GH Update Wednesday 9/30/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/30/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie awakens before Nathan realizing there may be “complications” with their intimacy together since she and Dillon (or more accurately Marjorie and Decklin) are going to have sex today. Nathan wonders why she would “do that” after Dillon has selected her for the role and not beforehand. Dillon is not only the screenplay director. He's also her co-star. Nathan assesses that Dillon must be really “sure of himself” to be writing, directing and starring in a screenplay. She tells her boyfriend that Dillon is in fact, pretty humble and rationalizes about how he developed the characters of Decklin and Marjorie in their first love scene. Hearing that, Nathan tells her “the hell he will”. She assures him it will only be a script and screenplay and she assures her boyfriend that it is only a role she is playing. She also remarks to Nathan that it does not appear that Valerie (Dillon's present “girlfriend”) has any issues with her boyfriend doing a sex scene with another woman. Hearing that, Nathan reveals that he knows very well the reason why Valerie is not “possessive” of Dillon. He remembers Valerie admitting to him that she is “not over” Dante yet does not reveal that to Maxie. He wants to be “ok” with his girlfriend playing this role with another guy and asks to see the script.. Maxie then acts out all the hot and steamy scenes of the play, with Nathan

Dillon is shooting his film at The Haunted Star when Lulu comes by. She realizes her father in law has taken a turn for the worst after the shooting and Dante has a lot of things on his mind. She is clearly comfortable talking to Dillon and confiding in him. She wonders why her husband will never forgive himself for “one stupid kiss” with Valerie. Little does she know. Dillon silently listens to her tell him that she could not imagine her life without Dante who is the love of her life. He comments to Lulu that her husband is very lucky to have her. She talks to him right at the place where the scene he will have with Maxie is located. She remarks that he could be said to be a “narcissist” to cast himself as the writer, director and romantic lead. They realize that he is going to be doing a sex scene with Maxie. He asks Lulu if she thinks that maybe Nathan could have a problem with Maxie being in a love scene with him. She replies that there could be complications regarding that as she knows all too well how cops can become jealous regarding their wives and girlfriends. She remembers how Dante “reacted” when he suspecting that she and Lulu were having an affair. Her husband got so “extreme” that he kissed Valerie. She also remarks it's a “miracle” that things didn't go any farther than that. Little does she know.

At the hospital, right after everyone has thought Sonny would be on the road to recovery and Dante is outside the room worried, Valerie comes by and hugs him. He indicates to her that the cops are trying but have not yet succeeded in finding the correct shooter. She can see that he really has questions about whether Carlos Rivera had anything to do with it. They both seem to know that the shooter is still out there and they haven't a clue who it was. He confides in her that he doubts Carlos Rivera shot Sonny and is pretty certain there is some sort of secret between Ava and/or Julian involving one or both of them needing to cover their own asses and implicate a fall guy. He talks to Valerie about wanting to commit to his marriage and the assumption that she has also “moved on”. Hearing that, she admits to Dante that it's incorrect to say that she has moved on with Dillon

Paul Hornsby is in the DA's chair with Carlos Rivera's ID and all the information he needs about Anna, which Sloane has just provided for him. He has shot Sloane instantly in cold blood yet seems not to care nor be afraid that it could ever come back to him. He knows that while Sloane was very “helpful” with what he needed to know, he needed to make certain that Sloane never finds out that Paul shot Sonny. Anna enters and notices his file from the PCPD on his desk. He tells her that he'd like to “talk to her” about Mr. Kyle Sloane. He tells Anna he happens to know that Sloane knows that Carlos Rivera shot Sonny Corinthos. He “knows better” even though, presently, neither Ava nor anyone else knows that she is right now looking at the person who did. She seems to suspect nothing but asks Paul what he might have found out about her. He tells her he knows about her history with law enforcement and the WSB. He assures her that as DA, whenever there is any accusation or allegation about anything, he has to follow up on it. So, he tells her, before he can proceed, he wants to hear from her what she knows about the last time she saw Carlos Rivera. In response to that, Anna admits to Paul that she “wanted” to kill Carlos Rivera and she walks him through her “encounter” with Carlos, that night on the docks, where she goes through everything except the very important detail that she murdered Carlos. Paul admits to her that given what Sloane told him, either Sloane is lying or she lied to the police,so he asked her which was it.

