GH Update Tuesday 10/13/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/13/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Franco was at the PCPD trying to get Nathan to let him see Kiki, who was in a holding cell. Nathan refused to let Franco see Kiki until she sobered up, so Franco responded by trying to get under Nathan's skin. Franco hit a nerve when he began to talk about what Maxie was like in bed. Nathan stood up and walked toward Franco. Nina arrived just in time, and she jumped between her brother and boyfriend. Nina asked Nathan to do her a favor and let Kiki out early. Nathan went downstairs to get Kiki. Franco thanked Nina, then he began to talk about how worried he was about Kiki. Nina interjected that she was tired of hearing about Kiki. Franco asked Nina what was wrong. Nina was annoyed that Franco left her waiting at home all night, while he camped out at the station. Franco asked if he was just supposed to abandon Kiki, and Nina said yes. Franco asked if he should have abandoned Nina while she was involved with Ric.

Nathan returned with Kiki. Kiki snarled that she didn't need Franco's help, and she wanted him to leave. Franco wanted to take Kiki home, but Nathan said she had to see a judge first. The bartender had cut himself on the bottle Kiki broke, and he was pressing charges. Kiki was being charged with assault. Everyone went into an interrogation room. Franco urged Nathan to have a heart and help “the kid” out. Kiki spat that she was an adult. Nina snapped that Kiki should start acting like one. Franco felt that Kiki deserved a second chance like the one Nina got. There was nothing Nathan could do. Nathan let Franco stay with Kiki while she waited for her lawyer. Nathan and Nina stepped out of the room. Nina decided to try and find a way to help Kiki. Nathan urged Nina to stay out of it. Nina wished she could, but she felt like she had no choice, since she, Kiki and Franco were living together. Nathan wasn't thrilled about Nina's living arrangements. Nina thought it was nice that Franco cared about Kiki. Nina explained that she and Franco were trying to become good people. She asked Nathan to give her the bartender's name, and he reluctantly did.

Back in the interrogation room, Franco was sure the public defender who was representing Kiki would tell her to take a deal. He urged Kiki not to do it. Kiki got fed up and snapped at Franco about lecturing her. Franco was upset that Kiki was about to wreck her future. Kiki yelled that Franco wasn't her parent, but Franco felt that he was the closest thing she had, since Silas was gone and Ava was unfit, in Franco's eyes. Franco begged Kiki to let him help her, at least until the pain faded. Kiki didn't believe that the pain would just disappear one day, but Franco insisted that it would. Franco admitted that Kiki was facing a long road, but he told her it would be longer if she were facing jail time. Kiki felt that she should face the consequences of her actions. Nathan and Nina returned. Nathan revealed that the victim had dropped the charges. Franco asked Nina what happened. “Money talks,” Nina said, with a smile. Nina and Franco hugged, and Nina looked over Franco's shoulder and stared at Kiki.

Nina, Franco, and Kiki all went back to their apartment. Franco noted that they were home. Kiki said it wasn't her home, but Nina corrected her and said it was all of theirs. Nina and Franco were kind to Kiki, but she sulked, then left the room. Nina felt that Kiki was acting like a teenager. Franco pointed out that Kiki had been through hell. Nina countered that she (Nina) went through hell, but she didn't wallow in her grief. Franco stated that they didn't want Kiki to follow Nina's path and kidnap anyone. Nina clarified that she thought Kiki should say thank you. Franco thanked Nina, since Kiki hadn't. Nina admitted she did this for Franco, not Kiki. Franco kissed Nina and suggested they pick up yesterday's romantic moment where they left off. Nina rebuffed Franco. She suggested that they go get something to eat, instead. After Nina and Franco left, Kiki went back into the living room. She found a hangover smoothie Franco made. Kiki took a sip and grimaced, then she listened to her voice mail. There was a message from Morgan, in which he said that he was worried about Kiki and would always care. Kiki searched through a bookshelf and pulled out a bottle of vodka that she'd hidden there.

Dante was alarmed when Olivia and Leo showed up on his doorstep. Dante let his mother and brother inside and admonished Olivia for taking Leo out in public where Julian could see him. Olivia explained that she and Leo already ran into Julian, and she'd tricked him into thinking that she adopted the baby. Dante asked what about Ned. Olivia said Ned agreed with her solution. Olivia hoped Dante would support her. Dante assured Olivia that he always would, but he still thought this was a bad idea. He pointed out that Leo would eventually start to resemble one of his parents.

Julian and Alexis were in the Metro Court restaurant. Julian said he was all packed and ready to go. Alexis noticed that Julian was distracted and she asked what was going on. Julian said he was thinking about his kids; one in particular. Alexis assumed Julian was thinking about Sam's upcoming wedding. That wasn't it, so Alexis wondered if Julian was thinking about the issues between Lucas and Brad. Julian was sure that “two timing lab rat” would get what he deserved. Julian admitted he was thinking about Leo. Julian told Alexis about his encounter with Olivia and her “adopted” baby. Julian really believed that Olivia just happened to adopt a baby boy right after the death of their son. Alexis was skeptical, but she admitted it could be possible.

