GH Update Thursday 11/12/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 11/12/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Elizabeth comes down the stairs in the morning and sees Jake/Jason on the computer. He admits his night was not great. Carly came over and asked him to inform Sonny that he is Jason, he tells her. Yet, he continues to confess that he has no memory whatsoever of being Jason. He has been hearing so much about all the people who loved Jason, he has to admit he does not look “favorably” upon this man, whom he now finds out was himself, knowing he was a killer. Knowing he did the things that Jason did, and which he does not even remember, it is a lot to take. Little Jake comes down the stairs and wants to talk to his “daddy”. Again, Elizabeth knows she cannot leave the two of them alone to talk since little Jake has overheard her admitting that she has known and hid the secret that Jake is really Jason. She dismisses the boy and gets him ready for school. When she's alone with Jake again, he tells her he needs to find out some answers regarding the fact that Helena kept both him and little Jake under her spell. He needs to know what happened while he was out of commission, before he wound up in the hospital, during the time everybody thought Jason Morgan had died. Yet Elizabeth urges him not to be concerned about what Helena may or may not have done. All that matters is that he is Jake's daddy and her husband, she tells him. Monica comes by and is in awe when she sees a man right in front of her whom she now knows is her son, Jason. Elizabeth leaves with little Jake and Jake/Jason is alone with Monica. He tells her he hopes she does not want him to call her mom. She laughs and is not uncomfortable with that although he is, as he tells her with due respect, he doesn't want to hear one more person talk about Jason nor have him seeing Jason as “first person” instead of “third person”. Monica tells Jake/Jason the story about how, after he had the accident many years ago and Jason forgot the life he had with his family, she had to let go of the man he was and accept the man he later became. She tells Jake/Jason that is what she'd like to do now. She wants to know about who he is now and have a relationship with her son. He tells her he appreciates the fact that she's not pressuring him. She tells him she just has one more favor to ask. Can she have a hug? He hugs her. She tells him she's having Thanksgiving Dinner at her house and wants him and Elizabeth to attend. He tells her he will “think about it”, but cannot promise and she assures him she does not want to pressure him.

Alone in Patrick's house, Sam stares at the wedding ring Jason gave her, lost in thought and not certain what to make of what's happened. Patrick enters through the front door with Danny. He's just picked up her son from the Quartermaines and is ready to take Emma to school. Right when she informs Patrick that she took Jason's motorcycle back to him and told him he may come over and visit Danny whenever he want, Danny notices the ring his mom set on the table, gives it to Patrick and calls him Daddy. Right away, they both realize they're going to have a very confusing situation on their hands with what to tell him as well as how they will break the news to Emma. She tells him she remembers very recently Emma asking both her and Anna if Danny's father was every coming back and they both told her no. Patrick concludes to Sam that Emma just needs to know that Sam still loves her. Sam tells him of course she does. Patrick assesses his daughter is a strong and resilient girl who's been through a lot and knows that mistakes are made. Yet they both are not certain if Danny is going to understand all of this. Patrick tells her he realizes only 24 hours have gone by and processing this whole thing is going to take time. He tells her he understands that Jake, whom he now realizes is really Jason, will be in all of their lives. He notices she has taken out her wedding ring with Jason but also notices she is still wearing the engagement ring that he gave her. She tells him she is still committed to him and very grateful. Alexis comes by. As soon as Patrick leaves to get to work, she wastes no time “briefing” her daughter on the legal ramification involved in finding out that Sam's deceased husband is not dead. She informs Sam that she now has to decide whether she wants to divorce Jason, which will obviously have to be done in order for Sam to marry Patrick. Sam assesses to her mom that she is “married to Jason” in name only. This guy, whom she did not even recognize as her husband, has no memory of what they had or their marriage. He might marry Elizabeth so the right thing to do might be to sign the divorce paper. Yet Alexis tells her daughter that is not what she's asking. She needs to know what Sam wants. Sam replies she wants to go back to what she had with Jason before he was killed and taken from her. But she knows that won't happen. Hearing that, Alexis tells her perhaps it's a blessing. If Jason had not left her, she'd have never found a new family with Patrick. Sam realizes that never having had what she has had with Patrick would have been a terrible loss. Yet, she admits to her mom that there are other people involved. There's Patrick and Elizabeth. She then realizes there's no wonder that Elizabeth fell in love with Jake considering she used to be in love with Jason. Sam tells her mom she can accept that maybe she and Jason may not get back together, given too much time has gone by and their lives have gone in different directions. But to think that Jason has no memory of her, their live together or what they meant to each other, that is too much to take. Alexis tells her daughter she may not have a choice if Jake/Jason's memory never comes back. Yet Sam knows that she cannot give up on Jason at least feeling what she's felt. Right then, there's a knock on the door. Sam opens it and sees Jake/Jason at the door. Alexis looks at the man who used to be her son-in-law (given she'd never know otherwise) and lets him talk to Sam alone. He tells her he just wanted to come by and take her up on her offer of seeing Danny. Sam calls her son. He runs and hugs the guy he's known as mommy's “friend, Jake”. Jason picks him up, holds him and is in awe, realizing it's a lot to take in to learn that this is his son with Sam.

At the police station, Paul finds Anna and acknowledges that it looks like she's accepted his job offer as special investigator for the DA. In response to that, she asks him what exactly she's investigating. He goes with her to Jordan's office and announces that Anna will now be working back in their department. Jordan congratulates her but finds it odd that Paul would need her to do this position at this time when organized crime is at an all-time low. She realizes, however, that there may very well be something involved in this (knowing Paul Hornsby) which she is unaware of. Alone with Anna, Jordan asks her to tell her what's really going on, after Paul is out of earshot. They make it clear that they both distrust Paul. Jordan concludes to Anna that maybe her new position will give her the opportunity to find out what he's up to and Anna agrees that's what she intends to do.

