GH Update Tuesday 10/27/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/27/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Emma was at Anna's new house trying out Halloween costumes. Emma came downstairs dressed as Joy, from Inside Out. Emma liked being Joy and hoped it would make Anna happy again. Anna explained that grown ups went through rough patches sometimes. Emma asked if it was because of Duke, and Anna admitted that was part of it. Anna assured Emma that she felt joy when she was with Emma. The doorbell rang. Emma assumed it was Patrick, so she answered. A man in a Halloween mask jumped out of the shadows and frightened Emma. Paul chuckled as he pulled off his mask. Paul apologized for scaring Emma. Anna introduced Paul to her granddaughter. Paul chatted with Emma and offered her candy. Emma refused, at first, because Paul was a stranger, but she took the candy when Anna said it was okay. Anna sent Emma upstairs to try on the other costumes. Paul said he hoped to have a grandchild some day.

Anna wondered why Paul was there. Paul revealed that he knew Anna had gone to the morgue and made inquiries about Carlos's death. Anna stated that it was natural for her to be curious about how Duke's killer died. Paul thought there was more to it. Anna said she'd hoped seeing Carlos's body would give her closure. Paul didn't buy it. Emma came back downstairs; this time she was dressed as Evie from Descendants. Paul asked Emma about her costume. Emma explained that she was dressed as the evil queen's daughter. Emma was only considering trick or treating as a bad character because she loved Evie's blue hair and outfit. Paul asked if he could take Emma's picture. Emma looked to Anna, who said it was okay. Paul asked what made Evie bad. Emma stated that she watched the movie with Anna, and Anna had explained that Evie thought with her heart and wasn't a bad person, even if she did bad things sometimes. “That's always the party line with bad guys. Isn't it, Anna?” Paul asked.

Paul asked Emma which costume she was going to keep. Emma wasn't sure. Anna stated that she'd be better able to help Emma decide, if Paul would leave. Paul suggested that Emma go upstairs and put on her final costume. Emma left the room. Paul reminded Anna that she was a civilian now and she had no right to delve into police business anymore. Paul wanted to know why Anna went to the morgue. Anna maintained that she'd gone to get closure, so Paul threatened to have Anna arrested in front of Emma. Anna admitted that she didn't think the body that was found was Carlos. Paul tensed up and he asked if Anna was saying that everyone involved in identifying Carlos made a mistake. Anna said her police instincts told her something was off. Anna thought someone intentionally made it appear that the body was Carlos, then they had the body cremated before anyone could prove otherwise. Paul noted that Anna was in a unique position to know whether or not it was Carlos's body. Anna demanded to know what Paul meant. Emma returned, in her regular clothes; she'd decided she didn't like the other costume. Paul said that Emma had an edge. Emma asked if that was good. Paul said yes, because it made people think twice about messing with her. Anna glared at Paul. She sent Emma to do her homework, then she gave Paul his coat and said goodbye. While Paul's tone was polite, he warned Anna that she hadn't seen the last of him. Paul left.

On the Quartermaine terrace, Michael asked Sabrina to do him the honor of marrying him. Sabrina said the honor would be hers, since he was the best man she knew, but Sabrina didn't accept the proposal. Michael was taken aback. They went inside. Sabrina explained that she thought it was too soon for them to get married. Sabrina noted that they'd just moved in together and might find out that they were incompatible. Michael didn't think that would happen, but Sabrina said she didn't want to drag Michael into this. Michael took Sabrina's hands and assured her that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Sabrina and their child. Sabrina said she didn't want to get married just because she was pregnant. Michael said he would have eventually asked Sabrina to get married, whether she was pregnant or not, because they loved each other. Sabrina wasn't sure love was enough. Michael vowed to show her that it was enough, and he said that when he was finished, she'd agree to marry him. Sabrina was charmed.

Sabrina suggested that they take the time before baby was born to get to know each other. Tracy and Monica came downstairs in the midst of an argument, which interrupted Michael and Sabrina's talk. Tracy was annoyed that Monica let Danny play in Tracy's room. Monica thought Tracy was blowing things out of proportion. Tracy said that she'd make an exception for the antics of Sabrina and Michael's baby. Monica was sure that Tracy must be mistaken and that Michael wouldn't tell Tracy about a baby before telling Monica. Tracy was gleeful when she realized that Monica didn't know about the baby, until just now. Michael said he was sorry Monica had to find out this way. Tracy assumed Monica would be angry about being the last to know, and she told him not to be too hard on Michael. Tracy frowned when Monica reacted with joy and not fury.

