GH Update Wednesday 11/11/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/11/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Franco returns home and notices Nina is already up and dressed. She's already eaten and has breakfast made for him. He notices it's cold since she's been up for a while, as she says she's been consumed with anticipation awaiting her job interview. He asks her why she believes she needs a job. She is loaded. She tells him she wants to contribute to society. He asks her what the job she's applying for is. She replies to be a fashion designer at Crimson. He tells her he knows she's smart, sexy, talented and anybody would be an idiot not to hire her. Obrecht comes by. She appears negative toward Nina although her niece tells her she will not be discouraged as she leaves for her job interview. Alone with Obrecht, Franco tells her he'd like his old job back. He does not want to live this life of leisure with no responsibility. He asks her if his old art therapy position is still available. She replies yes and she has every intention of hiring him but before that can be done, he has to take a psychological test first. She tells him she wishes she could offer him his old job with just his brushes and oil paints but her hands are tied. However, she wants to re-hire him so she goes to get that to happen for Franco.

Julian has acquired a new office and Alexis is with him with and has a perfect framed picture of his baby, Leo to put on his desk. They are happily together and everything looks good. He tells her that he was very worried about his sister losing custody of her baby to Sonny. Yet Alexis tells him they may need to agree to disagree because she believes Sonny would be the better parent for Avery than Ava. He admits to her that he's just found out he owes some pretty substantial back-taxes. He concludes what he needs is some investors for Crimson. She suggests maybe he let the magazine die and report it as a tax write-off. Nina appears and tells them she is there to interview for the fashion designer job with Crimson. Seeing her, Julian informs her that HR is down the hallway. She tells him she knows but since she would be working for him, she believes it would make more sense to interview with him.

At The Haunted Star, Maxie enters and tells Dillon she does not buy that his act of showing the video for everyone to see, was an accident. She knows he had willful intent to ruin Lulu's marriage by having everybody see it. Yet, she sees the number one villain to blame as Dante. She admits to Dillon that she can understand his “need” to do that. If she was in love with a guy who was in love with another girl who cheated on him and she had proof that the guy she loved was being cheated upon by another girl whom he loved, she might want to do just like he did. She admits to him she still does not think he should have done what he did. However, she tells him, she wants to continue shooting their film although he tells her he's afraid there will not be any film. It's over. She tells him this has to happen but he tells her he's sorry. His heart is not in it. She tells him she hates to “be like this” but this is preventing her from having the only shot she may have in the filming industry. She asks him if he thinks any of the well known, successful film makers gave up because of girl problems. He tells her he realizes that may be true but things are what they are. She admits part of the reason why she does not want to cancel their plans is because she needs some purpose in her own life. He tells her he realizes she is very talented and has a lot to offer and anybody would be very lucky to hire her, given her background.

Sonny is alone in his house, stressed while still in the wheelchair. Dante comes in, surprised to see his dad out of the hospital. Sonny informs his son he signed himself out of the hospital AMA. He could not stand another moment stuck there. He tells Dante that he needs his daughter back and may have gotten her back if Carly had been there. Sonny also tells his son he heard about the big falling out where Lulu had to see a video to find out for the first time that Dante cheated on her. He tells Dante he wishes he could have known. They both realize that if Dante had come clean to his wife before the video was played, there'd be much less damage and have a much better chance of salvaging his marriage. Yet they both realize, it's too late now.

At Wyndemere, Laura talks to Lulu and finds out what happened. She wants to encourage her daughter not to give up on her marriage, realize Dante loves her and give him another chance. Yet Lulu cries, distraught and heart-broken to find out that her husband slept with another woman and did not even tell her. Not far away, Rocco listens to their conversation. Laura reminds her that she does have the option of filing for divorce if she feels that is warranted. However, if Lulu opts to do that, her mom tells her, she will have to face the fact that she no longer has a husband. Only an ex husband and it will affect that little guy over there. Lulu admits to her mom that maybe she should not go through with divorcing Dante at this point, realizing she may regret it in the long run. Laura tells her if she needs a place to stay, this is a huge house with more than enough rooms. Lulu tells her mom she appropriates the offer but intends to stay at Maxie's. She then gets up to go and kisses her son good bye. Dante walks in. She does not want to talk but he wants to make efforts to get past this and get their marriage back. Yet she has to leave and get to work. Alone with Dante, Laura tells him she and he have something in common; They both know what it's like to be married to a Spencer. They have their moments, know how to keep the ones they love at a distance and need their space. She believes that he needs to give him Lulu some time and know that she will come around when she's ready. She tells Dante she knows this will have to be hard right now but she thinks he needs to give Lulu her space. She admits she really cannot promise anything but she does not if he continues to push Lulu, he will lose her

Lulu goes The Haunted Star and tells him she is not ok with what he did. Yes, Dante is responsible for cheating on her. That's his own doing and not Dillon's fault. But he is responsible for publicly humiliating her. She tells him she is done. She wants no more business relationship with him. She is no longer his friend and wants him out of her life. Dillon does not want to accept that however and he kisses her.

