GH Update Monday 11/9/15

General Hospital Update Monday 11/9/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Ava is in Paul’s office. From outside, Anna can hear “heavy breathing”, while inside the room, they are going at it, hurriedly and getting their clothes back on before Ava has to get to the custody battle with Sonny. Ava rushes off and leaves Paul alone to talk to Anna.

Outside the courtroom, Sonny assembles with Ric, Michael and Morgan and warns them that every minute Ava is holding his daughter is a minute too long. Michael then assures his dad everything is going to be fine. They all know they have not seen or heard from Carly since the previous night and that Sonny needs her help in the hearing in order to win.

At the church, Jake suddenly enters with Carly behind him and notices Elizabeth in her white wedding dress waiting for him at the alter. Both Jake and Carly hesitate to enter and announce what they have just found out, given all the people assembled at the church and how it will drastically and profoundly affect all of their lives. Elizabeth turns to see her “groom” and smiles at him yet he looks at her expressionless. We then see both Sam's and Patrick's heads turn to, to be seen by both Jake and Carly who know what the new shocking revelation will mean to them.

Elizabeth walks over to Jake, asking him where he's been and that she's been so worried. He tells her he's sorry. He had to find Carly. She was in a wreck. First Patrick, and then Lucas, notice the cuts and bruises on Carly's face and advise her to get it checked out at the hospital. Carly tells them she'll worry about that later. She had to get there as fast as she could. Sam asks why. What is going on? Elizabeth responds that what is “going on” is that she and Jake are about to get married. Yet he tells her there's a “drastic change of plans”. Jake declares he thinks he knows who he is. He informs everyone involved that he has not given up on finding that out. Sam recognizes Spinelli's computer in Carly's possession and remembers that when she last spoke to him, he was unable to finish the program to find that out and had to return to Portland, OR. Carly confirms that Spinelli left his computer at the hospital and it appears they found a match for Jake's identity. It's a match she recognizes. Sam then asks who it is. Jake then replies that he is Jason Morgan.

Outside the courtroom, before the hearing, Ava runs into Sonny and his “team”, gloating about his being helpless and insignificant in a wheelchair. She notices Carly is not there, and asks Sonny if perhaps his wife is a no-show because maybe she's no longer eager to be a mommy to a baby when she has to be a mommy to him. Maybe Carly does not want the baby the two of them made in AJ's crypt, Ava tells Sonny as she walks into the courtroom to meet with her lawyer and brother. Alone with Sonny and observing his expression, Ric urges him not to let Ava rile him in the courtroom and to realize they are likely to win and crush Ava her. Inside the courtroom both Scott and Julian inform Ava that they've tried and failed to contact Kiki to get her to testify for her mom. Ava does not look confident in the outcome of this hearing. Julian suggests that his sister might want to consider shared custody with Sonny, reminding her that he and Olivia were able to reconcile their differences that way with baby Leo. Yet she doesn't want to consider that as she does not trust Sonny.

In Paul's office, Anna reminds him that it's funny he'd be having a “private discussion” with Ava Jerome remembering Ava is the one who claimed that Carlos shot Sonny. He tells her regarding Ava, she need not worry. He can handle Ms. Jerome. Anna is not amused however and tells Paul she knows he's holding her crime over her head and playing games and she cannot live that way. So, she concludes to Paul, she's decided she's just going to confess to killing Carlos. Hearing that, Paul tells her she may do what she has to do. However, he shows her a picture of herself and Emma in her Halloween costume, and asks Anna if that is what she wants for her granddaughter. She tells him he's got a lot of gall waving her granddaughter's picture at her when she is ready to confess. She does not buy his concern that her going to prison would affect the life of someone who adores her. She tells Paul the only reason he does not want her to confess is because it would implicate him. He faked the autopsy report and switched Carlos' body with someone else, although she admits she has no idea who he fished out of the water or how he pulled off that stunt but she knows he's guilty of something. And he has to use a child to get what he wants. Paul protests that he would never harm a child. He returned to Port Charles to be with his son, wants to have grandchildren and took the picture because he admires the bond she has with Emma. She tells him if he goes anywhere near her granddaughter, he will die.

