GH Update Tuesday 10/20/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/20/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie studied her lines, in what she thought was the deserted Haunted Star. A masked figure suddenly jumped up from behind the bar and yelled, frightening Maxie. Maxie didn't feel any better when the person removed the mask and revealed herself to be Lulu. Maxie reminded Lulu that Maxie had just discovered a body outside the boat. Lulu felt bad because she hadn't meant to scare Maxie that much. Lulu explained that she was just trying to set the mood for the boat's upcoming Halloween party. Maxie quipped that the boat should be scary enough after Dillon kissed Lulu. Lulu clarified that the worst part of her encounter with Dillon was the way he kept trashing Dante. Maxie asked what Dillon said, and Lulu explained that Dillon never went into specifics about what Dante did. Dillon walked in, and he overheard the conversation. Dillon picked up where he left off and insisted that Dante really was bad for Lulu. Dillon added that he'd just said the same thing to Dante. Maxie challenged Dillon to tell them what Dante did that was so bad. Dillon was mum, and Maxie wondered why Nathan and Dillon didn't want to confide in her. Dillon stated that Maxie was a “blab.” Maxie admitted that might be true, but she felt that Dillon was worse for making hurtful insinuations about Lulu's marriage. Dillon refused to explain why he disliked Dante, so Maxie assumed that Dillon didn't have a valid reason to be angry with Dante.

Dillon noticed that Lulu was decorating for Halloween. He reminded her that he was filming. Lulu was unsympathetic because she needed the revenue from the Halloween event. Dillon pointed out that he was paying Lulu, and Lulu brusquely noted that Dillon was supposed to be finished filming by October 31st. Dillon stated that there had been a lot of interruptions, and Halloween was still several days away. Lulu snapped that Dillon should work around the decorations. Dillon argued that this wasn't fair, and Lulu shot back that it wasn't fair for Dillon to kiss her or bash her husband, either. Lulu assumed that this was Lulu's way of pushing him out of using the boat. They bickered over whether Lulu was being petty or just trying to make a living until Maxie stepped in and suggested that Dillon shoot his movie somewhere else. Dillon said he didn't have the money to do that; it was either film on the boat or cancel the movie. Dillon didn't want to fire the crew and let his dream movie die.

Dillon apologized to Lulu and asked if she'd let him continue to use her boat. Lulu said she didn't feel comfortable with Dillon filming there anymore. Lulu suspected that Dillon didn't really regret his words and actions and that he was only apologizing because he wanted use of the boat. Lulu sensed that Dillon thought Dante asked her to kick Dillon out, but she assured Dillon that she was the one who made this decision. Maxie didn't want her acting career to end like this. She suggested that Dillon ask his family for more money, but Dillon said no. Maxie came up with the idea to do internet fund-raising. Lulu thought it was a good idea, so Maxie suggested that Lulu make the Halloween party a benefit for Dillon's movie. Lulu didn't seem interested, so Maxie promised to work hard to publicize the party. Maxie suggested that Lulu take the profits from the bar and half the door, and give the other half to Dillon. Lulu still wasn't on board. Maxie begged Lulu not to kill Maxie's acting debut. Maxie added that, if Lulu did this, she'd never have to do business with Dillon again. Lulu grudgingly agreed to do it.

A tearful Olivia went to the loft and told Dante that the best man she'd ever been with just broke up with her. Dante comforted Olivia, and she explained that Ned didn't approve of the lies she told Julian about Leo. Dante comforted his mom, but he admitted that Ned had a point – lies had a way of mushrooming out of control. Olivia explained that she had a choice between living in Brooklyn, with Ned, in hiding, or coming back home to Dante and her job. “I want Ned, but I need you,” Olivia said to Dante. Dante stated that he needed Olivia too, but he was worried that Olivia was taking a huge risk, keeping Leo so close to Julian. Dante noted that sometimes, the truth came out, no matter how hard you tried to hide it. Olivia sensed that Dante was talking about his own life, and not hers. Dante changed the subject back to Olivia and told her that Julian would start asking questions once Leo grew up and started to resemble the Jeromes. Olivia said that Julian believed Olivia adopted a new baby, but Alexis had asked some pointed questions. Olivia thought she'd been able to shut down Alexis's suspicions.

Olivia said that Leo would grow up with his family. Dante was glad Rocco would get to know his uncle. Dante added that Lulu had been cleared to carry a baby. Olivia was thrilled. Olivia admitted she'd noticed some tension and she'd been worried that Dante and Lulu were having problems. Dante tried to side step Olivia's statement, but Olivia could tell something was going on, and she urged him to open up. Dante admitted that he and Lulu hit a rough patch and that it was his fault. Dante assured Olivia that he was trying to make things up to Lulu. Olivia noted that Dante still seemed worried. Dante explained that more complications kept coming up – like Dillon kissing Lulu and saying he had feelings for her. Olivia hoped Dante gave Dillon hell. Dante said he did his best. Olivia asked how Dante and Lulu were doing now. Dante thought the fact that they were trying to have another baby was Olivia's answer. Olivia replied that she wasn't the only Falconeri keeping secrets.

