GH Update Thursday 10/29/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/29/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Everyone at Patrick and Sam's were dressed for Halloween. Sam was the Evil Queen, from Snow White, and Emma was the Queen's daughter Evie. Emma was glad that Sam was dressed up as Evie's mom. Patrick and Danny were both dressed as doctors. Spinelli was there too, but he was working on Jake's case while the others went trick or treating. Sam, Patrick and the kids left. Spinelli worked at his laptop, in between handing out candy. Maxie arrived – she'd Skyped with Ellie and Georgie and learned that Spinelli had been in town for weeks. Maxie asked why Spinelli was avoiding her. Maxie and Spinelli chatted about their relationships. Spinelli and Ellie were happy. Maxie said she loved Nathan so much, but he had a secret.

Maxie and Spinelli Skyped with Georgie. Afterward, Spinelli gave Maxie an early birthday gift from him, Ellie and Georgie – it was a book about goddesses. Spinelli said that Maxie would always be a goddess to him. Maxie said she'd always love him, and she kissed him on the cheek. Sam, Patrick, Emma and Danny arrived. Maxie admired the kids' costumes and hugged her cousin, Emma. Sam checked in with Spinelli. He thought it would take another hour to find out who Jake really was. Emma asked if they could go to Elizabeth's, and Patrick said yes, and they left. Danny and Sam stayed behind because it was past Danny's bedtime. Maxie was about to leave, and she accidentally knocked a glass of cider onto Spinelli's laptop. Sam frantically tried to clean it up. Maxie apologized profusely. Spinelli assured her that the laptop was okay, so Maxie left. Once Maxie was gone, Spinelli admitted it was a disaster. Spinelli and Sam worked to dry the laptop.

Cam, Aiden, and both Jakes were dressed as football players. Little Jake didn't understand what was going on, so Cam explained how trick or treating worked. Little Jake was afraid someone would hurt them. Jake made it clear that he wouldn't let anything happen to any of the boys. Elizabeth came home – Obrecht let her leave early, so she could be with her family. Liz thought Jake and the kids looked adorable. Later, she put on her cheerleader outfit. Jake took the kids out, while Liz stayed home to pass out candy. Jake and the kids returned. Aiden ran off, somewhere in the house. Little Jake called Jake daddy. Cam pointed out that Jake wasn't little Jake's father. “Yes he is, and no one can tell me he isn't,” Little Jake snapped. Liz sent Cam to hand out candy, and she told Little Jake that it was okay to call Jake daddy. “It better be,” Little Jake said. Jake told Little Jake not to talk to his mom that way. Liz sent Little Jake to help Cam.

Liz noted that Aiden was the only one of her sons who had a father, then she asked Jake if he'd consider adopting Jake and Cam. Jake admitted that he'd thought about asking to do this, but he was afraid to overstep, and he was worried about what Aiden would think. Liz thought they could make Aiden understand that Jake didn't love him any less. Liz wanted to tell the kids, but Jake thought she should have a private talk with the boys and ask if they liked the idea. They kissed. Jake went to the store to get more candy. Liz asked the kids if they would be okay if Jake adopted them. Cam loved the idea. Little Jake said that Jake could adopt him, even though Jake didn't need to.

Patrick and Emma arrived, and the kids went upstairs. Patrick saw the “Mr. and Mrs. Doe” door plate, and Liz admitted she made it for Jake as a symbol that she accepted him for who he was now. Liz stated that she was relieved that Jake had stopped trying to find his old identity. Patrick looked uncomfortable, because he knew that wasn't true. Patrick told Liz that Jake wanted to find out who he was, so that he could be sure that he was good for her and the boys. Liz understood that, but she told Patrick that Jake's search was actually pulling him away from her and the kids. Liz said that Jake was made this house a home. Patrick felt the same way about Sam and Danny. Emma came downstairs with an origami pumpkin Cam made for her. Emma couldn't wait to show it to Sam, and she told Liz that Sam was going to be her new step-mother, and Danny was going to be her step-brother. Liz told Emma that she was a lucky girl.

Jake arrived at Sam's. He walked past the couch, where Danny was lying down. Danny grabbed his hand, and Jake stopped to say hi to the boy, before Sam took him upstairs to put him to bed. Spinelli told Jake about the setback. Jake was frustrated because he wanted to know whether he was good for Liz and her boys, before the wedding. Spinelli admitted that he wasn't sure he'd be able to provide Jake with answers. Jake left. Once the laptop was dry, Spinelli and Sam turned it back on and were relieved to see that it still worked.

Jake went home, and he was about to go inside when he got a text that read “We're coming for you.”

At the Haunted Star, Dillon, who was dressed in a 1950s style - leather jacket and slicked back hair, excitedly told Lulu that he'd submitted his movie to a festival and it was accepted. Lulu spontaneously hugged Dillon, but she quickly pulled away. Dillon asked if they could ever be friends again. Lulu didn't see how. She walked away. Paul arrived and noted that Dillon looked like he'd just lost his best friend. Dillon said that things were over between him and Lulu. Paul told Dillon not to admit defeat and to never stop chasing his dream. Paul said that Dillon shouldn't let the woman he loved be played for a fool. Paul had to go, but he said he'd be back later, for the party.