In the courtroom, the judge announces the commencement of the hearing. She identifies both parties and their respective lawyers and declares that this is family court. Families are her main focus and so she would like to hear from the children of both parties (Sonny and Ava). Hearing that, Ric stands up to inform the judge that his client has both of his two sons there to testify on his behalf whereas Ms. Jerome's only other child, Kiki, chooses not to testify on behalf of her mother. Ric immediately calls Morgan to the stand, but Kiki unexpectedly shows up. Scott then announces to the judge that this is Lauren Jerome aka Kiki, daughter of Ava. The judge asks Kiki if she's there to testify. Kiki smiles and replies absolutely, as she confirms to her mom that she “changed her mind”. That obviously sounds encouraging as both Ava and Scott assume Kiki is on their side. Morgan takes the stand and speaks favorably about his dad when Scott interjects about how Morgan's parents sent him to boarding school to keep him away from the endangerment of living with his father, when Morgan was a child. Morgan denies that and says that was not the reason why he went to boarding school. He continues to talk about his father's commitment to his kids. He's loving, supportive but also not afraid to confront them when they've done something wrong. Ric asks Morgan how he believes his dad is with Avery, to which Morgan replies his father is great with his baby sister. She loves him and is absolutely not afraid or uncomfortable around Sonny. He adds that his dad wants a stable home for Avery with two amazing and loving parents. Scott then reminds the judge that Sonny and Carly have been married and divorced 5 times. He also asks the entire courtroom if anybody sees “two” parents here because he sees only one. Morgan confesses that Carly will be a much better mother to Avery than the murderer Avery is with now with. Scott protests those charges were dropped. Ric adds they were only dropped because Ava's taped confession went missing. Morgan concurs that Ava killed Connie and asks what kind of a mother does that. Scott protests that Sonny killed his son's biological father. Sonny protests that the governor pardoned him when Ms. Jerome abandoned her own child. Michael then takes the stand and talks about what a great father Sonny has been to him. Scott asks Michael about the time he got shot because of Sonny that put him in a coma. Also, not long ago, when Michael found out that Sonny murdered Michael's bio dad, did Michael not disown Sonny, take Avery from him and declared that Avery would not be safe with Sonny? Michael protests that's true however, he now knows he made a mistake with that and Avery belongs with Sonny. Scott brings up Sonny's other two kids, Dante and Kristina, neither of whom are present. Ric protests that although neither of them can make it today, they have both signed sworn affidavits that they support Sonny having custody of Avery over Ava. Scott gets Kiki sworn in and thanks her for testifying in her mother's behalf. In response that, however, Kiki clarifies she is not there for that. She is there to testify that Ava Jerome is a liar, a murderer and a sociopath who has ruined her (Kiki's) life and should never be allowed to raise another child.

Carly faces Jake, Elizabeth, and Sam after dropping the bombshell upon them. Elizabeth “acts” surprised. Sam angrily argues that there is obviously a mistake. Jason is dead. Jake is a completely different person and not her deceased husband. Carly protests to Sam that she would not be saying this unless she was absolutely certain and she can promise that he is Jason. Patrick asks her how she made this conclusion. Carly replies that Spinelli's program was able to reconstruct Jason's face as she shows them with the laptop. They all gather around and view the image of Jake's face turning into Jason and proving they are one and the same. Jake also presents the DNA test from an independent lab doctor who did not know anyone involved and would have no reason to falsify anything. Sam looks at the DNA report. Yet she doesn't want to believe and insists it was a mistake. Yet she looks at Jake in awe and wonders if it's really true. She does recall how Danny has been drawn to Jake. Elizabeth reminds Jake that her son, Jake knows him also. Yet Sam questions whether “Jason” remembers her at all, to which he admits he does not. He admits he does not remember anything more about his past than he did when he first woke up in the hospital. He tells Sam he has gotten to know her and is very sensitive to all she's told him about Jason. However, he does not feel it inside himself. Sam cries with her heart broken. Elizabeth then urges him to know that he has a new life as Jake Doe, the man she loves. Yet he tells her that he had a life before that was stolen and the life he lives now is not “real”.

