GH Update Tuesday 9/29/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/29/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

In the ICU, Sonny froze just as he was about to put the ring on Carly's finger. The ring fell to the floor as Sonny had a seizure and slipped into unconsciousness. At Patrick's insistence, Carly reluctantly left the room. Elizabeth and Patrick quietly conferred. It was clear that they suspected they knew what was wrong and that it was serious. Patrick had Liz call a radiologist, then he stepped into the hallway. Carly asked what was going on. Patrick had an idea of what was wrong, but he wanted to get the test results before saying anything. The worried Carly begged Patrick to tell her something, but the radiologist called, and Patrick had to go back into Sonny's room. Back inside, Patrick told Liz that he'd give Carly the bad news.

Carly tearfully asked Jason to give her strength to cope.

Nikolas and Hayden were at the Floating Rib. Nik refused to wear his bib, as he was royalty, but Hayden playfully cajoled him into putting it on. Nik called Hayden adorable in her bib, but Hayden felt that Nik was the cuter one. Hayden wondered if this was a date, and Nik said it was just dinner. Hayden loved seeing Nik eating with his hands and wearing a bib, like a regular person. She also loved having private time with Nik, without Spencer or the servants around. Hayden reminded Nik that he'd said he he'd hurt her once. She was curious about what he'd done to her.

Sloane was also at the Floating Rib, sitting at the bar. He stared at a picture of Anna, on his phone. Sloane slurred his words as he ordered another drink, then he stumbled over to Nik and Hayden's table before Nik had a chance to answer Hayden's question. Sloane loudly noted that he'd thrown away his chance with Anna in order to cover for Nik. Nik calmly asked Sloane to keep his voice down. Hayden tried to ease the tension by inviting Sloane to sit down and tell her about Anna. Sloane sat and said he thought he could have the money and the girl, just like Nik did. Sloane remarked that Anna had done something worse than Sloane did. Nik got fed up with the intrusion and offered to have his driver take Sloane home. Sloane refused to go back to an empty room. Sloane told Nik to go to hell, then he made his way back to his bar stool. Hayden asked if she should be concerned that Nik broke the law. Nik advised her to forget everything Sloane said.

Nik grumbled about Sloane putting a damper on Nik's night with Hayden. Hayden suspected that this really was a date. Nik changed the subject back to the question Hayden asked earlier. He told her that, in the past, he'd disrespected her. Nik clarified that he'd jumped to the conclusion that she was an opportunist, and he never got the chance to get to know her for who she really was, underneath her tough exterior. Hayden wondered what Nik saw in her now. Nik saw a patient and compassionate person. He recalled that she'd spend hours helping Spencer with his homework, she'd fix the mistakes the absent-minded Alfred made, and she'd even shown kindness to a “bitter” man like Sloane. Hayden was moved by Nik's description, and she reached across the table, apparently to take his hand. He stopped her and said he also saw a woman he wasn't sure he could trust. Nik wasn't sure he believed that Hayden had forgotten Jake's identity. Hayden said she still wasn't sure she believed that Nik didn't know who Jake was. Nik noted that they were at a stalemate. Hayden leaned in close to Nik and pointed out that if she knew Jake's identity, she would have told someone by now. Nik countered that she could be biding her time and waiting for a way to use the information to her advantage. Hayden admitted that Nik could be right. A song started playing, and Hayden remembered dancing to it with someone. Nik asked who, but Hayden didn't recall. Hayden asked if Nik would dance with her. Nik warned Hayden that he might sweep her off her feet. They held each other closely as they danced to a song, which was about loving someone's imperfections.

Sloane went outside and made a phone call.

Anna, Paul and Dante were together at the PCPD. Michael walked in and asked Dante to put an APB out on Carlos. Anna grew concerned and she asked why. Michael explained that he'd just learned that Carlos may have shot Sonny. Paul was curious about Carlos. Anna grew more and more uncomfortable as Michael explained that Carlos murdered Duke and that Anna was the last person to see Carlos before he escaped. Michael believed that Carlos and Julian worked together to target Sonny. Michael asked if Anna had any proof of Carlos's ties to the Jerome organization. Anna stated that she had nothing constructive to add. Dante asked where Michael got this tip. Michael revealed that he heard it from Ava. Paul flashed back to telling Ava what to say to the Five Families about Sonny's shooting. Dante had more questions about Ava's revelation. Michael explained that Ava said Carlos went rogue when he killed Duke and had worked alone to shoot Sonny, too. Dante was skeptical because Ava's story took the heat off herself and her brother. Michael felt that it was more likely that Carlos was still working for the Jeromes. Paul thought they had good reason to suspect Carlos, since Carlos had already killed one alleged mafia don. Dante noted that there had already been an intense manhunt for Carlos that turned up nothing. Paul said they'd redouble their efforts – he said he would issue a new warrant and offer a reward for Carlos's capture.

Dante reissued the APB on Carlos. Michael got a text from Carly, then he told Dante that there was something wrong with their dad. Dante and Michael left. Paul assumed there was no love lost between Anna and Sonny. Anna agreed, but she said she wouldn't wish dying of a gunshot wound on anyone, after she saw what Duke went through, and watched someone else die from the same thing. Paul was interested in hearing what Anna had been about to say to Dante before Michael arrived. Anna just stared at Paul, who wondered if she'd come to give a tip on a case. Paul added that he'd be interested in Anna's insights into the criminals of Port Charles. A cop walked over and told Paul that someone was on the phone for him. Paul stepped away and took the call – it was Sloane, who identified himself as the ex commissioner, and explained that he'd heard about the APB on Carlos. Paul was stunned when Sloane revealed that Anna had killed Carlos in retaliation for Carlos killing Duke. Paul promised to be right over. Paul's demeanor didn't hint at what he'd just heard. He said goodbye to Anna and left. Anna walked over to a framed article, on the wall, about her getting a commendation for excellence.

