GH Update Wednesday 10/28/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/28/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

The Halloween party at The Haunted Star is underway.

At the hospital, Ric Lansing runs into Elizabeth on his way to see Sonny. He knows she plans to marry Jake. She admits yes, clearly not comfortable nor wanting to engage in a conversation with him. He tells her he dos not want to start anything but wishes her all the happiness with Jake. Yet he clearly has “concerns” regarding that.

Jakes finds Spinelli at The Floating Rib, approaches him and tells him he owes him an apology. Although Spinelli barely knows him, he tells him, Spinelli has been nothing but kind, generous and helpful to him. He was really angry and frustrated the last time they spoke form trying and failing to find out the info he needs about whom he is but he had no right to take that out on Sam and Jason's old cyber skilled friend who came all the way out from the west coast to help him.. They sit at a table and Spinelli assures Jake all is well and as it's turned out, he thinks he now knows of the right way to obtain the information by finding out what Jake's face looked like before the accident. He has an email address to give to Jake. Jake tells Spinelli he appreciates that but no matter what happens, he intends to marry Elizabeth without any reservations.

Kiki is alone in the apartment on her phone wondering if she should reply to Morgan's text messages or not. She knows he might be getting to know a young lady named Darby. She somehow doesn't want that to happen so she sends Darby some text messages to hopefully discourage her from being interested in Morgan.

When Ric joins Sonny and Carly, he tells his brother that he intends to represent him but Sonny might have an “up hill” custody battle ahead of him. He not only has his long-standing history working against him. His current medical condition and possible paralysis is one more thing that counts as a strike against proving that should have custody of a baby. Carly angrily tells Ric he better step up his efforts to make sure that Ava does not get to spend one more day with baby Avery. She is a sociopath, a murderer and liar and not fit to go near a baby, much less have full custody of her.

At the gallery, Ava and Scott Baldwin discuss the custody hearing. She tells him she wants no excuses. He needs to make himself useful as her lawyer in her custody case or else she can get rid of him. In response that that, he reminds her that currently, as far as he knows (He does not know what Paul Hornsby knows, what is currently in his possession nor that Ava knows about that), the DA's office cannot send her to prison for murder, thanks to him. Yet he knows that Sonny Corinthos intends to make her look like a monster and unfit mother. The judge may very well rule in his favor no matter what she says given her track record. Hearing that, she angrily reminds Scott that Sonny has no business saying anything about her given what kind of human being Sonny is. Any lawyer with any brains will make that clear in the courtroom. Yet he warns her that Sonny and his lawyer will remind the judge that she committed murder and is now walking free. People don't generally rule in favor of anyone in her present situation to have custody of a child. She protests that she was a good mother to Kiki so that should count for something. Hearing that, Scott tells her he highly doubts Kiki will be willing to serve as a character witness given that Ava slept with her daughter's boyfriend. Yet she does not want to give up on winning her daughter over. At that point, realizing they don't have many options, Scott concludes that perhaps Ava has nothing to lose by going to talk to Kiki in an attempt to gain her support in the custody hearing for baby Avery.

Meanwhile, Morgan invites Kiki to join the Halloween party at the Floating Rib. She agrees to go however, as soon as she is alone, it appears she is getting a message from Darby. He notices that she is telling Darby that she and Morgan are secretly having sex, and is telling Darby things about him that will hopefully prevent Darby from wanting to see him or get to know him better. In response to that, she angrily tells Morgan she could care less if he's offended. What she's done is nothing compared to what he did, sleeping with her mother behind her back. Morgan is not angry and wants to make peace with his ex girlfriend but she furiously tells him she will never forgive him and he better get out of her apartment. Morgan leaves.

Nathan arrives at the Haunted Star to assist in the preparation for the Halloween party. Maxie demands someone tells her what the hell just happened. She informs Nathan that Dillon keeps reminding everyone that he has some “secret” about Dante yet he has not revealed it. Nathan does not reveal to his girlfriend what he knows about that very secret.

Not far away, Dillon talks to Valerie who can clearly see that he is still “obsessed” about Lulu. She reminds him that Lulu is married to Dante and not about to leave her husband for him. Yet he keeps reminding her that they both know that Dante cheated on his wife. Lulu has the right to know and he also cannot help but believe that whatever commitment Lulu may have had to her husband could be out the window as soon as she finds out he cheated on her. Valerie urges Dillon to keep his mouth shut and not tell Lulu because not only will that cause consequences for Dante. She was a part of it also. Dillon then realizes he has promised her he will keep the secret so he will do that for her although he definitely does not intend to do that as any “favor” for Dante.