Jason then remembers this was not an “accident”. This was planned. Somebody knew all about it and kept his life from him, he recalls, as he finds Nikolas, drags him out of his seat and puts him in a stranglehold. Nikolas smugly denies knowing anything about Jake any more than he cares. He knows Nikolas ordered the DNA test however. The others break them apart. Carly urges Jake not to go to jail for this because they need him. Elizabeth urges Jake not to hurt her “friend”. Jake asks if Hayden knows. Nikolas tells him he better leave Hayden alone because neither she nor himself know about it. Carly tells Nikolas if he knows about this and lied, he will pay. Sam tells him the same. Yet nobody suspects Elizabeth. She continues to protest that regardless of “circumstances”, Jake is the man she loves who loves her. Carly tells Elizabeth for God's sakes, she cannot marry Jason. He's married to Sam. Jason runs off. Elizabeth knows she needs to find him before Carly does. Lucas then tells Carly that right now Sonny needs her. Avery's custody hearing got moved up although Carly did not know until now. He tells her he will drive her there since her car has stalled.

On her way out, Carly stops and give Sam a big hug. Sam is alone facing Patrick not knowing what to say or do.

Paul protests to Anna that he believes they have a lot in common. He believes she was justified in killing the thug who murdered the man she loved, even though she tells him she did not have the right to take the law into her own hands. He tells her she did the world a favor ending Carlos River although she tells him she does not think Sabrina nor Carlos' family would see it that way. Paul asks if Carlos considered her or Duke or anyone when he had Duke murdered? Does she think for a moment that Carlos had any remorse for what he did? Anna admits he did not and that Carlos thought he'd get away with it. Paul then confirms that she was justified and asks her if all the good she's done does not out-weigh one crime and does she really want to sacrifice her life for Carlos when Emma needs her? Hearing that, Anna cries and tells him she doesn't know what good she is to her granddaughter when she's racked with guilt. She admits that she hears and sees Carlos and maybe prison could take that away from her. Yet Paul tells her he does not want to let her suffer because of this. She can't ruin her life over a man with no conscience. He reiterates to her that Emma needs her and he can see she's so good for her. He remarks when he saw her picking out Emma's Halloween costume, it was the first time he saw her smile. So, Paul protests, he can't let her lose that. Yet she does not trust him.

On the witness stand, Kiki tells the court that all she remembers was throughout her entire life growing up, her mother kept her from her father. She later learned that the reason was so that Ava could get her hands on the Quartermaine's money. She remembers her mother murdered Connie Falconeri when Connie threatened to expose her for that. The judge calls a recess. Kiki gets up and walks toward Sonny. He thanks her for her help. She reminds him that her mother kept her from her father and she does not want that for Avery. She assesses to Sonny that he's been good to her, never kept her from her baby sister, plus he raised two pretty great sons. She confirms that she respects him, believes Avery will be lucky to have him and hugs him. Michael, Morgan and Ava all observe, attentively. Ava waits until she and Sonny are alone and unseen and she goes up to him, taunting him, telling him Avery will grow up knowing him as nothing more than a helpless, weak and crippled loser whom she has to take care of. Michael and Morgan may say the right words but she knows all they feel for him is pity and they are grateful it's not them in the wheelchair. She tells him that she knows Carly will see him as a patient and a burden instead of a husband. And obviously, he won't be a real man to her when he can't perform. At that point, Sonny furiously grabs Ava's wrist and tells her he can have her murdered very easily. Carly rushes in and witnesses that.

Paul tells Anna he wants her to work for him. She asks doing what. Does he want her to be his own personal assassin? He chuckles and tells her no. With her experience in law enforcement and the WSB, he wants her to be his investigative consultant for the DA's office. She asks if she will have to do everything he asks even if she's compromising her own ethics. He tells her it's her choice whether she wants to accept his offer.

Nikolas and Hayden return home and she reflects that was quite an interesting wedding. She reveals that she knows that he and Elizabeth both knew yet hid that Jake is really Jason Morgan.

Sam and Patrick wonder what to do now.

Elizabeth goes looking for Jake on their all-too-familiar bridge and now, for the first time, she calls him Jason.

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