GH Update Friday 11/6/15

General Hospital Update Friday 11/6/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Anna goes to the hospital to meet with Dr. Kevin Collins. Yet, he surprises her by telling her that he is referring her to another provider whom he believes is better suited to help her with her specific issue. Kevin introduces her and tells her all the great qualifications of Dr. Andre Maddox. He tells her Andre is one of the top psychiatrists in the state. She tells Kevin she is comfortable with him (with Kevin) and she does not think this is going to work. Yet both Kevin and Andre want her to try the new doctor, Andre. Alone in the room with her, Andre tells her that in spite of her reservations, obviously Dr. Kevin Collins believes it would be of benefit for her to have a new doctor so he encourages her to have a seat and talk to him. She then talks to him about how she lost the man she loved right when they were going to get married. He was murdered. She sunk into a depression and had trouble coping with the grief. She had trouble sleeping and had re-occurring dreams and visions of the man who shot her fiancÚ. Kevin prescribed drugs to her, she informs the new doctor and, she tells him, she wants to get back to talking exclusively to Kevin and not being referred to someone else.

Ava goes to see Paul Hornsby and there is a bit of initial tension between them (Is there mutual “sexual” interest? Are they friends or enemies or business allies or foes or what?). She tells him that she would like to offer him a piece of art from her gallery, adding that she does not get along with Tracy and can't do business with her. She wants to offer him free or reduced art and obviously “bribe” him with monetary incentive. He asks her what type of “favor” she wants from him in return for her “investment”. She replies something very important. She tells him she urgently needs his help in fighting and winning custody of her daughter from Sonny. She informs Paul that Sonny now has the governor in his pocket. She's very worried and needs her own powerful allies. As soon as Paul hears that the governor is involved, he makes it clear that he cannot be a part of that. As the new DA, he cannot have the new governor knowing that he is in business with her although she pleads and makes it clear she's desperate for his help.

At the hospital, Sonny tells Ric that given that Ava is the mother of his child, Avery won't be safe until she gets away from her. He admits to Ric it's very odd that he has yet to hear from Carly. When it sounds like Ric is implying that Carly is “neglecting” his brother by not being there now, Sonny affirms to Ric that his wife has always been by his side. He gets on his phone, hears her voice mail and leaves her a message telling her he needs her to contact him. He got the custody hearing moved up to this afternoon, he tells her recording device. They can take their daughter home today, he tells her, but she needs to get to the courthouse and meet him right away so they can make sure Ava has to give her back to them. If Carly has to be late because of Jake's wedding, Sonny tells her he understands and it's cool But she needs least return his call right away. Yet there's still no response.

Jake finds Carly on the deserted road beside her stalled car. He arrives wearing his wedding tux while Elizabeth and everyone waits for him to get back to his wedding. As soon as she sees him and comes to, she calls him Jason. In response to that, he tells her that she may believe he “reminds her” of Jason but he's not Jason. She then shows him the laptop still in her car with the image of his and Jason's faces, from which Spinelli's program identified them as the same person. That does not convince Jake, however. He is still certain that “that guy” who passed away, Sam's husband and her friend is dead and he (Jake) is not him (Jason). Yet she tells him the DNA test will prove otherwise. He still does not believe it however and demands she stops urging him to believe that he is Jason.

Before the wedding starts, Elizabeth's three boys are distracted as Felix and Epiphany want to entertain and amuse them by showing them trees to climb. Michael and Sabrina observe them and he remarks to her in reference to Jake adopting them, that he was adopted himself at about their age. He also wants to talk about “their baby” but once again she evades the subject. Nikolas walks in and asks if anyone has seen Hayden Barnes recently. Michael replies he has not but wonders why it is that Nikolas chose to bring a date who happens to be the same woman who scammed being Jake's wife. When Nikolas responds that it's none of his business, Michael reminds him of all the crimes and dishonorable acts he's done and remarks to Nikolas that it's going to come back to bite him. Nikolas looks at Michael smugly and walks away.

Hayden goes into the room where Elizabeth is getting ready for her wedding. She promises not to take up much of Elizabeth's time and still sounds “alarmingly” gracious and still neither suspecting nor revealing anything. Elizabeth looks at her worried (afraid Hayden will get her memory back and reveal the thing Elizabeth fears the most). Hayden replies she thinks Elizabeth knows why she's there. She further tells Elizabeth that she just wanted to reconcile whatever differences she had with her and Jake, as she knows Nikolas has issues with them. She's sorry for that, wants to get close to all of them and wishes Elizabeth all the happiness with soon as he gets there. Yet she can see that Elizabeth is very uneasy and on edge about “something” yet it appears Hayden either does not know.... or knows very well and wants Elizabeth to admit it.