Julian thought Olivia and the baby were lucky to have each other. Alexis wondered if Julian ever thought about having another baby. Julian thought about it all the time, but he knew that it wasn't in the cards for him and Alexis. Alexis said that they could adopt. Julian wiped away tears and asked if they could discuss it later. Julian explained that he was feeling emotional after seeing Olivia's baby wrapped in Leo's blanket. Alexis was confused, so Julian explained that Olivia's friend made the blanket so Olivia would have a memento of Leo. Alexis thought it was morbid that Olivia was using the blanket for the new baby. Julian noticed Olivia walk in with the baby. He gestured toward them and told Alexis that the baby didn't mind. Julian got a phone call, so he stepped away from the table.

Alexis approached Olivia, who introduced her to “Mateo.” Alexis asked if she could hold the baby, and Olivia let her. Alexis knew from experience that it was hard to give up your baby. Alexis asked if Mateo would get to know his birth parents. Olivia said no. Alexis noted that she'd handled adoptions, as a lawyer, and they usually took a very long time. Alexis was curious about the agency that fast tracked Mateo's adoption. Olivia said she didn't use one. Alexis asked how Ned felt about the adoption. Olivia said that Ned didn't sign the papers, but he approved. Alexis promised to look over the adoption paperwork, free of charge. Olivia thanked Alexis, but said it wasn't necessary. Olivia added that Alexis probably had her hands full keeping Julian out of trouble. Alexis replied that the D.A. dropped the charges and Julian severed all ties with the mob. Olivia asked about Julian's employee being the suspect in Sonny's shooting. Alexis stressed that Carlos didn't work for Julian anymore. Olivia noted that Julian had Duke killed five months ago. Olivia wondered if it was fair to say Julian wasn't a criminal. Alexis said that if she believed Julian was still a criminal, she wouldn't have asked him to move in with her. Olivia said she'd like to believe Julian had changed, but she wasn't willing to bet on it, just yet. Olivia and Alexis parted ways, and Olivia accidentally left Leo's pacifier behind. Alexis spotted it. Julian returned. Alexis quickly wrapped the pacifier in a napkin and put in her purse. Alexis joked that she was going to send out a search party for Julian. Julian explained that he'd been involved in a “serious negotiation” and he didn't mean for it to take so long.

Sabrina was in the hospital chapel. She left Carlos a voice message pleading with him to call her back and let her know he was okay. Felix walked in shortly after Sabrina hung up. Sabrina explained that she was at GH to meet Michael. Felix noted that she'd just been praying, and he asked if this had anything to do with the pregnancy test she took. Sabrina admitted that she was pregnant. Felix didn't understand why Sabrina wasn't happy. He noted that she was a natural mother and she'd wanted a family for awhile. Felix wondered if Michael didn't want the baby. Sabrina confessed that she hadn't told Michael yet. Sabrina explained that while her relationship with Michael was going well, it was new, and she didn't know if Michael wanted kids. Sabrina admitted that she'd been in denial about being pregnant at first, but now she'd accepted the facts and was taking prenatal vitamins. Sabrina felt that she should be careful after everything that happened with Gabriel. Felix still didn't understand why Sabrina didn't want to tell Michael. Sabrina began to weep. She explained that it was because of Gabriel. “I promised Gabriel forever, and all he got was a few days,” Sabrina said. Sabrina was afraid that this child would die, too. Felix assured Sabrina that Gabriel's death was a horrible accident and that it wasn't her fault. Felix added that Sabrina would be a wonderful mother. Sabrina wished she wasn't so scared. Sabrina wanted to keep the news from Michael until she'd gotten control of her feelings. Felix supported Sabrina, but he urged her to tell Michael soon.

Carly was in the hallway at GH. She finished a phone call, just as Lucas walked up. Carly told Lucas that she'd gotten Sonny a consultation at a state of the art rehab facility. Lucas asked how Carly was holding up. Carly was fine, and she felt that Sonny would be, too. Carly felt that Sonny just needed a boost to help him feel like he was still strong. “The worst thing for Sonny is to feel that he's out of control,” Carly added. Lucas admitted that Sonny would face a diminished independence.” Carly told her brother not to talk to her like he was a doctor. Lucas reminded Carly that he was a doctor, but she replied that Lucas knew what she meant. Carly noted that becoming paralyzed would be devastating for anyone, but especially Sonny, who hated to be weak or vulnerable. Lucas assured Carly that Sonny would be able to adapt, and he reminded her that Sonny had his family for support.