Valerie goes to Jordan's office and her boss acknowledges this is her last day at her job as PAA, tells her she will miss her and believes she will succeed and be a valuable asset to the police academy. Valerie also admits to her boss that she needs to put distance between herself and Dante. As soon as she sees Dante outside the door she leaves Alone with Jordan, Dante acknowledges to her that as painful as it was to have had the experience he had at The Haunted Star, he can see that Valerie is not going to give up on her career and knows he's not going to give up on Lulu. She tells him he's a good guy and deserves to be happy. He tells her he really appreciates her and knows she will do great at the police academy and become a great cop. They clearly indicate that the still really like each other. They sense the awkwardness of whether to shake hands or hug and end up hugging and parting.

Yet at The Haunted Star, Dillon kisses Lulu and she does not stop him. Right then, their clothes come off and she suddenly stops admits she cannot do this. He admits as much as he wants her maybe doing this merely to punish Dante is not the right way to start what Dillon obviously wants to start and to finish with her. She declares that it was due to Dante believing she was unfaithful to her that he slept with another woman. Yet Dillon wants her to believe that “this” is different. She tells him now she understands what Dante's “impulse” was like. He clearly has not given up on having her leave Dante for him and wants to believe she will not forgive him and realize her husband is a cheating and lying son of a bitch. Hearing that, and angrily demands Paul shuts up. She admits she is infuriated and hurt and she so wishes she could get Dante out of her life and have no need for him but she does. She still loves him and that does not go away no matter how he has betrayed her. They both realize that sleeping together is not the thing to do. She may have feelings for Dillon she does not want to admit to but is interrupted when she sees a message on her phone reminding her of the appointment she and Dante made to meet with the fertility doctor. As soon as she's gone, Paul enters. Seeing his dad and realizing all the money he's invested in his son's screenplay, Dillon apologizes but tells him he had to pull the plug because his heart is not in it. In response to that, Paul comments to his son he thinks he can see where his “heart is” having just seen Lulu leave and tells Paul he “takes it” she and Dante have made up. Dillon replies no. They have separated yet he, himself, still has not gotten the girl. Paul indicates to his son that he knows all too well that Dillon intended to let everyone see the incriminating video, as Dillon knows there's no point in trying to convince his dad otherwise. Knowing they both know what he did, Dillon declares that he's now found out that sneaky tactics to exact revenge do not always work the way one wants in the end.

At the hospital, Patrick calls and leaves a message for Robin telling her they need to talk and asking her to return the message as soon as she gets it. Elizabeth finds him and she admits to Patrick that she still loves “Jake”, still not revealing to her best friend that she knew all along who Jake really is. Patrick tells her that he remembers the conversation they had before the wedding, she was afraid something would go wrong. Hearing that, Elizabeth does not want to continue that conversation and tells Patrick she just doesn't want to lose Jason. Hearing that, Patrick tells her that he does not intend to prevent Sam from seeing Jason knowing they loved together and had a child together. Yet she makes it clear that she needs to “hang onto” her own relationship with Jason and the son they had together and she reveals to Patrick she's afraid Sam might want Jason back. Knowing that Patrick has a very similar “stake” in this as she does, she asks him if he is not “afraid” of losing Sam as she is of losing Jason. Clearly Patrick has noting to fear or feel guilty about as she does. When Patrick leaves to get to the OR, Monica finds Elizabeth and wants to talk to her. Although Monica does not seem to suspect or “blame” Elizabeth for anything, she does express her concerns for Elizabeth's “well-meaning” , “unintended” behavior of pulling Jason too many different ways and tells her she needs to back off.

At The Haunted Star, Paul wants to get Dillon to reconsider but he declines. He tells his dad at least one good thing came of this; he got closer to his dad. Paul appreciates that and before he leaves, encourages his son not to give up on his “dream”.

Dante and Lulu both show up for the appointment they'd previously scheduled with the fertility doctor although they know their plans regarding that have drastically changed. While the new doctor who does not know them or what has happened between them assumes they are still on board, Lulu awkwardly tells her that she has to cancel the surgical procedure she'd previously scheduled to have another baby. The doctor asks what they want done with the “one remaining embryo" (their last chance to have another baby). Lulu replies she doesn't want anything done with it now (Not destroy or get rid of it?) Hearing that, Dante asks her if that means she is still holding out hope of having another baby or for them getting back together. She then notices what appears to be Valerie's lipstick on his collar and angrily tells him it's over between them. She may want to give Rocco a little brother or sister but she can do it without him, she tells Dante as she angrily walks off.

Valerie is all ready to start the police academy as Cadet Spencer. She talks to Jordan about how they will have her working alongside a “seasoned officer”. Jordan smiles and encourages her to start her new endeavor and tells her she hopes they select somebody good for her to work with. As soon as Valerie walks into the hallway, she gets a call from the police academy informing her that she will be assigned to work with Detective Dante Falconeri.

Anna talks to Paul and is very surprised that he does not want her to investigate or find out who really shot Sonny. Why would that be?

Alone with Sam, although Jake/Jason has no memory of being with her, he knows he can trust her to find answers about his past and get to the truth the way he may not be able to trust Elizabeth. When he gets ready to leave, she reveals she does not want Jason to go.

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