GH Update Friday 10/9/15

General Hospital Update Friday 10/9/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Elizabeth is trying on wedding veils and looking in the mirror, ready to marry Jason...(known to everyone as Jake Doe) although she does not call him Jason not wants anyone else to know that's who he really is.

Jake knows Elizabeth is keeping secrets from him. Laura has also admonished him to seriously think it over very carefully before getting married, reminding him he still knows nothing about his past (although she has not yet come out and revealed to him what, specifically, it is that she knows about him). He remembers Laura reminding him that, for all he knows, he could have another wife or family out there that he knows nothing about and who have been missing him all this while unable to find him or even know he's still alive. Little does he know she's sitting right across the table from her when he arranges to meet with Sam hoping she can use her investigative skills to attempt to unravel the mystery of who he really is. As they talk, it appears Sam is mindful of the “urgency”, remarking they need to find out who he is before he gets married. She tells him she can see the clock is ticking as she reminds him his wedding is less than a month away. They continue to brainstorm about whether Nikolas has the answer about who he really is and how that seems like a safe bet given that he's now having Hayden living with him when she told them she knew Jake's identity and was going to reveal it before she got shot and suffered amnesia. It could be motive enough for Nikolas to keep Hayden in his home, keep a close watch on her. If their suspicions are true, Nikolas obviously needs to closely monitor when or if Hayden regains her memory. If she does, Nikolas may have motive to prevent her from revealing what he does not want her to reveal, which could very well be the secret of the true identity of Jake.

At the police station, Dante has found a pregnancy test that Nathan picked up when Valerie dropped stuff, assuming it was hers' (not realizing she did not purchase or have a need for it...being already pregnant, and that it was Sabrina's). He goes to ask Valerie what is up, wondering if it's possible she could be pregnant. Not far away, Dillon watches, overhears their conversation and observes attentively as Dante shows Valerie the pregnancy test kit in question and asks if it's possible the baby could be Dillon's and when she replies no, Dante immediately suspects it's his. Right then, Nathan notices Dillon loitering and eavesdropping and asks him what is up. Dillon replies he was just leaving and gets up to go. With what he has just heard, he feels a need to go and reveal to Lulu this “detrimental bombshell” she will be finding out sooner or later..., that her husband impregnated her cousin. After Dillon is no longer overhearing, Valerie views the pregnancy test Dante is waving in front of her and, knowing it's not hers', she angrily tells him she is not pregnant. She informs Dante that she purchased some candy and apparently got it switched, without her knowing, with this item that is not hers' and that she did not know anything about. She tells him he is way out of line, and he seems to agree, that he should not make assumptions about things like that. She tells him that she realizes that he would not want her to have his child so she would not have it if that were the case. Hearing that, he asks her why she would say that and instantly appears sensitive to Valerie, like they have been from the time they first met. He then realizes that he owes her an apology for jumping to conclusions in that manner. At that point, she accepts his apology and remarks to him that just when she was ready to hate him, once again, he made that impossible. Dante still seems to be comfortable around Valerie the way he may not be around Lulu. Yet she's obviously upset with what is happening and the fact that she has to keep it all a secret.

At The Haunted Star, Maxie finds Lulu and tells her she happens to know that Dillon has feelings for her and they are not going away. She tells Lulu that it was very obvious that his whole intent and purpose for making his movie was to write the story of two characters who are actually himself and Lulu. She assures her best friend that when Dillon admitted that to her, she made it clear to him, and Dillon seemed to grasp, that Lulu is unavailable to him is in a committed marriage to Dante (although that was before he learned that Dante got Valerie pregnant). When Lulu hesitates to affirm that her marriage, is, in fact, rock solid, Maxie asks her if that is, in fact true. Before Lulu can respond, Dillon enters appearing stressed and having a sense of “urgency” and asks to talk to Lulu alone. He tells her he owes her an apology for snapping at her the other day. He explains he's been under a lot of pressure with the movie and all. However, he has something “very important” to tell her. She replies to him that she knows what is going on and what he wants to discuss with her. She assumes what he intends to tell her is that he's in love with her. She tells him that she understands and realizes that his whole movie script is about his feelings for her. She tells him she is ok with that and assures him he will always be a really good friend to her but she is married to Dante and they have a son together. In response to that, Dillon boldly comments to her that maybe she does not have what she thinks she has. Hearing that, she hasn't a clue what he is talking about. He appears to be getting ready to blurt out what he believes has happened but simply tells her that he thinks she needs to realize that Dante is unworthy of her, not the right man for her and maybe she should be with someone who can give her better. Hearing that, she wonders where on earth that came from and does not respond well to it.

When Olivia returns to work at The Metro Court, she assumes it will be safe (and discreet) to bring her baby with her and not be seen by the wrong people, before the restaurant opens. She's startled and surprised, however to learn that Julian is now staying in a room there. She runs into him unexpectedly in the hallway and he is able to see her with a baby whom he's never met and knows nothing about. While holding the baby that Julian can clearly see, she knows she has to make up a crazy story about where he came from. He seems really interested, looks at the infant intently and reflects, to her, that this baby boy looks to be about the same age as the baby they had, whom she named Leonardo, and whom she informed him, as well as everybody else in Port Charles except for Dante and Ned Ashton, has died.

