GH Update Friday 10/2/15

General Hospital Update Friday 10/2/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie and Nathan go to the Floating Rib and he wonders why she is evading the conversation he wants to have. He knows she has some sort of “secret” regarding Dillon. She answers that nothing “happened” when they shot the love scene but then later realizes that something did in fact happen and things did, in fact become intense. She assures Nathan that she is not “interested” in Dillon. She's only interested in Nathan and loves him. Yet she tell him that“ things went too far”. Hearing that, Nathan demands to know what she is talking about and clearly assumes that Maxie and Dillon engaged in something sexual until she clarifies that they “talked” about things that had nothing to do with the two of them and assures Nathan that she is not “into” Dillon nor is he into her.

Valerie and Dillon realize they are “available” to each other (both single) although they both have other people on their minds. However, the “intrusive” film student wants to shoot them. Dillon tells the guy he needs to realize they are done filming for the day and go home. Yet the student wants to stay and charge his camera. Dillon however dismisses him so he can be alone with Valerie. He asks her how her day went. She realizes she cannot tell him all that is going on in her life. She admits to Dillon that she has been “using” him. She regrets that, knowing he deserves better. She admits the whole while they've been together, she has had somebody else on her mind. Hearing that, he asks if that somebody else might be Dante. In response to that, she is surprised that he could know exactly who it is. He tells her it's pretty obvious and he sounds gracious and as though he sure does not want to judge although she wonders why anyone would not think it's terrible that she's “interested” in her cousin's husband. He admits that he understands all too well and is in the very same boat as he reveals to Valerie that he has Lulu on the brain. She admits that she could guess that as well as he could guess her feelings for Dante.

Dante and Lulu are together while he admits that nobody has a clue what will happen to Sonny or when or if he will wake up. She assures her husband that no matter what happens, she will be by his side. There will be no more taking off. They affirm that they love each other so much. He admits that he's concerned that his brother Morgan is bi polar just like Sonny is. He is concerned about how Morgan's impulsive actions which cause him to act before thinking could cause him detrimental consequences. He's worried that since Morgan believes he has to take matters into his own hands with Sonny, that if something happens, Sonny will feel responsible and it could ruin both of their lives. He's also worried about Michael as well as Avery. Yet she assures her husband that everything will be alright and she will never abandon him.

Franco and Nina go inside Silas' old apartment where she once lived and where he wants to go and talk to Kiki as he's concerned about her after the death of her father and finding out that her mother and boyfriend were sleeping together behind her back. They enter and Kiki is talking to a realtor or property manager who tells her it's unlikely they will sell this place since a murder occurred there. The woman talks in a very “candid and insensitive” manner about how it was very obvious that a doctor was murdered here by his ex mother in law and how sick that is and everything. She sounds like she either does not know or does not care that it was Kiki's father who was murdered there. She tells Kiki that, given the “circumstances”, she will have to lower the price. Franco then enters, goes into “protection-mode” toward Kiki, knowing how upsetting this must be to her and tells the realtor she has to ease up on Kiki. Yet Kiki does not want to talk or bond with Franco. He tells Kiki he was hoping she would not want to still live there. Kiki explains to Franco and to Nina that currently all the money from her dad's estate is tied up in probate court. She currently has no money, no job and is in debt from school. So she has to sell it. She coldly tells them that with all that has happened in her life, she wants to leave it behind. They both realize that she is all alone with good reason to be in a personal crises having lost her father, as well as finding out she's been betrayed by her mother and boyfriend.

Sam tells Patrick she will marry him. She assures him that she is certain however she senses that at this point, he might want to turn her down. Yet they agree that they do intend to get married and they kiss. They talk about their future together and agree that they are committed. She has campaign and festivities for him to celebrate. He proposing a toast to the two of them together for the rest of their lives. They talk about how each has rescued the other from their previous respective losses and crises in their lives. He asks her officially if she will do him the honor of becoming his wife. She tells him yes.

After Kiki leaves Franco and Nina alone to talk, she informs him that she would also like a fresh start. She'd like to move out of where she lives and move on with her life. They both know that they want to live together.

While Maxie admits to Nathan that she's keeping a secret for Dillon which she is not at liberty to tell anyone including him, he realizes that he also has a similar secret that he needs to respect the same “confidentiality” for.

Dillon admits to Valerie that he realizes Lulu is married with a kid. He tries to ignore his feelings for her. However, the more he does that, the more he has to realize that he is not over her. She tells him she understands all too well. She actually “crossed the line” with Dante by kissing him. He tells her she needn't blame herself or feel as though it's that big of a deal when it's “just one kiss”. In response to that, Valerie reveals to Dillon that there was something that happened between herself and Dante, far beyond “just one kiss”.

Sam and Patrick realize they have the house to themselves without the kids. They still anticipate how they tell Emma,, recalling how she lost her mom, then lost Sabrina and her baby brother. They realize that now Emma will have a new baby brother as Danny will have a new dad and big sister. She assesses how she will like her new name as Samantha Drake and to be a doctor's wife as he assesses being a husband of a PI.

Franco and Nina both realize that neither of them have any money to pay for where they intend to co-habitate, except for her inheritance. He tells her he does not want to live off of her but she assures him that that is her money to spend and the best way to do that is to let them both benefit from it. Franco then reaches out to Kiki telling her he really wants to stay in touch with her and needs her to call him if she needs anything. As Kiki leaves, he admits to Nina that he is concerned about something happening to his “almost” daughter.

Maxie and Nathan talk about their respective “secrets” (Valerie confiding in Nathan that she's not over Dante and Dillon admitting to Maxie that he's not over Lulu)

Back at their apartment, Lulu gives Dante a massage and he falls asleep.

Dillon admits to Valerie that he knows she is keeping a secret from everyone about what went on between her and Dante. He promises not to tell anyone and respect her confidentiality. At that point, Valerie admits to him that she and Dante slept together. Hearing that, he admits that he is very surprised and wonders why she covered it up, as has Dante and he immediately goes into “protect Lulu-mode” wondering what else Dante might be hiding from Lulu. Valerie assures him that sleeping with Dante was a one-time-thing and a mistake. Yet he can sense that there is more to it than that and there is something “permanent” that has occurred from that. He assures her that he cares about her. Her secret is safe with him and he won't let this get out where it could hurt her (or, to him, most importantly, to hurt Lulu). Little do either of them know, however, that while they have their “private” conversation where she reveals to Dillon that she slept with Dante, the film student's camera is charging and recording their conversation.

Outside Silas' apartment, Franco tells Nina that he can sense there is something “off” about Kiki. He knows there is a secret about what is going on with her and he somehow knows that he can't dismiss this when Kiki is alone dealing with her current devastating losses and crises.

Kiki walks into a bar and drinks heavily as she reveals there might be more than alcohol she is consuming.

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