Andy, the film student making the documentary about Dillon's movie, was in the state room reviewing footage. Andy's eyes bulged when he realized that the camera had picked up Valerie's confession to Dillon that she'd slept with Dante. Andy paused the video. Lulu came in and told Andy that she was going to use this room to let people get changed. She asked him to go set up the music for the party. Andy left the room and left his laptop behind. Andy ran into Valerie in the hallway. He admired her, in her 50s style costume, and told her she looked hot. Valerie thanked him. Andy asked Valerie if she was in a better relationship now. Valerie didn't understand what Andy was asking. Andy decided against elaborating. Valerie went into the room. Lulu was getting changed into costume (a sexy police officer), and Valerie helped Lulu out. Valerie thought Lulu looked great and that Dante would love it. Lulu said she was wearing the tight outfit now, while she still could. Valerie recalled that Lulu was going to try to get pregnant soon. Lulu mentioned that she was happy Valerie and Dillon were trying again. Lulu said Dillon was a great guy, who used to be one of her favorite people. Valerie knew that Lulu must miss being friends with Dillon. Lulu admitted that she did. Valerie noted that Dillon risked his life to help Lulu's brothers. Valerie asked if Lulu could forgive Dillon's indiscretion and be friends with him again.

Andy came up to Dillon and insisted that Dillon go watch the behind the scenes footage. They went into the room, with Lulu and Valerie. Valerie got Andy to leave with her, so Dillon and Lulu could talk. Lulu said she could forgive Dillon on the condition that he didn't badmouth Dante again. Dillon quickly agreed to Lulu's terms. Lulu noticed the laptop video, paused on Dillon and Valerie. Lulu wondered if she was also in Andy's film, and she prepared to press “Play.”

Dante visited Sonny in the hospital. Dante talked about Leo and said that he and Lulu took Leo and Rocco trick or treating. Dante added that Olivia asked him and Lulu to be the baby's godparents. Sonny thought that was a great choice. Dante asked Sonny not to put him on a pedestal. Sonny asked what was wrong, and Dante admitted that he slept with Valerie. Dante couldn't imagine a life without Lulu and Rocco. Sonny asked if Dante told Lulu. Dante said no, because he knew Lulu would go ballistic. Dante noted that Lulu had been afraid to settle down and get married and have kids because she thought that it would only lead to disappointment. According to Dante, Lulu had been scared she'd let her child down, the way she'd been let down as a kid. A guilt ridden Dante said he convinced Lulu to take a chance on settling down with him – he'd gotten her to trust, then he blew it out of the water. Sonny said it wouldn't do Dante, or his family any good, if he wallowed in regret. Sonny thought Dante should go to confession and keep this secret between himself and a priest. Dante admitted that Dillon also knew the truth – Valerie told him – and Dillon had threatened to tell Lulu. Sonny asked if Dante thought of Valerie as a friend, and Dante said yes. Sonny said that since Dillon was making threats Dante needed to tell Lulu the truth. Dante decided to fess up after the party. Dante thanked Sonny for the talk.

Ava was at her gallery. She happily approached who she thought was Kiki, but when the woman turned around, Ava realized she'd been mistaken. Ava left Kiki a voice message. Ava insisted that she'd been a good mother to Kiki, growing up, and she could be to Avery too. Ava begged Kiki to testify for her, in court, and help her get permanent custody of Avery. Ava said she loved Kiki and hoped to hear from her soon. “Doubtful,” Tracy said, as she walked in. Tracy felt that Avery should have remained with Michael. Ava wondered why Tracy was there. Tracy wanted to buy Paul a painting by his favorite artist. Tracy said she wouldn't have set foot in Ava's gallery, but Ava was the only one who was selling that artist's work. Ava's phone beeped. She quickly picked it up, to see who it was, then she looked crestfallen. Tracy couldn't believe Ava really thought that Kiki would reach out to her. Ava felt that everyone had made mistakes. Tracy thought that faking your death, coming back as someone else, then sleeping with your daughter's boyfriend was more than a mistake.

Ava insisted that Avery should be with her mother. Tracy thought Avery was an angel, who'd been unfortunate enough to end up with a sociopath a mob boss for parents. Tracy felt that Avery would be better off with Sonny than Ava. Ava refused to sell Tracy the painting and told her to leave. Tracy started toward the door and was surprised to run into Paul. Paul claimed he was there to buy a painting. Tracy said she'd tried to do the same thing. Tracy was on her way to Dillon's party, and she asked Paul if he was coming. Paul said he wanted to look at Ava's merchandise first. Tracy warned him that Ava would cut his heart out. Tracy left. Paul said Ava was just the kind of woman he needed for his organization. Paul wanted Ava to kick Sonny while he was down. Ava didn't want to talk about this right now. She could only think of what a horrible person she was, thanks to Tracy. Ava's lawyer called and said Kiki refused to testify. Ava cried that she'd lost Kiki and she'd lose Avery as well. Avery felt that she was nothing without her girls. Paul comforted Ava and promised that everything was going to be okay. Ava was shocked when Paul suddenly kissed her deeply. He told her not to give up, then he walked out.

On the Haunted Star, Maxie set about trying to convince Tracy to contribute to the movie. Maxie said there were perks for the investors. At first Tracy said she didn't need an incentive to invest in her son's movie, but she quickly decided she wanted a producer credit and a small say in how the movie turned out.

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