GH Update Monday 9/28/15

General Hospital Update Monday 9/28/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

In Sonny's hospital room, Carly urges him to know that they want the same thing which is to keep Ava as far away from Avery as possible. She tells him that she has a plan. They should get married right now in order to prevent that from happening, she tells Sonny.

Ava goes to attend the cartel meeting. She informs the other members she knows that they want information regarding who shot Sonny Corinthos. Michael attends and demands to know what she knows. She tells him that everybody knows that Sonny was gunned down but she is the only person who knows by whom. Michael announces that “this woman” needs to go. She is not one of them. She reminds them that she is now the head of the Jerome organization and she has good reason to be there. She informs them all that her “rise to power” is a recent development. She denies having anything to do with Sonny getting shot. Michael asks her, in that case, who did? They all ask and demand to know and she remembers Paul giving her “incentive” (threats to get her convicted of murder with the flash-drive), to implicate her brother in the shooting. The members warn Ava if she does not communicate with them, there will be consequences. Michael tells her he demands to know the name of the person who got his father shot. Ava then replies that the shooter was Carlos Rivera.

While Julian is with Alexis, and she warns him not to make himself “known” and stay hidden, he tells her that he's no longer afraid of Morgan coming after him and trying to kill him, because of the suspicion that Julian shot Sonny. They open the door and are surprised to see Anna Devane. She tells Julian that they have some things to discuss whether he welcomes her there or not. Alexis urges Julian not to be rude and dismiss Anna. Anna tells him that she knows he's responsible for Duke's death and she's going to make him pay. He tells her he won't listen to that and reminds Anna that Duke is dead because of her. She had some misguided idea of a fairy tale ending with Duke yet she failed to see that he chose Sonny over her. Listening to their conversation, Alexis remembers her own very similar “conflict” in her relationship with Julian as in Anna's with Duke. Anna then demands that Julian tells her if it's really true that he had nothing to do with getting Duke killed. Anna wants to talk to Alexis about how it is that she could trust Julian, believe he did not kill Duke or maybe not care. Alexis appears to be “torn” between them. Anna tells Julian he will answer for what he did to Duke and that is a promise. With that, she angrily walks out the door.

At the Noodle Buddha, while Sam talks to Jake about her inability to achieve closure in saying good by to Jason, he tells her that he can see that she may be hanging onto a ghost. Yet she admits to him that the reason why she cannot let go of Jason is because a part of her believes he is alive and coming back. She knows that is obviously insane, she tells Jake. Isn't it? She relives, with him, the night Jason (supposedly) died. She also alludes to the fact that she “knows” Jake has no memory of his history, background, who or what may have been in his life before his accident over a year ago. She talks to him about what she is feeling that's standing in the way of her moving on with Patrick. She talks about all the mysteries surrounding Jason's death. Jake talks to her about how there is a “little voice” that does not want her to forget Jason. As she continues the conversation with Jake, she remarks how she feels as though she can “just reach out and touch” Jason. She then tells Jake she is sorry to be going on and on talking to him about her deceased husband. Yet he assures her there is no cause for worry, tells her that he remembers almost blowing The Haunted Star and killing many people, not long ago and she could have been killed so it is he who owes an apology. In response to that, Sam tells him she can see there were justifiable and “extenuating circumstances” involved in that and Jake is absolved of guilt for that. Robert, whose family owns the Noodle Buddha and who remembers Sam as well as her very important day with Jason, comes out to talk to her. She appears “lost in thought” for a moment but then introduces him to her “friend, Jake”. She asks him about his grandparents and they catch up. The grandmother comes out and Sam happily greets her. She remembers and tells Sam she wishes she'd visit more often. She remarks that her eyesight is failing yet it appears that her “other senses” seem to work much better for her than before and she can sense things that nobody else can. When she notices Jake, she tells him she believes that he is Jason Morgan. The grandson concludes to Sam that his elderly grandmother is “obviously confused”, yet she protests that she can positively say that Jake is Jason. She's “blind but not that blind” and believes that Sam is “with Jason” to celebrate their anniversary. She knows the importance of this day and wants Sam and Jason to renew their blessing.

Paul Hornsby goes to the police station and talks to Dante, “apologizing” for what happened to Dante's father. He tells Dante he encourages him to take several days off of work realizing he has “every right”. Yet Dante respectfully declines, informing the new DA that he feels a lot better staying busy, working and practicing law enforcement to hopefully find out who attempted to kill his father. He asks if they have made any progress or gotten any evidence of who might have arranged to hold TJ Ashford hostage and attempt to kill both TJ and Sonny. Paul also confirms, with Dante, that it appears the cops have no evidence and are no longer considering Julian as a suspect in the shooting. He asks Dante (realizing he has to be the “DA” and lay down the law about the importance of catching criminals) if the case has come to a stand-still and tells him they cops have to step up their efforts to find this attempted murderer. Anna walks in and reveals that she knows Paul and has important business to conduct with him involving law enforcement and solving specific murder cases.

When Ava informs Michael that Carlos Rivera got Sonny shot, he tells her he does not buy that. Carlos has no incentive or motives plus nobody's seen or heard from Carlos in a long time. First she had Carlos wrongfully accused of killing AJ. Now she wants to do the same in the shooting of Sonny. The others agree. Yet Ava maintains her statement that Carlos went after Sonny. Michael tells her that it's “very convenient” for both Ava and Julian that Carlos cannot be located or questioned. He and all the others find it odd and noteworthy that no one has seen or heard from Carlos in a long time and have not a clue where he is. The board members declare that both Michael and Ava must “co-exist” and leave their personal conflicts and need for retaliation aside when joining these cartel meetings.

Carly arranges for a justice of the peace to perform the wedding ceremony from Sonny's hospital room. They know they need to make it quick but need two witnesses. Elizabeth and Patrick agree to serve that function.

After Anna has left and Alexis is alone with Julian, she “warns” him on the importance of making sure he does not go back to “that life again”, reminding him that she cannot go through that again.

Michael goes to the police station after leaving the cartel meeting. He finds Dante and tells him he needs his help in going after Carlos Rivera. Not far away, Anna overhears the conversation, recalling the reason Carlos is “missing in action” is because she killed him.

At the Noodle Buddha, after hearing the grandmother adamantly insisting that Jake is Jason, neither Sam nor Jake are in any way “consciously aware” of why she's right. Still they agree to “humor” the “sweet little old lady”. Her grandson announces the phoenix and the dragon for Sam and Jason's union as she stands beside Jake and they do the wedding ceremony with the exchanging of rings.

Carly and Sonny are exchanging rings and reciting their vows when a ring fall on the floor as though it might be breaking (along with the vows). Sonny is going into cardiac arrest and crashing. Carly panics while it looks like a crisis is occurring.

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