GH Update Tuesday 11/3/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/3/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

After Kiki runs into Morgan and finds out he slept with Darby, he protests to her that he can't understand why it would matter to her when she's made it clear to him that she wants nothing to do with him. Kiki tells Morgan since he has no morals and can sleep with her mother, he might as well have cheap sex with anything he sees. However, she gives Darby one word of advice; Don't let Morgan anywhere near her mom because he will end up in bed with Darby's mom. Hearing that, Darby concludes that she does not want anything to do with their drama and leaves the two of them alone. Morgan then concludes to Kiki that he is done with her. For good. He reminds her he apologized to her, tried to be her friend. He's told her he cares about her and he still does. She continues to drink and asks him if it was that easy for him to move on. He protests that it was not like what the two of them had. It was just fun and didn't mean anything. He asks her if she thinks her excessive drinking is any better than what he is doing right now. In response to that, she tells him that maybe she just wants to crawl into a bottle and not have to face and see all that has happened to her. Maybe she doesn't want to have to see her father lying bloody and dead on the floor. Maybe she doesn't want to have to see her mother betraying her and sleeping with her boyfriend. She gets up to walk away but stumbles. Morgan catches her and tells her she's not driving home. He will drive her. She tells him no. She doesn't want anything more to do with him. She tells him to go to hell and runs out the door.

Valerie tells Dillon she knows it was no accident that he played the video of her private confession to him that she and Dante slept together and kept it a secret from Lulu. He can't use Andy the camera guy as an excuse. Why would Andy want to have everyone see the video where she admits she slept with Dante. Dillon, however, she reminds him, obviously wants Lulu to break up with Dante so that he can have her. He protests that he believes Lulu has the right to know what kind of a man she is married to. Yet Valerie tells him she does not buy his “good intentions” or concern for Lulu. If he felt so strongly about that, he could have had the courtesy and the courage to tell that to her privately instead of having it exposed on video right for everybody to see. He had to publicly humiliate and blind-side the woman he claims to love, Valerie tells him. She assesses to Dillon that she no longer respects or trusts him.

Maxie urges Nathan to go with her to be there for Lulu after this devastating blow. He urges her to let Dante and Lulu work this out. At that point, she is able to conclude that this is not the first time Nathan has found out that Dante slept with Valerie. She asks Nathan why he would keep that secret from her. Nathan protests it was not his secret to tell. Maxie angrily tells Nathan that he should have trusted her and given her the opportunity to help Dante and Lulu with this before the secret came out in such a humiliating way to her best friend, right in front of everybody at a public function at Lulu's club. He tells her she must understand what it's like to struggle between keeping a secret in order not to hurt someone and coming clean if it might mean more people getting hurt. She asks him if he does not realize how she paid a price for lying to Dante and Lulu by having them mistakenly believing the baby she had with Spinelli was theirs. She tells him because of this cover-up, she had no way to protect or support Lulu through this. She cries and Nathan holds her and comforts her. She tells him she watched everything unfold tonight. She tells him she could feel Lulu's pain knowing she trusted her husband so much and there was no way she could have seen this coming. Nathan tells Maxie he's sorry and he wishes he could make this better. Maxie remarks that she saw Dante and Lulu as having the perfect marriage and they inspired her when she gave up on love. She asks what hope is there for any of us if Dante cheats on Lulu? Hearing that, Nathan encourages Maxie to not lose faith in their relationship because of what happened between Dante and Lulu.

After the revelation, Dante runs after Lulu. Yet she cries and furiously demands he gets away from her and tells him she will never forgive him. She is devastated to find out that her husband and cousin slept together and have kept it a secret all this while. She hysterically reminds him that he made her believe that he loved her and was the perfect husband and father and that they could have a perfect life together. They were going to have another baby and she was going to start hormone treatment the following day. He protests he still wants that. Yet she remembers his having doubts about going through with it and now she knows the reason why. He was afraid the truth would come out and he'd get found out. She furiously tells him he's a lying bastard and they are through. She asks how he could keep the secret all this while and lie to her. He protests he did it for them, for their family and for their son. Hearing that, she furiously tells him how dare he tell her he did it to spare their marriage or for their son. She tells him she needs to know just how he enjoyed sex with her cousin. Dante emotionally replies that he was in pain, angry and not thinking on that one night when he made that tragic mistake. He was afraid he lost her and their marriage was over. She furiously tells him she can only imagine all times when he and Valerie had to secretly figure out how to cover it up and all the nights Valerie stayed in their mutual home. Dante cries and protests that he thought she was sleeping with Dillon. Lulu tells him how dare he make excuses. He clearly had a need to have another woman. And on that night, he found the perfect justification to have her. She tells him that if he could have sex with someone he didn't even want because he mistakenly thought that she was with Dillon and did not trust her, that says a lot about their marriage. He reminds her she did not trust him enough to tell him where she went and whom she was with that night in question and she lied to him. She angrily tells him he cannot put this on her. He cheated on her and dishonored their vows. Ever since that night, their marriage and the love she thought they had was all a lie. He protests that he intended to come clean and was ready to tell her the night after the Halloween party, after he discussed it with his father and Sonny advised him to come clean and tell Lulu. She concludes if he's confided in his father, he's probably also confided in Nathan. Dante admits yes. Nathan knows. She asks if Maxie knew and already knows she does not because her best friend would have had the decency to give her a heads up about the affair before Lulu finds out about it this way. She has to be publicly humiliated in front of everyone she knows and can no longer face them knowing what they know about her. She sobs and tells him he did this to her. He did this to their son.

