GH Update Thursday 10/22/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/22/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Jake went to Sam's place. Spinelli was there, trying to access the results of the DNA test that Nikolas ran on Jake. Jake thanked Sam for letting the work be done at her home. Sam understood that Jake didn't want to have to explain Spinelli's presence to Liz if she showed up early. Spinelli got into the Lab's records, but he discovered that the records relating to Jake had been deleted on July 9th. Jake and Sam realized that the records had been deleted right after they broke into Nik's house, the first time, back in the summer. Jake asked Spinelli if he could rebuild the deleted file. Spinelli said that could take months. Jake exploded in frustration. He ranted at Spinelli for not being able to do the job promptly. Sam pointed out that they were doing the best they could. Jake knew that, but he was still angry. Jake concluded that he'd never find out who he really was, and he told Sam and Spinelli to end the search. Sam tried to get Jake to reconsider, but he wouldn't change his mind. He stormed out of the house.

Sam didn't think that Jake really meant what he said. She asked Spinelli to help her keep searching for the truth about Jake. Spinelli agreed, but he wasn't sure he'd be able to recover the deleted records. Sam asked Spinelli if there were any records on Jake that Helena and Nik couldn't get to. Spinelli theorized that Jake's medical records might hold a clue to his true identity. Sam assumed that the doctors would have already noticed, if that were the case, but Spinelli explained that he had a method to analyze Jake's x rays and MRIs for clues that the doctors didn't have access to. Sam was all for Spinelli getting Jake's medical records. Spinelli pointed out that it would be simpler for Jake to be the one to get the records. Sam wanted to leave Jake out of this, due to his earlier outburst. Spinelli admitted he'd been afraid Jake would hit him. Sam assured Spinelli that Jake wasn't that kind of man. Spinelli was glad to hear that, especially since he and Sam were considering disregarding Jake's wishes and violating his privacy by accessing his medical records.

Sonny tricked Morgan into thinking that he'd been discharged from the hospital. Michael and Carly caught Morgan and Milo wheeling Sonny toward the hospital exit. Carly and Michael intervened and refused to let Sonny leave. Sonny was determined to go. He attempted to stand and promptly collapsed on the floor. Carly, Michael and Morgan rushed to his aid, but Sonny didn't appreciate their concern. “Get the hell away from me!,” Sonny snarled. Sonny's family insisted on helping, so he yelled at them more forcefully. Morgan and Michael obeyed Sonny's order, and they backed away, but Carly remained at her husband's side. Patrick appeared, and he gently told Carly to step aside so Patrick and an orderly helped Sonny back into the chair. Sonny was adamant that he wasn't getting back into the wheelchair. Carly moved out of the way, and Patrick knelt down next to Sonny. Sonny, whose frustrated rage had given way to sadness, fought back tears as he said he didn't ask for Patrick's help. Patrick's tone was compassionate, as he pointed out that Sonny couldn't get back into the chair without help. Patrick asked Sonny to cooperate. Sonny quickly agreed. Once Sonny was back in his chair, the orderly took him to his room.

Carly asked if Sonny was okay, and Patrick said he appeared to be. Morgan asked if Sonny's paralysis was permanent. Patrick said it was too soon to tell, but he cautioned that Sonny could injure himself if he continued to disregard medical advice. Carly asked Michael and Morgan to let her have a private talk with Sonny. Morgan asked what Carly was going to say, and Carly confessed that she didn't know. When Carly went inside, Sonny ordered Carly to leave, but she stayed. Carly encouraged Sonny to fight. Sonny contended that he couldn't fight when he couldn't even stand. Sonny asked what good he was to anyone now that he wasn't able to protect his family and what was his. Sonny assumed that Carly pitied him, now. Carly said that wasn't true. She argued that Sonny was in a wheelchair, but not helpless, and that he was still the man she married. Carly noted that Sonny had faced obstacles head on before. Sonny pointed out that he'd never been in a wheelchair, but Carly countered that Sonny had been in a place so dark that he'd once talked to ghosts. Sonny snapped that he could take medication for his bipolar disorder, but there was no pill for this. Carly said that Sonny had five kids who needed him. She stated that Avery was trapped with Ava, and they had to fight to get her back. Sonny asked how he was supposed to fight for Avery when he couldn't even get out of bed. Carly yelled that he would go to physical therapy and learn to live his new life. Carly maintained that Sonny was strong; he'd been strong enough to build a life from nothing, hold onto his territory and hold onto Carly. Sonny felt that Carly was an amazing woman, who deserved better than to be tied to a man in a wheelchair. Carly assured Sonny that he was her husband, for better or worse. She promised to stick by his side and she told him she wouldn't let him give up on himself. Sonny choked back tears and said he couldn't do this without Carly. Carly kissed Sonny and said he was stuck with her.