Carly returns to Sonny’s house with Michael and she remembers she has not left the hospital since Sonny has been shot. Michael urges his mom to take a break. They realize that Sonny has to be ok. Patrick is the best there is. Yet they are worried that there is still no assurance that Ava won't take Avery from them given what has happened. She tells Michael she needs Ric to help them and is worried that they have not heard from him and that it's possible he could screw up their case. Michael affirms that his parents were about to get married right before Sonny has his sudden, unexpected seizure. He wants to encourage them to do it asap because they all know they need to take Ava down realizing she is unfit to parent Avery. Carly reminds her son that they have to prove that to the court. Michael suggest that they could have Ric present the court that Ava is now the head of the Jerome crime family. Yet, he tells Carly he realizes that if they implicate Ava to be a “mobster”, she can say the same thing about Sonny so maybe they don't want to go that route. Michael also informs his mom that they have another “glitch” in that it appears that Ava and Julian are off the hook in the murder investigation and they are now implicating Carlos Rivera as the shooter. Carly finds out for the first time that her son heard it first hand while he attended the cartel meeting of the 5 families. She urges Michael to see he should not have that responsibility which could put him in danger. Someone else should go in his place in order to represent Sonny. He tells her he realizes that but the only other option was Morgan so he had to go instead of his younger brother, knowing very well the consequences that could arise if that were to happen.

Morgan goes to find Ava. She does not have any time to talk, she tells him. She needs to go and pick up her little girl to bring her home she says. He informs her that that is the very reason he is there as he urges her to please not take his little sister. He tells her that he's concerned about when his dad wakes up and could find out that Avery has been taken from him and given to Ava. She makes it very clear that she does not care about Sonny or how it will hurt him even if Morgan does. She tells Morgan he needs to realize she has a court order that says she can pick up her daughter and that is what she intends to do. Morgan urges her to wait and tells her he has an idea. What if they (he and Ava) could be together if she agrees not to Avery away from his parents? Hearing that, Ava assesses that he's asking her to choose him over both of her children. He reminds her that he and Kiki have broken up and the damage is done with her oldest daughter. Ava then reminds Morgan that when they last spoke, he told her he hated and could care less about her. So why now the sudden switch? Why should she trust him with Avery? He then tells her that he will “compromise” with her or do whatever it takes so that she not take Avery. Hearing that, she is really angry with him to hear that he wants to do this under these terms and conditions.

After Maxie and Nathan are done making love, he is assured that he can trust her but wants her to rehearse again...with him.

Dante asks Valerie what the status is with her and Dillon and wonders why it appears they are not moving forward. She admits she can see that Dillon is holding something back. His mind is probably on “someone else”, she tells Dante as she admits to him, the same thing is true for her.

Dillon and Lulu talk and confirm they are still very close. He clearly does not have the feelings for Valerie that he has for her and she can see that there is something she shares with him that she does not with Dante.

Anna admits to Paul that on the night Duke was killed, she spoke to Sloane and he admitted that he had feelings for her. Yet she had to break it to Sloane that they did not have a future. He asks her if perhaps Sloane is falsely accusing her of killing Rivera due to anger and rejection. She tells Paul that is very possible, as she also “reflects” (assuming Paul has no evidence to the contrary) that Sloane has no proof that she killed Carlos.

Morgan realizes after failing to get Ava to agree to give Avery to his parents in exchange for having him in her life, that there's no point in trying to talk to her. He returns to his mom and brother who tell him he needs to stay away from her, realize how dangerous Ava is and they inform him that Ava is now Port Charles most prominent mobster.

Paul wants to talk to Anna about her history with Sloane although she tells him she does not want to relive that. She tells him, regarding his own interest in the matter, she assumes there's no reason for discussions about Sloane to take up any more of his time. She leaves and he does not let on to her that he is holding onto Carlos ID and all his information and still wonders what they are going to do about Carlos Rivera.

Maxie notices Dillon admitting that he cannot get Lulu out of his mind. Lulu goes to the hospital and overhears Valerie admitting to Dante that she still has feelings for him.

Morgan affirms to his mom that he does not trust Ava to be a good mom to Avery and only trusts Carly. Ava walks in the door and tells them it's time for them to let her take her daughter home.

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