Elizabeth and Jake take a walk by the railroad bridge. He feels a very strong “deja vu” remembering having been there before and somehow knowing that something very significant must have happened right at this very place. He tells her that he feels “something” and remembers something that happened before the accident. He tells her he remembers being on this very bridge, at some point with her. He tells her it was all too familiar with her voice, her face and the lights. He knows he's been there before although she reminds him there are bridges like this all over the country. He could be remembering anything or nothing at all. Jake then concludes that is why he needs to know about his past and not be stuck without a clue. He becomes angry and determined not to let his unsolved mystery go any longer.

When Sam and Patrick return home and are ready to go to bed, she leaves a message for Spinelli, urging him to call her because the unsolved mystery on the laptop has not been solved and she does not have access to it. Unknown to her, Carly has it and has made the startling revelation that it appears Jake is really Jason. Sam is aware and very concerned, however, that Jake is going to get married without knowing who he really is. Patrick wonders why this is weighing on her as he assures her that he knows Elizabeth wants to marry Jake regardless of that “factor" (Little does Patrick know that Elizabeth know who Jake really is) and, he affirms to Sam, they are happy together. She tells him she realizes that (also having no clue that Jake is her presumed-deceased husband). However, she tells Patrick, she could not imagine wanting to rush into marrying anyone without knowing their past life. Without any answers about Jake's real identity or history, one would only have to be continually waiting and anticipating what might happen whenever they hear “that knock on the door”. (unless of course a bride already knows who her groom really is.) Emma comes into their bedroom telling them she had a “vision” (nightmare? Imagined or real?) about a guy “coming back from the dead and trying to get into their house”. The two “unsuspecting” grown-ups conclude it was just a nightmare, brought on by too much Halloween candy and possibly from Emma seeing too many ghosts and goblins outside on the streets. She asks if she can sleep in their bed with them and they tell her of course. Sam encourages her to put her head down and lie down and assures her soon-to-be step-daughter that they will both make sure everything is ok for Emma. They both hold her and she falls asleep. Patrick tells Sam he loves her and she tells him she loves him too. They hear Danny awaken and cries. They tend to him then return to bed, assured that everything is ok for them and their new family.

Carly takes the laptop (with the interchangeable images of Jake's and Jason Morgan's faces) to the private doctor along with the water bottle Jake drank from. She informs him that she now needs to test the DNA from the bottled water with the man in the picture, which she shows him is Jason Morgan. He agrees to run the test and confirm whether or not Jake's DNA matches that of the deceased Jason Morgan. She tells him she knows where to find Jason's DNA from the police crime lab. The doctor is ready to run the tests as Carly promises him free lodging at The Metro Court in exchange for his help with this as well as his discretion. She waits for not very long and the doctor promptly returns with the DNA results. He declares to Carly that the proof is all right there. The DNA from the water bottle is a perfect match to Jason Morgan. They are the same person. Hearing that, Carly stands with her mouth wide open and needs to ask him if he's absolutely certain. He replies yes. The numbers don't lie, he reminds her. She looks at it for herself and asks if Jason could really be alive? The doctor tells her he needs to head home.. Alone in the room, she stares at Jason's image on the computer screen. She gets on her phone and hears Jake's voice mail greeting. She leaves him a message urging him to call her as soon as he gets her message to discuss something very important before his wedding. It doesn't matter how late it is, she tells him. She will be waiting for his call unless she finds him first.

When Lulu is distraught outside and crying on the stairwell and Dante tries unsuccessfully to get her to come home with him, inside Maxie and Nathan pass by Valerie and Dillon. Maxie confronts Valerie about how she bets she wanted to play this video in order to ruin Dante and Lulu's marriage. Hearing that, Dillon tells Maxie she needs to leave Valerie alone because she had nothing to do with it. Nathan then gets in Dillon's face and tells him it must have been him, then. Maxie then concludes she knows that Lulu is alone somewhere and needs her so Nathan follows her outside. Alone with Dillon, Valerie tells him if he thinks he's going to redeem himself by defending her, he may guess again. Outside, Maxie finds Lulu, comforts her and the two women leave together leaving their men behind.

Kiki is driving under the influence in the dark and listening to loud music with a bottle of liquor beside her on the car seat. Carly is driving alone in the dark and the fog, distracted and fixated on the DNA report that proves unequivocally that Jason is alive and the same human being as Jake Doe. She is speeding, while re-living all the flashbacks and recollections she's had about somehow “knowing” Jake from the first time she laid eyes on him and seeing him as so like Jason. She knows she has to find him before it's too late. The two cars collide and they have an accident which we will only know the outcome in the following episode.

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