GH Update Thursday 10/1/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/1/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

On the Haunted Star, Maxie overheard Dillon say that he was determined to get over a woman. Maxie asked if this was about Valerie – did she break up with him? Dillon clarified that it wasn't about Valerie. Maxie tensed, because she assumed Dillon was cheating on Valerie, whom Maxie believed was a nice person. Dillon lied and said he was just running lines, and Maxie bought his story. Maxie admitted that she was nervous about the simulated sex scene. Dillon assured her that he'd make it quick and painless. Maxie still looked uncomfortable. She told Dillon that, if the filming for that scene ran long, Nathan might come, find out they didn't have the proper permits and shut down production. The crew arrived. Andy, a film student, filmed some behind the scenes footage, while Maxie and Dillon rehearsed. Dillon laid on the bed, and Maxie straddled him. Andy got a little too close to the action. Maxie jumped off of Dillon when she saw Andy, and she demanded to know why paparazzi was there. Dillon clarified that Andy was an intern that Dillon was allowing to film a documentary for his film class. Dillon reminded Andy that he was supposed to stay out of the way. After Dillon ushered Andy out of the room, he and Maxie took off their robes and started the scene. Dillon imagined that Lulu was the one on top of him. It freaked him out, and he stopped the scene. Maxie apologized, because she thought she messed up, but Dillon assured her that it was his fault. Maxie wondered if Dillon would feel more comfortable if they started with a different scene, like the break up scene. Dillon said maybe. Maxie didn't see an alternative, unless Dillon cast someone that he actually wanted to have sex with.

Maxie and Dillon filmed Marjorie and Declan's break up, and yet again, Dillon imagined that he was talking to Lulu. Dillon read the line where Declan expressed deep feelings for Marjorie, but Dillon accidentally said “Lulu.” Maxie called Dillon out on it. Dillon wasn't able to convince Maxie that his slip was meaningless, so he admitted that he had feelings for Lulu. Dillon wanted Maxie to forget what she'd just heard, but she told him that wasn't going to happen. Maxie wondered when Dillon developed these feelings. Dillon said it happened when he and Lulu went to Canada. Dillon had noticed that Lulu was all grown up; she still had the Spencer courage and impulsiveness, but there was something new. “Like a husband and a son?,” Maxie quipped. Maxie made it clear that Lulu was committed to her family, and Dillon didn't have a chance. Dillon said he knew that, and he asked for advice getting over Lulu Maxie thought the best way to get over someone was to move on with someone else. Dillon said he tried that, with Valerie, but it didn't work. Dillon asked if Maxie was going to say anything to Lulu. Maxie assured him that she wouldn't. Maxie understood why Dillon fell for a great woman like Lulu. Maxie told Dillon that he was great too, and one day he'd find the woman he was meant to be with, but it wouldn't be Lulu. Dillon wanted to get back to work, but Maxie didn't think his head was in the right place right now.

At GH, Valerie confessed to Dante that, despite her efforts, she hadn't been able to stop thinking about Dante. Lulu rounded the corner just in time to hear Valerie's admission. Lulu wanted an explanation. Valerie covered and said she was concerned about Dante because he didn't come to work, and she'd brought him some food. Lulu was grateful for Valerie's gesture. Lulu asked how Sonny was. Dante hadn't heard anything, but he was hoping no news was good news. Dante added that he felt better, now that Lulu was there. Valerie said that she'd get going now that Lulu was there to keep Dante company. Lulu asked Valerie to stay, since she and Dante could use all the family support they could get, but Valerie said that she was swamped at work, with the new D.A. and the new warrant for Carlos. After Valerie left, Lulu noted that her cousin had been very thoughtful and supportive. Dante agreed. Dante and Lulu wondered why Carly, Michael, and Morgan weren't at the hospital. Patrick appeared, just after the surgery.

Paul was in his office remembering his conversation with Anna about Carlos. Nathan arrived at Paul's request. Paul wanted to know Nathan's opinion of Anna. Nathan spoke highly of his former boss. Nathan noted that Paul knew Anna, years ago. Paul explained that he and Anna hadn't been close back then. Paul stated Anna had put her checkered past behind her and become a highly regarded police commissioner, but Paul wasn't sure if Anna was still the heroic person she'd been twenty years ago. Nathan said that Anna was everything she seemed to be. Paul confided that he was thinking of hiring an investigator who would work out of the D.A.'s office, and he was considering offering Anna the job. Nathan assured Paul that Paul would be fortunate to have Anna on his team. Paul stated that he'd heard that Anna wasn't herself lately. Nathan explained that this was due to Duke's death. Paul wanted to know about the case. Nathan said that the suspect, Carlos had disappeared. Nathan was skeptical of Ava's claim that Carlos had returned to town and shot Sonny. Nathan suspected that Ava might have been involved in the shooting and then lied to shift the suspicion onto someone else. Paul said that the best way to find answers was to find Carlos. Paul asked Nathan to let him know how the investigation was going.

