GH Update Tuesday 10/6/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/6/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

After just learning that Sam is going to marry Patrick, Laura decides not to reveal the secret to Sam that Jason is alive and the same person as Jake Doe as not to ruin Sam's and Patrick's future together. She does however, go to Wyndemere to pay her son a visit and walks in on Nikolas having a “heated scene” with Hayden. She seems intrigued to learn that Hayden has awoken from her coma, that Nikolas is “co-habitating” with the woman whom he had shot in order to not have her reveal to Jake or Sam that Jake is Jason, and that it appears Hayden has no memory of her life, any events before the shooting or what she knew before she went into the coma. Laura does not reveal anything of “interest” to Hayden but makes it clear to her son that she is mindful of what he is doing. As soon as Nikolas is alone he calls Elizabeth and they try to “brain storm” what they are going to do with the “threat” that Hayden might regain her memory and spill their secret about Jake and that Laura knows all and might not keep it a secret forever. Elizabeth is really horrified by that threat, while she's ready to marry Jake, knowing those plans will be ruined if he ever finds out that he's Sam's presumed-deceased husband. Nikolas, Elizabeth and Laura also know that Helena knows the big secret and can only imagine what she might do the next time they see her.

Carly sits by Sonny's side and he suddenly awakens in his hospital bed. Patrick examines him and finds out that he is paralyzed. Ava is alone with baby Avery and Julian is getting along with his sister although Kiki wants nothing to do with her mom. Franco wants both Kiki and Nina to live with him although they clearly do not want to live with each other. Yet he has a plan that might work, eventually, at some point, for the three of them to be a family and replace what they have all lost in their lives. Paul is secretly trying to cover his tracks after murdering Sloane on the docks and Tracy inquires what is his secret, to which he explains he's simply having a lot of stress adjusting to his new DA position. She is still concerned about Michael having contact with either Sonny or Ava and she wants to prevent her nephew from being endangered by getting involved in Sonny's mob business Paul hears and wants to help her with that.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Paul made a cryptic phone call to someone about an assignment he'd given them. Paul stressed that no one could know that Paul was involved. Paul didn't realize that Tracy was standing outside the open terrace doors. After the call was over, Tracy walked in and asked what Paul was trying to cover up. Paul lead Tracy to believe he was talking about cleaning up the mess Scott and Ric left behind at the D.A.'s office. Tracy was appalled that Ric had managed to lose the recording of Ava's confession. Paul pretended to be outraged that Ava was free. Tracy didn't like Ava, at all. Tracy didn't trust Ava either, and she wondered why Paul took Ava's story about Carlos shooting Sonny seriously. Paul stated that he he'd gotten the information about Ava knowing who shot Sonny from a reliable source. Tracy knew that Michael was the source, but Paul said he couldn't confirm or deny that. Tracy was worried that Michael would get sucked into the mob. She grudgingly hoped that Sonny lived a long life so that Michael didn't take over the business. Paul tried to assure Tracy that he'd be putting an end to organized crime. Unconvinced, Tracy said now she'd have to worry about Michael and Paul. Paul told her he'd be fine, but Tracy was sure that Paul was in danger, as long as Ava was free. Paul insisted that he was going to clean up Port Charles. He also hoped to prove himself to Dillon and to show Tracy that he wasn't the same man he was when they were married. “I need you to succeed for Michael,” Tracy said. Paul offered to have a chat with Michael. Tracy was sure Paul wouldn't be able to persuade Michael to avoid the mob, but Paul reminded her that he got through to Dillon. “Fine, talk to Michael,” Tracy said. She told Paul to make sure Michael stayed away from Sonny and Ava. Tracy warned Paul to make sure he didn't get sucked in by Ava either.

