GH Update Monday 10/19/15

General Hospital Update Monday 10/19/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Ned returns and Alexis happily greets him at The Metro Court. He tells her about how he's been on tour with his daughter, Brook Lynn. She reminds him that she can see he might have a dilemma of being pulled “two ways” between the family he has with Brook Lynn and the family he has with Olivia and baby Leo. (whether the baby really died or not.)

Olivia is alone with baby Leo and reveals to him that she is about to asks Ned to marry her. After he's done talking to Alexis, Ned enters Olivia's room. Outside in the hallway, Alexis gets on the phone to reveal that she is running DNA samples for testing... Ned tells Olivia he's been doing a lot of thinking about them and Leo and their future. There's no easy way of telling her this, he says. However, he does not think they can continue staying together and he believes they need to go their own separate ways. He tells her it's not that she is not important to him nor that he would not like to pursue a relationship with her. The reason is he cannot be a part of this lie she is living with telling everyone the baby she had with Julian died when he did not. He knows all too well how one lie can beget another. He concludes that it's not fair to her or to Leo. SO, he concludes, he thinks it's best they separate. She cries and tells Ned she does not want to lose him. He tells her he does not want to lose her. Meeting her and falling in love helped him to find his passion again. He now knows he would not be on the road tour right now with his daughter were it not for what he had with her. She then asks him why they can't try to make it work. Ned tells her he thinks the first thing she needs to do is come clean and admit the truth to Julian. She tearfully protests that she cannot do that until she knows that it's safe for Leo. She can't take a chance on this just like she knew she could not with Dante where she could not reveal who his father was until Dante was a grown man. She knew she was doing the right thing because Dante was safe all through his childhood Hearing that, Ned tells her he understands all too well that she has to protect Leo just like she did with Dante. She cries but realizes she and Ned are at odds with what she feels she has to do given her beliefs about protecting her child. She thanks Ned for being there and coming through for her and for Leo when they really needed her. They kiss good bye and she cries uncontrollably with her heart breaking that she has to lose Ned in order to make the only decision that is right for her child.

Julian is on the phone talking to a “contact” demanding they get something done, with no excuses...Yet we don't get a clue as to any specifics in his conversation....whether he's still in the mob or not...Or perhaps he's trying to find out if the baby whom Olivia says she adopted is really the baby he had with her whom she said died yet named as Leo..? finds Molly and TJ doing what Alexis has asked them to do in exchange for letting them borrow her car. They admit they are going to help Julian move his stuff into Alexis' although neither of them are “happy” with the arrangement. He tells them he wants things to be good between them. Molly tells him if that is true, then he should not move into her mom's house. He protests to Molly that her mother and Sam have put aside their reservations. She tells him that regardless of that, all he will ever be to her, when she lives with his mother is a temporary roommate. And when she moves out, he won't even be that. She tells him she was able to overhear his phone conversation that sounds like he has a “plan” to kidnap someone or engage in criminal activity. Alexis finds her daughter talking to Julian and Molly tells her mom she needs to realize how obvious it is that Julian will never give up his illegal business. Alexis firmly tells her daughter if she is going to live under her mom's roof, she needs to respect her choices and respect Alexis' partner. In response to that, Molly boldly tells her mom she (Alexis) can do whatever she wants. That's her business. But the next time Alexis wants to believe all the justifications she has about Julian, she (Alexis), needs to do herself a favor by digging a hole and burying her head in it.

Sabrina is with Michael hesitating to tell him the big secret, that she is pregnant. However, when he urges her to not be afraid, she reveals that she is having his baby. She cannot help but remember that Carlos has been murdered and she I still in mourning. He asks her how long she has known. She replies a few weeks. Hearing that, he asks her why she's taken this long to tell him. She admits to Michael that she has had her fears after what happened when she was pregnant not long ago. He asks her why she would not want to share and confide in him with that. She tells him she knows he's had his plate full with all of his own personal stuff and she did not want to be a “burden'”. In response to that, he assures her she is not a burden as he knows his family will welcome their new Quartermaine heir. She admits she was not certain how he would take it. He tells her he does know and he confesses to her that he loves her. He tells her she's been so amazing, supportive and generous. She's made him a better man. He loves her and he will love their little baby too. She asks if he really wants to go through with this. He admits that being a father is a terrifying thought but he wants to do that with her and asks if that is what she wants. He tells her that being with him will be “no small thing”. She'll have to move in with him and deal with both the Quartermaines and the Corinthos' families. Once they know she's having his baby, they will be in her life. He then goes out into the hallway and happily shouts that he and Sabrina Santiago are going to have a baby. He is going to be a father.

