GH Update Wednesday 10/7/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/7/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Michael, Morgan and Sabrina rush into the hospital to find Felix and ask him what has happened with Sonny now that he's awake. Felix admits that Dr. Drake reports there may be complications. He hesitates to answer the question of whether Sonny can make a full recovery. They find out that Sonny could be paralyzed although Sabrina wants to encourage the two brother to know it's possible that their dad could make a full recovery.

After Sonny and Carly have found out that he may not be able to walk again, Carly tells him it does not matter to her. She wants to get married right now and make it official. Yet he tells her he cannot marry her if he is not a “whole man”. She protests that she does not want to lose him and she promises to be there for him and commit to their marriage no matter what although he tells her he cannot do that and does not want to be a burden to her regardless. She tells him she does not want to lose hope that he will walk and demands that he marries her right now.

Emma talks to her grandma remembering that it's her mommy's birthday, yet sensing that people may have forgotten about her mommy and her mommy appears to have forgotten about her. Sam walks in the door and Emma abruptly tells her no. She does not want her coming inside. Anna asks her granddaughter what is up with that. Emma then graciously reminds her that while she's selecting a birthday gift for her mommy, and realizes Sam is her “other mommy”, she did not want to hurt Sam's feelings. Hearing that, Sam assures Emma that she is completely ok with Emma always loving her mommy. She knows she can't replace Emma's mommy but hopes to be a “new and different” mommy for Emma. Emma wants to discuss how “some people” wanted everyone to believe that her mommy, (Anna's daughter, Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake) died, when all along, she was alive and well. Anna candidly shares with her granddaughter that she must remember not long ago, everybody discovered that her mommy was alive and came back to find them right on the day Emma's daddy was going to marry Sabrina. She further clarifies to her granddaughter that her mommy and daddy were still legally married when Robin came back. Yet Emma knows her parents have since split up. Although she knows her mommy will probably not prevent her daddy from marrying Sam, she wonders “what if somebody else” comes to prevent them from getting married. . She seems to suspect, and asks her grandma and future step-mom what to do if, this time, daddy gets hurt instead of the bride. Neither of them understand what she's talking about nor have any answers to the question she asks. They both tell her that as she knows about the death of “Uncle Duke”, the same thing is true with Danny's daddy, Sam's deceased husband. Yet Emma is worried that the same thing that happened to Sabrina could happen to her daddy. She also wonders why her grandma can't get a “second chance” after losing the love of her life just like Sam and her daddy got. Anna knows how to avoid the question and gets Emma to go upstairs, brush her teeth and get ready for bed. Alone, in the room, Sam asks her how it is that she is certain it could not be Carlos Rivera. Sam asks Anna why she's want to exonerate and give the benefit of doubt to the man who murdered the man Anna loved? Anna hesitates to answer her question, for obvious reasons.

Jake finds Elizabeth at the hospital and expresses to her how odd it was that she got this “mysterious call” from which she did not share the details with him and she lied when he asked her whom the call came from. He informs her that he and Sam traced the call and found out came from Wyndemere. She is concerned that he and Sam “investigated” her phone call. He tells her he is concerned and needs to know how or why it was that Hayden called her. He asks Elizabeth if the conversation Hayden attempted to have with her was about him. Hearing that, Elizabeth clarifies no. It was something regarding Nikolas, Elizabeth tells her “fiancÚ”. Jake then right away knows she's keeping something from him about her conversation with Hayden and asks her why she got so upset, from what little he overheard. Elizabeth then replies that she was upset to get a call from Hayden because that woman got paid to impersonate being Jake's wife and have him believe her scam after he's lost his memory. She remembers, not long ago, finding out her “ex-fiancÚ”, Ric Lansing paid Hayden off to scam having both herself and Jake believing he's a married man....even though he's not... at least not to Hayden....), a Sam is however his widow (although only 4 to 5 people know that right now. Not his ex And Jason is not even gone. So Elizabeth already knows she is having relations and marrying an already married man. Since he has no ID and “nobody” (including himself) (except for Nikolas, Elizabeth, Laura and Helena Cassadine) know who he is...which, unknown to them all (because of reconstructive surgery that make him look completely different than the Jason Morgan they knew before the plastic surgery). Yet the real reason she is suspicious of Hayden Barnes has nothing to do with that. It's because Elizabeth knows that before Hayden got shot and lost her memory, she found out that Jake is really Jason Morgan, legally married to Sam. Bottom line: Elizabeth does not want the secret to come out because she's afraid of losing Jake.

Sabrina talks privately to Felix at The Floating Rib and he seems to suspect it's possible that she is pregnant. He is concerned about her relationship with Michael and how that gets her involved in Sonny Corinthos' family mess. He gets her to agree to a test and asks her if Michael would not be “over the moon” to find out that she is having a baby with him.