Not far away, realizing that Nathan is not going to discuss the matter with her, Maxie concludes she has to go and talk to Dillon and find out what is going on. She faces Dillon and Valerie after they've privately talked and decided they will keep their secret. They both tell Maxie that the “big secret” is that they are back together. She is not “interested” in Dante nor he in Lulu, they tell her. Yet Maxie does not buy that and comes back out to the bar to face Dante and Lulu. Dante remarks to Maxie (knowing she is getting “into” his business and judging him) that she is a fine one to be concerned about others keeping secrets. He remembers, not long ago, her keeping from him and Lulu that the baby she was carrying was theirs. Lulu comes in to talk to Dillon and he affirms to her that he and Valerie are back together. He realizes he cannot have her and Valerie realizes she cannot have Dante. Lulu tells him if that is true, she will accept it. However, she warns him, she better not hear one more word come out of his mouth about his “opinion” of her husband. She angrily tells him that she will let him stay at The Haunted Star to shoot his movie. Throughout that time, they are nothing more than business associates, she firmly clarifies to him. She is done with him and his behaviors and after their work is done, she wants nothing more to do with him. She walks out the door and Dillon is “dumbfounded.

In the other room, Dante tells Maxie he apologizes for what he just said to her, realizing the source of his stress had nothing to do with her and he should not have taken his anger out on her. She tells him that is ok but now knows she has reason to wonder what is putting Dante so “on edge.

Jake goes to see Elizabeth at the hospital and they are happily getting ready for their up and coming wedding. She tells him she has to leave and will be right back. As soon as Jake is alone, he wastes no time going to find a clerk at the front desk and asks her if she can help him by letting him see a copy of his medical records. Elizabeth returns to him with the “surprise” she has for him. It's a front door house sign that says: “Mr. and Mrs. Jake Doe 145 Lexington St.”

Meanwhile, Spinelli is back on his computer, motivated and confident that he will soon discover the true identity of “Mr. Doe”.

After Kiki has dismisses Morgan from her apartment, she hears another knock on the door. It's Ava. Kiki wants to slam the door in her face but Ava urges her daughter not to. She wastes no time informing Kiki she has a favor to ask of her. Kiki lets her mom come inside, obviously not welcoming her and merely wanting to hear what Ava has to say which she knows will further justify her anger and unwillingness to forgive her mom. She tells Ava if she thinks for one moment that her daughter is going to help her get custody of baby Avery, she's got another thing coming. Ava attempts to “appeal” to her daughter asking Kiki if she does not believe she was a good mother. Kiki replies that throughout her life, all her mom did was lie to her and betray her. Ava tells her daughter even if she can't or won't do it for her, can Kiki at least do it for Avery? Kiki has to realize that that little girl cannot live with Sonny Corinthos. In response to that, Kiki furiously tells her mom that she does not believe that Avery is better off with a woman who would screw her daughter's boyfriend behind her back. She opens the door, holds it open and demands Ava gets out of her home.

When Sonny and Carly are alone in his hospital room, she tells him he need not worry about Ric. He tells her a major reason why he does not have faith in the legal system is the fact that Ava has gotten away with murdering Connie and the courts have let her have custody of Avery.

Morgan goes to the Floating Rib to find Darby and wants to “clarify” to her what he now knows Kiki is texting her about. Regarding that, Darby tells him she doesn't know what “this Kiki's” problem is and she remarks to Morgan that Kiki seems like some kind of psycho. Morgan then attempts to explain to her that Kiki got really hurt. She's angry at him for something he did that is his fault and he hopes that Darby does not think terrible things about Kiki nor blame her for her behaviors in this time of terrible hardship in her life. He finds out that Darby is a student and has some responsibilities in her life but likes to have fun and party. They talk about the Halloween party at The Haunted Star. He informs her that his sister in law is the owner of The Haunted Star. So, they agree to go together and he wants to introduce Darby to his family and friends.

Elizabeth wants Jake to not worry about who he may or may not have been before. All that matters is that he is Jake Doe, the man she loves and is going to marry. She knows that he can make her happy and she wants to make him happy and have a good life together. As she reminisces about their history together, they joyfully relive how they first met, not long ago when she was his nurse right after the accident that caused him to lose his memory, up until this present point in their relationship.

At The Haunted Star, Maxie tells Nathan that she knows he is keeping a secret about something and evading a conversation she wants to have with him. Dante and Lulu are happily together yet she tells him there is something she needs to take care of. Lulu goes and finds Valerie and asks her cousin if she could talk to her for a minute. Not far away, Nathan tells Maxie he realizes that maybe Dante was harsh with her but she needs to just “drop” this alleged secret that Dillon has about Dante. She tells him she agrees to do that under one condition; that he wears the Halloween costume she picked out for him.

Lulu tells Valerie she is happy that Valerie and Dillon are back together. However, she warns her cousin, she is a bit concerned. She suspects that Dillon may simply be “on the rebound”. Valerie may want to consider that Dillon might not be as committed to her as she might want. So, Lulu tells her cousin, she just wants to forewarn her so that Valerie does not get hurt.

In Sonny's hospital room, Carly assures her husband that Ric was wrong. Sonny will get custody of his daughter and he will beat this thing the doctors warn him about.

While Jake and Elizabeth are ready to get married, Spinelli sits alone at The Floating Rib on his computer, gleefully confident that he is the same cyber God he was. By the time The Jackal is through, Jake will know who he really is, he declares.

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