GH Update Friday 10/23/15

General Hospital Update Friday 10/23/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Spinelli comes to visit Sonny and Carly and gives them a wedding gift. Yet he can clearly see that his gift implies something Sonny does not want to think of , specifically in assuming he may be “getting used to” not being able to walk again. Carly goes out into the hallway to talk to Spinelli and Michael enters Sonny's room and informs his dad that whoever killed Carlos was more than likely acting under Julian's or Ava's orders probably to shut him up with what he knew (very possibly involving the reason Sonny got shot). Hearing that, Sonny reminds his son that he's already told him that he is not ok with Michael getting involved in his dad's business. It could put him in danger. He doesn't want his son in another coma or Pentonville or anything like that because Michael is getting involved in his dad's business. He tells Michael he needs to handle these matters himself and not have his son involved in it.

Sabrina goes to talk to DA Paul Hornsby to ask about the murder investigation of Carlos Rivera. She explains she's there on behalf of Carlos' parents regarding funeral arrangements of their son.

Meanwhile, Anna goes to the morgue for that very thing. Right then, Jordan walks in and sees her and asks what she is doing there. Anna knows she has to find the body somewhere. Yet they cannot find him. A lab technician informs them there are no “remains” because Mr. Rivera has been cremated.

When Paul Hornsby informs Sabrina that Carlos has been cremated, she knows there is foul play and is very upset. She protests that she believes whoever made that decision “has no rights”. Yet Paul assures her that as DA, he does have the right to make that call. She protests that Carlos' parents want to give their son a proper burial. He tells her he tried and failed to contact Mr. Rivera's family yet she probab;y does not buy that since they didn't even wait a week to cremate him. Yet Paul is confident that with no evidence for anyone to examine, his secret will never be found out. He knows he has to evidence in the murder investigation of Carlos, so Anna does not get found out as well as having to do the same thing to prevent himself getting found out after he's murdered Sloane. Sabrina leaves and Jordan enters Paul's office very angry to find out that he authorized having Carlos cremated without her knowing and demands to know where he thought he had the right or the authority to do that. She knows that there has to be foul play and a “need” for the new DA to prevent the department from conducting their murder investigation. She reminds him not only has it ruined any possible leads the cops have in that. She asks if he's made any attempt to even contact Rivera's family before cremating him. He tells her that although they don't have the body, they have the autopsy report which he hands to her. He tells her if there's any evidence to tell them who killed Carlos, it's right there.

After Jordan leaves the morgue, Sabrina enters. Anna sees her, (realizing she killed a man whom Sabrina once loved and has lied to her about that). Still having no clue that Anna killed him, Sabrina tells her that she realizes that maybe Carlos did some illegal and unethical things but she knows in her heart that Carlos was a good man and did not deserve to be killed and his family has the same rights as anyone else. Anna later goes to find the man who arranged to have Carlos cremated, assuring him it was not his “fault” yet she has to tell him that she would like to have access to the previous autopsy report. He tells her that that report is strictly confidential but realizing the former Commissioner has a sensitive issue involving the death of the man who killed Duke, he tells her and tells Jordan he will let her access the report. He offers his condolences and realizes that she has told him she cannot rest until she finds answers as to how Carlos was killed.

Patrick is with Sam, assessing that she (along with Spinelli) seems to be spending a lot of time and energy concerned about finding out who Jake really is. He tells her he'd prefer they focus their time and energy on planning their wedding. He surprises her with a ring. They happily await their future and Patrick has to leave for work.

While Jake and Elizabeth wake up in bed together, little Jake comes into their room to announce that his grandma is there. Laura visits with Elizabeth and Jake and is ready to stay with the boys while they leave for the day. She has to get to work and knows she's going to have a performance review with Dr. Obrecht. They are both concerned about the state of mind of little Jake.

At the hospital, Elizabeth's friends want to celebrate her wedding shower. Yet they are afraid that Obrecht might prevent it. The chief of staff coldly confronts Nurse Webber and leads her into a room, having her believing she's going to be conducting a “negative” performance review. Yet when Elizabeth follows her into the room, all the staff jump up and announce that they have thrown a surprise party for Elizabeth. Epiphany proposes a toast and all the nurse's and hospital staff gather around to celebrate Elizabeth's engagement and up and coming wedding to Jake and wish them all the happiness.

