GH Update Friday 10/16/15

General Hospital Update Friday 10/16/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Jordan Ashford and Paul Hornsby call Anna into the police station after they've discovered Carlos Rivera's dead body floating in the river and are examining the cause of death. She asks why they are needing to talk to her. Jordan asks Anna if she knows anything about Carlos' death. They run tests to find out the time of death. Anna observes and listens silently, clearly worried that they might find out she killed Carlos. Paul gets the results and confirms that Carlos was murdered a few weeks ago, right after Sonny got shot. Hearing that, Anna realizes “somebody” clearly has wrong information, knowing she murdered Carlos long before that. Jordan leaves the room to get more information. Alone with Anna, Paul admits to her that he knows exactly what she's worried about as he reveals he's “covered” for her by arranging for the cause of death to appear to have nothing to do with her and hopefully leading the cops to believe the shooter had something to do with Julian's war with Sonny. He adds to her that he knows she had reason to avenge Duke Lavery's murder since Carlos killed him. Hearing that, she asks where he got “that information”. Has he been talking to Sloane? In response to that, Paul tells her she need not be “concerned” about any conversation he may or may not be having with Sloane.

While Sabrina is in her apartment mourning Carlos death, Michael comes to see her with a big bouquet of flowers. He comes in, sits beside her and they talk. Tracy comes to the door with flowers for Sabrina. Michael tells Tracy he does not appreciate her farming out her dirty work to Paul and going behind his back with her “crusade” against Sonny. Jordan calls Michael if he could come by the station to answer some questions about Carlos Rivera. He then tells Sabrina and Tracy he has to get to the station and leaves. Alone with Sabrina, Tracy can see she is upset and crying and asks her what is going on. She wants Sabrina to confide in her. She asks if she wants a cup of tea. She then suggest Margaritas, to which Sabrina tells her “no!”. Tracy puts two and two together and concludes that Sabrina must be pregnant. She tells her she thinks it's great that Michael will have a child. Her father would be thrilled to have another Quartermaine heir. She assumes Michael knows all about it and must be over the moon. Yet Sabrina admits to Tracy that she has not yet told Michael anything about it. Tracy asks her why on earth would she not want to tell him and how difficult could it be to inform Michael that they are having a baby? Yet she reminds Tracy that she and Michael have not planned for this plus she remembers all too well what she went through with Gabriel. Tracy tells Sabrina that she believes she needs to share her fears and joys with Michael and believes Sabrina will feel so much better if she lets Michael in with this. Tracy tells her even though she and Michael are not seeing eye to eye right now, he is family and she cannot wait to spoil her great-great niece or nephew. She encourages Sabrina to know this is a good thing. One cannot dwell on negative things in one's past which includes Carlos. Sabrina needs to let go of it and see this baby as a new beginning, she tells her. Sabrina thanks Tracy for her support and Tracy leaves. As soon as Sabrina is alone in her empty apartment, however, she right away envisions being in this very living room when Carlos asked her to let him stay there while he was on the run from the law. She remembered his telling her he knew he could count on her, that she means everything to him and he kissed her right in this very room.

Michael goes to the police station to talk to the police commissioner and DA. Jordan tells him that it appears the murder of Carlos happened right after Sonny got shot which leads them to consider that the shooter could have had motive to retaliate against Carlos for the attack on Michael's father. Paul tells Michael that he knows he obtained information from his meeting with the 5 families and Michael revealed that he may know more about his father's business than he let on. Jordan asks him what he may know about Carlos' Rivera's murder. Michael tells them he can't tell them more without his attorney present. He tells them he has to cover his tracks realizing what they might be assuming. Also with Carlos now “conveniently dead”, Carlos cannot “flip” on Ava or Julian. And so, Michael tells them, he has to protect his own interests and asks them if they are done there. Jordan tells him he may go. Michael walks out the door and as soon as he's out of the police station, he calls Morgan and tells his brother they have to talk.

At the hospital, Nikolas is growing very “ansy” and needs to know what the doctors may have found out about Hayden. Patrick tells him there is really nothing he needs to worry about. He tells Nikolas there's no reason why Hayden would not make a full recovery and get her memory back. Patrick has no clue as to why Nikolas won't be “happy” to find out that Hayden “should” be regaining her memory.

In Hayden's exam room, Elizabeth confronts her and tells her she finds it very fishy and suspicious that while claiming she remembers nothing before she went into the coma, she did not want to see a psychiatrist as Patrick recommended in order to help her regain her memory. Hayden firmly insists she has no memory of anything and Elizabeth needs to get off her back. Patrick walks in and asks what has been going on. Elizabeth clearly does not want to answer that and walks out the door. Nikolas walks in leaves with Hayden.