Julian hadn't seen Lucas in awhile, so he went to GH to see him. Lucas was pleased to see Julian, but he wondered if the police had been looking at Julian for Carlos's death. Julian said that the police had no reason to come to him about mob business anymore. Lucas was glad that Julian wouldn't be in Pentonville during Lucas's wedding. Julian smiled and asked if the wedding was back on. Lucas said not yet, but soon. Julian frowned and wondered if Brad was playing Lucas for a fool. Lucas appreciated Julian's concern, but he said it wasn't necessary. Julian asked if Rosalie was holding up the divorce, and Julian offered to persuade her not to stand in Lucas and Brad's way. Lucas said that Rosalie wasn't the issue. Julian wanted to know what the problem was, so that Julian could fix it for Lucas. Lucas was grateful, but he said that Brad was handling it. Julian said he just wanted his kids to get what they wanted. Lucas couldn't believe the progress Julian had made since the day Lucas told Julian he was gay. Julian didn't want to talk about his initial reaction, because he was embarrassed by it. Julian noted that he'd been given a lot of gifts when he returned to town – a lot of people to love, and he'd been lucky enough to convince Alexis to love him. Julian felt blessed. Lucas thought that they were all blessed to have Julian, and Julian was touched that Lucas felt that way.

Alexis was also at GH, talking to Brad. Brad revealed that he'd run the DNA test on the pacifier and toothbrush Alexis had provided. He handed her a sealed envelope that contained the results. Alexis thanked Brad. Brad was happy to help his “hopefully future sort of mother in law.” Alexis instructed Brad to just call her Alexis. Alexis asked Brad not to tell anyone about the test. Brad agreed to keep quiet, if Alexis would give him legal advice. Brad told Alexis that he and Rosalie were facing prison time if they ever got divorced. Alexis asked if Brad committed a felony. Brad admitted that he did. Alexis asked what they did. Brad was gearing up to confess, when Julian and Lucas walked up. Julian asked Alexis what she was doing there. Alexis pretended she was picking up lab results for a case. Alexis joined Julian, and Brad and Lucas joined up.

Alexis wondered if Julian was free, or if he was still working on that important errand. Julian was about to say something about that, but his phone rang, so he walked away to take it. Alexis followed, and stood behind him, hands on her hips, as she heard Julian finalize a deal and thank someone for keeping things quiet. When Julian hung up, Alexis confronted Julian about keeping secrets. Julian promised to tell Alexis everything when they got home. Alexis was confused when Julian took her to a house where she'd never been before. He asked if she liked it. Alexis thought it was spectacular, but she didn't understand why he brought her there. Julian revealed that all his secretive phone calls were to contractors and designers. Alexis's eyes filled with tears when Julian handed her a key and told her that this was her new house. They went inside.

Alexis was so overwhelmed that she could hardly form full sentences. Julian explained that he'd been working on this for months and that he did it because he was responsible for the loss of the lake house. Julian admitted that this house didn't have a lake in the back, but it did have a pool. Alexis hugged Julian and they kissed. Julian gave Alexis a tour that ended in the bathroom. The fireplace, in the bathroom, was lit, and there were candles and rose petals around the tub, which was filled with bubbles. Julian said that Alexis was the best thing that ever happened to him and that making a home for her was an honor and privilege. Alexis reminded Julian that it was his home, too. They undressed and got into the tub and kissed deeply. Later, they shared champagne, while lounging in the bath. Julian realized he forgot the towels and he went to get them. Alexis reached into her purse, and pulled out the DNA test. She read the results to herself.

Back at GH, Brad told Lucas that he'd taken the first steps to dissolve his marriage to Rosalie, so he could marry Lucas. Brad said he loved Lucas and would do anything to spend the rest of eternity with him. They kissed.

Sonny attempted to get out of his hospital bed, but his legs didn't move. Carly walked in and she lightly chided him for trying to get up. Carly was thrilled that they were married, but Sonny was miffed that he was still in the hospital instead of waking up in bed with Carly. Carly wanted to focus on the positive – that he was lucky to be alive. Max came in and congratulated Sonny and Carly. Sonny vowed to be up on his feet, partying and dancing with his wife in two weeks. Carly said they'd see what Patrick thought, then she stepped out of the room.

