GH Update Monday 11/2/15

General Hospital Update Monday 11/2/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Alone with Sam, after his bachelor party, Jake reflects to her that a year ago, he did not have any friends. He concludes to her that with all great people he's met in this town in the last year, including her, it may appear he's “not a bad guy”. Hearing that, Sam smiles, laughs and hugs him. Nikolas and Hayden enter. Hayden appears friendly and greets them, still acting as though she has no recollection of the crucial details everybody remembers as well as what she revealed she knew before the shooting. Also she still seems to suspect nothing about Nikolas or anyone else. Although the others do not smile, she encourages Nikolas to attend Elizabeth and Jake's wedding with her. Yet Nikolas remains silent and clearly uncomfortable to be seen by Jake and Sam, knowing what they know, (i.e., Hayden being revealed as a scam artist having amnesiac-Jake believing that she's his wife whom he does not remember...And then, the night Hayden gets found out, Nikolas takes her into his house and now appears to be having a “relationship” with her). (as well as what Nikolas knows and which Hayden used to know after losing her memory, but which neither Sam nor Jake have a clue about ; (i.e., Jake is Jason Morgan). Hayden assures them that she is completely ok with Jake and Elizabeth getting married and wonders why anyone would have an objection or reservation. Sam however, affirms that neither herself nor Jake trust either Hayden or Nikolas. Jake tells Nikolas and Hayden that if either one of them upsets Elizabeth on her wedding day, they will regret it. Hayden however, protests to Jake that she has no ill intent for anyone. She tells him she has read and heard all about the courageous recovery Jake has made in the last year, admires him and wants to support him on his wedding day. She continues to be “positive” informing Sam and Jake that she wants to better herself and has gotten a job with ELQ. Sam coldly remarks that it's “only fitting” that a liar and a scam artist would work together running a stolen company. Jake then concludes that he and Sam are leaving and terminating this conversation, declaring to Hayden he thinks it's best both she and Nikolas stay home and not attend his wedding. Yet Hayden persistently protests to him that she knows Nikolas and Elizabeth are very close friends. Nikolas is becoming important in her life, she tells him. So she wants to get to know the people in her new boyfriend's life and hopes they can all become close some day soon. At that point, Jake concludes, in that case, he “guesses” he will see them at his wedding. Alone at a table, Hayden sounds very confident in believing that Nikolas is an honorable man. When he asks her how she would know that, she replies she can see that in Spencer, knowing he has been raised and influenced by good morals. She seems to want to give everyone the benefit of the doubt yet Nikolas is suspicious of that. It looks like she wants to move forward and have a relationship with him and he has the same desire, in spite of what he knows (as well as what she “used to” know). She talks to him about trust issues and can see he's evading what she's talking about. Yet she wants to get closer and develop trust and commitment.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Patrick observes Elizabeth becoming uneasy about marrying Jake tomorrow (She knows although Patrick does not, that the reason why is because her “soon to be husband” is the “presumed deceased husband” of Patrick's fiancé). Patrick assures her that as the “best person” at her wedding, he will support her decision to call it off if that is what she believes is the right thing to do right now. However, in response to hearing that, she tells him he need not worry. It's only pre-wedding jitters. She has dreamed of this for so long. And now it's finally coming true, she tells him. Hearing that, Patrick remarks that she has only known Jake for a little over a year. (She see this as a life-long thing when a little over a year ago, she did not know Jake existed??). Little does he know. Elizabeth “rationalizes” that maybe having had previous marriages that did not workout for her, might be a sign that now it's for keeps. She concludes she deserves to be happy regardless of any “reservations”. Not far away, Carly is talking to staff and ready to take Spinelli's laptop to Sam, so she can “assess his findings” (which Carly does not have specific details) after Spinelli has had to leave before finishing what Sam needed him to find out. However while nobody is aware, we see the photo on the screen, of Jake's face turning into the photo of Jason Morgan's face. While Carly is still distracted and unable to see the computer image, Olivia appears. Carly hugs her, welcomes her back and tells her how happy she is to learn that Leo is alive and well. Hearing that, Olivia admits to Carly she knows she has done a disgraceful thing to have Julian and many others falsely believing the child she had with Julian had died. Carly tells her she understands all too well what it's like to have the need to keep one's child away from his “loser father”. While Olivia goes to see Sonny, Carly returns to Spinelli's laptop where she can presently only see the picture of Jake's face. She looks intently at it again, however and sees it turning into Jason's face. Seeing that, she is in shock, immediately gets on her phone and leaves a message for Spinelli asking him to call her back, ASAP, because she has to tell him what she has discovered regarding the computer program he's run to reconstruct Jake's original face. She is stunned and speechless while she stares and assesses Jason's image, wondering if this means that Jake is really Jason. She is not certain what to say, do or conclude as she observes Patrick and Elizabeth walk by. She notices Sam and Jake get off the elevator. She stares at all 4 of them now knowing what this is going to mean in all of their lives. She goes off where she is unseen and wonders what to do “if this is true”.

