GH Update Thursday 10/8/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/8/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Dante and Lulu were at GH. Dante was concerned that Sonny hadn't come to terms with the fact that the surgery to reverse the paralysis might not work. Lulu was sure Sonny would bounce back. Dante hoped that Carlos didn't return to finish the job. Dante was worried that Sonny would lose the will to live if he never regained the ability to walk. Lulu stated that they'd remind Sonny that he had Carly, five kids and a grandson to live for. Lulu noted that their little family - Lulu, Dante and Rocco had survived some turmoil of their own. Dante suggested that they become even stronger and have another baby. Lulu was caught off guard because she thought Dante wanted to wait. Lulu was ready to have another baby, but she wanted Dante to be sure that he was ready too and that he wasn't doing this to make up for what happened between him and Valerie. Dante assured Lulu that this wasn't about Valerie; it was about Dante and Lulu's love for each other. Dante noted that things could change in an instant. Lulu realized this was about Sonny. Dante explained that if one thing had gone wrong in the OR, Avery wouldn't have a father. Lulu replied that Sonny survived, and she and Dante would too. She smiled and stated that they were “stuck” together. Lulu promised to make an appointment with her doctor.

Lulu left, and Olivia arrived shortly afterward. She was there to visit Sonny, but she decided to check in with her son first. She wondered why Dante looked so cheerful. Dante admitted that he and Lulu were going to have another baby. Olivia was ecstatic. She squealed that Leo was going to be an uncle again. Dante asked how his little brother was. Olivia replied that he could come see for himself, since Leo was at the Metro Court with his nanny. Dante was alarmed that Olivia brought Leo back to Port Charles, after everything they'd done to hide him from Julian. Olivia admitted she couldn't split her life between Brooklyn with Leo, and Port Charles, with Dante anymore. Olivia wanted her baby home with her. She wondered if Julian really had left the mob and if it would be safe to introduce Leo to his father. Dante pointed out that Carlos, the prime suspect in the shooting, was an enforcer for the Jeromes. Olivia asked if there was any proof that Julian ordered Sonny to be shot. Dante explained that they only had Ava's word that Carlos shot Sonny and that he was working alone. Dante reminded her that Julian was about to go to trial for hijacking Sonny's trucks. Olivia pointed out that he could be innocent. Dante knew Olivia wanted him to say it was a good idea to move Leo to Port Charles, but he said he couldn't, in good conscience, tell her that.

Paul was at his office. He left Ava a voice message assuring her that the investigation into Sonny's shooting would soon be closed, giving Paul and Ava the cover that they needed. Tracy dropped by with a small gift – an hour glass to use as a timer for his meetings. Tracy asked if Paul had spoken to Michael yet. Paul hadn't, and Tracy was annoyed. Paul told Tracy that he'd follow through on his offer to talk to her nephew. Tracy wanted Paul to do it as soon as possible, before Michael got sucked into Sonny's world. Paul assured Tracy that he was meeting Michael today. Paul sensed that Tracy had an ulterior motive in asking him to talk to Michael. Tracy wondered why he'd suggest that she didn't have Michael's best interest at heart. Paul reminded Tracy that she'd never had an interest in Alan and Monica's brood, unless there was something in it for her. Tracy admitted that she was trying to protect Dillon's inheritance. She explained that she'd made some mistakes that resulted in Nikolas owning a large portion of ELQ. Michael was the next highest shareholder, and Tracy didn't want Sonny getting his hooks into Michael and into ELQ. Tracy pointed out the timer and she told Paul that he'd let their meeting run longer than he should have. Paul asked if it ever occurred to her that he just enjoyed her company. Tracy smiled and left.

Sabrina was on the phone with Felix, while she was at Kelly's. She assured him that she'd bought the pregnancy test, which was in a small paper bag. He urged her to take it right away. She said that she would. “And then I'll know for sure if I'm pregnant,” Sabrina said. Michael walked in and asked who was pregnant. Sabrina ended the call. Michael assumed that Sabrina was talking about a patient, and she didn't correct him. Sabrina and Michael talked about Sonny. According to Michael, Sonny was doing better and was talking about marrying Carly. Michael hoped Sonny got some good news soon, like the judge returning Avery to Sonny, or someone would find Carlos.