Max thought Sonny must be happy to hear that Carlos was dead. Sonny noted that he'd never given the order to kill Carlos. He was concerned that someone stepped out of line and killed Carlos on their own. Max assured Sonny that no one in his inner circle killed Carlos. Sonny admitted that at first, he was afraid Morgan did it. Max stated that they were keeping an eye on Morgan, and he wasn't responsible. Sonny felt that if Carlos did shoot him, Julian ordered it. Max added that it could have been Ava, too. Sonny still wasn't sure Carlos was behind the shooting. Sonny was glad Milo was back. Max thought Milo was happy to have an excuse. According to Max, Milo was happy with his girlfriend, but being a civilian hadn't worked out. Sonny asked Max to find out who went behind Sonny's back and killed Carlos.

Patrick ran into Anna in the halls of the hospital. He asked how she was doing, and she admitted that she was a wreck. She still wasn't getting enough sleep. Anna said she thought Patrick's earlier suggestion that this was about Duke was correct. Anna explained that she was at GH because she'd made an appointment with Kevin. Patrick thought that was a good idea. Anna left, and Carly walked over. She hoped Patrick would have good news for Sonny. Carly shared that she and Sonny got married yesterday. Patrick hugged Carly and noted that she beat all the other engaged couples to the altar.

Kevin hugged his friend Anna and gave her his condolences on the loss of Duke. He explained that he would have said something sooner, but he'd been out of the country. They stepped into his office. Kevin told Anna that it was natural for her to still be grieving Duke. Anna said she thought about Duke, and the way he died, all the time. Anna admitted this would sound strange to Kevin, but she thought she was being haunted. Kevin assumed Anna was seeing Duke, and he assured her that it was a natural coping mechanism and that it was harmless as long as she remembered Duke wasn't really there. Anna clarified that she was seeing Duke's killer – she'd seen Carlos on the docks. Kevin thought that made sense, because that's where Carlos's body was found. Anna stated that it didn't make sense that the medical examiner said that Carlos had only been dead for a few weeks. Kevin was confused, and Anna asked if their talk was confidential, even if a crime had been committed. Kevin said that law enforcement often tried to break doctor/patient confidentiality, but they almost always failed. Kevin asked if Anna committed a crime. Anna stated that she and Duke had finally gotten together after Duke's thing with . . . She trailed off. Kevin assured her that he knew Duke had been involved with Lucy, and it was fine since Duke and Lucy got together after Lucy and Kevin divorced. Anna talked about Duke getting shot, just after they'd agreed to run away together. Anna explained that she now saw blood every time she closed her eyes. Anna became even more distraught. Anna was used to being strong and upholding the law, and she was upset because she felt that she was now weak. Kevin stated that it wasn't weakness, but Anna disagreed. She yelled that she needed something to help her sleep and stop remembering. Kevin gave Anna a low dose anti-anxiety medication. Anna vowed not to take it for long because she didn't want it to be a crutch. Kevin thought that was wise. He also scheduled a follow up appointment, in hopes that Anna might be able to tell him the thing she couldn't bring herself to say today. Anna wasn't sure she'd be able to do it. Kevin said he thought it was necessary and that it might be the key to helping her heal.

Max left Sonny's room, just as Patrick and Carly arrived. Sonny assumed he'd be discharged today. He was eager to be a husband to Carly and to fight Ava for Avery. Patrick broke the news that Sonny wasn't ready to be released. Sonny seethed, as Patrick explained that Sonny had two major surgeries and still needed to be monitored. Patrick added that Sonny still hadn't regained the use of his legs. Sonny bellowed that he couldn't walk because the doctors had him cooped up in the hospital. Patrick didn't think Sonny really believed that was true.

Carly asked what Patrick recommended. Patrick said that someone needed to make Sonny's home wheelchair accessible. Sonny intended to regain the use of his legs, so he didn't think that was necessary. Carly gently urged Sonny to listen to Patrick. Sonny snapped that he was listening, but he didn't agree with Patrick. Patrick firmly said this wasn't just Patrick's opinion. According to Patrick, it was a medical fact that Sonny would have a setback if he left the hospital today. “You need to understand something. You are not the man that you were before you got in here,” Patrick said, in a gruff tone. Sonny quietly insisted that he would be. Patrick encouraged Sonny's optimism, but Patrick made it clear that Sonny needed to listen to Patrick's orders. Patrick left. Carly wanted to discuss what Patrick just said, but then Max arrived. Carly asked him to come back later, but Sonny said he needed to discuss business with Max. Carly left the room. Sonny asked Max to help him into the wheelchair.

Carly went to Patrick's office and left the door slightly open. She was upset about the blunt way he spoke to Sonny, and she thought that he should have been more compassionate. Patrick felt that Sonny didn't need indulging. Carly made it clear that she didn't expect Patrick to do that. Patrick was frustrated because Sonny seemed to think that his paralysis would magically disappear in a few weeks. Carly asked how long it would take for Sonny to regain the use of his legs. Meanwhile, Max was pushing Sonny past Patrick's office. Sonny overheard Patrick say that Sonny might never walk again.

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