GH Update Monday 10/26/15

General Hospital Update Monday 10/26/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

The cops arrest Spinelli and take him to the station. Sam follows them, accompanies Spinelli, stands beside him and makes sure he does not incriminate himself without legal representation. Jordan asks her why she is concerned about that. She repliers that she is a friend of Mr. Spinelli as well as his personal PI. Spinelli assumes he does not have a lawyer until Diane appears and he rejoices that he has the best legal defense there is. She confidently announces to the commissioner that the police have no case against her client. Yet Jordan is equally as confident that they have all the proof they need, from Dr. Obrecht that Mr. Spinelli is committing a federal offense by hacking the hospital mainframe. Right then, Sam tells Diane they need to talk privately. Knowing he's alone with the police commissioner and without his attorney, they urge him not to speak without Diane present, as she and Sam go in the private room. As soon as they are alone, Diane firmly demands to know why on earth Sam is having Spinelli hacking into the hospital computer mainframe. At first, Sam does not answer. She then explains to Diane that it's to uncover Jake Doe's medical records. They all hit a dead end in trying to find out who Jake really is. So she resorted to drastic measures by relying on Spinelli's (illegal) help. She protests that she is certain Nikolas knows the answer to that question and is withholding it from Jake and up to no good with what he knows. Because she is Nikolas' cousin, she feels guilty and as though she owes that “service” to Jake. Hearing that, Hearing that, Diane can clearly tell there is something else that Sam is not revealing that compels her to help Jake find out who he is at any cost. Sam explains that “Jake Doe” has become a really close friend to her and she cares about him. Right then, Diane notices Sam's engagement ring and asks if that is from Patrick. Sam replies yes. Diane congratulates her but can see that maybe Sam is not as ready to move on with Patrick as she believes she is. Sam protests to Diane that she and Patrick are very much in love. They've lived together for a long time now. Their kids have bonded and they've become a family. She and Patrick didn't just rush into this. They've given it plenty of thought. In response to hearing that, Diane tells her the very irony of the whole situation is how Sam and Patrick are so “carefully planned” and so unlike her relationship with Jason. She reminds Sam how it was that she (herself) had a “front row seat” to all the trials and tribulations associated with Sam being with Jason. She knows that while so many women would have run screaming, Sam seemed to “thrive on it”. Sam tells her she remembers what she had with Jason but he's dead. Enough time has gone by and she has to move on and have a new life with Patrick. Yet Diane can detect that Sam may not be over Jason even if she thinks she is.

Elizabeth returns home and walks right in to hear little Jake announce to Jake Doe that he knows Jake is his “real father and not his step father” as Jake seems to mistakenly believe. She hears her “fiance” “set the boy straight” that he is marrying little Jake's mom and hopes to be a good dad to him but realizes Jason Morgan was his real father. Right then, she knows she has to separate the two of them to prevent further “conversations” (or revelations). She privately tells little Jake he should not be listening in on what she knows he overheard of her conversation with his grandma and further tells little Jake he is “confused” about what he thought he heard. Little Jake clearly reveals to her that he is not confused about anything and asks her if it's true that Jake Doe is his real father. She tells him it's “complicated” yet the boy knows it's very simple what he knows he heard and that mommy is lying to him, to Jake and to many other people. After she's “exiled” little Jake to his room, she joins big Jake who does not reveal to Elizabeth what he's about to do as soon as he's alone. As soon as she leaves and he is alone, Jake immediately gets on the phone to call Sam while she's in the police interrogation room talking to Diane. Jake asks if they can meet alone on the docks on the pier. Sam immediately rushes out to meet with Jake.

