GH Update Thursday 9/24/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/24/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis went to the Quartermaine mansion. She introduced herself to Paul and told him that they needed to talk about what he was doing to Julian. Paul tensed, until Alexis explained that she was talking about Paul prosecuting Julian. Paul pretended not to remember the case, so Alexis clarified that this was about Sonny's stolen shipments. Paul said he remembered now. Alexis continued that taking this case to trial would be a waste of time. Paul was curious if Alexis would be making personal visits on behalf of all of her clients. Alexis admitted that she was dating Julian. Paul said he understood. He asked Alexis if it bothered her that Julian was the prime suspect in Sonny's shooting. Alexis said no, because she knew Julian was innocent. Alexis thought that Paul, as the new D.A. should start his job with facts – which were that Julian didn't have anything to do with Sonny's getting shot or his stolen shipments. Paul suggested that the jury should decide that. Alexis didn't think they should waste the taxpayer money. Alexis handed Paul the statement Charlie, the witness who implicated Julian made. Alexis thought that if Paul read the statement, he'd realize Charlie was lying. Paul said he was considering meeting with Charlie, and Alexis told him that Charlie died in the warehouse shooting. Paul noted that this was very convenient for Julian. Alexis felt that Charlie's statement should be thrown out since there was no way for Paul to determine his credibility. She also didn't think Charlie would have made a good witness, if he were alive, since he'd kidnapped someone almost immediately after getting out of jail.

Paul pointed out that Sonny and Julian were known enemies. Alexis explained that someone was framing Julian. Paul said he would need evidence to prove that. He wondered who she thought framed Julian. Alexis had no idea, but she hoped that Paul would approach the case with an open mind. Paul said that he wasn't looking to lock up innocent people and that if she was right about Julian, Julian would have nothing to fear from Paul. Alexis was impressed that Paul was so reasonable, and she was pleased to have an honorable D.A. after Scott and Ric. Paul mentioned that this wasn't just a job – he'd come to town to reconnect with his son, and the job was part of that. Alexis noted that she'd known Dillon all his life. Alexis said something snide about Tracy. Paul said that Tracy raised Dillon, and if he turned out alright, the credit went to her. Alexis conceded that she might have been too hard on Tracy. Paul noted that people were rarely only one thing. Paul was sure Julian would agree. Paul promised to look over Julian's case, but he warned her that it might take awhile. Alexis understood. She was just glad he was being fair. She left.

A knock at Julian's door put him on edge. Sam called out to him, and Julian relaxed and let her in. Sam knew that Sonny's people thought Julian tried to kill Sonny. She advised Julian to arrange for protection, in case someone came looking for payback. Julian revealed that Morgan already tried to retaliate and that Michael had saved Julian's life. Sam thought that Julian should leave town for his own protection. Julian didn't think that was necessary because Sonny didn't want him dead. Julian suspected that Sonny wanted to be sure that Julian was behind the shooting before making a move. Sam asked if there was anything tying Julian to the shooting. Julian admitted that there was, then he quickly assured Sam that it was purely coincidental. Julian explained that he'd talked to his old associates to try and find out who was framing him, but he'd gotten nowhere. Sam figured that all of Julian's old employees were now working for the person who set Julian up. Julian wasn't sure what else to do. Sam offered to investigate, but Julian didn't want her getting involved with dangerous people. Sam felt insulted, but Julian thought Sam should understand his instinct to protect his daughter. Sam stated that, as Jason's widow, she knew how to handle mobsters. Julian appreciated the offer, but he still refused to let Sam help. He assured her that he'd be fine and that he intended to live to a ripe old age. A frustrated Sam asked if he wanted to grow old in Pentonville. Julian said he wanted to grow old with Alexis and his children. Julian wanted to find out who was framing him, but Sam's safety and happiness was more important to him.

