GH Update Wednesday 10/14/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/14/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Carly wheels Sonny into the hospital chapel and is shocked and surprised to see what he and his three sons have planned. When she notices flowers, a chaplain and Michael, Morgan and Dante all dressed as groomsmen, she asks him what this is. Sony replies this is their wedding and asks Carly if she will marry him. She sees his daughter, Kristina as well as Carly's daughter, Josslyn, her mom, Bobbie as well as Lulu and Sabrina and all the women in their families walk in ready to celebrate the wedding. He concludes that everybody is there except for baby Avery. His three sons and daughter all gather around him and tell him they are all grateful to have him as their father. He reflect that they are all such different people (each having a different mom) but they have one thing in common which is their courage and loyalty and their love and he asks how he got so lucky. Carly gathers with her mom and brother Lucas. When the wedding starts, Lucas walks Carly down the aisle. She smiles when she sees Sonny.

Paul Hornsby is at Ava's gallery texting Anna from Sloane's phone. Apparently he's having Anna believing Sloane is presently alive and well and texting her about wanting to see her again. When she's replies they have nothing to talk about, Paul texts her, having her believe that Sloane is telling her he thought they had a future together but now sees it's all been a waste of his time and he now concludes to her that she will never see him again. While he's texting, Ava appears and asks him what brings him to her gallery. Anna is at the station, receiving the text from Sloane's phone which she is unaware is coming from Paul. Jordan finds Anna. She tells her she needs a few questions answered regarding what Anna might know about the disappearance of Carlos Rivera.

At the gallery, Sloane informs Ava that he has work for her to do involving bringing down the Corinthos organization. Hearing that, she tells him maybe they need not act on that so hastily. She's all in favor of bringing down Sonny but maybe it's not as urgent as he thinks since they have Carlos as a suspect in the shooting. She tells him she refuses to do what he expects. However, he reminds her she may do whatever she wants but he suggests that she find herself a good legal team to represent her because he can easily make her taped confession that she murdered Connie Falconeri reappear. She knows she will go to prison if there's evidence of murder. Yet she pleads with him that she needs more time. She needs to secure baby Avery's future. She reminds him that Carly and Sonny are getting married and fighting her for custody. And if she helps him with his illegal business, it could back-fire and jeopardize her future with her daughter. She adds, to him, that he must know what it's like to be separated from one's child, knowing how he similarly lost Dillon all those years ago. At that point, it sounds like he might have a conscience and “compassion” for her situation and tells her he might be able to accommodate her situation. He knows she will be of no good to him if he relies on her to help him with his new plan and she's distracted and having to go to family court to battle with Sonny. He tells her he does in fact know that Sonny and Carly are getting married today as they speak.

Maxie runs into Dillon on the docks and they are both getting stressed about not only doing their movie but about many other things. He reminds her that her jealous boyfriend had to interfere and attempt to get his production shut down. She tells him it is not Nathan's fault that he (Dillon) had to have the tantrum where he walked off the set. She knows it was all because he can't “hack” having to be around Lulu.

At the station, Valerie finds out the very reason there is gossip going around that she is pregnant is because Nathan picked up the pregnancy test, assuming it was hers' and immediately brought to Dante's attention that she has to be pregnant, without asking her first. She angrily tells him he needs to get a life of his own and stop interfering in hers' and making assumptions about things he knows nothing about. He apologizes and tells her he did not mean to disrespect her or get into her business. However they both realize they have “mutual concerns” regarding Maxie and Dillon working together on the play.

As they are talking on the docks, Maxie and Dillon suddenly discover what appears to be a dead body floating in the river.

At the station, Anna is startled that Jordan would want to talk to her, again, about the disappearance of Carlos and reminds the new police chief that she already gave her statement and would prefer not to relive it again. Jordan tells her of course she understands but she also wonders how, knowing Carlos is still out there after getting away with murdering Duke plus she now knows Sonny's family has reason to suspect him while nobody has seen or heard from Carlos in such a long time. Hearing that, Anna asks if anyone is now assuming that Carlos shot Sonny. Jordan admits that nobody really knows but it's possible given that Carlos was Julian's enforcer. She tells Anna for that reason, she is hoping the police can find and bring Carlos to justice before Sonny's people take the law into their own hands. Nathan finds Jordan and tells her what Maxie and Dillon have just found a corpse floating in the river. Jordan rushes to the docks to investigate with her detective. They examine what they are looking at and Jordan concludes that this “deceased individual” got shot long ago and did not drown. They also discover (oh, so conveniently...) all the information to positively ID the deceased as Carlos Rivera.

