GH Update Wednesday 11/4/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/4/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Elizabeth awakens alone in her bed and sees a Rose. Jake leaves her a note telling her that he and the boys are downstairs waiting for her. He still seems very trusting and ready to commit to her. It's the day of their wedding. She sits at the top of the stairs and listens to Jake interacting and bonding with her three sons. They all confirm to him that they want him to be their father forever. They are all ready to prepare a surprise for Elizabeth and rehearse the roles they will all have in their mom and Jake's wedding. Jake joins Elizabeth reflecting that he spent the night on the couch while she was alone in her bed, observing “tradition” for the night before the wedding. She tells him she doesn't want anything to ruin their luck. Yet Jake seems completely confident that they will have all the luck they need, even though he still has no clue who he was before he lost his memory.

Lulu returns to The Haunted Star the morning after the party. Olivia comes by, obviously not having heard what happened. Observing the mess all around the bar, she comments one would think a bomb went off the previous night by the looks of things. Lulu informs her mother-in-law that the only thing that “exploded” last night was her marriage. Hearing that, Olivia urges Lulu to tell her mother-in-law what is going on. Lulu then informs Olivia that Dante cheated on her. Apparently a video got accidentally recorded of Valerie admitting to Dillon that she slept with Dante and Dillon apparently mistakenly played it for everyone to see at The Haunted Star Halloween party, having it mixed up with the video he intended to play of the movie he's doing. However, the bottom line, she tells Olivia, is that Dante had sex with her cousin and lied to her about it until he got caught. When Olivia asks her what she may have decided or plans to do at this point, Lulu admits she does not know about anything. Just yesterday her life was pretty good. She had a husband and a stable marriage. Olivia then tells her daughter-in-law she is not making any excuses for her son but she knows that Dante loves his wife. And she urges Lulu to know she really should wait before making any rash decisions. Hearing that, Lulu emotionally tells Olivia that this had to happen to her. She had to be publicly humiliated at the place she owns and Dante is responsible for it. She now knows that Dante's plan appears to be to have her and their new baby and Valerie on the side.

Dante returns to his and Lulu's apartment. She is not there but Valerie comes by to talk to him. She tells him she seriously doubts and so should he, that Dillon played the video by “accident”. He knew what he was doing and obviously has motives to take Lulu from Dante and publicly humiliate Lulu and make sure she blames her husband for that and to end their marriage for good. So, she tells Dante, maybe he should not blame himself for everything.. She also tells him if he feels he's ruined his marriage with his actions, she has ruined her good standing in this town with hers. He tells her that he knows there was a good reason for why she was selected for the police academy. He knows she has what it takes and she will succeed and he encourages her “not to let one mistake” ruin it for her. Right then, Lulu enters, sees them together and overhears their private conversation. Lulu is furious and wants Valerie out of her home and out of town. Valerie she can get upset, blame Dante and feel sorry for herself all she wants or she can own her own responsibility in this. Had Lulu not distrusted her husband and snuck off lying to him that she was seeing her grandma while she was with Dillon Quartermaine, this whole thing would have never happened. Lulu may not have slept with Dillon but she clearly trusted him more than she trusted her own husband/ She tells Lulu maybe instead of continuing to wallow in this, maybe Lulu can forgive her husband and realize that what she does now doesn't just affect herself. It affects Dante and Rocco. She gets ready to leave Dante and Lulu to talk alone but reminds Lulu she has a man who is committed to her and would do anything for her. So, she asks Lulu; what is more important to her? Her pride or her family? She gets up and angrily walks out. Alone with Lulu, Dante attempts, again to talk to her, telling her even if she says she never wants to speak to him again, he doesn't want to lose what they have so she needs to stay there with him so can work things out. She tells him no. This is not home to her. This is a “crime scene”. This is the very place where her husband slept with her cousin behind her back and she is getting out.

Right then, we see Morgan staying with Kiki while she sleeps it off on the couch in the apartment she now shares with Franco and Nina.

Michael and Sabrina come by the hospital to visit Sonny. He remarks he wonders where Carly is knowing she's usually at the hospital by now. They all suspect nothing while Michael tells his dad how his mom had fun with Jake and company at the bachelor party encouraging Jake to do karaoke. Sonny asks about Sabrina's baby. Again, she is uneasy, evades the question and tells them she has to get to Elizabeth's house to help prepare for her wedding. She leaves. Alone with Sonny, Michael informs his dad he took his advice and proposed to Sabrina but she turned him down

Little do they know that Carly's car is stalled on a deserted road in the dark and she's unconscious after a head-on collision in which Kiki was the other driver. Finally, she awakens to remember what happened.