Monica said she was just upstairs with Danny and had been getting emotional because he looked so much like Jason, but this news made her pain more bearable. Monica hoped Sonny and Carly were happy about the baby. Sabrina and Michael explained that Sonny was supportive, but Carly had reservations. Monica asked why they told Tracy the news before her. Sabrina explained that Tracy had figured it out on her own, before Sabrina even told Michael. Tracy spat that she was paying attention, unlike Michael, who'd been too wrapped up in Sonny's business to notice. Michael countered that he'd been wrapped up in his father's recovery. Michael said he had nothing to do with Sonny's business, and he told Tracy not to sic her boyfriend on him again.

Tracy felt that Michael's other family's business was Sabrina's problem, now. Tracy asked if they were getting married. Sabrina explained that she wanted to wait. Tracy assumed Sabrina was reluctant to marry someone in the mob. Michael snapped that he wasn't in the mob. “Are you a coffee importer?,” Tracy snidely asked. Monica ordered Tracy to shut up and stay out of Sabrina and Michael's business. Tracy argued that Michael and the baby were her business because they were family. Monica said that, even if Michael was in the mob, that wouldn't be a reason for Sabrina not to marry him. Tracy didn't agree. Michael noted that Tracy had been involved with mobsters in the past. Tracy said that's how she knew it was a bad idea. Michael suggested that they all just be happy about the new Quartermaine. Everyone agreed. Monica asked when Sabrina was due. Sabrina looked unsettled and she quickly went outside to get some air, without answering. Michael followed her and told her that from now on, he was putting her and the baby first. Back inside, Tracy and Monica shared a drink. They agreed that Alan and Edward would be glad about all the young Quartermaines – Danny, Jake and the new baby. Monica said that while Jason and A.J. were gone, their spirits lived on. Tracy and Monica toasted to that.

Alexis and Julian's new home was filled with toys for Leo. Alexis and Julian sat on the floor, while Alexis taught Julian to change a diaper. Alexis picked the Leo up and kissed him. She cooed to Leo that she never expected to be changing a diaper on her new rug. Julian apologized for doing this to Alexis. He noted that a baby wasn't part of their plans. Alexis replied that plans were meant to be broken. She added seeing Julian with his son made her love Julian even more. Julian said he loved Leo and Alexis. They kissed.

Olivia came to GH to meet up with Dante and Lulu. Dante and Lulu explained that they'd been trying to get in touch with her after they found out Julian knew the truth about Leo. Olivia assured them that everything was fine and that she and Julian had worked out an agreement to co-parent their son. Olivia asked Dante and Lulu to be Leo's godparents. Olivia noted that Dante went to Mass every Sunday. Olivia added that while Lulu didn't often attend church, Lulu was a good person and Olivia knew she had faith. Lulu admitted that she did have faith, because she knew in her heart that her embryo would grow into a child. Dante looked uncomfortable when Olivia began to heap praise on him. Olivia felt that he was the best man she knew – moral and ethical, a loving dad and perfect husband. Lulu quickly agreed to be Leo's godmother, but Dante didn't respond. Olivia said she could tell something had been troubling Dante for some time, and she urged him to open up. Dante said he was just concerned about the procedure Lulu had to go through to get pregnant. Lulu was sure that she could handle it. Olivia asked Dante if he would accept her request. Dante agreed to be Leo's grandfather, but he looked uneasy.

Lucas was also at the hospital. He checked his phone; Julian had texted Lucas and Sam an address and asked them to come over because he had a surprise for them. Lucas texted back that he hoped it would be a nice surprise.

Nikolas and Hayden were at the Floating Rib. He offered to get her another drink, and Hayden asked what everyone at ELQ would think if she showed up at work with a hangover. Nik admitted people would probably think he only hired her because she was his girlfriend. Nik confronted Sam about breaking into his home and hacking his computer. Nik wanted Sam to give him a reason that he shouldn't press charges. Sam was there to pick up food for Julian, so she said she didn't have time to talk to Nik. Nik said he knew Sam sneaked around and stole things, for a living, but he didn't understand how she could do that to her own cousin. Sam didn't think their familial connection meant anything to Nik. Sam accused Nik and Hayden of hiding Jake's true identity. Nik threatened to press charges unless Sam and Jake let this go. Sam laughed and said Jake would press charges on Nik for violating his privacy when Nik ran the DNA test on Jake. Sam suggested that they call it a draw. Nik scoffed, but Hayden agreed that they should make peace. Hayden congratulated Sam on her engagement and on her ring. Sam thanked her. Sam added that Nik and Hayden won – Jake had decided to abandon the search for his identity, against Sam's advice, so the case was closed. Nik hoped this meant he'd never have to hear about all of this again and that they could enjoy Elizabeth's wedding. Sam said she would, but she predicted that Nik would be an outcast at the event, because he'd made so many enemies. Sam walked away.

