GH Update Monday 10/12/15

General Hospital Update Monday 10/12/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At The Haunted Star, after Dillon boldly declares to Lulu that Dante is unworthy of her (without telling her what he believes he's found out....that Valerie is pregnant by Dante), she tells him he needs to stop judging her husband and respect the way things are. He passionately kisses her. She pulls away from him, having absolutely no clue what he is about to tell her and urges him to know she understands he has something difficult to deal with being “in love with” someone who does not return his feelings. Yet he protests to her that he needs to “protect” her from something. She asks from what. He replies from Dante. She angrily tells him if he's referring to Dante and Valerie's “kiss”, he needs to realize she has moved on, gotten past that and he needs to get over it also. She protests that she is so happy to be with Dante. He tells her he is sorry to have overstepped. However, he tells her if she ever “needs someone”.... In response to that, she angrily tells him if she ever does, it will be her husband and she gets up to walk away.

Kiki is drinking and listening to Nina talking about buying and owning her present home which used to be Silas' apartment. Nina seems really happy and encouraged to fix the place up and make it “unrecognizable”. Hearing that, Kiki tells her she won't let her do that to her father after he's dead. She angrily asks Nina if it ever occurred to her that Kiki's dad would want things to remain the same. Nina asks how she can live there if she cannot make the place her own. Kiki replies maybe she should not live there. Nina tells Kiki, in that case, she will leave although Franco objects and wants the two of them to reconcile their differences. She then angrily tells them both that she is going to go and take her stuff along with her dad's stuff and go somewhere else where his memory will not be dishonored the way they intend to. Franco, however, reminds her that she has had too much to drink and he can't let her get behind the wheel.

Ava runs into Morgan at the bar and he asks her why she thinks she has the right to take Avery from Sonny and the family. He reminds her that she doesn't seem to make her child a priority to her when Avery is alone in her apartment with a sitter she does not know. She tells him if he cares about his sister like he says he does, he will find a way to forgive her (herself). She tells him that his little sister needs a family. She promises Morgan that she can let him see Avery if he wants. And in exchange for this “favor” she is offering him, he can offer her a favor by going and talking to Kiki. She informs Morgan that she saw Kiki the other day and her daughter made it very clear that she hates her mom. Morgan tells Ava he hasn't a clue what she thinks he could possibly do about that. Kiki obviously hates him too since he's as much a part of the issue as Ava is. Ava informs Morgan her daughter hates her more than she hates him. So she urges Morgan to please go and talk to Kiki and help her to remember that she needs her mother.

At the station, Jordan can see that Valerie is lost in thought and not ok and asks her what is up. Valerie tells her it was nothing but the commissioner can clearly see her PAA is not over Dante and it's not healthy for either of them to be working together and seeing each other every day. Jordan goes to confront Dante reminding her detective that months have gone by and things are still not ok at the station since she was made aware of what went on between him and Valerie. She knows that Valerie is still not ok nor able to concentrate on her work all because Dante could not keep it in his pants. She can see that what appeared to be a “one time mistake” is clearly more than that. She admonishes her detective that she happens to know that he falsely accused his wife of cheating on him and he slept with Valerie. She reminds him that she kept the secret for him and let it go up until now because she assumed things would get back to normal when clearly they have not. She knows that Valerie is not ok. She's crying, distraught and clearly not over him. Right then, Valerie enters and angrily clarifies to her' and Dante's boss that is incorrect. She informs Jordan and Dante that after the way he treated her in their most recent conversation, she is completely over Dante. Jordan need not worry about anything. Valerie then gets up to clock out for the day.

Nikolas is alone at Wyndemere, suspecting nothing and ready to go at it with Hayden, when she urges him to wait. He asks her what is up. She replies that she is starting to remember something. Unknown to them, Sam and Jake are hiding outside the house careful not to be seen or found out. While Hayden admits she remembers “something”, she has a flashback of Nikolas telling her he'd kill her if she reveals to anyone what it is that she remembered. She admits to him that she thinks at one point, in their “relationship”, he threatened her. Again, he reminds her that they had a very “steamy and passionate” thing together and fought a lot and he manages to distract her again with passionate kissing and leading to more, right where they left off before they were interrupted.

