again to call and get her to pick up. From the place where she's working, she tells the guard that her ex husband has called her and will be suspicious if she does not pick up. He does not seem to care, however, and tells her he will disconnect and take her phone from her. As soon as he gets up to leave, Robin comes up behind him, smashes a glass bottle over his head, knocks him out and takes his phone.

Anna talks to Paul in his office and needs to know why he does not see it as a “priority” (or he's not going to even broach the subject) of who shot Sonny. That is the DA's and the PCPD's job, as they both know all too well. Hearing that, he asks her why that would be a priority for her. He thought she did not car about Sonny, believed he's a threat to society who should be locked up and she would not mourn the loss if he died. She right away knows that Paul has a secret, very possibly, involving that very same mystery (Nobody has found out who shot Sonny) She admits to him that she knows he and Ava were together and keeping a secret. Is that somehow related to the mystery of the unknown shooter of Sonny? Before Paul can answer that, Tracy comes in and sees them together. Anna tells them she has to get to the hospital. After she's gone, alone with Paul, Tracy demands to know what he is doing talking to Anna. She tells him Anna has a well-deserved reputation in law enforcement. Yet she knows Anna is not great at taking orders an she couldn't see her as Paul's subordinate. She reminds Paul that Anna has recently suffered a devastating loss and has probably not fully recovered. So, Tracy asks her ex, why on earth would he hire her? He rationalizes to Tracy and she concludes that there has to be something, which she will never understand, that turn so many men on about Anna. She tells him he needs to get over it because that woman is going to be nothing but trouble for him. She then asks Paul if he wants to have lunch. He asks her what her motive is for that and what is so important. She admits she wanted to “escape Monica's effervescence” about yet another son arising from the dead. She tells Paul that she may be happy her nephew is back, in principle. However, she knows that it will probably only be a matter of time before Jason is back as Sonny's enforcer. So, given that, she warns Paul, he will have his hands full. Paul smiles, revealing he is not afraid of that very thing and tells her they may “bring it on”.

Anna goes to the hospital and Patrick finds her and informs her he just called Robin yet they lost their connection. He asks his ex mother in law if she knows of any way to get a hold of her daughter. She admits she does not and wishes her daughter was not so MIA around them. Patrick then dials and gets a hold of Robin again right when she's ready to tell him what everybody has been kept in the dark with, regarding Jason. The phone works and they can hear each other when the guy comes to and shows Robin a picture of her daughter as he instructs her to hang up right now. Seeing that, she knows she cannot reveal what she intended to reveal to Patrick and terminates the call even though he knows something is going o9n and informs her her mother is right there. She hangs up.

Emma talks to Spencer in the park. She tells him she has noticed that her dad is lost in thought and she's concerned about his state of mind. He would not talk to her and did not know what to say regarding when she asked whether he and Sam intend to get married. Spencer tells her he thinks he knows why that is. He happens to know that Sam's husband came back and that is probably why Emma's daddy cannot marry Sam. Both kids are overwhelmed no different than the adults in the town. Emma seems sad when she reflects that she wanted to have Sam be her mommy and do her hair and develop a relationship. She wanted Danny to be her little brother. Spencer tells her he wishes there was something he could do about that. However, he heard that Sam might divorce Jason Morgan and could marry Spencer's aunt Elizabeth. He tells Emma he has observed that his dad has a new “friend” named Hayden. He seems to like her but maybe his dad does not. It appears Hayden knows the secret about Jason. Emma seems fascinated to hear Spencer reveal what he's found out about his dad's new “prospective” girlfriend and Spencer admits to her that there are some “things about Hayden” that he does not even understand. Emma talks about how, not long ago, her mommy came back but did not stay. Then, everything has gotten better for her and her dad when Sam came into their lives. Now, she's afraid if Sam gets back with her husband, she will leave them. Spencer reminds Emma that it will soon be Thanksgiving and they need to think of things they can be grateful for. He tells Emma he's grateful that she's forgiven him for all the stunts he's pulled in the last year. They both also know that his dad is keeping the ring that Sam's husband gave her. She tells him she's grateful for her daddy and her grandma and all her friends and family.