When Jake meets up with Sam, he realizes he really lost it the other day when he tried and failed to find out who he really is. He tells her he had no right to take it out on her or on Spinelli when they were clearly just trying to help. Sam assures him everything is ok. He tells her that he has another “concern” regarding little Jake, the son Elizabeth had with Jason, revealing to him that he believes Jake is his “real dad”. Hearing that, Sam tells him that doesn't sound like any cause for concern. Very soon he will be little Jake's dad, she reminds him. Jake tells Sam his concern that maybe he is not “fit” to be a father to the kids nor husband to Elizabeth. Hearing that, Sam tells him she has a sense that he is a good man and they need not suspect otherwise. She knows shady characters when she sees them and does not get that vibe around him. He reminds her that he has recently killed two men without a thought. Even though it was in self-defense, he knows this is not the first time he's been unafraid to kill. And knowing nothing about his past, he needs to make certain that Elizabeth and her kids are safe around him. Hearing that, Sam assures him that she and Spinelli are still not giving up. He asks her what may be going on that he does not know. She then reveals that Spinelli got arrested for hacking the hospital computers to find Jake's medical records. Unknown to them, Dr. Obrecht has a lot stricter security than previous chiefs and they found that out the hard way. Hearing that, Jake tells Sam that he does not want her or Spinelli or anyone to get hurt because of him. She tells him he need not worry. Diane Miller is on this. She knows Spinelli will be able to give them the answers they need. Hearing that, Jake concludes to her if he finds out anything from his past that gives him “cause for concern”, he will not be afraid to walk away from Elizabeth. He tells Sam that without knowing anything about his past, he has to use caution and can't risk putting Elizabeth and her sons in any more danger. Hearing that, Sam assures him she knows Spinelli will find the answers he seeks. And then he will have no more reason to assume the worst. She knows he could not be a bad guy because if that were the case, he would not be making such efforts to find out about his past. He'd be running from it, hiding and not having the courage to face it. She further assures him by the time he marries Elizabeth, he will know who he really is.

Dante and Lulu go to the hospital together after she's told him of her plans to get pregnant and have another child. They see the OB-GYN and fertility doctor and she tells them their odds which are not great and the sacrifices they will have to make. Lulu is ready and willing to go through whatever fertility procedures are needed in order to have another baby. Yet Dante makes it clear that he questions whether they should go through with this although he does not reveal to anyone the reason why. She vehemently protests to her husband that they lost so much time with Rocco. She doesn't want to give up on having another child and giving their son a little brother and sister. Dante does not argue nor dare to tell her the reason why that will not help their marriage, if or when the “truth” is revealed.

Michael goes to announce to his parents that he and Sabrina are having a baby. There will now be a new addition to their family, he happily tells them. Both Sonny and Carly talk about how important family, motherhood and fatherhood are to them. Michael informs both of his parents that he wanted them to know they will have a grandchild as soon as possible. First, he thought it would uplift his dad's spirits. Also, he wants to consult with his dad for fatherly advice. Hearing that, Sonny reflects to Michael that when he became a father, he realized how life-changing and profoundly important that was, as he further tells his son that nothing in this world means more to him than Michael and his brothers and sisters. Yet it is very clear that nobody is “rejoicing” about this unexpected pregnancy nor what it mean in all of their lives. Sonny asks Carly and Sabrina to let him talk alone to Michael. He does not want Carly to overhear what he is about to tell his son, realizing she will object. He tells Michael he thinks it would be “good” since Sabrina is having his baby, if he asked her to marry him. As soon as Carly finds out he told their son that, she adamantly objects, telling him that he needs to see Sabrina is not “the one” for Michael. Yes, they like her. She's a lovely girl, compatible with their son and fine for him to date. But Michael and Sabrina do not love each other, Carly tells her son's father. She is determined to prevent Michael from marrying Sabrina even if he insists on doing so and Sonny does not help her prevent it, even though their son is an adult and does not need his mom's permission to marry whomever he wants.

Spinelli and Dante sit alone in the interrogation room confident that he will beat the charges. Right then, Jordan enters and “reluctantly” tells Spinelli he's free to go. However, if he ever again hacks a hospital mainframe not only will he be arrested and charged with a federal crime. She will report him to the NSA. Diane assures her that she is wasting her time with her threats because Diane's client has not committed any crimes. Jordan leaves and when Spinelli is alone with Diane, he praises her and sounds really positive. However, she urges him to “save it”, as she reminds him that his cyber skills are clearly not what they once were. So he needs to do himself a favor and do no more legal hacking. He assures her he has learned his lesson and won't do it anymore as soon as he gets to the bottom of this unsolved mystery and finds out who Jake really is.

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