Hayden asked Nik if he thought Sam was being sincere when she said she and Jake would back off and let the investigation go. Nik thought that Sam was being honest. Hayden wondered if Nik would be alone at the wedding like Sam said. Nik hoped his sister would sit with him, if she could get Dante to put aside the fact that Nik stole ELQ from Dante's brother. Hayden suggested that Nik take Spencer, but Nik explained that Spencer didn't get along with Cam. “If you're desperate for company, you could always take me,” Hayden said. Nik pointed out that Jake and Liz hated her. Hayden thought the newlyweds would be too busy with each other to notice her. Hayden added that attending a wedding together was a big step – it would make them official in the eyes of the town.

Hayden reminded Nik that he'd never said whether they were boyfriend and girlfriend. Nik wasn't ready to put a label on the “complicated dance” they were doing, but he thought it should be obvious that he had feelings for Hayden. Hayden asked if Nik meant that he couldn't put his feelings into words. Nik said yes. Hayden felt that actions spoke louder than words, and she asked Nik to take her to the wedding. Nik didn't understand why Hayden was so eager to go. Hayden said she was ready to start doing do normal things, like going out and having fun mingling with other people. Hayden added that she didn't care whose wedding she went to, she just wanted to dance. Nik understood, and he asked Hayden to go to the wedding with him. Hayden was elated, and Nik said that, if he'd known it would mean this much to her, he would have invited her before. Hayden wondered if she'd remember who Jake really was during the ceremony.

Sam got a text from Spinelli saying that he was still trying to find out who Jake really was.

Sam and Lucas arrived at Julian and Alexis's house. Alexis let them in, and they asked whose house this was. Alexis revealed that Julian surprised her with it and that all of Julian's cryptic phone calls were about the house, and not mob related, like Alexis had feared. Sam showed off her engagement ring. Lucas asked when the big day was. Sam avoided answering by asking where Julian was. Just then, Julian walked in carrying Leo. Julian introduced Leo to his siblings, who were delighted to meet him. Lucas was shocked that Olivia lied to Julian and made him grieve for Leo. Julian explained that he'd forgiven Olivia and agreed to share custody for Leo's sake. Lucas and Sam told Leo that he had a good dad. Olivia showed up and noted that Julian lived in a very safe area. Julian told her that she didn't have to worry about Leo when he was there. Olivia said she'd always worry, and Alexis added that worrying was what mothers did. Olivia marveled at all the baby toys. Olivia apologized for lying to Lucas and Sam and for any pain that her lie caused them. Sam said she was just happy Leo was alive, but Lucas didn't say anything. “Right Lucas?,” Sam prodded. Lucas said yes and that he was glad Olivia worked things out with Julian. Julian walked Olivia and Leo to the door, once she was ready to take the baby home. Alexis watched as Olivia and Julian agreed that they created a miracle. Spinelli texted Sam to let her know that he was one step closer to ID-ing Jake.

Dillon was at the Haunted Star. Maxie walked in and told him that they'd gotten several hits on their fund raising website. Maxie then pleasantly surprised Dillon by showing him a large check from Nina. Dillon reached for it, but Maxie refused to hand it over. She threatened to rip the check up unless Dillon told her Dante's secret. Dillon reminded Maxie that she'd accused him of lying. Maxie explained that she only said that to calm Lulu down. Dillon refused to tell Maxie what he knew. Maxie thought it was clear that the secret was burdening Dillon, and she urged him to open up. Dillon agreed to tell Maxie the truth, but he wanted to show her something first. Maxie admitted she'd been bluffing when she said she knew Dillon was hiding something, but now Dillon had confirmed that he really did have something on Dante.

Dillon showed Maxie some of the scenes that had been filmed. He expected her to be excited about seeing herself act, but Maxie was alarmed because her hairstyle in the video reminded her of Donald Trump's. Maxie ran off in search of a mirror, and Dillon kept watching the footage. Dante and Lulu walked in. Dillon, who was in another part of the boat, noticed a shot of Lulu talking to Maxie between takes. Dillon paused the video and zoomed in on Lulu's smiling face. Dante walked over and confronted Dillon when he saw Dillon gazing longingly the screen. Dante confronted Dillon. Dillon felt that Dante, the cheater, had no room to criticize Dillon. Dante pointed out that Dillon had decided not to say anything. Dillon said he'd been planning to stay quiet until Dante got in his face with his “holier than thou hypocrisy.” Dillon walked toward Lulu.

Maxie ran into Lulu. Lulu asked what Dillon said when Maxie gave him the check. Maxie brought Lulu up to speed about her ultimatum to Dillon. Lulu was confident that Dillon didn't have anything on Dante. Lulu explained that she'd asked Dante, point blank, if he was hiding something, and he'd said no. Maxie revealed that she'd gotten Dillon to slip up and confirm that he did know something about Dante. Just then, Dillon walked up and said he had to tell Lulu something.

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