At Wyndemere, Hayden admits to Elizabeth and to Laura that she has just revealed to Nikolas that she knows that all three of them have known for a long time that Jake is really Jason. Elizabeth is very much on edge and furious with Hayden knowing she could reveal it to Jake and to everyone and Elizabeth's hopes and dreams will be shattered. Hayden tells them she need not worry. She has no reason to tell. Hearing that, Elizabeth asks her why she should believe a word Hayden says. Scamming, lying, committing blackmail and making trouble is Hayden's hobby as they all know too well. Hayden tells Elizabeth she might want to throw stones when she lives in a glass house herself, regarding judging someone else for committing a scam. She reminds her that very possibly, it will just be a matter of time before Jason finds out what Elizabeth covered up and scammed about, that he will get back with Sam and Elizabeth will be out in the cold. Hayden clarifies to her, however, that that is only if she reveals it to Jason. Hayden seems very smug admitting to Elizabeth about all the people who will turn on her and all the consequences Elizabeth doesn't even want to imagine, if people find out what she knew. She knows what it will mean to Carly and to Sonny and all the people who knew and loved Jason Morgan. Nikolas demands she stop taunting Elizabeth however Hayden reminds them all that it may not take long for Jason and Sam to fall back in love, now that the word is out that he's back. Alone with Elizabeth, Laura tells her she might need to accept the reality that Jason could get his memory back. Elizabeth protests that he has not yet and regarding Sam, she's moved on with Patrick so why can't Elizabeth have happiness with Jason? Laura reminds her that Jake has never given up on finding out the truth so she might have to accept that one day, it will all come out. Laura gets straight to the point, asking her son and Hayden, now that Hayden is in the mix, what are the two of them going to do about it? Hayden does not answer but informs the three of them that she knows they are lying and scamming just like they accuse her. She tells them she has to leave and get to an important business meeting, which she does not reveal the nature of.

Jason tells an emotional and hopeful Sam that he has not remembered being anyone except Jake for the last year. Yet she remembers not long ago, when Helena programmed and instructed him to kill her. Yet he could not do it, she now knows, because he loves her. He continues to protest that he did not have those feelings. He did not kill her nor blow up The Haunted Star as Helena wanted, because he did not want to commit murder or listen to Nikolas' grandma yet he still has no memories of the feelings he felt for her or what they had. Sam persists that she knows it's in his heart and some day, he will know it. She kisses him and he does not stop her. She faces him and tells him since he's been gone, she's imagined kissing him again, so many times. He tells her they cannot do this. He needs to get back to Elizabeth and she needs to get back to Patrick. Before anything can happen, he needs to know who it was that had everyone believing he died when he did not and caused all of this. He won't be any good to anyone until he gets some answers, he tells Sam. Hearing that, she urges him to let her help him. He tells her since he has tried but failed to do it by himself, maybe he should accept her help. She tells him she intends to get to the bottom of this and he agrees to work with her on this again until they find out what they still need to know.

Robin disconnects the phone-call when the guard catches her. Patrick still needs to talk to her, and both he and Anna wonder what could possibly be up with Robin's pulling away, ignoring them all and they especially cannot fathom how she can completely disregard Emma. He tells Anna he has tried and failed and gotten himself so frustrated, irritated and infuriated with every attempt he's made to reach out to Robin. Every time it happens, she evades and hides and behaves as if she could care less about any of the people she loves. They both know Robin has made it clear that she is keeping one or more very important secrets. He admits he's done. There's no point in trying and failing one more time.

After Robin has hung up the phone, the “guard” shows her a video and recorded conversation of her daughter telling Spencer she is grateful to have her family and know that her daddy is happy. She's happy her grandma is healthy and in her life. And she wishes her mommy could be there for her. Robin then knows it's not in her best interest to have further contact with Patrick or anyone else and she cannot reveal to anyone what she knows about what has been done to Jason.

Anna returns to Paul and tells him she reconsidered. She will back off on trying to find Sonny's shooter. He tells her he thinks she's made a wise decision. She tells him he may not be completely honest with her but he's made his expectations clear. She tells him she thinks she knows where they both stand with each other. She walks out. Alone, Paul comments that Anna sure keeps him on his toes.

Tracy goes to privately meet with Hayden. They reveal that they are in business together although they do not trust each other quite yet.

After Hayden is gone, Elizabeth tells Nikolas and Laura that Hayden is a constant threat now that she knows the secret they've kept about Jason. She lives in fear of Hayden's blackmail. Laura expresses concerns to her son about his being with Hayden. Jason appears at the door. Elizabeth rushes to him.

Alone in the house, after Jason has left, Sam is again lost in thought when Patrick returns. She admits that Jason was there and she hesitates to tell her fiancé the rest.

At the private clinic, where she's being held prisoner, Robin protests to the guard that she did not break the rules. She did not tell Patrick anything so he better leave Emma alone. However, he shows her what is “happening now”, in the park in Port Charles, as we see a woman approaching Emma and Spencer, acting “worried” that her dog has escaped and asking if they can help her find her dog. Robin instantly knows the enemies have hired someone to endanger Emma, or at the very least, give her mom a good scare so she will think twice about “disobeying” her captors.

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