Julian wondered if Sam was happy. She said yes, and she told him that Patrick proposed last night. Sam didn't sound happy, so Julian wondered if the proposal was a good thing. Sam said she was honored and wanted to accept Patrick's proposal. Julian wondered why she didn't. Sam explained that today was her four year wedding anniversary to Jason. Julian was sure Sam was a beautiful bride. Sam clarified that she was wearing something similar to what she was wearing now. She added that they got married in a Chinese restaurant. Julian told Sam he'd love to hear the whole story one day. Sam thought it was a just a coincidence that Patrick proposed the day before her anniversary. Sam explained that afterward, she'd pulled out her wedding rings and the dragon and phoenix figurines. Sam had the figurines with her, and she sat them on Julian's coffee table. Sam wasn't sure why she'd brought them along, but she knew that if she and Patrick were going to make it, she had to figure out a way to let Jason go. Julian felt bad because he didn't have any fatherly advice, but Sam assured him it was okay because she had to figure this out on her own. Sam still wanted to help Julian with his problems, but he firmly told her not to get involved. Sam agreed. After Sam left, Alexis arrived. She told Julian about her meeting with Paul. Alexis was cautiously optimistic that Paul would be fair to Julian.

Michael arrived at GH and ran into Jake. Jake asked how Sonny was. According to Michael, Sonny was doing well enough to have a visit with Avery. Jake explained that he knew Morgan went after Julian and Michael stopped him. Jake wondered how Michael was. Michael said he was fine, and he was used to going through crises. Jake thought Morgan was lucky to have Michael. Michael admitted that Morgan still wanted to do something about Julian. Michael believed that they needed to find out whether Julian was behind the shooting. Jake asked what the cops said. According to Michael, Dante was working on it, but they hadn't found anything. Michael had instructed Sonny's employees to make some inquires, too. Michael stated that he never expected to be so involved in his father's business, but this was a temporary arrangement while Sonny was incapacitated. Michael was trying to keep a lid on things. He added that, in the past, this would have been Jason's job. Michael explained that Sonny and Jason were close, like brothers, and Sonny had complete trust in Jason. Jake told Michael about Sonny mistaking Jake for Jason. Michael recalled that Spinelli had done the same thing. Jake explained that this was different because Spinelli only saw him from behind. Jake thought Sonny might have made the mistake because Sonny had talked to Elizabeth earlier about wishing Jason was alive to see little Jake. Michael wondered how the boy was doing. Jake said he was fine. Jake noted that both Jake and little Jake knew what it was like to get a whole new life. Michael was glad little Jake had Jake. Jake invited Michael to his wedding. Michael agreed to come. Michael's family was sick of hospital food, so Michael was going to pick up some takeout but Jake went instead, so Michael could have a break.

Sam went to Noodle Buddha. She sat down at a table and stared at her and Jason's figurines. Jake arrived, and he smiled at Sam.

Patrick checked on Sonny and asked how he was doing. Sonny said he was alive, thanks to Patrick. Patrick clarified that Jake saved Sonny's life. Patrick noted that Carly said Jake came to visit Sonny in the hospital. Sonny didn't understand why Jake would do that. Patrick asked if Sonny didn't remember mistaking Jake for Jason. Sonny remembered seeing Jason, but he thought it was a dream. Patrick stated that it was a normal side effect of the morphine, but Sonny sensed that there was more to it than that. Sonny didn't remember what happened at the warehouse, and he asked Patrick to tell him about it. Patrick repeated what Sam had told him – Jake heard the shots and sprang into action; he got Sam to safety, rushed to the warehouse and disarmed one guard, and shot the two others. Sonny noted that Jason would have done the same thing. Sonny stated that he knew Jake was good, but he didn't realize he was as good as Jason.

Sonny thought he mistook Jake for Jason because he needed Jason right now. Sonny sensed that Patrick didn't hated the violence. Patrick noted that Sonny had a woman who loved him, children, his health, and plenty of money, but he kept risking it all. Sonny somberly said that once you're in the mob you can't get out. Patrick wondered if that was Jason's excuse too. Patrick pointed out that there were a lot of people who were hurt by Jason's death. Patrick talked about Sam's struggle to move past Jason. Sonny felt that Jason would want Sam to find happiness again. Patrick replied that it was easier said than done, and Sam was now in love with someone she'd never see again.