Not far away, Sam and Jake are outside the house. Nikolas and Hayden hear a noise which startles them yet he goes out and does not find or see anything. Sam slips and is ready to fall until Jake catches her, and carries her to the place where they need to go to hide. It appears she may have sprained her ankle and might not be able to walk yet Jake is determined to get what they need and uncover the secrets once and for all (even though neither of them have a clue the nature of the secrets). Jake carries Sam into the empty living room of Nikolas' home and wants to treat her injury.

Lulu returns home to be with Dante while he's on his lunch break. She admits to him that she had a “heated moment” with Dillon at the Haunted star and informs her husband that “they kissed”. She informs Dante that Maxie took her aside to “warn” her about something she just discovered from Dillon. It is now clear to her, and she intends to disclose all and assure her husband she is not keeping any secrets from him about what she's done and has not done with Dillon. She admits that Dillon kissed her and might have some “deluded idea” that Dante will prove to be “unworthy” of his wife. Hearing that, Dante asks Lulu if Dillon said anything about what, specifically might be the reason he would tell her that. She tells Dante the Dillon apparently has a “concern or belief” about Dante and Valerie. Hearing that, Dante does not know what to say or do.

Valerie goes to find Dillon at The Haunted Star, admitting the difficulty she is living with having to work around Dante.. She tells him she would like to go for a drink with him. He reminds her that she cannot drink. She asks why not. He replies because she is pregnant with Dante's baby. At that point, she “assures” him it was a misunderstanding and that she is not pregnant by Dante.

Lulu concludes to Dante that she had no reason to be “angry” with him for kissing Valerie when she let Dillon do the same thing to her. She talks about how petty it is to hold “one stupid kiss” against the love of one's life. As she talks more and more about how she trusts her husband and knows he'd never lie to her or keep any secrets from her, he makes it clear that he is very uneasy and uncomfortable knowing what he knows and what will happen if he lets her know what happened, although he continues not to admit to her that he went farther with Valerie than “one kiss”.

Alone with Nina, Franco tells her that after all she's been through, wouldn’t she like to settle down? He tells her he's not asking her not to redecorate. He just wants her to hold off a few weeks. She agrees to do that. He asks her if she wants to order some food. She tells him she wants to talk. She wants to talk to him about Kiki's disapproval of their relationship. She tells him she knows he's had much more sexual experience in his life than she has had. She knows her mom kept her on a very short leash. Silas was her first and then he cheated. She concludes to Franco, for that reason, she might not be very good. She admits to him she's only been with one man; Silas. Hearing that, Franco is surprised and asks her if she's never “been with” Ric.

As Morgan and Ava are talking at the bar, Kiki enters, disregards them and orders a drink. Morgan attempts to talk to her but she tells him she could care less about him and reminds him that he was banging her mom. Ava goes and firmly instructs her daughter to get a hold of herself. In response to that, Kiki throws a drink in her face and yells at her. The bartender tells Kiki he is cutting her off and calling her a cab. It makes Kiki angrier to know she has nowhere to go, in addition to having to see her mother and Morgan together in a bar, appearing to feel no remorse for what they have done to her. She is clearly in crises. At that point, she smashes a glass bottle of booze. At that point, the bartender calls the police to have Kiki removed from the bar.

Franco and Nina are declaring their love for each other.

Nikolas goes looking for whatever (or whomever) is outside making all the noise and causing all the commotion. Yet he is not worried, not having a clue who is out there as Jake and Sam continue to hide. He wants to get back to what he and Hayden were doing before they were interrupted.

When the cops come to remove Kiki from the bar, Morgan and Ava want to prevent it but she tells them she might as well spend the night in jail because she has nowhere to go tonight anyway.

Franco is ready to spend the night with Nina when he hears his phone ring and answers it. He is surprised to hear Morgan calling him on Kiki's phone and wonders why he would have access to it.

Dante and Lulu declare their love and commitment for each other and vow that neither Valerie nor Dillon nor anything else will ever come between them.

Valerie and Dillon propose a toast to being mutually pathetic people who love people who do not love them back. They understand and relate to each other and are happy to be together and value their mutual friendship.

Alone with Nikolas, and still suspecting nothing, Hayden tells him how grateful she is for all he's given her and admits she's attracted to him. However, she thinks they should go back to their original plan which is no sex until she's recovered and remembers things. He agrees. When Hayden is alone, however, it appears she might have something on her mind that she is not revealing. In the other room Jake and Sam find a way to get out without being seen or found out.

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