Carly comes by Elizabeth’s house to visit Jake and gets right to the point telling him why she is there. She tells him she wants him to go to Sonny and tell him who he really is. He admits to her that he's not entirely comfortable doing that and asks how he can do that. She reminds him that Sonny cannot walk and has lost his daughter and needs his friend Jason. He tells her he has a lot going on here involving Elizabeth and the boys and what is going on with his life. She tells him if he cannot do it for Sonny, can he at least do it for her? She gets him to go to talk to Sonny who does not welcome him there (not realizing this man is Jason). Jake hesitates to admit to Sonny what Carly wants him to admit. However, he informs Sonny that as it turns out, he has found out who he really is. In response to that, Sonny coldly asks him who. He hesitates to answer but Carly informs her husband that this man standing before him is Jason Morgan. Sonny does not want to hear that and demands Jake gets out of his house and Carly needs to stop saying something so absurd. Jake is equally uncomfortable not wanting to continue this discussion. However, Carly urges Sonny to realize that she would not be saying that if it were not true. Sonny tells her that she misses Jason and “wants” that to be true but he can't deal with this right now. However, Carly urges Sonny to look at Jason, face him and connect to him. He faces Jake who admits that it's true. Sonny seems to sense that it's true yet Jake admits he has no conscious memory of being Jason Morgan and Sonny's right-hand man. Sonny however, takes a good look at him and somehow knows that is who he is. Jake admits to Sonny that maybe it's not a good time for them to talk. Yet Sonny tells him that long ago, Jason came to him after he (Jason) had just been involved in an accident. The Quartermaines did not know who or what Jason would become. Sonny knew how Jason could be of value in his organization and he knew that would be the best decision he could ever make. Carly tells “Jason” he was the reason she got to keep Michel. Sonny tells him he (Jason) saved his (Sonny's) life more than once. It was not just in business but in friendship and loyalty, Sonny tells him. He tells Jason he knows Jason may not have known how much his life meant to all the people who loved him. He tells Jason he knows he lead the dangerous life and eventually it got him. Sonny further tells him he grieved for him and would do anything get him back. And now, Sonny tells him, thank God he's back. He's home. Jake listens and “takes in” all of what he's hearing yet clearly has no conscious awareness of being this profound person whom the both spoke of, who so profoundly influenced both of their lives.

While Franco is alone in the apartment, Maxie comes by looking for Nina. When she sees Nina is not there, she tells him she is there to return Nina's donation check. Franco informs Maxie that Nina is at a job interview right now.

Julian interviews Nina and asks her where she sees herself in the next 5 years. She tells him that is kind of a loaded question but she actually sees herself running the whole magazine. Alexis silently listens to their conversation. It does not take long for Julian to decide that in that case, Nina may have his magazine to run. Hearing that, she is elated and rushes home. After she is gone. Alexis asks him why on earth he would do that. He tells her he has a plan in mind, involving offering a job to the woman who kidnapped his sister's baby. He knows this will be the end to his tax problem.

Nina comes home and happily announces to Franco and to Maxie that she got the job. She now owns Crimson. She is happy and suspects nothing although Maxie wonders why she'd have that position when she has no experience in the industry. Maxie then talks all about her extensive experience working for Crimson as Kate Howard's assistant. Nina listens to Maxie and can see that Maxie handled and ran the magazine and know it inside out. Nina knows she needs an assistant and tells Maxie she needs not say any more. She tells Maxie she is hired.

At Sonny's home, Jake (Jason) tells both Sonny and Carly that he has no memory of being Jason. He becomes infuriated with having to keep hearing from people he has memory of talking about his being a person he has no memory of. He tells Sonny he is really sorry for the loss of his friend and for the things that have happened to him and hopes it gets better but he can't do this. He angrily walks out the door. Carly urges him to stay and not be discouraged. He tells her he wishes he could do what both she and Sonny expect. He knows they both want and need “this Jason guy” and he does not know how to be him. So he has to get out and stop pretending. When he's gone, Carly wants to assure Sonny that “Jason” will come around. Sonny tells her he hopes so and knows he never needed Jason Morgan more than he does now.

When Jason returns to Elizabeth's, he remembers a scene with Sonny from long ago. Sighing, he runs upstairs to be with Elizabeth.

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