Meanwhile, Michael and Morgan talked in the hallway. Michael admitted it scared him to see Sonny like this. Michael was used to Sonny being the most powerful man in the room, feared and respected. Michael hated seeing Sonny so helpless. He clarified that he didn't think Sonny was helpless, but Michael believed Sonny saw himself that way. Michael noted that Sonny wasn't able to bribe, manipulate, or use a gun to solve this problem; he'd have to actually live through it. Carly called the boys into the room, at Sonny's request. Sonny apologized to Morgan for lying to him. Sonny assured everyone that he was going to follow the doctor's orders and take physical therapy. Sonny said he was stepping away from the business, temporarily, and Max was going to fill in. Michael was taken aback, because Max wasn't family. Sonny was adamant that he was sticking with his decision to let Max run things. Sonny added that Michael and Morgan were not to get involved with the business in any way. Sonny asked if that was clear, and Michael and Morgan said yes. Carly got Sonny to smile by pointing out that he'd just proven he could still give orders. Sonny admitted it was difficult for him to ask for help, but he confessed that he needed his family's support. Sonny said that he'd always wanted to set a good example of how a man deals with adversity. Sonny noted that he didn't do that today. Michael assured Sonny that Sonny did that every day. Morgan was sure Sonny could beat this. Sonny agreed because he had his family by his side.

Nikolas met with Elizabeth at GH and told her that they needed to talk. Liz was surprised by Nik's abruptness. Nik apologized for his manners, but he stressed that they had a problem – Jason was looking into his past. Liz grew increasingly alarmed as Nik explained that Jason and Sam broke into his home and downloaded the contents of his computer. Nik added that the computer contained correspondence from a lab he'd used to run a DNA test on Jason. Liz wondered why Nik would even have a DNA test done. Nik explained that he'd wanted to verify Helena's claim that Jake Doe was Jason Morgan. Liz was terrified that Jason and Sam would find the DNA test results, or worse, find out Liz had been lying this whole time. Nik assured her that he'd had the records deleted. Nik was adamant that Liz must rein Jason in and make him stop digging into his past. A frantic Liz asked how she was supposed to do that. Patrick walked up in the middle of the tense exchange and asked Liz what was going on. Liz insisted that everything was fine. Nik left, and Patrick asked Liz what was really going on. Jake arrived, before Liz could answer Patrick. Jake had gotten Liz's text, and he wondered why she needed to see him. Patrick left to give them privacy. Jake asked Liz what she wanted to talk to him about, and Liz said she wanted to discuss it at home.

Liz and Jake arrived at home and went up to their bedroom. In a gentle tone, Liz revealed that she knew Jake confronted Nik about a DNA test Nik had run and that Jake and Sam broke into Nik's place and hacked into his computer. Jake admitted that all this was true. Jake maintained that Nik knew who Jake really was. Liz unsuccessfully tried to convince Jake that Nik didn't know Jake's real identity. Jake grumbled that Nik won and now Jake would never know who he really was. “Jake, you know who you are,” Liz said. She reminded Jake that he was the man who was willing to be her sons' father; the man who'd complete their family. Liz asked Jake to give up his search for the sake of their family. Liz stroked Jake's hair and said she was scared of the extremes he was going to in order to find his identity. She asked if he could let it go. Jake asked what if dangerous people were looking for him and they eventually found him, Liz and the kids. Liz insisted that this wouldn't happen. Jake wasn't so sure. Liz bluntly said it had been a year; no one was looking for Jake. Liz quickly apologized because her statement sounded insensitive, but Jake assured her that he knew what she meant. Liz said she was grateful she they could have a life together. Jake said he'd hit a dead end, and he had nowhere else to go. Liz told Jake it was best to let the past stay in the past. They kissed and began to undress. Later, they cuddled in bed. Jake felt lucky that Liz was the nurse on duty when Jake was brought to the hospital. Liz thought it was fate. She said she would never let him go. Jake said he'd never let Liz go, either.

Back at Sam's, Sam was still interested in going forward with the search, despite the fact that it would involve accessing Jake's confidential records. Spinelli realized this meant a lot to Sam, and she told him he was right. Patrick came home and was surprised to see Spinelli. Patrick asked Sam what was going on. Sam explained that they were working on Jake's case. Patrick wanted to know exactly what Sam was doing. Sam asked Patrick if he really wanted to know, and he said yes, since it involved Sam. Sam admitted that she and Spinelli were about to break into GH's mainframe to get Jake's medical records. Sam added that Patrick could save them some time if he gave them his work password. Patrick pointed out that Sam could just have Jake request the records, and Sam explained that Jake didn't know she was doing this. Patrick made it clear that he considered patient confidentiality to be very important. Sam understood. Patrick said he was going to take a long shower, so he didn't overhear any more about this, and it would be a good idea if Sam and Spinelli were finished by the time Patrick got back. Patrick went upstairs. Sam regretted asking Patrick for his password. Spinelli added that it was unnecessary, since he'd already broken into GH's system and accessed Jake's records. Spinelli and Sam looked at Jake's x rays that were taken just after the accident. They marveled over the fact that Jake had survived after so many skull fractures. Sam wished that the x ray could show them what Jake looked like before the accident. “Maybe they can,” Spinelli said.