Kiki and Franco were at Silas's, talking. Kiki said that she was all alone, since all of her relatives were dead or dead to her. Franco assured Kiki that she would never be alone. Franco suggested that Nina buy the loft and the three of them live there together. “No!,” Nina replied, as she entered the living room. Kiki told Franco that Nina didn't want Kiki to live with them. Franco urged Nina to tell Kiki how much she wanted the three of them to live together. Nina stated that she wasn't purchasing the “death apartment” or rooming with Kiki. Kiki made it clear that she didn't want to live with Nina either. Franco attempted to keep the option open, but both Kiki and Nina were against it. Franco wondered why they couldn't get along. “Because she hates me,” Nina and Kiki said, in unison. Nina insisted that she didn't hate Kiki, but Kiki didn't believe her. Kiki felt that Nina hated Kiki for being Silas's love child. Kiki felt bad that Nina had lost her baby and gone into a coma, but Kiki pointed out that it wasn't Kiki's fault. Nina admitted that she realized that now, and she apologized for hurting Kiki in the past. Franco, pleased at the progress, suggested that they all engage in art therapy. Kiki wasn't interested. Nina insisted that it really worked and it was what brought Nina and Franco together. Kiki still wanted no part of it, so she decided to leave. As Kiki walked out, she told Franco that if he really wanted to help, he'd find someone who'd buy this albatross.

After Kiki was gone, Franco placed his jacket on the floor, then he got on his knees and begged Nina to buy the place. He acknowledged that the lot held some unpleasant memories for Nina. Nina clarified that he wanted her to live in a place where her ex husband was murdered by her mother. Nina stated that she loved Silas, although not the same way she loved Franco. Franco felt that, if Nina really loved Silas, she should help his daughter. Nina wondered when Franco became so nice and sane. Franco wasn't sure that was a fitting description, but he said that if she was right about him, he changed because of Nina. Nina agreed to buy the apartment. Franco was thrilled at first, but his face fell when Nina said she didn't want Kiki to live there. Franco wanted to give Kiki some semblance of a family. Nina thought she and Franco needed privacy so that they could take the next step in their relationship. It was clear that she was talking about sex. She asked how they could do that with Kiki around. Franco told Nina how much he loved her. Franco looked forward to taking the next step, but he felt that they should let it happen naturally. Nina thought it would take longer with Kiki hanging around. Franco was sure that Kiki wouldn't be in this dark place forever. Franco thought that, with all the harm he and Nina had caused, it was time for them to do something positive. Franco added that, as a bonus, it would drive Ava crazy. He asked Nina to consider Kiki the child they never had.

Julian took Ava and Avery to The Floating Rib to celebrate Avery's homecoming. Julian stated that he used to think he'd never get to know Avery. Julian admitted he shouldn't have counted Avery's mom out. Ava turned to Avery and cooed that Julian was right – she was Avery's mom, and the only one Avery and Kiki would ever have. Julian hoped to be able to spend more time with Avery than he'd been able to spend with Kiki. Ava was glad, because she wanted Avery to have family around her. Julian teased Ava, and she got defensive. Julian sensed that something was bothering Ava. He was concerned about Ava running the risky mafia business while raising Avery. Ava was confident that she could do both. Kiki walked in; her eyes met Ava's, but she ignored her mother and headed to the bar. Julian offered to talk to Kiki, but Ava asked him to watch the baby. Ava approached Kiki, just after Kiki gulped down one shot and asked for another. Ava asked Kiki to put aside what Ava had done, for the night, and spend some time with her little sister. Kiki ignored Ava's pleas, but her eyes filled with tears. Ava apologized for hurting Kiki and promised that Ava and Morgan were over. Ava was adamant that Kiki needed family, and Ava asked that Kiki at least come say hi to her sister and uncle. Kiki yelled that neither Ava or Julian had called to check on her in weeks. Ava said she was trying to give Kiki the space Kiki wanted. Kiki snapped that she did need family, but Ava wasn't family. Kiki stormed out. Later, Ava held Avery and assured her that Kiki would come around, and Ava would have both her girls back.

