GH Update Tuesday 11/10/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/10/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

In the empty courtroom, after the judge has called a recess, when it looks like Sonny has more than likely won the custody battle hands-down, Ava taunts him reminding him that his sons may feel an obligation to support him but they obviously pity him and are secretly very relieved that it is not them who are in a wheelchair. She also reminds Sonny that it won't take long for Carly to get tired of having to take car of him and realize he cannot even be a husband to her. Does he think she will want a pathetic weak crippled man who can't satisfy her needs?. Hearing that, Sonny furiously grabs Ava's wrist and reminds her he can easily murder her and when he's done, nobody will recognize the body. Right then, Carly, Michael, Morgan and Ric, Kiki, as well as Scott and Julian all rush inside and demand to know what is going on. Ava replies that Sonny threatened to kill her. Carly tells Ava she does not trust her and she needs to back off. Ava tells her that she needs to know what a violent and deranged man she is married to. He's threatened to kill her. They must all see how being in this wheelchair is causing rage inside Sonny and eventually he will take it out on Carly or possibly Avery. When Sonny yells how dare she accuse him of being capable of hurting his daughter, she asks if the others cannot see what an abusive and dangerous person Sonny is. She turns to Kiki urges her daughter to know that this man has threatened her mother. Kiki tells her mom that is absurd. She saw nothing. Carly then instructs the others to let her talk to Sonny alone. Ric stands beside his brother and tells Carly how “nice it is for her to join them”. Sonny asks her why she was nowhere to be found. She explains she was run off the road. Her phone did not work and she was all alone until Jake came to find her. When she attempts to explain to Sonny and to Ric that she had no way of knowing that his custody hearing was moved up to today, her phone did not work and she had no clue that Sonny was trying to call her, Ric argues that he cannot believe that Jake and Elizabeth's wedding was more important to Carly than her own husband's custody hearing. Sonny seems to agree with his brother and wonders why she didn't make greater efforts to receive his numerous urgent calls. She replies that there are some really “complicated things” she just found out that she cannot even begin to tell him. Outside in the other room, Kiki and Morgan overhear when, where and how Carly's car got run off the road by another driver, Kiki realizes it was the very same place where Morgan found her passed out drunk in Franco's car. What if she's the reason why his mom spent the night in a ditch and got prevented from attending the hearing. Morgan assures her his mom is fine. Worrying about it isn't going to make things any better so she needs to just leave it alone.

After the startling revelation that Jake is really Jason, Sam and Patrick are alone in the church not knowing what to say or do with that. She asks him if he thinks the DNA test is valid. He replies he does not know but it appears to be. She admits she thinks so too. Jason is alive. He came back. He is her husband. Patrick admits he's still trying to process what it means for all involved. He tells her it's very odd that Jake (or Jason) has not yet regained his memory. She asks what it's going to mean for Danny to have a father who does not remember him. Patrick tells her he knows this is going to take some time to figure out. He promises to be there for her. She tells Patrick she is so grateful that he is there for her. Yet, she has believed for the last 3 years that the life and the family she had has been taken from her. And now, she's just found out it's right there in front of her. When it appears that patrick is “minimizing” the “loss and regaining” of her marriage, she recalls that he has been through this before. He thought he lost Robin and that she'd been dead for years when he was ready to start a new life and marry Sabrina. Then suddenly Robin came back only for their marriage to end again. So, she asks, does he assume the same thing will happen with her and Jason? He admits nobody can answer that. They then both conclude that neither of them know what to do. So he suggests that they just go home and not make any decisions right away as they clearly won't be able to do that now When they get home and get ready for bed, however, she tells him she knows they are going to wake up tomorrow morning and Emma will ask about the wedding. She clearly does not know what to tell her. Patrick assures Sam he will talk to his daughter. She adds that Danny also is ready for Patrick to be his new dad and they both haven't a clue what they're going to do with what they now know.

Elizabeth goes to find Jake on the bridge. He has no suspicion that she knew anything about his true identity and is not angry with her although he wonders if their wedding plans should be valid after what he's just found out. Hearing that, Elizabeth asks him if their plans have been canceled or if they can still have the future they both wanted. He tells her he really does not know, having no memory of being Jason. She tells him in that case, if he still loves her and she loves him, then why can't they get married?. She protests that his feelings have not changed. The only thing different is his name. In response to that, he tells her what he does know, however is that Jason has a wife and a little boy. Yet she reminds him that Sam's and Danny's lives have changed and they are starting a new family with Patrick and Emma. He tells her he wants to be there for Elizabeth and her boys but he's afraid that that could cost them. She asks why he thinks that. He tells her that he knows all too well that Jason Morgan had many enemies and once the word is out that he's alive, it could put Elizabeth and her boys in danger. She protests that she “does not care”. Hearing that, it obviously sounds odd to him to see that she is not “stunned beyond comprehension” to find out that a guy she intended to marry and believed was completely separate from the deceased Jason Morgan happens to be the very same human being as Jason Morgan. He does conclude however that he has grown to love her. He is not going to leave her., So they agree to return home together for the night.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas assesses to Hayden that he can see she has been faking her memory loss the whole time. She does not deny it. He tells her she's been playing him, knowing probably, since she first woke up at the hospital, that he and Elizabeth knew who Jake really was.. She tells him not entirely. She informs him that at first, she was kind of confused. Yet things have gotten clearer since he brought her to his house. He tells her that one thing that confuses him is why she pretended at all. She could have used what she knew to her advantage, and held it over his head. She replies that she remembers already trying that and realizing it did not work. She remembers the last time when people were “onto” her, she got a bullet in her head and put in a coma. So where did that get her? She tells Nikolas what she has concluded is that maybe there are better ways to build a relationship than by having it based upon blackmail, schemes and threats. Hearing that, he asks her: “Such as”. She replies mutual attraction.