Carly felt that Sonny would recover faster with the right incentive – getting Avery back. Carly believed that they had to out-maneuver Ava. Carly had decided to check Sonny out of GH and go to City Hall to get married. Lucas asked if Patrick was okay with this. Carly mumbled that Patrick had been before. Lucas noted that Patrick had been okay with it before the seizure. Lucas stressed that the situation had changed. Carly was adamant that the wedding was happening today, and she wanted Lucas's help. Lucas agreed to do what he could, but he warned Carly to keep Sonny calm, because he wouldn't be discharged if his blood pressure was too high.

Michael and Morgan were outside Sonny's hospital room. Michael left a business related voice message for Max. Morgan asked Michael not to take any more calls while they were in Sonny's earshot. Morgan knew that Sonny wouldn't be happy that Michael met with the Five Families. Michael felt that Sonny had to find out sooner or later, but Morgan didn't think it should happen while Sonny was still recovering. Michael felt that someone had to run the business. He pointed out that Ava was the head of the Jerome family and the cops were looking for Carlos. Morgan still believed Julian was behind the shooting, and Morgan was angry that the cops let Julian go. Michael and Morgan walked into Sonny's room, just as Sonny finished up a phone call with Max. Michael and Morgan asked if everything was okay, and Sonny said no. Michael asked what was wrong. “My sons have disrespected me and maybe worse, betrayed me,” Sonny replied. Sonny revealed that Max told him about the meeting with the Five Families. Morgan called Max an idiot, but Sonny felt that Max was loyal, unlike Michael and Morgan. Sonny blasted Michael for breaking the one rule Sonny had given him. Michael tried to explain himself, but Sonny cut him off. Sonny felt that Michael had tried to seize control while Sonny was out of commission.

Michael clarified that he went to the meeting to make it clear that their organization was still strong and intact. Sonny felt that Max should have been the one to go to the meeting. Morgan reminded Sonny that only family was allowed at the meeting. Michael and Morgan explained that Ric had been planning to represent Sonny, but Michael and Morgan didn't trust Ric with the task. Michael assured Sonny that Michael only made it clear that this was Sonny's territory and that Sonny wanted peace, but would retaliate if attacked. Sonny asked what the response was. Michael said that everyone was respectful and they knew the orders came from Sonny. Carly walked in while Sonny was yelling at Michael and Morgan. Sonny asked Carly to come back later because this didn't involve her. Michael revealed that Carly already knew about the meeting with the Five Families. Sonny was shocked that Carly knew. Carly explained that she found out after the fact. She told Sonny that he didn't have to bite Michael's head off, because she'd already talked to Michael. Sonny asked why Carly hadn't come to him. Carly pointed out that Sonny had a lot on his plate. Sonny and Carly made it clear that Michael and Morgan were never to go near the business again, under any circumstances.

Sonny said that he would run his business from now on. Morgan was skeptical about Sonny being able to recover, get Avery back and run the business all at the same time. Sonny was sure it wouldn't be a problem. Michael revealed that Ava was at the meeting and that she was the head of the Jerome family and she said Carlos shot Sonny on his own. Sonny didn't believe that Carlos would do anything unless Julian and Ava told him to. Morgan thought Julian ordered Carlos to shoot Sonny. Michael thought either Julian or Ava ordered the hit. Sonny was outraged that the courts gave his daughter to “that bitch.” Carly tried to raise Sonny's spirits by reminding him that it was only temporary. She added that they were getting married today. Lucas walked in and said that Sonny wasn't well enough to leave yet. Sonny was eager to get married today, so he vowed to sign himself out of the hospital. Carly didn't want Sonny to risk having a setback. Sonny was adamant about leaving. Carly warned him that if he did, she wouldn't go with him.

Dante arrived at GH and talked to his brothers. They told him that Sonny was in a bad mood because he hadn't been discharged. Michael and Morgan asked if there were any new leads on Carlos. Dante said they were working on it. Michael thought that Julian and Ava helped Carlos escape to Puerto Rico. Dante said that the PCPD. was in contact with the Puerto Rican authorities. Morgan was annoyed that the cops weren't doing more. Dante told Michael and Morgan to let the cops handle the investigation. Lucas walked out and said that Sonny wanted to see them. Dante, Michael and Morgan went into the room, and Sonny stated that he needed their help with something.

Later, Carly returned, just after Felix helped Sonny into a wheelchair. Carly reminded Sonny that he wasn't supposed to leave. Sonny explained that he was going to the chapel to pray, and he asked Carly to take him there. Carly did, but when they got there, there was a sign saying that a wedding was in progress. Carly offered to take Sonny to the atrium, instead, but Sonny insisted on going in to pray. Carly said they couldn't interrupt the wedding, but Sonny told her the bride and groom wouldn't mind. Carly took Sonny inside, and she froze when she saw Michael, Morgan and Dante standing in front of the room in their tuxes.

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