Paul met with Sloane outside near the docks. Sloane offered to give Paul a safe deposit box containing the gun Anna used to shoot Carlos, and Carlos's wallet, in exchange for full immunity. Paul stated that this would hurt his plans to cover up the truth about who shot Sonny. Paul explained to the startled Sloane that Mayor Lomax had warned Paul about Sloane. Paul shot Sloane twice in the chest.

Michael and Dante arrived at GH. Carly hugged Michael, and Patrick came out. He explained that Sonny had an embolism – a blood clot in the brain. Carly demanded to know how they hadn't caught this before. Patrick assured her that the staff had done all they could and that sometimes these complications just happen. According to Patrick, the clot had cut off the blood to Sonny's brain. He'd need an emergency operation in order to survive.

Carly, Dante, and Michael spent some final moments with Sonny before his surgery. Carly kissed Sonny's head and told him he was the love of her life, and she'd never let him go.

At the Jerome penthouse, Ava assured Julian that he could rest easy because she'd told everyone who really shot Sonny - Carlos. Julian was stunned because he thought Carlos was gone. Ava lead Julian to believe that Carlos had resurfaced and had framed Julian to get back at him. Julian didn't understand why Carlos would target Julian. Ava reminded Julian that he ordered Carlos to kill Duke, then Julian had thrown Carlos to the wolves. Julian insisted that he'd done what he had to stay alive. Julian figured that Carlos would have eventually beat the charges, then Julian would have helped Carlos disappear. Julian stated that Carlos was an enforcer, not the type of person who'd frame someone. Ava thought up another quick answer to squash Julian's suspicions, but it didn't work. Julian told Ava about his run in with Anna last night. Julian sensed that he hit a nerve with Anna when he suggested that she might have killed Carlos. Ava chuckled and told Julian that he was losing his instincts. Julian agreed that Ava could be right. He said he was glad Ava had uncovered the truth about Carlos, but he wondered how Ava managed to figure it out. Ava told Julian that, since he was out of the business, it was best if he didn't know. Julian accepted this. Julian wanted to spread the word that he didn't shoot Sonny. Ava was sure that was already happening. She explained that she had a meeting with the Five Families and told them about Carlos. Ava added that Michael had been there, to represent Sonny. Julian didn't understand how Ava happened to be at that meeting. Ava replied that she decided to take over their business since Julian had stepped down. Julian was surprised that Ava had managed to get everything up and running in less than a day. Julian was curious who she'd found to be her new partner. Ava remembered that Paul blackmailed her into working for him, but she told Julian that she was running the business alone. Julian asked Ava if she was sure she was ready for that. Ava said she was. She added that she was glad to be running the business alone instead of sharing the power. Julian asked if he'd been that bad of a partner. Ava smiled and said no, except for the time he tried to kill her. Ava admitted that she had it coming, since she double crossed Julian. The siblings agreed to let bygones be bygones.

Ava said she'd gotten some of the old crew together and let them know she was in charge. Ava admitted she'd dreamed of running the organization ever since she found out she was a Jerome. Julian was sure Ava would be great at it. Ava seemed touched, and she thanked Julian. Julian felt that it would be best if he moved out, so that he wouldn't get sucked back into the mob. Ava frowned, but she quickly smiled and joked that it was about time, since he was only supposed to have stayed for a few weeks. Julian teased that he stayed because Ava died. Ava was surprised at how much fun she'd had living with Julian, but she agreed that he was making the right choice. Ava added that she also needed the space because Avery was moving in tomorrow. Ava gushed about how happy she was that she was getting her baby back. A pained look flashed across Julian's face, but he smiled and told Ava he was happy for her. Ava quickly apologized because she realized she'd made Julian think about Leo. Julian stated that he'd always miss his baby, but he was still happy for Ava. Julian noted that, after Ava's meeting with the Five Families, it was no secret that Ava was in the mob again. He was concerned that this might hurt her chances of getting full custody of Avery. Ava wasn't concerned, because the courts thought she was only an art dealer. Julian pointed out that Sonny knew otherwise. Ava said that the playing field was level, since Sonny was a mobster too. Julian was still worried, but he accepted Ava's belief that she had it covered. Julian thanked Ava for getting him off the hook with Sonny. He kissed Ava's cheek and told he'd miss her burned toast and their late night chats. Ava told him to come over whenever he felt sad, or missed Leo, so he could have some baby time with Avery.

At Noodle Buddha, Robert, the owner apologized if the vow renewal was painful for Sam. Sam assured him that it was it was a beautiful way to remember her anniversary with Jason. Sam noted that the owner and his grandmother had blessed her and Jason with double happiness. Sam felt that the blessing had worked. Sam hoped that Jake would get to have the same double happiness that that Jason and Sam had. Later, Sam and Jake talked alone. Jake wondered how Sam was doing after reliving her wedding with a stand in. Sam explained that the ceremony had been painful, but healing. Sam had found closure, and she thought that she was finally ready to let Jason go. Sam explained that when she heard Robert's words, it made her realize that there was no way Jason could be alive, because if he was, he would have found his way back to her. Sam showed Jake her figurines and told him that they embodied the love she and Jason had. Sam added that the dragon was dead, and it was time for the phoenix to rise from the ashes. Sam decided to leave the figurines at the restaurant, in hopes that they'd bring luck to another couple one day. Sam left. Jake tried to pay for the food, but Robert refused the money since Jake had made Robert's grandmother happy. Robert added that he put a good luck charm in the bag for Jake's friend in the hospital.

Sam went to GH. She tried to start a conversation with Patrick, but he was on his way to scrub to surgery, so he could only give her a quick hello as he rushed past.

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