Valerie was outside Kelly's, on the phone with Dillon, who was on The Haunted Star. She called to make sure that he was still going to keep her secret. Although Dillon previously agreed to keep the secret, he started to think that Lulu deserved to know the truth. Alarmed, Valerie stressed that it was a one time mistake and that Dante deserved another chance. Valerie added that Dante was committed to Lulu and he didn't want Valerie, just like Lulu didn't want Dillon. Valerie sensed that Dillon hoped Lulu would run to him, for comfort, if he told her the truth. Valerie warned Dillon that it wouldn't happen. Dillon wasn't comfortable with letting Lulu go on being married to liar. Valerie thought that was a better choice than destroying a family. Dillon promised not to do anything stupid.

Andy, the film student, was reviewing the behind the scenes footage on his laptop. He watched the beginning of conversation Valerie and Dillon had yesterday about Valerie and Dante's one night stand, which had been inadvertently recorded. Andy thought he'd captured some great stuff, and he asked Dillon to come check it out. Dillon gave Andy the brush off and went back to his phone call.

Maxie thanked Nathan for escorting her onto The Haunted Star. She told him he could go, but Nathan insisted on sticking around. Maxie warned him that filming was boring and they didn't even have good coffee. Nathan felt it was time that he laid down the law with Dillon. After Dillon ended his call, Nathan walked over and said they had to talk about the working conditions on the set. Maxie raced over and said that Nathan was just joking. Nathan added that there was something wrong with the shooting permits. Nathan made it clear that he was fed up with “bureaucratic garbage” and he walked away. Nathan followed and said to “keep your hands off my girlfriend,” Nathan left the boat. Maxie tried to change the subject, but Dillon wanted her to explain Nathan's behavior. Maxie stated that Nathan was acting like a caveman because he was uncomfortable with the sex scene she and Dillon were filming, but she assured Dillon that Nathan wouldn't actually make trouble for Dillon.

Maxie shifted gears and admitted she was afraid she wouldn't be able to cry during their upcoming scene. Dillon reminded her that he had to cry too, but Maxie thought it would be easier for him because he was more in touch with his emotions than she was. Dillon told her they could use eye drops to simulate tears, but Maxie wanted the tears to be real. Dillon advised her to think of the saddest thing she'd ever been through. Maxie did, and she instantly began to cry. Dillon was pleased that Maxie succeeded, but she replied that it sucked. Maxie admitted she thought about her sister, Georgie. Dillon comforted Maxie and confessed that he thought about losing Georgie when he needed to cry too. Dillon and Maxie began to film the sad break up scene.

Lulu walked in and with a bag of food. Dillon's eyes locked on Lulu and he forgot he was filming. Maxie snapped him back to the present, and Dillon screamed “Cut!” Lulu explained that she knew their food budget was small, so she brought some treats for the staff. Dillon went on a tirade, berating Lulu for interrupting and ruining the take. A shocked Lulu stammered that she was sorry and that she didn't realize they were filming. Dillon wondered if Lulu was oblivious or if she just didn't care. Lulu began to insist that she did care, but Dillon cut her off mid-sentence. “What is it with you people? You just roam around and do whatever makes you feel good. . .And to hell with whoever gets hurt in the process,” Dillon snapped. Lulu apologized again, but Dillon ignored her and he stormed out. The bewildered Lulu asked Maxie what Dillon's outburst was about. Maxie said Dillon was probably just mad he blew the take. Lulu disagreed; Lulu thought she (Lulu) had done something to upset Dillon, and she wondered what it could be. Lulu took one look at Maxie's face and realized Maxie knew the answer. Lulu tried to get Maxie to tell her what it was, but Maxie said she should talk to Dillon. Lulu kept asking, and Lulu reminded Maxie that they were best friends. Maxie broke and she admitted that Dillon was in love with Lulu. Lulu was stunned.

