GH Update Friday 10/30/15

General Hospital Update Friday 10/30/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Franco returns to Nina and they know it's their first Halloween together. He tells her he has some things to cook. She suggests they get in costume and go to the Halloween party at The Haunted Star. Kiki returns and is in her usual foul mood wanting to “bring them down”. She gets into costume and gets ready to go to The Haunted Star and evades their questions of how she plans to get there or what she plans to do. Ava enters through the door with baby Avery. She tells them she urgently has to talk to her daughter face-to face. Yet Kiki adamantly tells her there is no way she's going to testify in her behalf. She believes that the baby would be better off living with Sonny or anyone else except for Ava. She remarks, as Franco and Nina overhear, that if she had to choose a mother, she'd choose Nina, whom she doesn't even like but whom has been more of a mother to her in the last week than Ava has been in Kiki's entire life. Overhearing, Franco holds the door open for Ava to leave and get out of their lives. Yet she continues to plead and reminds Franco that even if Kiki does not owe her, he owes her. He does not see it that way and tells her nobody wants her there so she has to get out.

At the party Morgan is dressed as Captain Morgan (the name he had while first with Kiki) and is accompanying Darby to the party at The Haunted Star. Molly and TJ appear and greet them. They ask him where's Kiki. Morgan tells Maxie that he wouldn't mind being in a film. He tells her he can double the donation she gets if he gets to choose his screenplay partner while he looks at a very impressed and enthused Darby. They go off together. Maxie, Molly and TJ all overhear and remark that Morgan is clearly over Kiki.

At the hospital, Elizabeth reflects to Patrick that it's only a short time before she and Jake are married. She wants to give him all the encouragement that he marries and has a family with Sam. Although she realizes that Patrick does not know that Jake is Jason, she knows he wants the same thing as she does (that he marries Sam and she marries Jake). Meanwhile Jake is at his bachelor party and Sam celebrates with him along with Michael and Carly. Michael gets on the microphone to welcome everyone to Jake's bachelor party and announces that after tonight, Jake will be married to Elizab4th. Sam goes off where she's unheard and calls Spinelli to hear an update on progress in finding out what they need to know about Jake. He tells her he's on it and hopefully he'll uncover what they need. However, he warns her that it's very possible that Jake will marry Elizabeth before he finds out who she really is.

Spinelli is back at the house talking on the phone to his daughter...while we see his computer project to find out about Jake is now at 86% completion.

Anna is on the docks, leaving a message for a “non-responsive” Sloane urging him to return her call, meet her on the docks and to not trust Paul Hornsby.

Little does she knows that Paul has Sloane's phone after he murdered him and is listening to her message to Sloane, while Paul attends the Halloween party. Tracy comes to observe him and sounds like she wants to find out if he has any secrets. He tells her he has to take care of business and goes to find Anna on the docks. Knowing she does not trust him, Paul urges her to know that they are both the good guys. She tells him she knows the body he pulled from the harbor was not Carlos even though Carlos' ID was so conveniently found with it. It's all too convenient that Carlos would be killed right after Sonny was shot. It casts suspicion both on Sonny's “team” for having motive for retaliation against Carlos, as well as suspicion upon Julian and Ava for wanting to shut Carlos up after they've arranged to have Sonny shot. Now, all of a sudden, Carlos is so conveniently cremated. Anna further knows, with certainty, that the body found dead in the harbor could not be Carlos. That “individual” was killed only weeks ago. She knows she shot Carlos months ago. She knows exactly how she did it and how many shots she fired which was completely different than what she discovered from the information on the murder victim in question. She knows that it would have to someone other than Carlos. She tells Paul she knows he is covering something up and very possibly doing worse than that. He knows she's onto him but he also knows that she is having “demons” haunting her since she came back to Port Charles and ever since Duke got killed. Paul tells her he knows that Duke's death put her on a dark path. She argues and tells him she doesn't want to listen to his “theories”. He tells her he knows she killed Carlos to avenge Duke's murder. She tells him if he knows that then why doesn't he prove it and why hasn't he arrested her? He replies to that telling her she needs to know that he does not intend to get her convicted of murder. He informs her that he covered it up so that she can get away with murder. Hearing that, she asks him what he is protecting her from. He replies herself, the cops and Sloane. He informs her that he knows that Sloane knows and has all the proof needed to get her convicted of killing Carlos. He informs her that Sloane did in fact contact him in order to accomplish that very thing. Yet he (Paul), has since made certain that Sloane will “not be a problem for her anymore”. Hearing that, she is not has confident as he is, warns him that he can't do this and needs to know it will back-fire upon him. Yet he tells her he is the DA. It's his discretion. He didn't feel the Carlos Rivera murder case was cost effective to pursue. She's his friend and he doesn't want to see her go to prison, he tells her. He tells her he has to go and leaves her alone on the docks.

Paul goes back to the party and joins Tracy, Dillon, Dante and Lulu who all suspect nothing about his dealings.