Carly, Michael, and Morgan all gather around Sonny in his hospital room and admit they are so relieved he's awake and alive but have heard he might not be able to walk. He tells them that is correct. And given that, he tells them, they need to get their mom to get the idea out of her head that she's going to marry him. Yet, both his sons adamantly tell him they have no intention of doing any such thing. They want to team up with her to make sure their wedding happens even though their dad tells them he wants to cancel it.

Ava enters the hospital with baby Avery and engages with Elizabeth about how she remembers that since she came to this town, she's never known anybody to care about her and lives in constant fear of more terrible consequences happening in her life. Yet she remembers how Elizabeth has always treated her with respect and made her feel ok when she's been in this hospital. Elizabeth admits that she has an understanding about what Ava is going through fighting to keep her child and not have her life taken from her. Elizabeth gets back to work and Ava sits alone with her baby, attempting to bond with her now that she finally has her child all to herself. As she picks up the little one and happily engages with her, Sonny gets wheeled into the room and abruptly demands she stops right there. He demands to know what she is doing with the baby whom he believes is solely his and thought she'd never be able to see again. Yet Ava confidently tells Sonny that she can see that Carly “forgot” to share the good news with him which is she (Ava) gets to keep her daughter. She informs Sonny she has temporary custody of the baby, at least until Sonny is well enough to attend a custody battle. Sonny demands to know why she brought his daughter to the hospital and instantly suspects something. He tells her that she might want to know what happens to people who cross him. He tells the nurse he needs to wait on the MRI because he needs to see his family right now. He returns to Carly, Michael and Morgan who all know that Sonny may be motivated to reconsider and marry Carly ASAP if he ever finds out that he needs to fight Ava for custody of his daughter.

Right when Laura is having a private conversation with her son at Wyndemere, Jake suddenly enters unannounced and tells them he needs to find out why Hayden called Elizabeth on Nikolas' landline phone. Nikolas clearly does not want Jake to discuss that with Hayden and reminds Jake this is his house and he did not invite Jake there to get into things that don't concern him. Jake assumes that the reason Hayden contacted Elizabeth is the very thing he does remember about Hayden; she scammed him into believing she was his wife in order to break up him and Elizabeth. Jake angrily demands that Hayden stops calling Elizabeth, leave her alive and he reminds her Elizabeth is going to be his wife, asking Hayden if they are clear on that. Overhearing that, Laura is shocked to hear the SECOND bombshell revelation for the day and asks Jake if it's really true that he intends to marry Elizabeth. Realizing that Jake “should” have no reason to wonder why Laura is concerned about that, Nikolas explains to him that his mother is invested in Elizabeth's happiness because her boys are a part of his and Elizabeth's life and are her family. Jake tells him he's fine with that but he needs them to realize he has no identity, no fingerprints and does not even know his own name. In response to that, Laura tells him that maybe, for that very reason, he needs to question if getting married to Elizabeth is a wise thing to do. He reminds her that he does not plan on putting his life on hold waiting and refusing to live while a year has gone by without anybody attempting to find him or give him any information about has past life. Knowing what she knows, Laura then asks him if it might not be a bad idea, for that very reason, to consider what a “gift” it would be if he knew about his real life and his real history. Hearing that, Jake thanks Laura for her concern but assures her everything is fine in his life. He only came there to ask Hayden to back off from talking to Elizabeth. She protests that she only needed to see if Elizabeth could give her answers that Elizabeth obviously knows about what Hayden remembers before she went into the coma. She further assures Jake she has no intention of preventing him from marrying Elizabeth and wishes them all the happiness. Jake leaves the three of them alone to talk. Laura tells her son she does not want to hear what he has to say. She's going to go upstairs and say good night to her grandson.

Sonny returns to the room with Carly and his two sons and tells them they need to talk privately. He informs them he knows that Ava has gotten custody of his daughter. He just saw her outside in the hospital. At that point, he reconsiders what he said before and proposes to Carly. Michael and Morgan leave them alone while he tells her that love is about facing the obstacles. They realize they need each other and from now on, full disclosure as they agree they are the best team and she agrees to marry him. Michael celebrates with them while Morgan goes out to find Morgan. Morgan informs Ava that his parents are getting married. He also further reminds her that she trashed his life as well as getting away with murder. He informs Ava and informs the baby that very soon Sonny and Carly will be married and raise her and make her a part of their family. Ava smugly tells him that won't happen. Morgan confidently tells Ava that is where she is wrong as he kisses the little one and assures her she will soon be with her real family as he gets on the elevator and departs.

Jake then goes to find Elizabeth, again, to ask her if she might know why it is that Laura is “surprised” they are getting married. Elizabeth cannot or will not answer that question and “welcomes” the distraction of having to help Ava and her baby. Jake gets on the phone to call Sam and asks her if she might be willing and able to privately “find out” who he is before he marries Elizabeth.

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