After Paul leaves, and Ava is alone in the gallery, Anna comes by and tells her she knows she has lied to allege that Carlos shot Sonny. She tells Ava she happens to know, for a fact that she is a liar and that that could not have happened (She obviously knows the reason why).

Sonny and Carly recite their vows in the church and exchange rings. The chaplain then declares that by the power vested in him by the state of NY, he no pronounces them...However, before he can finish what he's about to pronounce (finalizing their wedding and declaring them married), Dante's phone rings. It may be an urgent call but he shuts it off and the chaplain declares Sonny and Carly husband and wife.

Maxie and Dillon rush to the police station to report the dead body found in the harbor and give their statements. Nathan goes off with Maxie and Valerie asks Dillon if everything is alright. He asks her if she's talked to Maxie recently and if she said anything weird. In the other room, Maxie admits to Nathan that she cannot think straight. She realizes Carlos was not a “desirable character” but he must have had a family and she knows that he meant something to Sabrina. Nathan leaves and Valerie enters to confront Maxie. Maxie tells her she has put two and two together, assuming that Valerie and Dillon must be having sex. Maxie also noticed that it appeared Valerie had a pregnancy test in her possession. Yet Valerie tells her she and Dillon have never slept together. Hearing that, Maxie asks her if it's not Dillon's baby she is carrying, then whose is it? Hearing that, Valerie angrily tells her that she doesn't have a clue what she is talking about. Her personal life regarding Dillon and anything and everything else is none of Maxie's business. And, she further informs Maxie, she is not pregnant.

At the docks, Paul Hornsby goes to find Jordan and asks the new police commissioner about the “findings”. She reports that it was a shooting at close range and they got a positive ID on the murder victim. It's Carlos Rivera. She knows that would explain why Carlos Rivera has not been seen or heard from in such a long time. It disproves any theory that Carlos could have shot Sonny and they now need to find out who killed Carlos.

Dante returns his call and informs everyone that the police commissioner called to inform him that they found a dead body in the harbor and it's Carlos Rivera. When Sabrina hears that, she is devastated and Michael goes with her. Morgan tells his parents now that he finds out that Carlos could not have shot his dad and it's still a mystery who did or who could have killed Carlos, he cannot rest and might need to take the law into his own hands. Alone with Carly, Sonny tells her his theory is that Ava told the 5 families that Carlos was the one who shot Sonny and Carlos acted alone. And, he tells her, that obviously makes it very “convenient” for Ava who is clearly lying (although he is not entirely certain what, exactly Ava is lying about).

At the gallery, Anna declares to Ava that she now knows that it's impossible for Carlos to have shot Sonny. And the fact that Ava is claiming he did indicates that Ava has something to hide. Ava does not answer but Anna asks her just whom she and/or her brother are covering for and who it is that really did shoot Sonny. Anna gets a call from Paul while he's on the docks right by the murder scene and he tells her he needs her to get there ASAP.

Sonny's wedding wraps up and everybody goes back to their respective business. Lulu admits to Bobbie and to Josslyn that she and Dante are considering having another baby.

Dante returns to the station and tells him they need to talk. Dillon assumes it's regarding the murder of Carlos. Dante is telling him it's for another purpose. He needs Dillon to stay the hell away from Dante's wife.

Before Anna arrives on the docks to meet with Paul, he gets a call from Ava informing him that Anna may be “onto” them with the secret about Carlos and everybody now knows he's dead. Paul assures Ava that he's gotten everything under control. Anna arrives and asks Paul what is going on. He replies the police just pulled a dead body out of the water. She asks the cause of death. He replies it was a shooting. They believe the victim is Carlos Rivera, he informs her.

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