Sam has called Spinelli to help her and Jake uncover the mystery of who he is. She still has no clue, nor does Jake, that he is really Jason. While he sits with them in Elizabeth's living room with his laptop, he finds a clue that for some odd reason, Nikolas Cassadine was very “interested in Jake's DNA”, last winter. It appears Nikolas was “comparing” Jake's DNA to someone else's. Jake asks whose DNA and it appears Spinelli cannot find the answer to that but he's able to find out it was Feb 27, 2015. Hearing that, Jake remembers that was the same day when everyone including himself found out that he was working for Helena after he “involuntarily” attempted to blow up The Haunted Star and kill many people. Yet they realize that does not tell them whose DNA Nikolas attempted to compare Jake's DNA to. Sam concludes that they have to unravel that mystery if it means going to the hospital lab and hacking into their computers in order to do it. Yet Spinelli tells her he'd rather not risk jail time since he's now a father. Sam is surprised to hear him say that, remembering how he was never afraid of legal consequences for cyber hacking when she and Jason knew him. In response to that, Jake tells Sam he does not want Spinelli to go to jail because of him. Sam protests that she knows that Spinelli is skillful enough not to get caught. In response to that, Spinelli tells her that even if he could get away with cyber hacking, he wants to set a good example for his and Maxie's daughter, Georgie. If a child of his is going to follow in his footsteps, he wants them to be respectable ones, he tells her. Hearing that, Sam asks him if he is not doing something honorable that his daughter would be proud of even if it means having to break the law? He then agrees she may be right and that the end may very well justify the means in doing what she and Jake need him to do. Jake reminds Spinelli he owes Jake nothing because Spinelli barely knows him. Yet Spinelli tells him he knows he save Sonny's and TJ's life not long ago and is a friend to Sam who is a friend of his so he wants to help someone whom he knows is worthy. He tells them he will go to the hospital lab but needs to rely on some “bigger guns”, in order to breech the firewall without anyone knowing that he's done it. He tells them by the end of the following day, they should know what Nikolas is up to and whose DNA he wanted to compare to Jake's. Jake tells Sam and Spinelli that he is not going to let his friends risk consequences in order to help him when it's Nikolas who should pay the price. So he goes out to find Nikolas and beat the truth out of him.

After her conversation with Paul (finding out that he's onto her yet is falsifying information about Carlos” murder), Anna goes to talk to Patrick at the hospital. She tells him she's been having sleep disorders. She mentions she's been having “dreams”, “visions”, “nightmares” since Duke died. Patrick obviously has no clue what has really been going on with her. Anna realizes she can't tell Patrick what is really going on. She needs to be alone and leaves. She goes to the docks and again, sees the ghost of Carlos haunting and taunting her.

Nikolas and Hayden return to Wyndemere and she tells him her main concern in all of this is all the hostility and insensitivity from Sam, Jake and Elizabeth. She's very uncomfortable with the demeanor of all three of those people, although it still appears she does not remember anything about any of them. She tells him that Elizabeth is a well-respected nurse and his friend yet he needs to realize that Elizabeth's behavior is not very cool and she is not as sweet as she pretends to be. Hayden further assesses to Nikolas that Elizabeth is possessive and border-line obsessive. She's latched onto Jake and won't let go for love or money. Nikolas reminds her that they are engaged. In response to that, Hayden tells her for a girl with an engagement ring, Elizabeth seems very insecure about her relationship and kept pushing Hayden to tell her what she might know about Jake. Nikolas obviously can't tell her what he knows about that while Hayden asks him what is up with Elizabeth apparently being afraid that some “secret” is going to take Jake away from her. Hayden still wonders why Elizabeth, who doesn't even know her, is taking out all her personal stuff out on Hayden. She further affirms to Nikolas that it's “not like she's trying not to remember”. Yet Elizabeth is accusing her of faking her memory loss, which Hayden hasn't a clue as to why that would be. She tells him she needs to get a job and they brainstorm what she should do. She realizes it may be easier said than done for anyone to hire her with no skills and no memory.

At the hospital, Patrick finds Elizabeth and asks her what is on her mind. She tells him she realizes she may not have behaved appropriately or professionally when in the exam room with Hayden. However, she admits to Patrick she thinks that Hayden is lying. There's no medical reason she should not remember her own life before this. And it's a little too convenient when everybody knows about her disgraceful and dishonorable life before she lost her memory. She's also concerned about Hayden taking away her happiness with Jake. Patrick reminds Elizabeth that nobody knows when or if anybody will remember who Jake really is and he tells her the question is; is she willing to risk it?

Sam and Spinelli go together to the docks and reflect how they both see, in Jake, “uncanny” similarity to Jason. They both reminisce what Jason meant in both of their lives.

Nikolas has an idea, as he informs Hayden he just recently acquired a company and could put her to work there. Hearing that, she is really surprised and asks Nikolas if he really thinks that is “wise”. He tells her it's a large company and they could find something for her to do. Hearing that, she is very happy and grateful as she tells Nikolas maybe she can gain and use valuable skills and create value in her life if and when she gets her memory back and even if she does not.

At the station, Jordan questions Paul on why it was that he went over her head to do the autopsy without letting her know. She suspects he might be up to something behind her back. He assures her that they want the same thing which is to get the job done and done right.

As Nikolas is happily with Hayden and they least expect it, Jake angrily enters the house, informs Nikolas he's onto him, knowing that Nikolas has a secret about him and he demands to know what it is.

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