GH Update Thursday 11/5/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 11/5/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Ava is alone at The Floating Rib, worried and frantically on her phone booking a one-way flight to Hong Kong. She plans to run away before her court hearing with Avery where nobody can ever find her. However, Scott Baldwin appears, takes the phone out of her hands, reminds her he is her lawyer and she's lucky nobody from Sonny's camp overheard or knew about her attempt to do that. He tells her even if she's found out that China does not have an extradition treaty, they will not allow her to stay in their country and get away with kidnapping a baby. So, he tells her she's going to stay and do what he says and trust him in her custody hearing. He assures her that while he does like the fact that she's paying him good money, he has his own reasons to help her win custody of her daughter to Sonny. He reminds Ava that after what Sonny did to Scott's daughter, he will not let Sonny get his way or have access to any more children nor have any more power. Yet, he warns Ava, if she takes Avery away and runs, she will get charged with kidnapping and that could ruin it for them. Yet Ava angrily reminds him that Sonny Corinthos always gets what he wants so she cannot trust the courts. Scott reminds her they have her brother to testify in her behalf although they both realize that with Julian's record, it might not work in her favor. Scott tells her that maybe she might need to co-parent with Sonny in order to keep her daughter. Yet Ava tells him she refuses to negotiate with thugs nor will she allow her daughter to be raised by Carly the bitch.

Sonny is in the hospital talking to Patrick about his options and expectation for doing physical therapy and hopefully getting out of his wheelchair when Sam enters in an elegant dress ready for the wedding. She announces to Sonny that she is engaged to Patrick. Sonny tells Patrick he's a lucky man to have a beautiful fiancÚ. They are all still wondering where Carly is given that she's going to be Jake's best person. Sonny remarks he wishes he could be at Jake's wedding, realizing that although he barely knows that guy, Jake did save his life.

Still on the deserted road, Carly manages to get out of her car and limp with her phone when Jake calls her and they confirm they can hear each other. She is eternally grateful to have been able to reach him. However, she accidentally drops her phone into a mud puddle and loses the connection.

Nikolas is getting ready to attend Elizabeth's and Jake's wedding while Laura straightens his tie. He remarks to his mom that he wishes she would attend also and not stay home. Yet she tells him that given the secret that she knows Elizabeth is hiding, she suspects she may be the last person Elizabeth wants to see. She continues to remind her son that if she is not there, she won't be tempted to reveal the truth that they both know Elizabeth does not want revealed at her wedding. So, she concludes to Nikolas, her absence is her wedding gift for Elizabeth. Laura remarks to Nikolas she does not like the thought that Elizabeth and Jake's wedding is all based on a lie. Hayden walks in and overhears that. She remarks she's interested in hearing more of Laura's thoughts on Jake and Elizabeth “not quite being right” for each other although Nikolas tells her he has no issues with their wedding. He tells her his mother is simply harboring hopes that Elizabeth gets back with his brother Lucky and that Elizabeth is not entirely over him nor honest about that. Laura confirms that Hearing that, Hayden is surprised that they were not talking about Jake's “unknown past”. Hayden leaves them alone and Laura continues to protest to her son that she thinks maybe Jake would like to know who he is before marrying Elizabeth

Back at Elizabeth's home, Epiphany, Sabrina and Felix help her get ready. Michael enters and informs them he just ran into Jake at the hospital while Jake was looking for Carly. They all reflect that seems odd that Carly has been missing in action when she plays an important part in Jake's wedding. From the hospital, all dressed in his tux, Jake is on the phone asking Carly if she can hear him and if she is there. She does not reply yet he can see he has full bars. Sam finds him and asks him what is going on. They both realize that nobody has seen or heard from Carly in the last 24 hours and he hasn't a clue what the failed call she made to him was about.

While Carly attempts to walk and get help, she falls and passes out.

With Sam at the hospital, Jake begins to worry about how or if they find Carly. She can no longer be reached by phone and he and Sam brainstorm as to how they find her.

Ric goes to talk to Sonny at the hospital ready to represent him in his custody battle with Ava. He assures his brother he is confident that Sonny has a better lawyer than Ava has and they should be able to win. He reminds Sonny that the governor of NY is on their side since Sonny saved his daughter's life and Ric also has some other tricks up his sleeve including getting the governor to move the trial up so it takes place this afternoon which does not work in Ava's or Scott's favor. Ava races over to confront Sonny at the hospital. Both he and Ric are very calm and confident he has no reason to fear anything she could say or do and that Sonny can win custody of his daughter. Ava angrily tells him she did not survive the hell that he and Carlos and Nina put her through so that she could lose her daughter. She yells to Sonny he will not take Avery away from her and she will die first, to which neither Sonny nor Ric are worried. He tells her that he is not responsible for her almost dying on the bridge. However, if she had died, it would be a blessing to Kiki, to Morgan and to Avery. She is an unfit mother and a sociopath. Everybody knows that including the judge. He tells her at the end of the hearing, she will be nothing more than a stranger to Avery. He and Carly will raise Avery and find a way for Ava to go back to prison for murder. Hearing that, she lashes out, gets ready to physically attack Sonny and threatens to kill him. His guard escorts her out and Sonny is not worried. Scott Baldwin enters and demands to know what is going on. Ric informs him that his client just threatened Ric's client. Sonny calmly and confidently tells Ava she does not care about any human being on this planet except herself. Everybody knows that. The judge will see that and that is why she's going to lose today.