Maxie and Nathan are in costume when they first see Valerie whom they've heard is “back with Dillon”. Dante walks in by himself and both Maxie and Nathan wonder where his wife is. Lulu and Dillon are in costume and he is ready to play the video of his screenplay movie for her. But for the first time, when she goes into the other room, he sees himself and Valerie on camera, not realizing until now that their conversation (where Valerie admits she slept with Dante) is on camera, accessible to Andy, and thereby proof that Dante cheated on Lulu with her cousin. He goes to approach Andy when Lulu is out of earshot. Dillon tells Andy that he has to delete the recording of his conversation with Valerie. Dillon pulls out the flash-drive, puts it in his pocket and tells Andy he has no business keeping something like that and having it around could ruin many lives. Valerie enters and wonders what they were talking about.

Felix sits beside Sabrina and can tell something is on her mind. She admits to him that her baby may not be Michael's. Sabrina shares with her best friend what happened during her most recent interaction with Carlos and how she now feels responsible for his death.

At the hospital, Patrick give Elizabeth a letter her grandma wrote her. She reads and hears her grandmother congratulating her on her marriage and praising her granddaughter for being the perfect mother. She tells Elizabeth she wants her to have all the happiness in her marriage that her grandmother had with her grandfather. Elizabeth feels uneasy knowing that she's keeping a secret and if it ever comes out her marriage to Jake as well as many other things in her life, will be ruined. After reading the letter and observing the locket her grandmother gave her, she becomes very uneasy, stressed and panicked and breaks down crying while talking to Patrick. Observing that, he wonders what is going on when this should be a happy occasion. He stays with her and realizes all too well that she is getting married tomorrow. It is a big deal, he tells her. Especially for someone with “cold feet”. He notices that Sam is not with him just as Jake is not there with Elizabeth.

At the party, Dante finds Nathan and informs him that he just spoke to his father the previous day and admitted to Sonny that he cheated on Lulu with her cousin. He wonders if Nathan agrees with what Sonny told him that he needs to come clean with Lulu before Dillon Quartermaine reveals it. They have to live in fear, at the desperate mercy of whether Dillon wants to keep his mouth shut or not, as he holds it over Dante's and Valerie's heads. Valerie has applied and has got selected to go to the police academy. She finds Dante and happily informs him. She is ready to move out of town for her new job and tells Dante she still wants their friendship to continue. Dante admits that he will miss her and wishes she did not have to leave. He hugs her. Dillon stands nearby, observes them and spies upon them. He is able to see Dante noticing Valerie's costume needs to be zipped up and Dillon overhears them talking about having an “honest relationship”. He may be concluding that they are sleeping together again.

On Spinelli's computer is an image of the cranium that he is analyzing as Jake's (or Jason's) when he gets a call from Ellie that appears to be urgent. Alone at the house, he leaves a message for Sam, telling her he wants to continue with what they needed to do but he's gotten an urgent call that his child has had an accident and he needs to be there for her.

Carly and Michael leave Jake alone with Sam at the bachelor party and she has not checked her phone.

Kiki gets to the party to interact with Molly and TJ. They wonder what she's been up to. She does not have much of an answer but confirms that Morgan is probably there. Meanwhile Morgan is in the private room going at it and ready to sleep with Darby.

Michael and Sabrina are together and walking on the docks not far from where Carlos was killed. Not far away, Anna is alone continuing to see her “vision” of Carlos. She turns all around and holds her gun as if he's nearby.

Paul tells Tracy he wants to leave with her and have a martini back at the house. She tells him she thought he'd never ask and they leave together.

Dillon gets on his microphone and welcomes everybody to his fundraiser. He gets the television screen set up so everybody can see the show. Andy is nearby and although Dillon assumes he's taken the “evidence” away from him on the flash-drive, Dillon has assumed wrong (Or has he? Wouldn't he love to publicly expose Dante and end his marriage so Dillon can have Lulu?). He then plays what “should” be his screenplay movie on the television screen for all to see. Yet, to their surprise they see Dillon talking to Valerie. We hear her telling Dillon that she did not just “think” about being with Dante. Lulu, Dane and many other people listen and watch, shocked and speechless as Valerie reveals that she and Dante “acted upon it”.

Spinelli goes to the hospital attempting to find Sam and sees Carly as she is rushing off. We see his computer work and it says the progress in finding the true human being behind the cranium. Spinelli informs Carly he has to get back to his daughter and cannot find Sam. He has an urgent case to solve for her. Hearing that, Carly promises to bring the computer to Sam and asks him to give Ellie her love

Alone with Sam, Jake tells her he really appreciates her friendship. She tells him the feeling is mutual and she hugs him.

At the hospital after Spinelli leaves and Carly is ready to have access to his computer and bring it to Sam, we see the 99% complete turn into 100% and we see the true face of Jake with all the information they need to unravel the mystery and answer their question.

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