Olivia goes into Sonny's room. He tells her he's encouraged to learn that baby Leo is, in fact, alive and well and assures her he understands her reasons for doing what she did. She admits to him that it made her think of what she did (the very same thing) to him and to Dante. She cries as she admits to Sonny that he never got to see Dante's first steps or first words nor be there for his first date and she's thought about all the things he missed out on in Dante's life and will never get back. Sonny graciously tells her that he is glad she kept their son out of harm's way many years ago when he knows he would not have been a “responsible”father for Dante when Dante was a child. He assures her that now he's very proud of their mutual son and is confident that he's a fine upstanding man, which he can credit Olivia for, although he admits that their son is “not perfect”. Hearing that, she is able to perceive, however, that Sonny might “know something” about their son that he is not revealing to her. Carly walks in and assures them both “everything is ok” (after the doctor assures her he can anonymously run the DNA test she needs). Yet Sonny can see there is something on Carly's mind which she is not revealing. When Carly returns to the waiting room, she sees Sam and Jake return to the hospital and join their respective fiancés, talking about all the fun they had celebrating and how both couples intend to get married. She knows she has to take urgent action in order to get the needed DNA

At the Haunted Star Halloween party, Dillon” appears” like he wants to show everyone the video of his and Maxie's scenes in his movie. However, they are all fixated to see that the video is a conversation he had with Valerie where she reveals that she is keeping a big secret, as is Dante, about what they did together, the night in question, when they only admit, until now, was “one kiss”. Dillon notices Valerie and remembers promising her to keep the secret for her. Yet Lulu demands they play the video of his and Valerie's conversation to the end. All the people gather around and intently listen as Valerie confesses to Dillon that she and Dante slept together. At that point, Lulu concludes that Valerie is obviously lying, making up an absurd story simply because she has feelings for Dante, which he clearly does not return.. She protests she knows that Valerie just wishes she could end Lulu's marriage and have Lulu's husband for herself. She knows her husband would never cheat on her, she states as she faces Dante and tells him he needs to affirm that to Valerie. When he hesitates to say that Valerie is lying, she demands to know why Dante won't set Valerie and everyone straight. He admits that it is true. He did sleep with Valerie on the night in question.

Not far away, in a private room, Morgan and Darby are blissfully in bed together and unaware. Kiki later appears and Morgan comes by to greet her. She informs him, for the first time, that apparently Dante got busted for cheating on Lulu and it's all on video. Hearing that, Morgan cannot believe that could happen while Kiki tells him she guesses he and his brother are more alike than she realized. Darby comes out to join Morgan, informs Kiki he has not been alone waiting for Kiki. He's been with her. Kiki is obviously not amused by that. After the startling revelation, Nathan instructs everybody to clear out of the Haunted Star but Maxie needs to talk to him.

Lulu tells Dante and Valerie they are not going anywhere. She demands an explanation. She faces Valerie and reminds her that she welcomed her into her family and into her home and this is how Valerie repays her cousin. Lulu then asks her husband and her cousin just how long this “affair” went on. They both assure her it was only one night. Lulu then demands to know which night it was. . He evades her question yet she can see, and reminds him, that if it was just “one time”, it can't be too hard to remember. She asks if it was in a motel or at their mutual work-place. When Dante does not respond, Lulu hysterically concludes that her husband had sex with her cousin in their house. Realizing that, she knows it was the very night when they confessed they were alone in the apartment when Dante (falsely) believed Lulu was cheating on him with Valerie. Valerie then protests that on that night in question, she was with Dante. She knows that Lulu lied to him and he found out she stayed in a motel room in Vancouver alone with Dillon and he had good reason to believe Lulu was cheating on him. Valerie protests to her cousin that “everybody screws up” and it was not all Dante's fault. Yet Lulu is infuriated and does not want to hear any more.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Carly observes Jake and Elizabeth happily together, kissing, ready to get married , along with Patrick and Sam, as they all seem to suspect nothing. As soon as she is alone, she gets on her phone again to call a private doctor to see if he can arrange for a private lab to run a DNA test and get the results back to her ASAP. He agrees to do it and she is ready to take immediate action. She then returns to the two couples. They wonder why she is staring speechlessly at Jake and seems like she's “not ok”. She tells Jake she's fine. However, before the wedding, she tells him, she needs to have a conversation with him. He tells her ok and asks what about. She replies (not knowing how to spit it out, especially when overheard by the others), by saying; “just best-person stuff”. She tells him he needs to drink some bottled water after consuming alcohol. She gets it for him from the vending machine. He drinks it. She waits for the 4 of them to go off (secretly realizing how all of their lives will be so profoundly affected by what she's just found out). As soon as Jake has left the bottle behind, she takes it and calls the doctor confirming she now has the DNA sample to give to him so he can give her the answers she needs.

When Valerie finds out that Dillon had access to the “mistakenly recorded” video, she confronts and questions whether she can trust him. She knows it was no accident that this tape was shown instead of the tape of his movie scene. Dillon clearly has his own reasons for wanting to end Lulu's and Dante's marriage. Maxie finds Nathan and emotionally tells him they have to be there for Lulu, given this sudden “bomb shell” which she assumes they are both learning about for the first time. Yet he evades her and announces to all guests that the party is over and the PCPD is officially shutting it down, instructing everyone to collect their things, get moving and get to an exit calmly and quietly. He tells her she needs to let Lulu and Dante “hash this out after all this time”, revealing to Maxie that he knew all this time, yet kept the secret that Dante slept with Valerie.

Dante tries to go after Lulu and get her to wait and talk to him. But she runs off and expresses they are through and she never wants to see him again.

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