Carly, Morgan and Avery were in the hallway while Patrick examined Sonny. Carly told Avery that once Patrick was finished, she would get to see her dad. Ava walked in and said that she had a better idea – Avery could see her mother instead. Carly demanded to know why Ava was there. Ava stated that she was there for her daughter. Ava knelt down to smile at Avery, who was in Carly's arms, but Carly backed away. Carly argued that Ava had no claim to Avery, since Ava was legally dead. Carly maintained that Ava should either be buried, or behind bars. Ava countered that she was alive and the charges had been dropped, due to lack of evidence. Carly noted that the evidence was Ava admitting to killing Connie. Carly felt that it was clear why she wouldn't let Ava near Avery. Ava pointed out that she was Avery's mother, so Carly didn't get a say. Carly snapped that performing a biological function didn't make you a mother. Carly contended that Ava didn't care about Avery and had only gotten pregnant to save herself. Carly referenced the time Ava threatened to drink while pregnant and give Avery fetal alcohol syndrome. Morgan was disgusted. Ava said she'd been bluffing, but Carly didn't buy it. Carly refused to let Ava take Sonny's daughter. Ava wondered why Carly thought she had a right to Avery. Carly revealed that Sonny asked her to be Avery's mother. “I'm her mother, you bitch,” Ava hissed. Carly argued that Ava was a sociopath who only wanted to use Avery. Carly refused to let Ava ruin Avery's life, the way Ava ruined Morgan's. Ava asked Morgan if he thought she ruined his life. Morgan stated that she didn't make it better. Ava agreed, and she apologized.

Carly predicted that, if Ava raised Avery, Ava would one day sleep with Avery's boyfriend. Ava admitted she had failings. Ava said she knew where her failings came from, just like they both knew were Morgan's failings originated. Carly blamed Ava for Morgan's failings. Ava snapped that Ava wasn't the one who raised Morgan to be a bed-hopper. Morgan said it was his fault he slept with Ava, not his parents'. Ava snapped that Morgan's parents couldn't protect Avery. She noted that Avery had only been with Sonny for a few months, and Sonny had already been the target of violence. Carly argued that the only danger to Avery was Ava. Ava said that Sonny was flat on his back and in no position to raise a child. Carly snapped that Carly could. Ava laughed and said Carly wasn't Sonny's wife or Avery's mother. Carly asked Milo to escort Ava out of the building, but Ava ordered Milo not to touch her. Carly triumphantly said that when Ava “died” the courts gave Sonny custody, so Ava had no legal rights to Avery. “But you're wrong,” Ava said, as she pulled an envelope out of her purse. Ava revealed that Scott had gone to court and gotten her parental rights reinstated. Morgan noted that Ava pretended not to be Avery's mother when she was living as Denise. Ava explained that she only lied because she wanted to be near her daughters. Ava hoped Morgan believed her. Morgan asked why she cared about his opinion. Ava explained that she cared because Morgan knew her better than anyone. Carly thought Ava lied so she could get Kiki's boyfriend back into bed. Morgan agreed. Ava said the truth was out now. Ava noted that the order stated that, until a custody agreement was in place, Sonny and Carly couldn't keep her away from Avery.

Ava said she wanted to take her daughter home. Now. Carly insisted that Avery would stay with her family. Ava pointed out that Ava was Avery's family. Morgan told Carly that she should give Avery to Ava. Ava thanked Morgan, but he made it clear that he wasn't on Ava's side. Morgan suspected that Ava wanted Carly to violate the court order and get in legal trouble. Carly gave Avery a kiss goodbye and promised that she'd be home before she knew it. Ava interjected that home was with Ava. Carly gave Ava the baby. Ava cried because Avery was so beautiful and had grown so much. Carly read the paperwork, as Ava turned to leave. “Not so fast!” Carly said. Carly pointed out that the paper said Ava had to give Sonny 24 hours notice before taking Avery. Ava decided to go in and talk to Sonny. Morgan threatened to kill Ava if she did. Ava reluctantly gave Avery back to Carly, but Ava promised to come back in 24 hours. After Ava left, Patrick walked into the hallway. Sonny had passed all his tests with flying colors. Carly asked about Sonny mistaking Jason for Jake. Patrick thought it was a combination of drugs and wishful thinking. Michael arrived and found out about the court order. Morgan didn't think Sonny was strong enough to be told about this, but Carly felt that Sonny had a right to know. She took Avery into the room. Sonny said he was glad Carly brought the baby since he couldn't stand to be away from her one more second. Sonny noted that they had all the time in the world to be together.

Paul called Ava and asked her to meet with him, because he wanted to make his next move against Sonny.

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