Laura, Lulu and Rocco were at Kelly's. Lulu thanked Laura for watching Rocco earlier. Laura was happy to have spent time with her grandson, but she admitted she'd been caught off guard when Rocco kept asking her to make cannoli. Lulu smiled and explained that Rocco spent a lot of time with Olivia. Laura hoped that Olivia was doing okay after the loss of Leo. Lulu revealed that Leo was alive. Lulu was pleased because she considered babies a blessing. Lulu agreed. Lulu revealed that she and Dante were planning to have another baby and that, if all went well, Laura would have another grandchild by this time next year. Laura was thrilled. Lulu was excited and nervous and glad her mom would be there for the pregnancy. Nik walked in and announced that it was a welcome surprise to see three of his favorite people all in one place. Lulu was pleased to see her brother, but Laura looked uncomfortable. Nik made small talk about Spencer, and Lulu joined in, but Laura was silent. Nik stepped away from the table, to get some sugar. Lulu seized the opportunity to ask Laura why Laura was barely talking to Nik. Laura said she was distracted and wasn't ignoring Nik on purpose. Nik returned to the table. Lulu brought up the subject of Liz and Jake's wedding. Lulu assumed Laura would attend the wedding, but Laura said she wasn't going to.

At the Metro Court, Olivia and Julian's heated confrontation continued. Olivia ordered Julian to stay away from her son. She tried to leave with Leo, but Julian stepped in her way and reminded her that he was Leo's father. Olivia didn't think Julian deserved to be a parent to Leo. Julian felt that Olivia had no right to judge him, but Olivia disagreed because she was Leo's mother. Julian got fed up, and he ordered Olivia to hand over the baby. Olivia asked a security guard to escort Julian out of the building. Alexis arrived and asked what was going on. Olivia snapped that Julian was threatening her and her son. The security guard asked Julian to leave, but Julian refused. The security guard threatened to call the police, and Julian said that he (Julian) should call the police on Olivia. Alexis stepped in and defused the situation. Olivia felt confident that Alexis had things under control, so she walked a few feet away, with Leo in tow, and called off the security guard. Alexis asked Julian what he thought he was doing. Julian replied that he was trying to see his son. Alexis told Julian that attacking Olivia in public would hurt his position in court. Julian didn't care about the law. Alexis told him that he should, since the law was what would give him rights to Leo. Julian asked what he should do, and Alexis told him that he should take Olivia to court. Julian assumed that the courts would be more likely to side with Olivia, because she was the mother. Alexis explained that courts usually gave parents 50:50 custody. Julian seemed displeased that the best he could hope for was having Leo half the time. Alexis told Julian that he could seek full custody, in an attempt to punish Olivia, but it would probably backfire in court.

Julian considered Alexis's advice, then he calmly approached Olivia and asked if they could talk. Olivia agreed. Julian apologized for threatening Olivia earlier, but he admitted that he was still furious about all the months he'd missed out on with Leo. Olivia explained that she hid Leo from Julian for the same reason she hid Dante from Sonny – to shield her boys from the mob. Olivia said she was sorry she tricked Julian into thinking Leo died, but she'd wanted to provide Leo with a loving environment. Julian asked if she thought he wouldn't love the baby. Olivia replied that she didn't know Julian well enough to know what kind of parent he'd be. Olivia thought Sam and Lucas were great, but she pointed out that Julian didn't raise them. Olivia added that being a parent was hard. She asked Julian if he could put Leo's needs above his own. Julian reminded Olivia that she never gave him a chance to try. Olivia explained that her first instinct was to protect her child. Olivia thought that Julian would understand that, if he loved Leo as much as he said he did. Olivia admitted she'd been unfair to Julian, but she did what she thought was best for Leo. Julian said he wanted what was best for Leo, too. Julian said that his biggest regret is that he didn't get to raise his first two children. Julian admitted that maybe he hadn't deserved to parent Sam and Lucas, since in the past, he'd put his family in danger. Julian said he'd learned from his mistakes and gotten out of the mob. Julian said he wanted to raise Leo with Olivia, if that was okay with Alexis. Alexis assured Julian that she was fine with that. Olivia asked if Julian had changed his mind about taking her to court. Julian thought that they could come up with a custody arrangement together. Olivia asked Julian if he wanted to hold Leo, and he said yes. Olivia and Alexis smiled as they watched Julian hold Leo against his chest and introduce himself as his daddy.

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