Valerie was lost in thought, and she literally bumped into Nathan at the PCPD. Nathan could tell she was upset, so he asked what was going on. Valerie didn't want to talk about it, but Nathan coaxed the answer out of her. Valerie explained that she told Dante that she was only dating Dillon to keep her mind off of Dante. Nathan was surprised because he thought Valerie and Dillon really liked each other. Valerie said Dillon was great, but he just wasn't for her. Valerie continued that Lulu showed up before Dante got the chance to respond. Valerie wished she and Dante hadn't been interrupted. Nathan reminded Valerie that Dante already told her how he felt. Nathan thought that Valerie just didn't want to accept it. Nathan said that Valerie was a good person who deserved to be with someone who didn't see her as a mistake. Nathan told Valerie to find someone else to care about, or to distract her, or she'd destroy herself.

Valerie went to the Haunted Star. No one was there, except Dillon. Dillon told Valerie that they needed to talk. Valerie said she didn't want to talk. She kissed Dillon deeply.

Maxie went to the PCPD and asked Nathan to lunch. Nathan wondered why she was done with filming so early. Maxie explained that they never really started. He teasingly asked if she'd been recast. Maxie told him that no one recast Maxie.

Anna went over to Sam and Patrick's place. Sam explained that Emma and Patrick were at school and work, but Anna clarified that she was there to see Sam. Anna asked Sam to help her figure out who shot Sonny. Anna explained that she thought Duke would want the person who shot his friend to be brought to justice. Sam didn't think Anna's investigation was necessary, since the cops had a suspect – Carlos. Anna stated that Carlos didn't do it. Sam wondered how Anna knew that. Anna said she had information on Carlos's whereabouts, but she couldn't say how she knew. Anna asked Sam to trust her. Anna reconsidered and decided it was a mistake to ask Sam for help, then set all these conditions. Sam assured her that it was okay. Sam wanted to solve the case for both Sonny and Jason. Sam added that Patrick and Emma would never forgive her if she turned Anna down. Anna made it clear that she didn't want Sam to feel pressured to do this because of her connection to Patrick and Emma. Sam let Anna know that she didn't feel pressured. Sam did trust Anna, because Patrick trusted Anna. Sam agreed to help. Anna was happy Sam was on board, even though Sam had a family to take care of. Sam assured Anna that she and Patrick had gotten good at balancing family and work.

Anna revealed that after Robin left and Patrick lost Gabriel, she wasn't sure Patrick would ever be happy again. Anna was grateful that Sam and Danny had brought joy into Patrick and Emma's life. Sam hesitantly asked if Anna would mind if Sam and Patrick made it official. Sam told Anna about Patrick's proposal. Sam explained that she didn't want to say yes until she was sure she was making the right choice for all of them. Anna didn't think Patrick wouldn't have asked if he weren't sure this was the right choice for himself and Emma. Anna revealed that all married couples have some uncertainty, even years after the vows have been spoken. “The question is, are you willing to live with that uncertainty if what you get in exchange is a beautiful daughter and a husband who loves you?” Anna asked. Sam wondered when Anna became so wise. Anna said that she wasn't. Anna added that she was great at managing other people's lives, but not her own.

Tensions mounted at Greystone Manor when Ava came to pick up Avery. Morgan grabbed Ava's arm and insisted that Avery belonged with Sonny. Michael advised Morgan to let Ava go, but Morgan ignored Michael. Morgan felt responsible for inflicting Ava on their family, and he refused to let to let Ava hurt Avery. Ava swore that she'd never hurt her daughter, and Morgan shot back that Ava hurt Kiki by sleeping with her boyfriend. Ava contended that this wasn't fair. Officer Dowling, came in and ordered Morgan to take his hands off Ava. Morgan complied, but he still had a defiant attitude. Dowling threatened to arrest Morgan if he didn't keep his distance. “Go ahead!,” Morgan challenged. Morgan wondered if Dowling realized he was defending a murderer. Dowling instructed Morgan to back off. Ava stepped in and told the cop it was okay, then she gently told Morgan that she had a court order. Morgan scoffed about Ava's new-found respect for the law.