Sam and Spinelli talk on the docks about Jason and the similarity they see in her “deceased” husband to their mutual friend Jake. She is alarmed and demands to know what he is saying when he tells her he knows that “Jason is still out there somehow”. He tells her that all life on earth originates from the same source. They both have a subconscious awareness that Jason is near them yet no conscious awareness of how or why. She admits to him that whenever she sees Danny, she cannot help but think of Jason and how similar her son is to his dad. She admits to Spinelli that she plans to move on and start a family with Patrick and Emma as she knows that is what Jason would want for her. However, she admits, she still misses Jason.

Jake goes to Wyndemere to demand to know what Nikolas has done by obtaining his DNA without his consent. He “assumes” that Nikolas knows the big secret yet has no proof when he demands Nikolas tells him who he is. He tells Nikolas he will give him a chance to cut his losses and if Nikolas comes clean with him, he will leave him alone. If, however, Nikolas wants to do it the hard way, they can do that also. Hayden witnesses Jake physically dominating Nikolas and urges him not to do what he is very capable of doing. Nikolas tells Jake that maybe he was interested in his DNA since he had concerns about the man who almost blew up the Haunted Star. So, he admits, he did do what he's accused of and can anyone blame him? He also tells Jake that he does not have the answer that Jake wants to that question. He also informs Jake that he knows he could have both Jake and Sam arrested. Jake tells Nikolas he could attempt to have them arrested but the charges won't stick. So maybe Nikolas can make it easier by simply telling him who he is. Nikolas defiantly tells him (while Hayden seems to back him and believe him) that he hasn't a clue nor does he care, at this point, who Jake is and Jake is as much a ghost to him now as he was when he investigated Jake's DNA.

Morgan finds Kiki at the bar and asks her if it's ok to talk to her and informs her that he's been trying to reach her and find out of she's ok yet she has not returned his calls. She then gets up to leave and angrily tells him she appreciates her own company more than being with him or anyone else she knows. After she's gone, another girl comes over and engages with Morgan, revealing that she heard another girl reject him. She introduces herself as Darby Collette and seems to want to boldly talk and get to know Morgan. She seems like she already knows some things about him. Molly and TJ walk in and the girl reveals she knows Molly. They leave Morgan alone and he finds Kiki again. She continues to ignore him and affirm she wants nothing to do with him. She only wants to continue getting intoxicated. The bartender tells her he needs her car keys because she is not driving out of there. Morgan then tells her he now knows she can use his help although she tells him she only wants him to leave her alone. The bartender refuses to et her have her keys and she realizes she has no cash or credit card and cannot pay for a cab. She then agrees to go with Morgan.

Jake goes to find Sam and informs her that when he went to confront Nikolas, Nikolas informed him that he knew they broke into his house and attempted to hack into his computer and he threatened to call the cops. He confirms to Sam that he knows Nikolas is lying about not knowing what they know that he knows. Yet they are still both in the dark with who Jake really is. He tells her he wanted so much to hurt that smug son of a bitch. Yet they realize Nikolas did not reveal and so they are still completely unaware of whose DNA Nikolas was comparing his to.

Spencer comes to greet his dad and Hayden. Hayden leaves Nikolas and his son alone to talk and tells him he knows that he is denying his feelings toward Hayden. Spencer tells his dad it's time to make his feelings known as he asks him just what are his feelings toward Hayden. Hayden overhears Spencer telling him that he likes Hayden however, he does not want to grow attached to her if she's going to go away like Brit did. Nikolas admits to his son that he is also trying not to grow too attached to Hayden for the same reason. Hayden attentively listens and smiles when Spencer asks his dad just whom he thinks he's fooling. Spencer knows his dad is in love with Hayden, he tells him, as Hayden gleefully overhears.

Alone with Julian, Alexis tells him she intends to get to the bottom of the mystery of Olivia's baby. She does not reveal to him her own secret DNA investigation. As soon as Julian believes he's out of Alexis' earshot, he gets on his phone unaware that she is secretly overhearing him demanding some “answers”. She can only wonder what that is about or what is going on.

Sam and Jake part and return to their respective homes. Yet they can both see the moon and what appears to be a rare lunar eclipse over the harbor.

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