After she's gone, Sonny praises Ric and expresses his confidence that he will win custody of Avery although Ric warns him that it's not over yet, reminding him that Scott Baldwin is not stupid nor willing to take this without a fight, nor is Ava. Sonny tells his brother he realizes that but he has a family, friends, a great lawyer and Carly there for him. Ric then remarks it's very odd that nobody has seen or heard from Carly. Sonny assumes she's probably at Jake's wedding. Outside in the hospital, while Scott lectures Ava on how she may have harmed hear case making that outburst and death threat to Sonny, she expresses to him that although she knows he wants to fight Sonny, he is no match for him. She needs someone strong enough to take down her enemy. And that somebody is not him.

Patrick leaves the hospital to get to Elizabeth's home, realizing he is her “man of honor”. At her house, her colleagues present her with her “old, new, borrowed and blue” gifts.

At Wyndemere, Laura tells Nikolas she has somewhere to go and gives her son a warning that he needs to beware of that girl, Hayden because she does not trust him. Nikolas asks his mom if she intends to spill the secret to Jake. She assures him it's not that although she does not reveal what she intends to do. He is worried and leaves Elizabeth a message, warning her of what might be happening. Hayden enters and Nikolas continues to be guarded and resistant toward her. She is not worried even though neither Jake nor Elizabeth welcome her at the wedding. She remarks to Nikolas she somehow knows that it is he who is unwelcome more than herself.

Laura goes to find Elizabeth at her wedding to talk privately to her. Knowing what Laura probably wants to talk to her about, Elizabeth pleads that she not “do this to her” and not break her promise of keeping the secret about Jake. Yet Laura warns Elizabeth that she happens to know that Jake has not given up on finding his past so if Elizabeth loves his man like she says she does, she will come clean to Jake before they get married. She assures Elizabeth that she, herself, will not reveal the secret but Elizabeth must. She tells Elizabeth she loves her like a daughter, wants her to be happy, realizes that Elizabeth thinks she will find it with Jake. However, she tells her, she won't. Not this way. No real happiness can ever be built on a lie, she tells her, although Elizabeth protests that she is wrong. Laura assures her that she will be there for her and Elizabeth will get through this. Elizabeth tells Laura if she does that, then she will lose Jake. Yet Laura tells her she does not know that and needs to trust Jake knowing the truth. Patrick arrives and gets Elizabeth and the boys ready to go although he can see that she is not ok, even though she assures him otherwise. The boys come down and urge their grandma to come to the wedding. She graciously thanks them for inviting her and tells them she just came by to tell their mom that she loves her and make sure “everything goes the way it should”

At the hospital, Sam contacts the NSA to see if they can find the location of Carly and/or her phone. He wants to find Carly first although Sam tells him he has a wedding to get to and she will do it. Yet he insists that he has to go and do this and promises to be back soon.

Hayden gets Nikolas to reluctantly bring her to the wedding and she continues to inquire what kinds of secrets and mysteries are going on.

Elizabeth, Patrick, Epiphany and Felix arrive at the chapel but find it odd that nobody can find Jake. Sam finds Patrick and Elizabeth encourages them both to know that their wedding is next. In the other room, Sabrina continues to evade Michael's questions about “their” baby. They are also wondering why Jake is not there and where he could be. Right while Patrick and Sam are happily together and talking about their own wedding, Nikolas and Hayden suddenly enter and ruin the moment for them. Hayden leaves Nikolas alone to talk to his cousin. Sam makes it clear she does not trust him and wonders why Elizabeth would want him there. Patrick remarks that he remembers the Nikolas who was one of Robin's closest friends and who used to be truth worthy. He also wonders what happened to that guy.

As soon as Elizabeth is alone in the room right before her wedding, Hayden unexpectedly enters and tells her she is pretty certain she will get her memory back and know everything she needs to know. Hayden continues to behave in a friendly manner, yet still not revealing that she knows the secret although Elizabeth tells her she doesn't want her there.

Nikolas gets a call from Laura still urging him and Elizabeth to come clean and reveal what they know to Jake although he continues to tell his mom they are not doing that and he is supporting Elizabeth in marrying the “man she loves.”

Patrick and Sam wait and wonder why nobody has seen or heard from either Jake or Carly when the wedding should be starting by now.

When Carly is passed out on the abandoned road where she's walked from her stalled car, Jake manages to find her. When she sees he's come to find her and is not at his wedding to Elizabeth, she calls him Jason and tells him she's “found him too”.

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