Outside of Sonny's hospital room, Jake finds Carly and congratulates her on becoming Mrs. Sonny Corinthos, for the 5th and final time, while he informs her he intends to marry Elizabeth. He admits to Carly, however, that he is not “complete” with not knowing anything about his past before the accident. Carly tells him she encourages him not to let that stop him from having what he wants in his life. She wants to encourage him to stop chasing the man he used to be and celebrate and appreciate the totally awesome man he is now.

Spinelli comes to see Sam and congratulate her on her ring. He informs her he's also there with a plan for them to do what is needed in order to find out whose face Jake had before the accident, so they can find out who he really is.

Laura is alone in Jake and Elizabeth's bedroom observing the picture Elizabeth still keeps of herself and Jason. Yet she hears a scream that sounds like the children might be injured. She notices that it appears little Jake “accidentally” hit Cameron over the head and Cameron needs an ice pack. Yet it's unclear as to exactly what happened and what overall is “up” with little Jake, given the unsolved mystery of his life throughout the years he's been raised by Helena.

After the hospital engagement party, Elizabeth asks Patrick if he will stand up at her wedding. He happily agrees. Little does Patrick know that Elizabeth is knowingly marrying his fiance's husband.

In the hallway, Jake reveals to Carly that he wants her to stand up with him on his wedding. She tells him of course she will do it, smiles and hugs him. She then realizes she has many things she has to do if she's his “best woman” at his wedding. She has to write a speech that she will give at his rehearsal dinner plus she has to plan the bachelor party even though Jake tells her he is not planning on having a bachelor party. She intends to arrange it nonetheless.

Meanwhile, Spinelli explains to Sam that he has software applications that can identify Jake's face. He tells her about his convoluted ideas of how they would need to “guess” and think about faces they are familiar with. Hearing that, Sam admits to him that that seems like a “long shot” to her and what are the odds? Little to either of them know. She's afraid that they still have nothing. Her friend still hasn't a clue who he is, given that the x-rays Spinelli may uncover won't be able to show anyone what Jake's face looked like before the car hit him.

In Sonny's room, he tells Michael he does not want to live in fear of any of his kids being in danger. Michael assures his dad that nothing will happen to his family. IN fact, he announces, the family will get bigger. He then leaves to go and find Sabrina and bring her in to announce the “joyous news” to his parents.

While Obrecht is attending the party, an IT administrator announces to the chief of staff that there has been a “breech”. “Somebody” has hacked into the hospital's network, he tells her.

Sabrina returns after the party is over. Felix finds her and can see she has something on her mind preventing her from being happy about having Michael's baby. Again, he inquires if it's possible that the baby is not Michael's and might be Carlos'. Right then, Michael finds Sabrina interrupts their conversation and asks Felix if he can “steal” Sabrina.

Right then, Jordan gets the call from the hospital while she's talking to Paul. He assures her that the murder investigation was done the way it should be and she has nothing to worry about even though it's too late to investigate any further.

In the morgue, the guy lets Anna have access to the autopsy report that was done before the cremation. She reviews it, confident she will have what she needs. When she looks at it, however, she can see that something “is not right”. She can see that something is “impossible” and she appears afraid. She remembers that she shot Carlos 3 times and knows that either this report was falsified or else the body was not Carlos at all.

Michael returns to Sonny's room with Sabrina and tells his parents he knows Sonny said no visitors who are not family but Sabrina is family, he tells them. He announces to them that he and Sabrina are going to have a baby.

While Sam and Spinelli are ready to uncover the identity of Jake, Jordan leads the police to place Spinelli under arrest for hacking into the hospital computers

Right then, little Jake reveals to his “soon to be stepfather” that he knows (and knows his mom knows) who adult Jake really is when he's overheard his mom and grandma (the two people who know that Jake is Jason) discussing what they know and Elizabeth telling her former mother in law she has no intention of letting Jake know he's Jason Elizabeth declares she is going to marry Jake and he's going to be little Jake's father, while, unknown to her, little Jake is sitting at the top of the stairs overhearing the conversation and finding out that his father = Jason Morgan = Jake Doe. He's about to reveal to Jake who he really is. He tells Jake he is his “real daddy”. Little Jake confesses to big Jake he “knows it”.

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