Kiki appears to be unharmed even though she was driving Franco's car and collided with Carly...and she does not even remember that. Morgan is alone with her at the apartment while it appears Franco and Nina are not yet awake. Right then, Franco immediately comes out of the room and demands to know what Morgan is doing there and what he “did” to Kiki. Morgan protests that he stayed overnight to make certain Kiki is ok. Franco asks him how he can say that when it's clear that Kiki is not ok when he can smell the booze all over her. She then yells at Franco that this does not concern him and he needs to stay out of it. He leaves them alone and Kiki tells Morgan she apologizes and knows that is Franco's way of acting protective and like he cares. She does realize, however, that she has absolutely no recollection of what happened the previous night although Morgan tells her the importance of hearing she “needs to know” regarding last night. She admits the last thing she remembered was seeing him with Darby, arguing with him and that is the last thing that registered in her memory bank until she woke up on the couch and noticed him beside her. He tells her that although he urged her not to drive, she did and he found her car in a ditch, then drove her home and got her car home while she was passed out drunk. Right then, Franco enters and angrily discovers that his car got side swiped in the garage. He has no clue that Kiki was responsible for that but makes it clear to both of him that he's going to call the cops and make whoever ruined his car pay. Alone with Morgan, Kiki tells him she doesn't ever want Franco to find out it was she that smashed his car. Morgan then tells her that maybe she does need to answer for what she did. He found her in her car, drunk and passed out, having run off the road with an open bottle of booze rolling all over inside the car. He reminds her that he found her before she got an OUI charge. She's lucky she did not hit anyone. Little do either of them know what she did.

Right after Carly comes to, alone in her car yet unable to move or get it to start, she is all alone as she yells for help. Nobody hears or sees her. She struggles to get her phone to work but it does not and she still seems immobilized after the accident.

Meanwhile, Epiphany, Sabrina and Felix all come by Elizabeth's home to join her and congratulate her and Jake. They remark how profoundly positive it is that Jake is bonding so well with her three kids and they with him and that he seems like the perfect husband and father in their lives. They all talk about settling down and having families. Felix and Epiphany are happy and suspecting nothing yet Sabrina reveals that she is uneasy, says nothing and does not smile.

While Elizabeth talks to her well-wishers who believe she and Jake and the kids will all be one big happy family, Jake goes into the other room to check his messages and plays Carly telling him that she urgently needs to talk to him before his wedding and he needs to call her back no matter how late it is. Although he still has no clue what she intends to tell him, he realizes that he did not check his messages the previous night and might want to find Carly and talk privately before he gets married. He still realizes that he's no closer to finding out who he was before the accident than he was the first day he woke up in the hospital. He needs some answers with or without marrying Elizabeth.

Olivia finds Sonny and Michael and tells them she has something very crucial and important to tell them regarding Dante. Sonny asks her what could possibly go wrong in their “role model” son's life. She replies that Dante cheated on Lulu. Hearing that, he asks her what Dante had to say. She admits she has not yet spoken to their son and just found that out when she went by the haunted Star and Lulu informed her for the first time. Sonny then reveals to both of them that Dante confessed to him that he cheated on his wife and has kept it a secret until now and he advised him to come clean to Lulu before letting her talk to Dante first. Sonny protests that Lulu needed to know the truth yet Olivia tells him she knows it was not the right thing to do. She reminds Sonny that not all lies are bad,. Not all lies have to be revealed, as he knows all too well that her lie to him may have saved Dante's life as a child. She also reflects if her child gets hurt because of the secret coming out to Julian, she will make him pay. She affirms to Sonny that although she loves both of her sons, she regrets the one night she had with Sonny, long ago, in which she conceived him, as she does for what she recently did with Julian. She wishes those secrets never had to be revealed and so she knows there's no reason for Dante's secret to be revealed.

When Carly finds she cannot access her phone to make or receive any calls, Jake calls her from Elizabeth's and asks her to return his message as soon as she gets it. Yet she is unaware.

Jake goes to the hospital looking for Carly but does not find her. Michael sees him and tells him he has not seen or heard from his mom “recently but is sure everything is ok and she will return soon. Michael realizes that maybe his mom once had “reservations” about her “friend, Jake” marrying Elizabeth. Yet Michael assures Jake that he knows Carly supports Jake marrying the woman he loves and all is good.

Morgan admits to Kiki that he screws up all the time and is not judging her. He tells her that regardless of that, crawling into a bottle is not the answer. He tells her he thinks she needs to sleep this off and get some rest. She then wants to talk to him about “that bottle he found” in Franco's car, to which he assures her he removed it so there will be no evidence for Franco to connect her to what happened to his car. He is concerned, however, that it appears Kiki has no recollection whatsoever of what happened when she was driving and blacked out before he found her car ran off the road and he found her. We then see the flashback of Kiki driving into the wrong lane and Carly yelling that she better stay in her own lane before it's too late. Kiki has no memory of that. Morgan was not there and has no clue that she hit his mother. Carly remembers what happened but is probably unaware that Kiki was the other driver since she made it home and is nowhere to be seen. When Franco returns and sees Morgan has not left, he furiously confronts him and grabs him by his collar demanding that he stay away from Kiki, He tells Morgan he is nothing but trouble and he better not see him in his house again, as he pushes Morgan out the door.

Valerie returns to The Haunted Star, looking for Dillon yet there is nobody there. She has a memory of the brief encounter she had with Dante, revealing she may still have feelings for him. She cries.

Sad music plays as Lulu is alone packing her stuff before vacating the apartment and crying. Sonny attempts to send a text to Dante yet hesitates not knowing what to write. Lulu coldly faces her husband and leaves him alone in the apartment Morgan leaves. Kiki is alone in the apartment depressed.. Franco comforts her and she falls asleep in his arms. Carly then manages to get her phone to ring and dials out to Jake. At the hospital, he hears his phone ring, knows it's from Carly and urgently takes the call.

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