The court hearing re-convenes when Scott tells the judge he wants to present very crucial evidence of Mr. Corinthos being violent, unstable and emotionally unfit to raise a child. Ric asks how he intends to do that. Scott tells them it's very simple. He pulls out his phone to play the tape-recorded video of the “conversation” between Sonny and Ava only minutes ago, which everybody witnessed, right in this very courtroom, in the middle of this custody hearing. Ric protests that it's irrelevant. Scott tells them it's very relevant and he'd like the judge to hear it. The judge then allows Scott to play the recording where Ava tells Sonny that Carly will have wants and needs that he won't be able to satisfy, and his threatening to murder her and shoot her with so many bullets, they won't be able to recognize the body. Everybody listens to the recording and gets to hear Ava asking Sonny if he would really murder the mother of his child and Sonny's reply that he would do it “with pleasure”. Scott concludes to the judge he thinks that says it all. Sonny is riled beyond control at that point and lashes out at Ava right then and there, to which Ric demands he shuts up in order not to hang himself. Carly then stands up and tells the judge that this conversation was completely out of context and misleading. Morgan protests that Ava was clearly provoking his dad. However, the judge instructs them both to be seated. Ric protests that this was brought on by Ms. Jerome verbally intimidating his client. Scott tells the judge that even if that is true, Ms. Jerome was exercising her first amendment rights to free speech. Whereas Mr. Corinthos made threats to kill the mother of his child in the middle of a custody hearing. That is what Sonny Corinthos does. That is who he is, Scott states. Putting the child in his custody is like signing her death warrant and so she must stay with her mother. The judge then tells Sonny that what he said on that recording is cause for grave concern. The threats made in a court of law are grounds for contempt not to mention grounds for criminal prosecution should Ms. Jerome exercise her right to file a complaint. Although Sonny protests and apologize, the judge tells him that his behavior does not inspire any confidence in this court of his ability to provide a safe and loving home for the baby. And with that, she decides that the custody will be granted to Ms. Jerome. She announces that sole custody will be awarded to Ava. Supervised visits by Mr. Corinthos will be granted subject to approval of the case worker and his own ability to prove that he is capable of peaceful co-existence with Ms. Jerome. However, she seriously doubts that will happen, given that both parties are “reprehensible”. So, although Sonny's team urge and plead that they be heard, the judge disregards them and rules this case is closed. Right then, Carly wants to encourage Sonny not to give up hope on being able to bring Avery home very soon. Yet he concludes that he lost when he needed her there and he guesses she couldn't be bothered. She protests that there was a very important reason why she was not there but Sonny does not want to listen and has Morgan wheel him out. Alone with Michael, Carly can clearly see her oldest son does not suspect her and it's “just like him” to give her the benefit of the doubt which, she adds, is just like Jason. Michael can tell his mom has something major on her mind and asks her what is going on. She tells him Jake was looking into his past, trying to find out who he really is. He had Sam and Spinelli helping him and they uncovered the truth. She declares to Michael that Jake is Jason, to which he cannot believe that could possibly be true. Carly, however, affirms to her son it's true. There was a DNA test to prove that he is Jason. It's true. She asks Michael to just think about all of the “coincidences” and things about Jake that are so like Jason. It's because they are the same person. Jason is alive, she tells him and this is joyous news.

While Jake is alone in Elizabeth's living room after she's gone up, he notices an incoming call from Carly where she calls him Jason and informs him she's at the courthouse. Avery's custody hearing was today and she got there too late. Ava won and Sonny is devastated. She wanted to tell Sonny about Jason but he was in too much pain to listen. So, she tells him, she thinks the two of them should talk to Sonny together.

Right then, Jake/Jason hears a motorcycle outside of the house and goes out to see who is there. Sam is riding Jason's old motorcycle and brings it back to him. Back at the house, Patrick sees his bed is empty and Sam is gone. Jake comes out to talk to her. She tells him she still has many things of his. She tells him he may ride it to come and visit Danny whenever he wants. With that she leaves and goes back to Patrick's house. Jake then notices Elizabeth looking out the window from up in the bedroom.

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