Kiki returned to the apartment, and Nina announced that they were going to buy it. Kiki promised to move out tomorrow. Nina revealed that she wanted Kiki to stay. Kiki looked skeptical. Nina noted that both she and Kiki had been betrayed by people they loved, especially their mothers. Nina believed that good things would happen for Kiki when she learned to trust again. “You think if I just trust you and Franco that everything bad will just go away?” Kiki asked, with suspicion. Franco admitted that it probably wouldn't work out like that. He said that the three of them could be family and he and Nina could be there for Kiki the next time something bad happened. Kiki burst into tears and hugged Franco.

Carly sat at the unconscious Sonny's bedside. She told him she had faith that he'd wake up and come back to her. Carly urged Sonny to open his eyes. He did. “You're so bossy,” Sonny whispered. Carly assured Sonny that he was doing well and that she wouldn't leave him. Carly told Sonny how he'd had a seizure during their wedding, then an embolism. Carly thought that Sonny seemed to be doing very well. Sonny asked to see Avery. Carly dodged the request and told Sonny that Avery was fine. Sonny weakly said that Ava was going to take Avery and that he wouldn't let that happen.

Jake was sitting at Kelly's, while Elizabeth picked up their order. Jake went through Liz's phone, and she returned and caught him in the act. Jake apologetically explained that he was trying to figure out who made the phone call that upset her. Liz flashed back to Hayden calling and asking why Hayden had broken the vase. Instead of telling the truth, Liz stuck to her story that the call was someone from GH. Patrick and Sam walked in and told Jake and Liz that they were engaged. Patrick and Sam were at Kelly's to get takeout for Anna and the kids, then they were going out to celebrate. Liz and Jake were very happy for them. Patrick and Sam planned to wait until after the holidays to get married, so they assured Liz and Jake that there wouldn't be competing weddings. Liz felt that the sooner they all got married, the better.

Patrick and Liz both got phone calls and stepped away to take them. Sam thanked Jake for taking part in the vow renewal, which helped her let Jason go and move on with Patrick. Patrick and Liz returned and explained that they'd been called into work because Sonny woke up. They left. Sam noted that being married to a doctor or a nurse meant a lot of interrupted special occasions. Jake asked for Sam's help with the phone call Liz got. Sam made arrangements for Kelly's to deliver food to Anna and the kids, then she traced the call Liz had received. Sam and Jake were surprised when Sam discovered that the call came from Wyndemere. Jake assumed Nik made the call, but he couldn't figure out why Liz would be rattled by a call from a friend. Sam stated that Nik always called Sam from a different number. Jake ruled out Spencer as the caller who spooked Liz, and he concluded that it must have been Hayden. Jake said, as far as he knew, Liz hadn't talked to Hayden since the day she came out of her coma. Jake and Sam couldn't figure out why Hayden would be pressuring Liz or why Liz would lie about it. Jake was determined to uncover the truth.

“I may have some blank spots in my memory, but I know this much about myself – no one controls me,” Hayden spat, as she and Nikolas stood in his living room. Nik attempted to distract her with a deep kiss. Laura walked in, but when she saw Nik kissing Hayden, she quietly let the room. Hayden spotted Laura, and she pulled away from Nik and drew his attention to Laura. Laura walked in and asked Nik if he was going to introduce her to his guest. Nik did. Laura recalled that Hayden was the one who knew Jake's real identity. Hayden explained that she'd suffered some memory loss and didn't remember anymore. Laura noted that this was very convenient for everyone. Hayden pointed out that her memory loss wasn't just about Jake. Hayden didn't think it was convenient that she couldn't remember her life. Laura apologized and said she was just surprised Nik and Hayden were so close. Hayden stated that Nik had been good to her, despite the fact that he didn't believe she really forgot who Jake was. Nik pretended he never said that. Hayden told Laura that Nik was claiming he never knew Jake's real identity because Helena only shared that with Hayden. Nik stated that Hayden and Helena met before he was in the picture. Laura asked if Nik had spoken to Helena about this. Nik said she wasn't talking. Nik told Laura that he'd have Alfred get her settled, then they could discuss this later. Laura said okay.

