GH Update Monday 10/5/15

General Hospital Update Monday 10/5/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

As Franco expresses to Nina his concern about the way Kiki might be hiding something and in need of intervention, Kiki goes to the bar and orders shots. It looks like she may be getting in over her head. A guy comes on to her and appears threatening to her, reminding her that she “needs him” for something which he will not provide if she fails to give him what he wants. Right then, Franco comes in, corners and confronts him and tells him he better get his hands off of Franco's daughter. The guy asks if Kiki is in fact this guy's daughter. Franco boldly tells him if he knows what is good for him, he will get out. Nina is not far behind and comes out to support Franco and demand the guy leave Kiki alone. The guy leaves. However Kiki is not grateful. She informs Franco he is not her father. Her father is dead and his crazy girlfriend, Nina stabbed him to death.. In response to that, Franco clarifies that Nina did not kill Silas. Her mother did. Kiki reminds him that Nina forced Kiki's mother into labor, almost killed Kiki's little sister, kidnapped baby Avery after she was born and Franco helped her. She angrily goes out the door and does not want to speak to them. Yet they persuade Kiki to come home with them. He wants to talk to her alone, reminding her that she lied to him about going to work in an investment firm when she went to the bar. She tells him that she lied because she didn't want him to feel sorry for her. Yet she admits to Franco that the truth is, she doesn't know where her life is going since her dad is dead. She admits to him she was not comfortable revealing that to him. Much less to Nina. She tells him that she feels lonely and desperate and in despair. She doesn't want to be seen or pitied or face anyone. He tells her that he realizes he may not be her father but she means something to him and he can't just sit by while he knows she's in this state of mind. He can't let her be alone and feels the need to reach out to her. She tells him she just wants to get away because she can't stand sitting around this place by herself. Franco asks her where she plans to go. Realizing she has nowhere to go, Franco suggests why not stay there. She tells him she cannot afford the mortgage on the place. Also her father was murdered there. She reminds Franco she sleeps all day because she has no one to be with. She has no family because they are either dead or “dead to her”. Yet Franco and Nina both do not want Kiki to turn away from them.

Paul discusses with Tracy what he will be up against as the new DA and all the criminals he can or will put away. While they are talking, Michael enters and they can tell he's not ok. He informs them that his dad took a turn for the worse in the hospital. Knowing the shooter has still not been found, he asks Paul if he's made any progress finding Carlos Rivera. Hearing for the first time that Carlos is a suspect, Tracy is very surprised and needs to know why Michael would suspect Sabrina's ex boyfriend of shooting Sonny. Nobody has seen or heard from Carlos in a long time. Michael informs her that it was Ava who informed him that Carlos shot Sonny. Hearing that, Tracy admits to Michael the thought of him remotely considering listening to anything that woman would say scares her. Paul overhears, saying nothing and not revealing why he is obviously much less confused with what he is hearing as Tracy is. She also expresses her obvious discontentment that someone would think the law should protect Sonny when Sonny has spent his life breaking the law Obviously, Michael does not appreciate hearing that and lets her know that his father is fighting for his life. Yet Tracy reminds Michael that his father has been murdered by Sonny and remarks that she thought he was no longer concerned about “that criminal”. Hearing that, Michael reminds her that “that criminal” raised him. She urges Michael to realize not long ago, he disowned Sonny and declared himself a Quartermaine and tells him she wishes he would make loyalty to their mutual family a higher priority than Sonny.

Jake is with Elizabeth at Kelly's when he informs her about his “random encounter” at Noodle Buddha with Sam where he learned it was the place where she and Jason married. She listens and obviously does not let on to how she is really feeling (and what she knows) when he informs Elizabeth that, for some “odd reason” the owners of the restaurant remembered Sam's anniversary and the grandmother adamantly insisted that he (Jake) was Jason Morgan and asked the two of them (Jake and Sam) to stand together and participate in a “wedding/anniversary ceremony”. They also talk about the miracle of Elizabeth's son with Jason being alive. Regarding Sam's inability to “let go” of Jason, Elizabeth wants to “admonish” Jake to realize that maybe Sam needs to get over her loss and move on. Hearing that, Jake somehow unconsciously realizes there may be a really good reason why that can't happen as Elizabeth wants.

Sam and Patrick agree to get married and make it official. They get a surprise visit from Laura Spencer. She obviously has a “reason” to contact them both before leaving town. Yet, learning about their plans, she hesitates to tell them the secret that only she, Nikolas and Elizabeth know. They want to know what she came all the way out from the airport to tell them and it looks very odd that she is not answering that question.

