GH Update Friday 9/25/15

General Hospital Update Friday 9/25/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis is ready to leave with Julian to go out to dinner. He wants to know what the party she is planning for them is about. She tells him she is hoping that it's ok for Julian to go out in public as she believes that they can trust and count on their “new DA” to prove Julian's innocence and get him cleared and acquitted of all charges for a crime she knows Julian did not commit (shooting Sonny). Julian questions whether Paul has good intentions. She seems to trust that Paul will want to do the right thing and find out the real person who shot Sonny and who might have framed Julian for it.

Ava goes to meet with Paul and talk privately on the docks. He informs her that he has arranged for a meeting with their respective families and she will be sitting at his family's table. She tells him she will gladly take her seat at the head of the Jerome family but not right now. He tells her she does not have a choice. She informs him, however, that she just recently got a court order to have full custody of her daughter. If she does not have baby Avery with her because she has to attend the meeting, she could lose her daughter and Sonny could hold that against her. She also wonders why Paul would need to conduct his meeting, and there since Sonny can't do much, right now, while he's still in ICU. Yet Paul requires her to attend the meeting on his terms as he says.

At the hospital, outside Sonny's room, Michael and Morgan realize that Ava may be getting away with murder and Ric has failed to find the flash-drive needed to bring her to justice. Ric appears and is ready to talk to them. He informs his two nephews that he is taking action to find the evidence to convict Ava of the crime as everyone expects him to do. They do not entirely trust him but he tells them he has urgent business with which he needs to discuss with Sonny, involving who got Sonny shot. He protests to Michael and Morgan that he intends to be there for Sonny although they do not trust him to keep Avery away from Ava as they need someone to do.

Inside Sonny's hospital room, Carly goes in with baby Avery to talk to him. He is happy to see his little one and suspects nothing. Carly warns him, however, that what she is about to tell him is not something he will be happy with.

Not far away in the hospital, Elizabeth is on the phone revealing that she and Jake are setting a wedding date. Patrick is nearby and congratulates her. She reminds him that he and Sam could have the same chance yet wonders why he is having reservations or why Sam is. Patrick replies the reason he cannot easily marry Sam right now is because of Jason. Elizabeth is surprised to find out that Patrick had “wrong timing” in proposing to Sam. He tells her that he had the bad timing of proposing on the anniversary of Sam's wedding to Jason. Hearing that, Elizabeth wants to probe Patrick to find out what is going on and encourage him not give up on him and Sam and believe that they were meant to be together although he admits he is questioning whether that is, in fact, the case or nor. She wants to very passionately urge Patrick not to give up on Sam. He knows that her “enthusiasm” sounds like something beyond simply wanting her friend to get married and he asks Elizabeth what “that is all about”. She concludes that maybe she's just being a “cheerleader”. He reflects to her that his loss of Robin was the same as Sam's loss of Jason. Yet he knows he needs to let Sam process her loss on her own time frame.

Sam is alone at the Noodle Buddha (the very place where she and Jason decided to get married a few years ago) when she sees Jake. She admits she's surprised to see him. He tells her he just went to get Sonny's family some “real food”. Yet it seems more than purely coincidental that on her anniversary date with Jason, of all the places Jake could randomly go for food, it would be this place, of all places. She is reliving that very important day in her life with Jason...Yet at the same time, Jake is having a “deja vu” vision of taking Sam on his motorcycle as he hears her talk about her motorcycle trip with Jason when they got married. She informs him that Patrick proposed to her last night and she turned him down. It did not feel right in the moment. The reason was her wedding with Jason was 4 years ago today. She confides in Jake about how she and Patrick definitely have a bond with something in common, having both lost their spouses, may or may not have gotten past their grieving although they both want to find love elsewhere. Jake tells her maybe she does not want to let Jason go and he asks her if she may want to keep Jason alive in some way.

Carly informs Sonny that he will find out sooner or later and needs to brace himself for the news that Ava is free and that's not the worst of it. Sonny demands to know why, believing that the case was supposed to be a slam dunk. Carly informs him that Ric apparently lost the flash drive with the evidence. Hearing that, Sonny demands to know how his brother, whom he thought he could count on, could get the evidence against Ava lost. She assures him that the charges were dropped against Ava “with prejudice” and as soon as the flash-drive is found, she will be re-tried. Hearing that, Sonny wants to no longer trust Ric although Carly urges him to now know that they do not have a choice and “need Ric”. He asks her why. She replies because Ava has now gotten the legal authorization to take baby Avery.

Ric informs Michael and Morgan that he has to attend a meeting to represent Sonny's interests (it could be the same one that Paul wants to attend with Ava). They adamantly tell him they do not trust him to do that. He asks who, besides himself, they suggest, attends in his place. Morgan tells him he will do it. Michael does not want that and reminds his younger brother that he is a kid. Morgan reminds his brother that he is the only blood relation to Sonny. Both brothers reminds Ric that they have to take drastic action while the clock is ticking on the 24-hour time frame they have to get Ava's court order to take Avery reversed. Michael takes Morgan aside and tells him that he can't go. Ric can't go. Dante can't go. So that leaves only himself to protect Sonny's interests in the custody battle of baby Avery.

Inside Sonny's hospital room, Carly is worried that with the legal document Ava showed them, she has been established as Avery's legal and rightful mother. So with a 24 hour notice, they have to give Avery back to her. He is not going to accept that. He urges her to know that Ava is unfit to be a mother to Avery. Carly agrees and informs him she told him just because Ava gave birth to the baby does not mean she can or will raise this child who is rightfully theirs'. They realize they may have an up-hill battle in fighting Ava, regardless. Sonny declares if the justice system does not take care of what he needs, he might have to take care of it himself.

Paul informs Ava that in the meeting she will have to declare that she shot Sonny. She tells him she refuses to do that. He tells her she has only one other option. She asks if he means implicating Julian. She tells him she will not help him set her brother up to take the fall for a crime he did not commit.. He reminds her that Julian is no longer a member of their organization with the choice he has now made. Hearing that, she knows that Julian could get killed and if Paul believes she does not have a choice in the matter, she could kill him instead and that way, nobody will be able to prosecute her. Yet Paul is unafraid and knows how to convince Ava that she has to play by his rules and do what he expects her to do.

As Alexis is confident that Paul can be trusted to get Julian acquitted, they talk about their daughter marrying Patrick. He tells her that he believes Sam is better with a law abiding doctor instead of her previous husband who was a member of the mob. He tells her even if that sounds hypocritical, the main concern they should have is for their daughter to be safe.

There is a board meeting with all the members of the “cartel”. Michael attends for the first time and introduces himself as Michael Corinthos III, representing his father's interests.

Carly urges Sonny to know there must be “another way” than for him to take the law into his own hands with Ava, knowing how it has already cost him. She tells Sonny they can get married right here and now.

Paul is on his phone, alone after talking to Ava, informing his contact that he's really not certain what Ava intends to do or if they can count on her or not.

Ava enters the board meeting, introduces herself and tells everyone that she hopes to give them information they might all want which is who shot Sonny Corinthos.

Julian becomes confident, while with Alexis, happy that their daughter is no longer going to be involved in the business now that she's engaged to a doctor. He also wants to have a future with Alexis.

Elizabeth tells Patrick she hopes he and Sam get what they want.

Sam asks Jake why she would want to keep Jason alive or hang onto a dead person. Yet Jake seems to “know” something. She then admits to Jake, that whether this makes any sense or whether she should think this or not, she realizes, somehow she believes that Jason is still alive.

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