Hayden still seems to have no “recollection” of her previous life before she got shot and put into a coma (i.e., meeting Ric Lansing online and having him pay her to scam Jake into believing she was his wife so he'd break up with Elizabeth, making her single for Ric, or her finding out that Nikolas and Elizabeth know that Jake is really Jason Morgan and they are keeping it from everyone). She seems like she trusts Nikolas and wants to get closer and develop a stronger relationship with him. He is not certain what to say or do in response to that.

Laura goes to talk to Elizabeth about how maybe she needs to think before going through with this wedding given what they both know. She asks her how she can live with knowing she's lying to a man she professes to love. Elizabeth protests and pleads with her that it will only hurt all the people involved if she reveals who Jake really is. Sam and Patrick plan to get married. They have a good life together and dropping the bombshell upon both of them will ruin their plans and is not the right thing to do. Also, Elizabeth informs her, Jason is happy with his life now so that may not be a good thing for him. So it's not the right time to drop the bombshell. Laura informs her that although that may be true, it could be a lot worse if Jake regains his memory and realizes he's Jason after going through with marrying Elizabeth. Elizabeth reminds Laura that Jake has not “regained” any memory of being Jason after over a year so maybe they need to leave things the way they are. Yet they both realize that it's entirely possible that the truth will come out and they won't have a clue or be able to predict or control, when, where from whom or how it could happen. Laura tells Elizabeth that maybe it would be better for her to take charge of her own life than waiting until when or if Nikolas drops the bomb shell, Hayden regains her memory, or Jake (Jason) does or any of the many other things that could happen if she continues to keep the secret. Also, Laura reminds, Elizabeth, they have little Jake to think of and how all of this affects his life. Right then, little Jake enters and his mom and grandma are concerned and worried that it appears he's gotten into a fight. However, the young boy calmly (and “robotically”) explains that he tripped and fell. While Elizabeth rushes to get her first aid kit, Laura talks to him and ask how his life here and now in Port Charles is different than his previous life on Cassadine Island. He doesn't tell her much although she wants to know. Elizabeth returns and treats her son's injuries with her nursing skills. Laura attempts to engage the boy about how it's a good thing to have a nurse for a mom. When he leaves and the two women are alone to talk, Laura reminds Elizabeth that while little Jake was on that island, being around Helena for all those years, nobody really has a clue what happened in his life throughout that time. He must have been isolated from other children, she tells Elizabeth, as she suggests that it might not be a bad idea for him to see a psychiatrist and find out what might need to be found out about little Jake, who is Elizabeth's bio son with Jason Morgan.

While Sam is talking to Jake alone at Kelly's, Nikolas and Hayden enter. Sam is not happy to see either of them and tells Hayden she used to respect her cousin before he got mixed up with her. Nikolas is not comfortable to see Sam with Jake. Although Hayden has no conscious awareness of the obvious reason why, she can see that there is tension. Nikolas clearly does not want her to regain her memory and wants to find a way to distract her from asking more questions. Yet she seems not to suspect anything and wants to explore having a relationship with him. She seems to trust him and praises him for “taking her in when she had no place to go”, as she suspects no ulterior motives. Realizing the truth and how she has no clue, he is not comfortable hearing that and does not know what to say or do although he appears “flattered” that Hayden wants to move forward in her relationship with him. He tells her he is suddenly not very hungry....for food. So he wants to leave with her. They leave the restaurant where they are no longer near Sam and Jake.

Sam and Jake see them leave to go shopping and dancing and they see it as the perfect time to do some “investigating” at Wyndemere, while neither Nikolas nor Hayden are due back for a while. They arrive at the big house on Spoon Island, assuming they won't be seen while they enter, attempt to walk around and search for clue to find out what they both remember that Nikolas said he knew, about Jake. Yet before they can access what they want inside the house, they overhear Jake and Hayden talking and ready to enter from outside and they know they need to hide. While Nikolas and Hayden are inside talking and unaware, Sam and Jake go on a mission involving going through the water and outside and all around the outside of the house. She has a flash drive and help from Spinelli to uncover what they hope will be the secret they need to know about Nikolas, before they get caught.

Olivia leaves with her baby after the “close call” and Julian goes back into his apartment.

Maxie goes to the police station to find Nathan indicating she needed to talk to him but can see it may not be the right time. When she leaves, Dante returns to Nathan, realizing Nathan found the pregnancy test and brought it to his attention. He assures Nathan it was a “false alarm”. Valerie is not pregnant, he reports. Nathan apparently mistakenly assumed Valerie purchased a pregnancy test that she did not, Dante tells his partner. Dante tells Nathan he appreciates his having his back and assures him everything is ok. Maxie then runs into Valerie who is really upset and asks her what is going on. Valerie angrily walks away.

Lulu angrily tells Dillon he needs to stop judging her husband and keep his opinion to himself. (not having a clue where that came from). At that point, not knowing what to say or do, he passionately kisses her.

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