Valerie went inside Kelly's and ordered doughnuts for the squad. She had a little shopping bag, identical to Sabrina's. Valerie, Sabrina, and Michael said hi to each other. Michael had to leave for his appointment with Paul, and he asked Sabrina to walk him out. Sabrina accidentally grabbed Valerie's shopping bag off the counter and left her own bag behind. Valerie was texting, so she didn't notice the mix up. Valerie was leaving with the coffee and donuts, when she and Nathan collided and the pastries fell on the ground. Valerie panicked because she was already late for the meeting and she had some other assignments to do, in addition to bringing the doughnuts. Nathan assured her that he'd get new doughnuts while she went to work and got her other things done. Valerie left. Nathan cleaned up the mess and he noticed that Valerie had left her bag behind. He picked it up and the pregnancy test fell out.

Back at GH, Olivia decided to go visit Sonny. Dante suggested that he, Olivia and Lulu discuss Leo's living situation later and try to come up with some alternatives. Olivia said okay. She kissed Dante's cheek and left. Nathan called Dante and asked if he was at work. Dante was on his way. Nathan said they needed to talk when they got there.

Michael went to Paul's office. Paul thanked him for coming, and Michael asked “Mr. D.A.” what he could do for him. Paul asked Michael to call him Paul, since they were family, or at least, Michael and Paul's son were. Michael realized this wasn't an official meeting, and he asked why they couldn't meet at the house. Paul noted that Michael was hardly there anymore, since he was always at the hospital or possibly hunting for the shooter. Michael replied that it was the police's job to find the shooter. Paul pointed out that the presence of law enforcement never stopped Sonny and “his people” took action as they saw fit. “Are you one of Sonny's people?,” Paul asked. Michael noted that he was Sonny's son. Paul added that Michael was A.J.'s son too. According to Paul, it would be a shame if Michael squandered what Michael had built as a Quartermaine, by giving into his instincts as a Corinthos.

Paul stated that Michael wasn't meant for Sonny's life, and it would only hurt him and those closest to him, if he got involved in the mob, or tried to avenge Sonny. Michael asked if Paul wanted him to renounce Sonny and embrace all things Quartermaine. Paul believed that would be the prudent choice. Michael snapped that he didn't want to treat Sonny the way Dillon and Tracy treat Paul. Michael spotted the hourglass and told Paul that it was Tracy's standard gift to all businessmen. Michael advised Paul to tell Tracy to deal with Michael directly instead of using Paul as her messenger. Paul explained that he was speaking to Michael as Tracy's friend and as the D.A. Paul made it clear that he planned to investigate Sonny's business and that anyone who took over for Sonny would feel the heat, no matter what his last name was. “Noted,” Michael said, and he walked out.

Sabrina went home, and she stared at the bag she assumed contained her pregnancy test. She finally reached up the nerve, but when she reached into the bag, she pulled out a box of candy. Sabrina went back to the store, then she called Felix and told him about losing the first test. He offered to bring her another one, but she said she already bought one. Although Sabrina was in her apartment, she lied and said she hadn't taken the test because she wasn't home yet. Sabrina hung up the phone, and then she stared pensively at her pregnancy test stick. Later, Sabrina sat on the floor, munching on Valerie's candy, while surrounded by about half dozen used pregnancy test sticks. There was a knock on the door. Sabrina quickly boxed up the pregnancy tests and hid them in a drawer, then she answered. It was Tracy, who wanted to know why Sabrina missed their breakfast date. Sabrina apologized and admitted she'd been distracted. Tracy sensed that Sabrina was worried about Michael. Sabrina confessed that Tracy was right. Tracy figured Sabrina was afraid Michael was going to follow in Sonny's footsteps. Tracy predicted that, if this happened, Michael would end up like Carlos. Sabrina didn't want that.

Tracy told Sabrina to make sure Michael got his head on straight. Michael happened to walk in, and he was furious. “Oh, mine's on just fine. Yours, on the other hand is about to come clean off,” Michael yelled at Tracy. Sabrina thought Michael was at a meeting. Michael said Tracy sicced the D.A. on him, so he tried to salvage his day by seeing his girlfriend. He told Tracy to leave. Tracy headed toward the door. Sabrina asked Tracy to wait and said that Tracy was only looking out for Michael. Michael maintained that Tracy was interfering. Michael snapped that Sonny was his father and Michael vowed to do whatever it took to keep him safe. Tracy stepped into the hallway. She reminded Michael that Sonny was not an innocent victim. Tracy said that Sonny trafficked in violence and it came back to bite him, and she urged Michael not to follow Sonny down that path. “Michael, we're family,” Tracy said, as Michael shut the door in her face. Michael asked how Sabrina's day was. Sabrina lied and said it was uneventful.

