GH Update Wednesday 10/21/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/21/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the station, Nathan inquires to Dante whether he trusts Dillon not to reveal that Dante slept with Valerie. They both realize the secret may come out and it could have some consequences for Dante if Lulu finds out from the wrong person. Shortly thereafter, Lulu finds her husband and informs him that Dillon was being very “nasty” and sounded adamant and sure of himself about something that could make her want to end her marriage with Dante. It sounds like Dillon has a secret about something, she tells him, so she wants to know if Dante might know what it is that Dillon believes he knows that she does not.

Franco wants to get intimate with Nina. She hesitates and they both find it “inconvenient” to have Kiki cohabitating with them as she enters and announces that they “need not mind her”. She angrily argues with Nina and tells her if she drinks or does anything that Nina may disapprove of, it's none of Nina's business. Franco attempts to calmly communicate with her and asks if she wants to tell him anything. She informs Franco that last night, she ran into Morgan. He attempted to talk and “reconcile” with her and she told Morgan to get lost. Hearing that, he tells her she did the right thing. Yet it seems she may not feel that way as she informs Franco that Morgan ran into some “hipster chick” who seemed to be interested in him and appears to be well known in town.

At the hospital, Sonny has Max wheeling him back into his room where they can clearly overhear Carly demanding Patrick tell her when Sonny can walk and his replying it's hard to say and Sonny “could” be in that chair for the rest of his life. He enters and demands if Patrick is going to say something about his condition, that Patrick say it to his face and not behind his back like a coward. In response to that, Patrick reminds Sonny he already did but Sonny refused to listen. Sonny tells him that is because his doctor doesn't know what he's talking about. Sonny declares that he is not going to listen to anyone telling him that he's not going to be able to walk again. He is Sonny Corinthos, he firmly declares and nothing is going to stop him from taking care of business and being the same man he's always been. Michael comes by and concurs with his mom that Sonny should not be discouraged no matter what happens to him. Yet Sonny adamantly tells Patrick he's not going to listen to any doctor who tells him he should expect to be crippled for the rest of his life. He needs another one who knows what he is talking about and he intends to get out of this wheelchair. He asks Michael to give him a hand so he can get out of Patrick's office and out of the hospital. Michael tells his dad he understands how difficult this is but he tells Sonny he has to go to physical therapy to rebuild his strength. Sonny angrily asks them if they think he's going to live his life that way.

At the Metro Court, Olivia is “openly” interacting with her baby, assuming there is no harm (or risk of being found out for lying). Morgan enters and is very surprised to see this baby he's never seen and knows nothing abut and he asks whose child is this. She gives Morgan with the same explanation she's given to everyone else, that she adopted “baby Mateo” from a pregnant teenage girl who's a member of her church in Bensonhurst. He may or may not buy her story. Yet he seems very “passionate” as he assesses to her that he knows that she had her reasons for keeping his dad from knowing Dante was his son. He knows what a great mom she was to Dante and what a great mom she will be to baby Mateo raising him without Julian in their lives.

When Alexis and Julian are getting acclimated to their new home together, she tells him that there's no easy way to saying this but the baby whom Olivia tells everyone she's adopted is Leo. His son is alive, she states to him. She explains to him that when she went and talked to Olivia at The Metro Court, she waited until Olivia left the baby's pacifier on the counter. So, Alexis explains, she got a saliva sample and took it to the DNA lab along with Julian's toothbrush. And, she concludes to him, as she shows him lab results, it proves that the baby whom Olivia has with her is his son. Hearing that, Julian appears infuriated and afraid he's been “taken” as he tells her he believed that Olivia would not lie to him when she told him their child died. He met the baby and believed her story about the adoption. Alexis urges Julian not to feel like he's stupid not to have known he's been lied to, reminding him how Olivia and Ned as well as GH's chief of staff gave him all the proof it appeared he would need to believe that his baby died. At that point, he hastily gets up and tells Alexis he's going to go and get his son. She tells him she can't let him do that. If he goes and “takes” the baby, that is kidnapping. He asks if what Olivia did was not just like that and illegal. Alexis reminds him that presently Olivia has the legal right to the baby since she's named on the birth certificate as the legal guardian and he is not. He angrily declares that he is just as much a legal guardian and she is and he won't let her get away with letting him grieve over his son's death and believing he's dead and has been cremated. She tells him she knows that Olivia did, in fact perpetrate fraud. She tells him in the meantime, he cannot go and confront her without a court order to see the baby. Alexis promises she can get that for him but needs him to at least wait. If he goes to confront Olivia and does what he tells her he'd like to do, he is only validating the very reason why Olivia believes she had to do what she did in the first place. Alexis further asks if he cannot see it from the eyes of a mother who is not convinced that he's out of the mob. She assures him she knows that and believes him but Olivia does not and can't risk that. She reminds him she did the same thing with her own daughter whom she had with Sonny. She urges Julian to trust her and listen to her. She intends to take legal action for him but needs him not to pull any stunts behind her back. She leaves the room and Julian notices the lab results are right on the coffee table. He grabs the document and is ready to “use” it to his own advantage.