Nik's phone rang. He lied and said it was ELQ, but it was really Liz. Nik left the room to take the call. He told Liz it wasn't a good time, but Liz insisted on talking now. She told him about Hayden's phone call. Nik replied that he found Hayden researching stories about her shooting. Alarmed, Liz wondered if Hayden knew Nik tried to have her killed. Nik didn't think Hayden knew anything, but Liz was still uncomfortable with Hayden digging into the incident. Liz wondered why Hayden was doing research into that night. Nik didn't think it was difficult to understand why Hayden would want to recover her memory. Nik told Liz that, “to make matters worse,” Laura was there. Liz was worried that Laura might have changed her mind about keeping the secret about Jake. Nik wasn't sure what Laura planned to do, but he could tell that Laura was unhappy to find Hayden at Wyndemere. Liz remembered telling Laura that Nik tried to have Hayden killed. Liz told Nik that he had to keep Laura quiet and stop Hayden from looking into the shooting. It was clear that Liz was panicking, and Nik felt that she was overreacting. Liz revealed that Jake was with her when Hayden called. Nik asked if Liz told Jake who was on the phone. Liz said of course not. Nik felt that Liz had nothing to worry about.

Back in the living room, Hayden admitted she sensed some tension between Laura and Nik. Hayden wondered if it had anything to do with Hayden or with Jake. Laura said she just didn't expect to walk in on them kissing. Laura asked how Hayden was feeling. Hayden was doing much better, and she credited Nik and Spencer with helping her recover. Hayden talked about spending a lot of time with Spencer, and Laura realized Hayden lived there. Hayden thought Laura had a problem with that. Hayden stated that she'd been thinking of moving out, now that she was on the road to recovery. Laura asked if Hayden had anywhere to go. Hayden admitted that she didn't, and Laura encouraged Hayden to stay. “Are you sure? I mean, Nikolas and I aren't,” Hayden started to say, but Laura said that Nik and Hayden's relationship was their business. Hayden thanked Laura for being gracious. Nik returned, and Hayden said that his mom was as gracious as he was. Hayden went to ask the chef to prepare a special dinner in Laura's honor. Laura quietly asked Nik what the hell was going on. Nik explained that he asked Hayden to move in so he could make sure she didn't tell anyone what she knew. Laura wanted to know why they were kissing. Nik revealed that he and Hayden had something before and had rekindled it. Laura asked if he had feelings for Hayden. Nik said yes. He admitted that might seem strange, given what Hayden did to Jake. “You mean Jason,” Laura corrected. “How are you going to have a relationship a woman you tried to have killed?” Laura asked.

Back at GH, Patrick checked on Sonny, who said he was worried about his daughter. Patrick assured Sonny that anxiety was a side effect of the anesthesia. Patrick had Carly go into the hallway while he examined Sonny. Patrick checked the reflexes in Sonny's arms and hands; they worked fine. Patrick then used an instrument to check the reflexes in Sonny's feet. “Any time you're ready, Doc,” said Sonny, who was unaware that the test had already started. Later, Sonny assumed that his feet were still numb because of the anesthesia. Patrick didn't agree or disagree; he said they'd need to run more tests. Sonny wondered when he'd be able to go home. Patrick wasn't sure. Patrick went into the hallway, where he found Liz and asked her to give Sonny a sedative. Carly asked what was going on. Patrick had her follow him back into Sonny's room. Patrick broke the news that Sonny's legs were paralyzed. Sonny asked if it was permanent. Patrick said they'd have to run some tests first. Patrick went to schedule the tests. Sonny and Carly both agreed that Sonny would make a full recovery. Carly wanted to marry Sonny right away, but Sonny refused to marry Carly while he wasn't sure if he'd be able to walk again.

Jake went to GH and asked Liz why Hayden called her.

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