Alexis was asleep in Julian's suite, at the Metro Court. Julian woke her up with a tray of breakfast. The groggy Alexis didn't want to open her eyes at first, but she brightened when she realized Julian was shirtless. She admitted she was “famished.” Julian grinned, tossed the tray across the room and hopped into bed with her. Later, Julian gave Alexis a present – an album filled with photos of her and her girls. Alexis was deeply moved by the gift and surprised when Julian admitted that Molly helped him put it together. Julian noted that Molly loved Alexis more than she hated Julian. Alexis flipped through the pages and Julian showed her that he'd left some blank space for their future memories. Julian recalled that his court date over Sonny's stolen shipments was coming up, but he was sure that Alexis would win and the two of them could start a life together. They kissed. Alexis asked Julian to move in with her. Julian reminded Alexis that the penthouse wasn't just hers. Alexis said she had a benevolent landlord she was sure Sam would be fine with it. Julian clarified that he was thinking of Molly. Alexis was sensitive to Molly's feelings, but she thought that Molly would have to learn to accept Julian's presence. Alexis pointed out that Molly spent most of her time at campus and that Julian and Molly's relationship appeared to be thawing out. Julian asked if Alexis was sure. Alexis was adamant that she was. She noted that Julian had made extraordinary steps to improve his life, and she wanted to take the next steps with him. They kissed.

Alexis started making plans about things like turning Danny's old room into a home gym for Julian. Julian asked Alexis to slow down, and she got scared that he changed his mind. Julian assured her that he was definitely moving in, but he reminded her that they didn't know how long he'd be staying, since his trial was looming overhead. Alexis wondered if he didn't have faith that she'd get him off. Julian explained that he was afraid of jinxing their new life together. He admitted this was ridiculous, and she agreed with him. Julian was about to say something, but Paul called Alexis to discuss Julian. After the conversation, Alexis revealed that Paul had decided to drop the charges against Julian, since the witness against him was dead. She was overjoyed and she pulled the shocked Julian into a hug and kiss. Julian couldn't believe it was really over. Alexis wished she could stay, but she had to go to work. They kissed and talked about moving in together tomorrow. Alexis left, and she left her photo album behind. Julian grabbed it and opened the door to go after her. At the same time, Olivia happened to be walking down the hallway, while carrying Leo. Julian and Olivia both froze and stared at each other.

Paul was surprised when Dillon walked into his office. Paul thought Dillon would be on the set, but Dillon explained that he walked off. Dillon told Paul about Nathan making veiled threats about shutting down Dillon's production. Dillon was angry that he could lose everything because of a jealous cop. Paul asked if Dillon wanted Paul to intercede. Dillon admitted he hated to play the “daddy card,” but he did want Paul to take care of it. Paul agreed to do it, but Paul sensed that there was something else troubling Dillon. “Have you ever cared about somebody you couldn't have?,” Dillon asked. Paul did because that described his relationship with Jenny, before they got married. Paul wondered if Dillon had told the woman how he felt. Dillon said no, because being honest could ruin things. Paul asked if Dillon could live with keeping his feelings to himself. Dillon thanked Paul for the advice, but Dillon had decided confessing his feelings would do more harm than good.

Valerie arrived at the PCPD and realized she didn't have her bag of candy. Nathan and Dante were in another part of the station. Nathan gave Dante the pregnancy test and told him Valerie dropped it. Dante looked shaken, and Nathan said he was sorry. Dante wasn't sure what he was going to do. Nathan spotted Valerie walk over to the front desk to get something. Nathan pointed her out to Dante, then Nathan walked away. Dante took Valerie by the arm and brought her into a deserted hallway. Valerie was puzzled by Dante's demeanor. She wondered if he was annoyed about the doughnuts, but he snapped that it was “not about the damned doughnut.” He showed her the pregnancy test and demanded to know when she was planning to tell him about this. Valerie stared at Dante in confusion. Meanwhile, Dillon, who was leaving his dad's office, came around the corner. Dillon stopped short when he saw Dante confront Valerie with the test.

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