At the station, Maxie goes to talk to Nathan about how Dillon is losing money and may not be able to finance his movie. He's already taken money from his dad and doesn't have any other resources until she convinced him that there is another idea that will work for them. Nathan realizes that Dillon really has a “hold” on his partner knowing what he knows. So maybe he needs to “motivate” Dillon not to double-cross them (and keep his mouth shut about Dante cheating on Lulu) if he helps Dillon's movie stay “afloat”. They both realize that Nathan has one rich relative who might help them with their financial endeavor; Nina. SO he agrees to go to his sister and get her to financially bail Dillon out so he can make his movie happen.

While Franco is with a discontented Kiki, Nina happily announces that they are about to have their first new dinner guests. Kiki tells them she could care less. Franco reminds her that maybe she could muster some gratitude and courtesy after Nina bailed her out of jail and prevented her from having criminal charges against her (by paying off the bartender who pressed the charges against Kiki). Nathan and Maxie come by and Nina prepares food and drinks for them as she happily engages with them. Franco, however, admits to them that their visit is “a little out of the blue” and sounds like they are there because they “want something". Hearing that, Nina tells him he needs to realize that her brother and his beautiful girlfriend do not need an “excuse” to visit and are always welcome. Yet Nathan admits that Franco is right. They are there because they need money. He further explains that Dillon has run out of money and Maxie has worked so hard to have this acting opportunity. Nina sounds positive and enthused as she informs Maxie that she did acting and improvisation herself in school so she is happy to help. Franco, however, interjects to Nathan and to Maxie that he believes it's only fair, if they are expecting Nina to help them financially, that she gets to have creative input and possibly be able to reap the profits and proceeds. Maxie goes off with Nina to talk about fashion designing and art, leaving Nathan alone to talk privately with Franco. Nathan assesses that Franco gets to live in that apartment for free with Nina. He knows Franco has no job and needs a meal ticket and he's onto him, Nathan tells him. He tells Franco he knows he's using Nathan's sister just like Ric Lansing did.

Alexis goes to the police station. Not far away, Dante and Lulu overhear and observe her as she calls a judge and tells him she has an urgent situation and needs to contact him and seek his help in granting an emergency custody hearing. She has a legal document that proves that a baby in the custody of Olivia Falconeri is the biological child of Julian Jerome and she wants the court to grant parental rights to Mr. Jerome because Ms. Falconeri has falsified to Mr. Jerome that a baby who is his has died when, in fact, there is DNA proof that the baby in question is very much alive. Right while she is out taking her action, Julian takes the document with the lab results, goes to The Metro Court to find Olivia while she's with the baby, waves the report in front of her and hastily tells her he wants his son. It's his legal right. He has proof that she has lied to him and broken the law by committing fraud. He tells her that when he heard, (and had reason to believe it was true due to her scam) that his son died, he was distraught. She knows he never got the chance to hold him, to so much as say hi or say goodbye or tell his baby he loves him. How could any human being with any kind of heart do that?? She replies to him the reason for that was because she never thought he had a heart. All she can think of when she sees him is death and destruction. Olivia tells him she “apologizes” if she did not want to risk him having his men putting her kid in a line of fire.

Dante goes to talk to Alexis when he hears his mom's and Julian's names being brought up and asks her if she cannot understand that his mom has good reason to do what she did. Julian leads a dangerous life not unlike Dante's father did. His mom gave him a good life, he protests to Alexis and she wants to do the same for Leo. Alexis tells Dante she understands that but she is there to protect Julian's legal rights after Olivia committed fraud and had Julian believing his child died when he did not.

Patrick concludes to Michael and to Carly that he has reached an understanding with Sonny. Michael seems contented and as if it appears there is a resolution. Yet he can see that his mom is not entirely ok and knows something she is not admitting.

Sonny goes off in his wheelchair where he finds Morgan. Morgan asks his dad if he is supposed to be out and about like this without anyone knowing where he's going or what he is doing. Sonny tells his son he needs his help with something.

Alexis returns home and is ready to report her “results” to Julian from when she went to the police station and courthouse. Yet it does not take long for her to see that Julian has left.

Olivia angrily tells Julian he has no right to have this baby anywhere near him yet he's determined to take action whether she approves or not.

Maxie and Nathan return to the station to see Dante and Lulu. Maxie promises them that they have saved Dillon's play and are about to have the best Halloween ever. Alone, Lulu happily meets with Dante (still having no clue that he's cheated on her and not told her) and tells him she wants to plan on the two of them having another baby.

After Maxie and Nathan have left the apartment, Kiki smugly tells Nina that it was her pleasure to serve Nathan and Maxie while they take her money. Nina gives Kiki her credit card to spend on whatever she wants. Alone with Nina, Franco remarks that she is bank-rolling everybody. She tells him it makes her happy. Yet he tells her he needs to go and “take a walk”

Sonny attempts to get Morgan to help him escape from the hospital behind everyone's back. But Carly, Michael and all the others catch them and tell Sonny he's not going anywhere.

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