Michael told Morgan that Ava didn't care about anyone but herself. Ava felt that Michael, who'd bludgeoned his stepmother to death, was in no position to judge. Michael reminded her that he killed Claudia because she tried to take his little sister. Ava asked if that was a threat, and Michael said he was stating a fact. Michael added that he went to prison and paid his debt to society, unlike Ava. Michael stated that Ava would pay. Ava took that as another threat, and she suggested that Michael and Morgan needed to be arrested. Carly calmly said that no one was being arrested. She told Dowling that she would give him the baby, then he could give her to Ava. Ava felt that Carly should place the baby in her arms, but Dowling saw no reason they couldn't do it Carly's way. Carly told the boys to say goodbye to their sister. They did. Morgan apologized for not doing better for Avery. Carly assured him that they'd get Avery back soon. Carly covered Avery with kisses and snuggled her, then she handed her over to the officer, who gave her to Ava. “Mommy's here,” Ava said, as she held Avery close.

Carly asked Milo to escort the visitors out. Ava turned to leave, but Morgan stopped her and gave her Avery's favorite blanket. Carly added that Sonny would want to see his daughter. Ava asked if Carly expected her to bring Avery to visit the man who tried to kill Ava. Carly was adamant that Avery needed her father. “Maybe, Ava said. “Maybe not,” Ava quietly added, as she left. Morgan felt that they should have taken Avery to the Island. Michael believed that they had no choice but to comply with the court order. Morgan got worked up, and Carly told him to knock it off. She was sure that they'd get Avery back, and she added that sometimes you have to lose the battle to win the war.

Carly called Ric and read him the riot act for letting Ava gain custody of Avery. She wanted to know what Ric was doing to get Avery back. Carly told Ric that he'd better secure visitation. Morgan took the phone and threatened to beat Ric up if he didn't get Avery back by the time Sonny woke up. Michael got a phone call. He hung up and told everyone that they had to get to the hospital.

Back at GH, Patrick told Sonny's loved ones that by the time he began the operation, the damage was already done. Patrick explained that there was a chance Sonny would make a full recovery, but it was also possible that he wouldn't ever wake up. There was no way to predict the outcome. Patrick added that Sonny's progress could be affected by the attitudes of those around him. He urged the family to support Sonny by staying optimistic. Michael, Morgan, Dante and Carly all agreed. Patrick left.

Dante told Lulu he didn't want to lose his dad. Lulu told Dante that they were going to take Patrick's advice. Dante wasn't sure what he'd do without Lulu. She assured him that he'd never have to find out.

Carly wanted to call Kristina, but she didn't want Sonny to be alone, so she asked her sons to stay with him. They assured her that the would, and she hugged them both. Carly left. Morgan wondered what they would do if Sonny died. Michael didn't want to entertain the possibility, but Morgan said they had to be prepared. Morgan felt that it was up to the two of them to make sure Sonny's enemies didn't take over his territory. Michael clarified that that it was Michael's job to do that, not Morgan's.

Ava took Avery home. Ava apologized for having to stay away from Avery and Kiki for so long, and she promised to make up for it. Ava vowed not to let anything get in the way of her, Kiki and Avery being a family. Paul showed up, with a little toy for Avery. He wanted to hold the baby, but Ava said no, and she drew Avery closer. Paul told her he had three kids, so she didn't have to worry. Ava thought Paul would feel differently if one of his children had been kidnapped. Paul told her that one of his kids had been kidnapped – Tracy took Dillon away from him. Paul noted that Dillon had been just a bit older than Avery when Tracy took him away, and Paul missed out on most of his life.

Paul thought Ava should feel lucky that she only missed out on a few months with Avery and because she had a sympathetic friend in Paul. Paul said he'd never inflict that sort of pain on anyone. Ava bitterly noted that Paul had no issue inflicting other pain, like he did when he forced Ava to work for him. Paul announced that he had business to discuss with Ava. Paul warned Ava that Anna was a threat. Paul elaborated that Anna knew Carlos wasn't the shooter, because Carlos was “out of commission” when the crime occurred. Paul didn't want anyone else to find out what Anna knew. Paul wanted to get the case on Sonny's shooting wrapped up before it lead back to him and Ava. He had a plan to neutralize the cops, and he had something else in mind for Anna.

Patrick came home, just as Anna was pulling out of the driveway. Sam asked how Sonny was. Patrick wasn't sure what the quality of Sonny's life would be like, going forward. Sam was willing to talk about it, if Patrick wanted to, but he didn't want to deal with any more pain and sadness today. He kissed Sam. Sam told Patrick to go take a shower while she planned something special. Patrick wasn't sure what he'd do without Sam. He went upstairs.

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