While outside the wedding hall, waiting, Sam talks to Patrick about their tentative wedding plans and then tells him she has to go and check on something. Patrick runs into Sabrina and can see she is pregnant. They catch up, not having talked in a long time. Neither of them have forgotten what they went through when she was pregnant with his child yet are now both happy, respectively with their new relationships. Nikolas enters and Hayden leaves the two of them alone to talk. He tells her that he brought Hayden and is not comfortable with everybody's disapproval and does not feel welcome. Knowing she's just about the only person that knows his “secret” regarding Hayden, Nikolas feels comfortable confiding in Elizabeth. She assures him that he is welcome at her wedding. He's been a great friend to her and will always mean more to her than he will ever know. At that point, Nikolas reveals that he might not mind getting back with her although he knows that she loves “the new Jason”. Hearing that, Elizabeth cries and confides in the only person (besides Laura and now Carly....and little Jake) who knows the secret that affect her life, telling Nikolas that she's afraid she has disgraced her grandmother's memory with what she is doing. Yet Nikolas genuinely assures her that he believes that her grandmother would be very proud and happy for her just like he is and would not judge her for this. He tells her he knows the life she's always wanted is right in front of her and she has the right to enjoy it and be happy with the man she loves, regardless of circumstances. She hugs him. Outside the room, Hayden finds Patrick who remembers not long ago when she was his patient and remarks, regarding her memory loss, that he would still like to refer her to Dr. Kevin Collins. In response to that, Hayden tells Patrick she may not need that because it appears that her memory is coming back on it's own. Sam overhears and asks her if that would include remembering who Jake really is. Hayden replies with; “You never know” and walks away.

While Michael waits for Jake and his mom to return and the wedding to start, his phone rings and Sonny calls him to ask if he's heard from Carly. Michael admits he has not but is sure she's not far away and ready to stand up for Jake who is also not present. Sonny then informs Michael his custody hearing is today so he needs both Carly and Michael to be there for him. Michael tells his dad he will let his mom know and they will both be there. As soon as he's done on the phone, Michael tells Sabrina he won't be able to stay for the wedding and if, when his mom arrives, could she have ask Carly to call him? She agrees. Michael then leaves while she stays.

As soon as Carly makes the startling revelation to Jake, he denies and doesn't want to believe it. Maybe not so much “disbelief” as the thought that he's been spending the last year of his life unaware that he is another person with another life. She protests that it's all too obvious to her. Not only does the scientific, medical evidence not lie. It makes sense given how Elizabeth, Sam and herself have all seen a profound connection and closeness to him without a conscious clue as to why. She also realizes and cannot believe she did not realize this until now. Hearing that, he concludes to her that she misses Jason and believes her life is ruined without him. So does Sam. And, he tells her, he is truly sorry for the pain and tragedy his death has caused her and realizes how it's understandable for them all to want to believe that they've found Jason again. But that has nothing to do with him because his name is Jake. Carly reminds him Jake does not exist. That's the name he gave himself because he did not know who he was. But the proof is right there. Yet Jason refuses to listen or believe what she's saying and walks away. She continues to protest to him that he is Jason and if he says otherwise, it may mean that he does not want to face up to that. She talks about the very first time they met and all he has done for her. Whatever he says, he's Jason and he is scared. She reminds him that Danny and Jake are his sons and need him. She also reminds him that DNA doesn't lie. He then asks her if that is true, then what is he supposed to do now? Carly replies he has to call off his wedding to Elizabeth because he's still married to Sam.

Sonny talks to Ric, at the hospital about preparing for his custody hearing and Morgan's role in it. Ric warns his brother that although he knows Morgan intends to help his dad, he might inadvertently be a liability as he knows Ava and her lawyer will want to diminish his credibility as well as Sonny's, given how they both slept with Ava and how Avery was conceived, in the first place. Sonny then remarks he knows the daughter he loves was an accidental pregnancy conceived by a serious one-time mistake he made. He regrets ever touching Ava but he will never regret his daughter. She is the most beautiful sweet and precious child. He knows what it's like to be helplessly at the mercy of someone who only cares about themselves and he will never, ever let Ava hurt his little girl.

Ava is failing miserably to convince Paul that he “owes” her. He tells her he owes her nothing, reminding her she is a murderer. The only reason she's not in prison is because of his help and if she no longer wants to “work for” him, he can easily find her confession which will easily solve her custody dilemma. When she angrily gets ready to leave, he assures her that she already has the perfect strategy to beat Sonny, which he is happy to provide. She stays and listens.

Anna's new shrink finds it very “interesting and noteworthy” that she is having recurring visions of seeing the man who killed Duke. He tells her it would be “normal” if she was seeing visions of Duke. But her seeing Carlos is indicative of guilt. She admits she felt guilty because she could not save Duke. She then remembers Paul reminding her that he covered up what she did while she tells the new shrink about how she's suffered since the loss of Duke. He then admits to her that he knows she is lying about something very “significant”. Hearing that, she gets up and walks out. Kevin is standing outside the door. She tells him she's not about to have any more sessions with that new guy. He's way too arrogant, she tells Kevin as she walks out the door.

Paul is ready to join forces with Ava and side with her against Sonny. She's very encouraged to learn that.

When Anna leaves the new shrink's office, Kevin stands outside the door. As soon as she's gone and cannot overhear or see them, they reveal they might be in a “conspiracy” together regarding knowing she's lying about something (which they may or may not know what it is).

Back at the hospital, Sonny, Michael and Ric all know they need Carly at Sonny's custody hearing but they haven't a clue where she is or been able to contact her

At the chapel, everybody continues to wait for the wedding to start when neither Jake nor Carly are anywhere to be found or contacted. Yet Elizabeth tells all her guests that this wedding is going on and she's going to marry Jake no matter what happens. Right when everybody (accept for Elizabeth) is ready to give up on the wedding, Jake arrives at the door with Carly behind him. Elizabeth stares in awe not knowing what will happen next.

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