At Wyndemere, Hayden gets on the laptop to read the report about how she got shot accidentally by Sonny Corinthos' enforcer Shawn Butler who intended to shoot Jake Doe. Right then, Nikolas enters and does not want her to continue doing what she is doing and possibly finding out what he does not want her to find out. She wants to know how she could have gotten shot right when she was about to reveal to Jake and to Sam who Jake really was. Why would this “Shawn guy” who does not know her, has no motives to shoot her and who is supposed to be a really great shooter try and fail to shoot Jake and accidentally shoot her instead? And it happened right before she revealed some “deep dark secret to Jake and to Sam Morgan, which “somebody” does not want them to know. She wonders why Nikolas wants to prevent her from getting answers about her past. Why is he so threatened by her attempting to regain her memory? Right then, when Hayden realizes that at “some point” she got into some “argument” with Nikolas and broke a vase, yet he is presently very “evasive” about telling her the reason why (their discussion about her knowing the secret he is keeping about Jake really being Jason), she gets on the phone to call Elizabeth. While with Jake, Elizabeth takes Hayden's call and makes it just as clear to her and Nikolas is doing, that she is also lying to Hayden about not knowing the answer to that question. Hayden tells her she knows she was there although Elizabeth evades her simple question. Right then, Nikolas takes the phone out of Hayden's hands and tells Elizabeth she “need not worry”, things are “all under control”. This only further confuses Hayden that Nikolas is covering something and there must be a reason why.

Emma sits outside Kelly's with Anna. She talks to her grandma about how she has a school project to tell her class about a hero and she picks her grandmother although her grandmother is not entirely comfortable hearing that and attempts to persuade her granddaughter not to see her as “that special” and perhaps choose someone else to tell her class about. As she hears her granddaughter talk about how nobody else in her class knows anyone who has been both a spy and a police commissioner, Anna remembers Paul Hornsby informing her he knows there is false information going around that Carlos Rivera shot Sonny Corinthos, which he knows is impossible because Anna killed Carlos. Right then, out of nowhere Sabrina enters. Emma rushes up and hugs her. Anna graciously greets her. But right then, Anna remembers how she lied to Sabrina about what happened to her ex fiancÚ. And also, as soon as Emma leaves the two adults alone to talk, sure enough, Sabrina brings up the fact that Carlos is now a suspect in the shooting of Sonny yet, very strangely, she has not seen or heard from Carlos and that she “knows he did not do it”. She still has no clue that Anna murdered him. When Emma returns from inside, Sabrina leaves to get back to Michael. Anna is aware of how she has gotten away with murdering Carlos, deceived Sabrina and is not comfortable to hear Emma continuing to praise her and tell her class all about her famous and heroic grandmother. She encourages her granddaughter to maybe admit that her grandma has “flaws”.

When Tracy talks to Michael about wanting him to stick to his “previous plan” of disowning Sonny and seeing himself as a Quartermaine, Sabrina returns, acknowledging the two of them as “her favorite Quartermaines”. Carly leaves them alone to talk. Sabrina shows Michael she has some baked goods for him to take back to the hospital when he sees Sonny again. He tells her he needs to find out who shot his father and is at least “considering” what Ava told him that it was Carlos. She tells him she does not believe it could be Carlos and she finds it very odd that in all this time, Carlos has not been in contact with her. She knows that is completely not like Carlos, whom she's known for a long time. She tells Michael she knows how much he is hurting now. She knows he wants to go after whomever got his dad shot. But she thinks he should just let the police do their job. As they leave together, they are unaware of the document Paul has kept on the table about the death of Carlos Rivera , implicating Anna for murdering him, which he got from Sloane (before Paul murdered Sloane). They are both completely unaware.

Laura is not certain what to say or do when she hears Patrick and Sam's news. She knows she needs to come up with an answer to their question so she tells Patrick she wants to make sure he is available to be her neurologist if she needs a medical procedure done. She then decides to leave without telling them the secret. Sam follows her to the door. She privately asks (grills) Sam about whether she is really entirely certain that she is “happy” with her decision to marry Patrick. Sam replies yes. Laura then decides she will leave (and leave the whole thing alone) and departs. In response to that, Sam seems completely baffled and hasn't a clue what is this secret that Laura intended to tell them but then decided not to nor why Laura suddenly had to depart, making a trip out there for nothing.

When Nikolas prevents Hayden from talking to Elizabeth, Hayden angrily demands to know what his problem is. She has the right to find out what she cannot remember and why is he preventing her from doing so? When Elizabeth is sitting in the restaurant with Jake while Hayden's call came in and is then “terminated” by Nikolas, she tells Jake it was “nothing important”. Just somebody from work who wanted to interrupt her while she is spending time with Jake, she tells him.

At Patrick's house, everybody is happy and suspecting nothing (even though Laura's surprise visit and sudden departure really confused Sam). Emma and Anna return to Sam, Patrick and Danny. Emma happily informs them that she ran into Sabrina. Patrick then happily announces to his daughter and ex mother-in-law that this beautiful woman (Sam) has agreed to marry him and Emma will have a new mom and baby brother. Emma happily celebrates with them. Anna stands by observing and smiling although she is keeping the secret about Carlos, and she is clearly on edge.

As Nikolas and Hayden argue where she demands that he “stops controlling her” and he needs to distract her, he grabs her, kisses her and they go at it. Without knocking, Laura walks in to see her son involved in this “encounter”.

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